Papers by Professor Leonid Hurwicz

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Papers by Professor Leonid Hurwicz

    Papers by Professor Leonid Hurwicz

In the collection of the University of Minnesota‟s Economics Research Library. For

    copies contact

    Published papers available in JSTOR and other electronic sources are not all listed here. Professor Hurwicz‟s correspondence and original papers (published and unpublished) are archived at Duke University‟s Economists‟ Papers Project: (unable yet to view

    papers online).

    Anderson, T.W. Statistical models with disturbances in equations and/or disturbances in variables; part II: Contemporaneous systems and part IV: Some notes on Tintner‟s

    statistical methods for system (i). Parts I & III written by Leo Hurwicz, see below. June 1946. 20p.

    Anderson, Theodore W. & Leonid Hurwicz. Errors and shocks in economic relationships (abstract), Econometrica, 16, No. 1, January 1948, pp. 36-37; and 17: Supplement, July 1949, 23-25, and in Bulletin of the International Statistical Institute, 31:5, 23-25.

    Anderson, T.W., L. Hurwicz & H. Rubin. A sketch of results on small-sample confidence regions. Cowles Commission Staff Paper, Statistics (CC 2.5), August 15, 1946. 26p.

    Arrow, Kenneth J. & Leonid Hurwicz. Competitive stability under weak gross substitutability: the „Euclidean distance‟ approach. Reprint from: International Economic

    Review, 1:1, January 1960, 38-49, as Stanford IMSSS reprint #5.

    Arrow, Kenneth J. & Leonid Hurwicz. Decentralization and computation in resource allocation. Reprint from: Essays in Economics and Econometrics, ed. R. Pfouts,

    University of North Carolina Press, 1960, 34-104, as Stanford IMSS reprint #20. Also Department of Economics Technical Report 56, Stanford University, June 1958. 100p.

    Arrow, Kenneth J. & Leonid Hurwicz. A gradient method for approximating saddle points and constrained maxima. Rand Corporation Report R-223, June 1951. 15p.

    Arrow, Kenneth J. & Leonid Hurwicz. A gradient method for the Lagrangian problem. Cowles Commission Discussion Paper 296E, November 1950. 20p.

    Arrow, Kenneth J. & Leonid Hurwicz. Gradient methods for constrained maxima. Reprint from: Operations Research, 5:2, April 1957, 258-65.

    Arrow, Kenneth J. & Leonid Hurwicz. On gradient methods for approaching constrained maxima, with appendix by Thomas Marschak. Rand Corporation Paper P-1015, February 1, 1957. 21p.

    Arrow, Kenneth J. & Leonid Hurwicz. On the stability of the competitive equilibrium. Department of Economics Technical Report 46, Stanford University, July 1957. 63p.

    Arrow, Kenneth J. & Leonid Hurwicz. Reduction of constrained maxima to saddle-point problems. Rand Corporation Paper P-706, July 7, 1955. 46p + Reprint from: Proceedings

    of the Third Berkeley Symposium on Mathematical Statistics and Probability (held at the

    Univ. of California, Dec. 1954 & June-July 1955), Volume. V, 1-20.

    Arrow, Kenneth J. & Leonid Hurwicz. Some remarks on the equilibria of economic systems. Institute for Mathematical Studies in the Social Sciences Technical Report 76, Stanford University, July 1959. 12p.

    Arrow, Kenneth J. & Leonid Hurwicz. Stability of the gradient process in n-person games. Department of Economics Technical Report 67, Stanford University, December 1958. 17p.

    Arrow, Kenneth J., Leonid Hurwicz and Hirofumi Uzawa. Constraint qualifications in maximization problems. Naval Research Logistics Quarterly, 8:2, 1961, 175-91. Also as

    Department of Economics Technical Report 64, Stanford University, 1958. 13p.

    Hurwicz, Leonid. A priori information and specification. (Class notes for Econometrics II & Economics 102, April 8, 1952.) Other notes for the same classes attached to these include: “Choice among probabilistic alternatives,” (February 1, 1952); “Applications of the minimax principle,” (February 4, 1952); “Types of statistical decision problems,” (February 19, 1952); “`Inverse‟ probability, Bayesian interpretation of the maximum

    likelihood point estimation criterion,” (February 28, 1952); “On the consequences of

    incorrect specification: Applications of the maximum likelihood principle,” (May 19, 1952); and “Minimax-risk inherent in a decision function: efficiency, the corresponding specification concepts,” (May 20, 1952).

    Hurwicz, Leonid. Aggregation as a problem in decision-making under ignorance or uncertainty. Cowles Commission Discussion Paper 357S, February 1951. 5p.

    Hurwicz, Leonid. Balanced outcome functions yielding Walrasian and Lindahl allocations at Nash equilibrium points for two or more agents. September 3, 1977. 12p. + published version from General Equilibrium, Growth, and Trade, Academic Press, 1979, 125-37.

    Hurwicz, Leonid. Basic mathematical and statistical considerations in the study of rhythms and near-rhythms. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, 98:4, October 1962,


    Hurwicz, Leonid. Bayes and minimax interpretation of the maximum likelihood estimation criterion. Cowles Commission Discussion Paper 352S, December 1950. 22p.

Hurwicz, Leonid. Bertrand approach; Bertrand type approach to monopolistic comp-

    etition. Tunis, May-June 1971. 15p.; 16p.

Hurwicz, Leonid. Beyond perfect competition. Education for Transition to Market

    Economy in Countries of Central and Eastern Europe: Conference Proceedings, Warsaw,

    June 29-30, 1995, edited by Krzysztof Cichocki and Paul Marer, Polish Fulbright Alumni Association, 1996, pp. 191-201.

Hurwicz, Leonid. Book review of: The theory of games and economic behavior, by von

    Neumann and Morgenstern. Reprint from: Annals of Mathematical Statistics, 19:3, Sept.

    1948, 436-37.

    Hurwicz, Leonid. Bureaucracy as an optimal organizational structure. For “Formal theory of organization and decision.” April 27, 1956. 5p.

    Hurwicz, Leonid. But who will guard the guardians? University of Minnesota, May 1998. 16p. (This was revised to become his 2007 Nobel Lecture, published in American

    Economic Review, 98:3, June, 2008, 577-85; also a reprint from Les Prix Nobel 2007, 280-

    291, with photo and biography, 2008.)

    Hurwicz, Leonid. Centralization and Decentralization in Economic Processes, Paper, November 1968. 26p. + Reprint from: Comparison of Economic Systems (Chapter 3),

    University of California Press, 1971, 79-102; + Reprint from: Jahrbuch der Wirtschaft

    Ostereuropas, Band 3, 1972, 87-113.

    Hurwicz, Leonid. A class of criteria for decision-making under ignorance. Cowles Commission Discussion Paper 356S, February 1951. 5p.

    Hurwicz, Leonid. Comment on “Business cycle analysis and public policy,” by Arthur Smithies, from: Conference on Business Cycles, NBER, 1951, 416-20.

    Hurwicz, Leonid. Comment on “Some issues in the transformation of ownership institutions in Poland,” by Maciej Iwanek. Reprint from: Journal of Institutional and

    Theoretical Economics, 148:1, March1992, 66-68.

    Hurwica, Leonid. Comments on statistical decisions. Cowles Commission Discussion Paper 369S, November 1951. 3p.

Hurwicz, Leonid. Compatibility of economic systems with individual incentives, UCLA,

    February, 23, 1975. 4p.

    Hurwicz, Leonid. Conditions for economic efficiency of centralized and decentralized structures. June 1958. Center for Slavic Studies and Department of Economics, University of California Berkeley; Symposium on “Economic Calculation and Organization in Eastern Europe,” June 16-18. 1958. 19p. Published in Value and Plan: Economic Calculation and

Organization in Eastern Europe, edited by Gregory Grossman, University of California

    Press, 1960, pp. 162-175.

    Hurwicz, Leonid. Decentralization and the role of institutions: externalities and property rights. June 30, 1994. 23p. Printed in a Warsaw School of Economics monograph, citation missing, pp. 29-54.

    Hurwicz, Leonid. Decentralization, incentive structures and incomplete information, April, 1980; corrected and expanded, February, 1981, 21p. + June, 1982 version, 33p.

    Hurwicz, Leonid. Decentralization, resource allocation, and demand theory: a final report of ONR contract (Nonr-3713) work from August 1961-September 1966. Department of Economics Technical Report, University of Minnesota, January 1968. 7p. Hurwicz, Leonid. Decentralized resource allocation mechanisms. October 16, 1955 version. 8p.

    Hurwicz, Leonid. Decentralized resource allocations. Cowles Commission Discussion Paper 2070, March 1953. 20p. + part 1, March 1953. Cowles Commission Discussion Paper 2070-A. 23p.

    Hurwicz, Leonid. The derivation of a transversal yielding the “customary” Walrasian mechanism. Feb. 10, 1986. 5p. Part of another publication sections labeled “HRS”

    (Hurwicz, Reiter, Saari, most likely).

    Hurwicz, Leonid. The design of mechanisms for resource allocation. Reprint from: American Economic Review, 63:2, May 1973, 1-30 (Richard T. Ely Lecture) and reprint

    from: Frontiers of Quantitative Economics, v. II, (Ch. 1), North-Holland, 1974, 3-42.

    Hurwicz, Leonid. Dimensional requirements: an example. August 8, 1972, Stanford. 6p.+ 7p. hand-written version.

    Hurwicz, Leonid. Economic and social aspects of weather modification. n.d. 8p.

    Hurwicz, Leonid. Economic design, adjustment processes, mechanisms, and institutions. Economic Design, 1:1, 1994, 1-14.

    Hurwicz, Leonid. Economic impact of ISPAs; comments for the Univ. of Pennsylvania Conference on International Scientific and Professional Associations and the International System, Philadelphia, Nov 12-13, 1976. 7p

    Hurwicz, Leonid. Economic issues in the utilization of knowledge. January 7, 1982. 23p.

    Hurwicz, Leonid. Effects of entry on profits under monopolistic competition. Proof for Chapter 9 of: The economics of imperfect competition and employment: Joan Robinson

    and beyond, New York University Press, 1989, 305-64.

    Hurwicz, Leonid. Environment and resource problems: a challenge for economics. “Presented at Przesieka, Sept. 26, 1989. This version Dec. 6, 1989. 2p.

    Hurwicz, Leonid. Foundations of economics. Minneapolis, May 23, 1987. 2p.

Hurwicz, Leonid. Game theory and decisions. Scientific American, 192:2, February 1965,


    Hurwicz, Leonid. The generalized Bayes-minimax principle: a criterion for decision-making under uncertainty. Cowles Commission Discussion Paper 335S, February 1951. 7p.

    Hurwicz, Leonid. Harold Hotelling as an economist (outline). August 27, 1975. 10p. (“Atlanta (ASA,IMS)”)

    Hurwicz, Leonid. Homogeneous systems. Cowles Commission Discussion Paper 217E, February 1948. 9p.

Hurwicz, Leonid. Implementation and enforcement in institutional modeling. Political

    economy: institutions, competition, and representation; proceedings of the Seventh Inter-

    national Symposium in Economic Theory and Econometrics, edited by William A. Barnett, Melvin J. Hinich and Norman J. Schofield. Cambridge University Press, 1993, 51-59.

    Hurwicz, Leonid. Implementation with unknown endowments in a two-trader pure exchange economy. Advances in Mathematical Economics, 8, 2006, 257-71.

Hurwicz, Leonid. Incentive aspects of decentralization. Handbook of mathematical

    economics, Volume III, (Chapter 28), 1986. 41p.

    Hurwicz, Leonid. Incentive compatibility: a counterexample. April 4, 1974. 2p.

    Hurwicz, Leonid. Incentive-compatibility and Pareto optimality: comments inspired by the seminar discussion. Stanford, August 4, 1975. 4p. (“This note is devoted to two issues brought up during the seminar discussion of my paper on the non-optimality of manipul-ative equilibria.”)

    Hurwicz, Leonid. Incentive-compatibility: public goods, n=3. October 3, 1974. 7p.+ notes.

    Hurwicz, Leonid. Incentives and efficiency in socialist economies. Dallas, December 1975. 10p.

    Hurwicz, Leonid. Incentives in resource allocation systems with public goods. Boulder, July 9, 1975. 14p. + part 2 entitled “outcome functions.” Misc. paging.

Hurwicz, Leonid. Institutional change and the theory of mechanism design. Academia

    Economic Papers, 22:2, September 1994, 1-27.

Hurwicz, Leonid. Institutions as families of game forms. The Japanese Economic Review,

    47:2, June 1996, 113-32.

    Hurwicz, Leonid. The interrelationship between man-made and natural environments. Boulder, 1980. 4p.

    Hurwicz, Leonid. Lagrangian saddle points in Banach spaces (summary of results). Cowles Commission Discussion Paper 418M, March 1953. 7p.

    Hurwicz, Leonid. Manipulative Nash equilibria: Theorem 1, Berkeley June 7-8, 1977, corrected June 20, 1979. 36p.

Hurwicz, Leonid. Mathematics in economics: language and instrument. Mathematics and

    the social sciences, American Academy of Political and Social Science, 1963, pp. 1-11.

    Hurwicz, Leonid. Maximality (“efficiency”) and Lagrangian saddle points. March 12, 1953. 6p.

    Hurwicz, Leonid. Mechanisms and institutions. University of Minnesota, September 1987, revised February 1988. 27p.

    Hurwicz, Leonid. Monopolistic competition. Preliminary uncorrected version, June 15, 1971. 64p.

    Hurwicz, Leonid. More dissonance. October 14, 1955. 2p. Additional note to: “What is dissonance.”

Hurwicz, Leonid. A note on Kuhn-Tucker. October, 1966. 6p.

    Hurwicz, Leonid. A note on non-separability and dimentionsl requirements for the message space. Stanford, August 8, 1972; this version Feb. 14, 1978. 11p.

    Hurwicz, Leonid. Notes on relations. (Class notes for Economics 100.) November 1951. 24p.

    Hurwicz, Leonid. On a generalized Bayesian-minimax approach to statistical estimation. University of Minnesota, November 1988. 97p.

Hurwicz, Leonid. On allocations attainable through Nash-equilibria. January 1974, revised

    August 1978. 32p. + addition: “Economies with Public Goods,” April, 1977.4p.+ Reprint

    from: JET, 21:1, August 1979, 140-65; + Reprint from: Aggregation and revelation of

    preferences, (Chapter 22), 1979, 397-431.

    Hurwicz, Leonid. On decentralizability in the presence of externalities. San Francisco, December 1966. 7p. + notes + abstract.

    Hurwicz, Leonid. On dimensional requirements for resource allocation mechanisms in discrete message spaces. July 1982. (may be co-authored w/ T. Marschak). Misc. paging.

    Hurwicz, Leonid. On entry under product differentiation. April 1971. 15p.

    Hurwicz, Leonid. On imperfect markets with free entry. January 1979. 8p. + notes

    Hurwicz, Leonid. On incentive problems in the design of non-wasteful resource allocation systems. Studies in Economic theory and Practice, (Chapter 8) ed. by N. Assorodobraj-

    Kula, et al, North-Holland, 1981, 93-106. (earlier version of paper below presented at World Congress, 1975)

    Hurwicz, Leonid. On informational decentralization and efficiency in resource allocation mechanisms. University of Minnesota, January 15, 1985; revised Sept. 9, 1985. 128p. + Institute for Mathematics and its Applications Preprint 222, University of Minnesota, February 1986. 116p.

    Hurwicz, Leonid. On informational requirements for non-wasteful resource allocation systems. University of Minnesota, April 1976. 59p. Also as NBER paper from “Mathematical Models in Economics: Papers and Proceedings of US-USSR Seminar,

    Moscow, 1976. 60p.

Hurwicz, Leonid. On informationally decentralized systems. Decision and organization: nda volume in honor of Jacob Marschak, (Chapter 14), 2 edition, 1986, 297-336.

    Hurwicz, Leonid. On specification bias. Cowles Commission Discussion Papers 285E and 348S, March 1950. 10p.

    Hurwicz, Leonid. On the concept and possibility of informational decentralization. December 1968. 19p. + Reprint from American Economic Review, 59:2, May 1969, 513-


    Hurwicz, Leonid. On the dimensional requirements of informationally decentralized Pareto-satisfactory processes. February, 1972. 13p.; April 1975 & June 1976. 25p.

    Hurwicz, Leonid. On the existence of allocation systems whose manipulative Nash equilibria are Pareto-optimal: the case of one public good and one private good. August 23, 1975. 5p. (presented at World Congress-Econometric Society meetings, Toronto).

    Hurwicz, Leonid. On the existence of competitive equilibria. December 2, 1966, corrected July 2, 1970. 10p.

    Hurwicz, Leonid. On the existence of incentive-compatible allocation systems. University of Minnesota, August 18, 1973 + revised version, October 12, 1973. 26p. + “On incentive

    compatibility: a correction,” April 1974. 3p.

    Hurwicz, Leonid. On the implementation of social choice rules in irrational societies. July 23, 1985. 26p. + corrected version, October 31, 1985. 38p. + Reprint from Social choice

    and public decision making: essays in honor of Kenneth J. Arrow, vol. 1, 1986, 75-96.

    Hurwicz, Leonid. On the informational requirements for informationally decentralized Pareto-satisfactory procedures. August 1975. 2p. + Russian translation.

    Hurwicz, Leonid. On the interaction between information and incentives in organizations. University of Minnesota, n.d. 49p. + published version: Communication and control in

    society, 1979, 123-47.

    Hurwicz, Leonid. On the optimality of Nash equilibria in a pure exchange (Edgeworth Box) economy. November 7, 1974. 13p.

    Hurwicz, Leonid. On the stability of the tatonnement approach to competitive equilibrium. February 2, 1984. 5p.

    Hurwicz, Leonid. On the structural form of interdependent systems. Stanford, August 1960. 13p. + Reprint from: Logic, methodology and philosophy of science; proceedings of

    the 1960 International Congress, 1962, 232-39.

    Hurwicz, Leonid. Optimal allocation of resources in economies with public goods. January 6, 1983. 27p.

    Hurwicz, Leonid. Optimality criteria for decision-making under ignorance. Cowles Commission Discussion Paper 370S, December 1951. 16p.

    Hurwicz, Leonid. Optimality of Nash equilibria-public goods. November 8, 1974. 5p.

Hurwicz, Leonid. Optimization and stability of economic systems. A broader view of

    research at the University: a series of seminars held at the Department of Chemical

    Engineering, University, University of Minnesota, 1964, 145-161.

Hurwicz, Leonid. Organizational structures for joint decision making: a designer‟s point of

    view. Reprint from: Interorganizational decision making, Aldine, 1972, 37-44.

    Hurwicz, Leonid. Outcome functions yielding Walrasian and Lindahl allocations at Nash equilibrium points. August 1978. 18p.

    Hurwicz, Leonid. Pareto optimality of the (“manipulative”) Nash equilibria for prescribed adjustment rules. Berkeley, April 1977. 14p. + Minneapolis, August 8, 1978 version (same, but with an additional cover page: “This is a working paper containing some of the

    results (without proofs) concerning the manipulative Nash equilibria.)

    Hurwicz, Leonid. Perspectives on economics. New Orleans, February 1976. 24p. (“preliminary version”).

Hurwicz, Leonid. The price mechanism, decentralization, and incentives. Journal of

    Asian Economics, 2:2, 1991, pp.185-199. Revised version of presentation at the Third International Conference on P.R.C.-U.S. Economic Cooperation, Shanghai, Dec. 3-6, 1990.

Hurwicz, Leonid. Problems of a priori information in decision-making under uncertainty.

    February 12, 1953. 6p.

    Hurwicz, Leonid. Problems of Institutional Analysis (comment on Workshop in Political Institutions), in: Global Economic Change: Social and Economic Research Issues;

    Proceedings of a Conference held at Argonne National Laboratory on February 11-13,

    1992, edited by Marian Rice, Joel Snow and Harold Jacobson, Midwest Consortium for International Security Studies and Argonne National Laboratory, 1992., pp. 95-100 + preface and introduction.

    Hurwicz, Leonid. Production under incomplete information. Cowles Commission Discussion Paper 275E, January 1950. 5p.

    Hurwicz, Leonid. Profiles as canonical strategy domains for Nash implementability. University of Minnesota, April 1982. 7p.

    Hurwicz, Leonid. Programming in general spaces. Cowles Commission Discussion Paper 2109, July 1954. 83p. + addenda.

    Hurwicz, Leonid. Quadratic utility Walrasian performance example. Aix-en-Provence, August 1980, corrected May 1981. 14p.

Hurwicz, Leonid. Revisiting externalities. Journal of Public Economic Theory, 1:2, 1999,


Hurwicz, Leonid. Self-relevance. June 1971. 6p. + 6p. of notes.

    Hurwicz, Leonid. A sequence of functions for the uniqueness property in the impossibility proof for economies with externalities between firms. September 23, 1997, revised February 5, 1998. 5p. Presented at the NSF/NBER Conference on Decentralization, held at the University of Minnesota, April 1998; working title: An impossibility theorem for

    economies with externalities.

    Hurwicz, Leonid. Socialism and incentives: developing a framework. November 9, 1978. 16p.

Hurwicz, Leonid. Some implications of electronic thinking organisms. Current Economic

    Comment, 12:2, May 1950, 3-6.

    Hurwicz, Leonid. Some notation and definitions. Copenhagen, July 1963. 6p. (This may be part of “Decentralization in a team with externalities;” in a folder marked w/ that title)

    Hurwicz, Leonid. Some results on identification in lagged shock-error models. Cowles Commission Discussion Paper 324S, January 1949. 6p.

    Hurwicz, Leonid. Some thoughts on the teaching of economics. Project Social Studies Disc-ipline Paper, Project Social Studies Curriculum Center, University of Minnesota, 1968, 6p. ERIC document # ED068379.

    Hurwicz, Leonid. Statistical aspects of weather modification. November 1965. 18p.

    Hurwicz, Leonid. Statistical models with disturbances in equations and/or disturbances in variables (parts I: Introduction & III: Lagged systems). {See T.W. Anderson, above, for parts II and IV} June 1946. 25p.

    Hurwicz, Leonid. Stochastic models of economic fluctuations. Cowles Commission Paper (Reprint) 3. Econometrica, 12:2, April 1944, 114-24.

Hurwicz, Leonid. Survey of Econometrics, Bulletin de l’Institut International de

    Statistique, 32:2, 1950, pp.125-31.

    Hurwicz, Leonid. The theory of economic behavior (review of J. von Neumann & O. Morgenstern‟s Theory of games and economic behavior). Reprint from: American

    Economic Review, 35:5, December 1945, 909-25. + Cowles Commission Paper (Reprint) th13. Also reprinted in the 60 anniversary edition of Theory of games and economic

    behavior, Princeton University Press, 2004, 646-64.

    Hurwicz, Leonid. Theory of the firm and of investment. Cowles Commission Paper (Reprint) 16, from Econometrica, 14:2, April 1946, 109-36.

    Hurwicz, Leonid. Toward a framework for analyzing institutions and institutional change. June 1990. 28p.

    Hurwicz, Leonid. A voting system reform proposal to provide for minority representation. April 1969. 4p. (presented to: DFL Constitutional Reform Committee-{also known as the “walking subcaucus”}.)

Hurwicz, Leonid. What is the Coase Theorem? Japan and the World Economy, 7, 1995,


    Hurwicz, Leonid & Martin Abel. Policies and principles underlying the economic decision making in public enterprise, September 1973. 13p.(University of Minnesota grant proposal)

    Hurwicz, Leonid, James Jordan & Yakkar Kannai. On the demand generated by a smooth and concavifiable preference ordering. August 1984. 35p.; Revised, October 1986. 31p.; + copy from: Journal of Mathematical Economics, 16, 1987, 169-89, with correction sheet.

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