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City of Fremantle Section C Page 1


    The works comprise the installation of the cabling with conduits for the poles, wall brackets and luminaires for the City of Fremantle.

    Whether or not the words "provide," "supply" and/or "install" appear in the tender documents, all equipment for the complete installation shall be supplied and installed by the Electrician. Where any equipment is to be supplied and/or installed by others, it will be stated.


The work shall include:

    All minor and incidental work and materials, specified or unspecified, which are required for proper completion of the works to the true intent and meaning of the Specification and to the entire satisfaction of the Principal.

    - Application to the Network Operator for unmetered (Z18 tariff) electricity supplies. - Connections to unmetered supply pits.

    - Earthing

    - Installation of luminaires (supplied „free issue‟ by Principal).

    - Installation of poles (with rag bolt assembly) and wall brackets (supplied „free issue‟ by


    - Concrete footings for poles.

    - Pole wiring.

    - Cabling for lighting installation including conduits, cable pits, excavation, under road boring,

    back filling, reinstatement of surfaces (including paving and stone pitching). - Supply and installation of Lighting Control Panels with photo electric switches. - Terminations and switchgear at pole base.

    - Spare conduits for future use.

    - Disconnection and removal of redundant equipment

    - Operating and maintenance manuals and record drawings.

    - Inspection, testing, and commissioning.

    - Maintenance during the Defects Liability Period


Item Requirements

    Setting Out, Cutting Away - Survey and peg or mark the locations and routes of

    and Making Good electrical equipment.

    - Provide excavations, backfilling, and removal of spoil,

    reinstatement, holes, recesses, chases and openings and

    make good.

    - Make good any damage caused in the execution of the

    Works, including removal of existing equipment and leave

    in as good a state of repair as it was at the

    commencement of the Works.

    Sage Consulting Engineers Pty Ltd


City of Fremantle Section C Page 2

    Sheds, Amenities and Provide all necessary facilities for workers and storage, and Storage locate such facilities where directed and remove them on

    completion or when directed.

    Hoisting and Scaffolding Provide all hoisting and scaffolding necessary for the Works.

    Use of Facilities Make use only of the facilities, such as entrances, exits and

    roads as directed.


The following items of work are specified elsewhere:

    - Supply of luminaires (by Principal).

    - Supply of poles and wall brackets (by Principal).

    - Unmetered Supply Pits (Western Power)


Item Requirements

    Characteristics - Network Operator : Western Power

    - Nominal Voltage : 231V

    - Nominal Frequency : 50Hz

    - Number of Wires : 2

    - Tariff : Z18

    Scope of Work - Apply for the connection of electricity supply to the

    customer‟s premises, liaise with the Network Operator,

    and comply with the Network Operator‟s requirements.

    - Ensure electricity supply is available when required by the

    Programme of Works.

    Connection Fee The connection fee will be paid to the Network Operator by

    the Principal.

    Form of Supply The Network Operator will provide an unmetered supply pit.

    Electrician shall provide:

    - Consumers‟ mains from Network Operator pit to main


    - All necessary lugs and tools for termination of consumers‟

    mains at pit.


Item Requirements

    Interpretation - "Provide" shall mean supply and install.

    - "Install" shall mean supply set out, erect, mount, align,

    fix, connect, adjust, inspect, test, commission and

    handover in proper working order.

    - "Supply" shall mean purchase, procure, acquire, store off

    site as necessary, deliver to site, off load, position, stack

    and store on site.

    - "Electrician" shall mean the Subcontractor or Contractor

    Sage Consulting Engineers Pty Ltd


City of Fremantle Section C Page 3

    appointed to carry out the Works.

    - “Equipment” shall include accessories, appliances, cabling,

    goods, material, plant, switches, switchboards,

    luminaires, outlets and switchboards.

    Interruption of Existing - Arrange to carry out these Works at a time to cause the Services least inconvenience to the Principal, and to minimise the

    duration of any interruption.

    - The continuity of fire, emergency and security services

    must not be disturbed.

    - Where existing services are disturbed, they shall be

    reinstated to their original condition.

    Warranties Where any equipment has a warranty that extends beyond

    the Defects Liability Period, such extended warranty shall be

    transferred to the Principal.

    Program Submit a Program of Works showing the delivery periods of

    equipment, installation and commissioning periods, and date

    of Practical Completion.

    Safety - carry out the Works in a thoroughly safe manner

    - comply with all relevant Acts, Regulations or By-laws

    relating to safety

    - Protect, fencing, guard, light, flag and watch the Works.

    - Provide temporary footways, guards and fences as

    necessary for the Works.

    - Accommodate and protect pedestrians, vehicles, animals,

    etc. of owners and occupiers of adjoining property and

    the public.

    - Display clearly visible danger notices where necessary and

    as directed.

    - cover and protect the Works against dirt and the weather

    - Take precautions against accident or damage to Works

    from any cause.

    Erection And Uniformity - Measure areas before installation and verify the location

    of all equipment.