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    In our discussion with people on how education can help them succeed in life, a woman

    remembered the first meeting of an introductory 36 course about 20years ago. The professor 37 the lecture hall, placed upon his desk a large jar filled with dried beans(),and invited the students to 38 how many beans the jar

    contained. A fret 39

    Shouts of wildly wrong guesses the professor smiled a thin, dry smile, announced

    the 40

    Answer, and went on saying, You have just 41 an important lesson about science. That is: Never 42 your own senses.

     Twenty years later, the 43 could guess what the professor had in mind. He 44 himself, perhaps, as inviting his students to start an exciting 45

    into an unknowns world invisible(无形的) to the 46 , which can be discovered only through scientific 47 . But the seventeen-year-old girl could not accept or even 48 the invitation. She was just 49 to understand the world .And she 50 that

    her firsthand experience could be the 51 . The professor, however, said that it was 52 . He was taking away her only 53 for knowing and was providing her with no substitute(替代). I remember feeling small and 54 . The woman says,

    and I did the only thing I could do. I 55 the course the afternoon, and I haven’t

    gone near science since.

    36Aart Bhistory C. science D. math

    37Asearched for B. looked at C. got through D. marched into 38Acount B. guess C. report D. watch 39Awarning B. giving C. turning away D. listening to 40Aready B. possible C. correct D. difficult 4 1A1earned B. prepared C. taught D. taken 42A1ose B. trust C. sharpen D. taken 43A1ecturer B. scientist C. speaker D. woman 44Adescribed B. respected C. saw D. served 45Avoyage B. movement C. change D. rush

     46. A. professor Beye Cknowledge Dlight

     47Amodel Bsenses cspirit Dmethods

     48Ahear B. make Cpresent Drefuse

     49. Asuggesting Bbeginning Cpretending Dwaiting

     50Abelieved Bdoubted C. proved Dexplained

     51Agrowth Bstrength Cfaith Dtruth

     52Afirm B. interesting Cwrong Dacceptable

     53Atask Btool CSUCCESS Dconnection

     54Acruel Bproud Cfrightened Dbrave

     55Adropped Bstarted Cpassed Dmissed

    36-40 BADBA 41-45 DCADB 46-50 DBABC 51-55 DADBB

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