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City of Fremantle Section C Page 1


    The works comprise the installation of the cabling with conduits for the poles, wall brackets and luminaires for the City of Fremantle.

    Whether or not the words "provide," "supply" and/or "install" appear in the tender documents, all equipment for the complete installation shall be supplied and installed by the Electrician. Where any equipment is to be supplied and/or installed by others, it will be stated.


The work shall include:

    All minor and incidental work and materials, specified or unspecified, which are required for proper completion of the works to the true intent and meaning of the Specification and to the entire satisfaction of the Principal.

    - Application to the Network Operator for unmetered (Z18 tariff) electricity supplies. - Connections to unmetered supply pits.

    - Earthing

    - Installation of luminaires (supplied „free issue‟ by Principal).

    - Installation of poles (with rag bolt assembly) and wall brackets (supplied „free issue‟ by


    - Concrete footings for poles.

    - Pole wiring.

    - Cabling for lighting installation including conduits, cable pits, excavation, under road boring,

    back filling, reinstatement of surfaces (including paving and stone pitching). - Supply and installation of Lighting Control Panels with photo electric switches. - Terminations and switchgear at pole base.

    - Spare conduits for future use.

    - Disconnection and removal of redundant equipment

    - Operating and maintenance manuals and record drawings.

    - Inspection, testing, and commissioning.

    - Maintenance during the Defects Liability Period


Item Requirements

    Setting Out, Cutting Away - Survey and peg or mark the locations and routes of

    and Making Good electrical equipment.

    - Provide excavations, backfilling, and removal of spoil,

    reinstatement, holes, recesses, chases and openings and

    make good.

    - Make good any damage caused in the execution of the

    Works, including removal of existing equipment and leave

    in as good a state of repair as it was at the

    commencement of the Works.

    Sage Consulting Engineers Pty Ltd


City of Fremantle Section C Page 2

    Sheds, Amenities and Provide all necessary facilities for workers and storage, and Storage locate such facilities where directed and remove them on

    completion or when directed.

    Hoisting and Scaffolding Provide all hoisting and scaffolding necessary for the Works.

    Use of Facilities Make use only of the facilities, such as entrances, exits and

    roads as directed.


The following items of work are specified elsewhere:

    - Supply of luminaires (by Principal).

    - Supply of poles and wall brackets (by Principal).

    - Unmetered Supply Pits (Western Power)


Item Requirements

    Characteristics - Network Operator : Western Power

    - Nominal Voltage : 231V

    - Nominal Frequency : 50Hz

    - Number of Wires : 2

    - Tariff : Z18

    Scope of Work - Apply for the connection of electricity supply to the

    customer‟s premises, liaise with the Network Operator,

    and comply with the Network Operator‟s requirements.

    - Ensure electricity supply is available when required by the

    Programme of Works.

    Connection Fee The connection fee will be paid to the Network Operator by

    the Principal.

    Form of Supply The Network Operator will provide an unmetered supply pit.

    Electrician shall provide:

    - Consumers‟ mains from Network Operator pit to main


    - All necessary lugs and tools for termination of consumers‟

    mains at pit.


Item Requirements

    Interpretation - "Provide" shall mean supply and install.

    - "Install" shall mean supply set out, erect, mount, align,

    fix, connect, adjust, inspect, test, commission and

    handover in proper working order.

    - "Supply" shall mean purchase, procure, acquire, store off

    site as necessary, deliver to site, off load, position, stack

    and store on site.

    - "Electrician" shall mean the Subcontractor or Contractor

    Sage Consulting Engineers Pty Ltd


City of Fremantle Section C Page 3

    appointed to carry out the Works.

    - “Equipment” shall include accessories, appliances, cabling,

    goods, material, plant, switches, switchboards,

    luminaires, outlets and switchboards.

    Interruption of Existing - Arrange to carry out these Works at a time to cause the Services least inconvenience to the Principal, and to minimise the

    duration of any interruption.

    - The continuity of fire, emergency and security services

    must not be disturbed.

    - Where existing services are disturbed, they shall be

    reinstated to their original condition.

    Warranties Where any equipment has a warranty that extends beyond

    the Defects Liability Period, such extended warranty shall be

    transferred to the Principal.

    Program Submit a Program of Works showing the delivery periods of

    equipment, installation and commissioning periods, and date

    of Practical Completion.

    Safety - carry out the Works in a thoroughly safe manner

    - comply with all relevant Acts, Regulations or By-laws

    relating to safety

    - Protect, fencing, guard, light, flag and watch the Works.

    - Provide temporary footways, guards and fences as

    necessary for the Works.

    - Accommodate and protect pedestrians, vehicles, animals,

    etc. of owners and occupiers of adjoining property and

    the public.

    - Display clearly visible danger notices where necessary and

    as directed.

    - cover and protect the Works against dirt and the weather

    - Take precautions against accident or damage to Works

    from any cause.

    Erection And Uniformity - Measure areas before installation and verify the location

    of all equipment.

    - Equipment shall be accurately and symmetrically located

    throughout the Works. Consistency of equipment

    between areas of similar designation shall be maintained.

    - Mounting heights of equipment shall be adjusted to

    achieve symmetry with brick courses, tiles and other


    - Equipment shall not be installed across the junctions of

    different finishes.

    - Uniformity of workmanship, type, and manufacture of

    equipment shall be maintained throughout the Works.

    - Where equipment is indicated to be protected

    (flameproof, waterproof, IP55, etc), then the installation

    in the vicinity of and associated with the equipment shall

    be likewise protected.

Colour Coding Of Conductors:

    Item Requirements

    Sage Consulting Engineers Pty Ltd


City of Fremantle Section C Page 4

    Australian Standard shall be in accordance with AS3000

    A Phase Red

    B Phase White

    C Phase Blue

    Neutral Black

    Earth Wires Green/Yellow

    Switch Wires Grey, Brown or other colours not used above, except yellow

Colour coding of the sheath of PVC/PVC cables:

    Item Requirements

    Lighting, power, low and White or Orange

    medium voltage wiring



    All equipment and workmanship shall comply with the requirements of: - The Energy Coordination Act 1994 (and Regulations) Electricity Act 1945 (and Regulations).

    - Energy Corporations (Transitional and Consequential Provisions) Act 1995. - Gas Standards Act 1972 (and Regulations).

    - Western Power.

    - The Office of Energy.

    - Fuel, Energy and Power Resources Act.

    - WorkSafe Western Australia.

    - Fire and Emergency Services Authority Western Australian. - The Health Department of WA.

    - Telecommunications Act.

    - The Local Municipal Council.

    - Australian Communication Authority.

    - W.A. Electrical Requirements (Office of Energy).

    - Electricity Act 1945 and Electricity (Supply Standards and System Safety) Regulations 2001

    - The Fire and Accident Underwriters' Association of Western Australia. - Any other authority having jurisdiction over this project.


All equipment and workmanship shall comply with the most recent documents published by the

    Standards Australia, or, where such documents do not exist, BSI or IEC Specifications and

    Codes of Practice.

    The following Standards and Codes form part of this Specification: GENERAL:

    AS1074 Steel Tubes and Tubular Threaded or Suitable for Threading with Pipe

    Threads of Whitworth Form.

    AS1100 Technical Drawing

    Sage Consulting Engineers Pty Ltd


City of Fremantle Section C Page 5

    AS1102 Graphical Symbols for Electrotechnology.

    AS1103 Diagrams, Charts and Tables for Electro Technology

    AS1125 Conductors in Insulated Electric Cables and Flexible Cords.

    AS1214 Hot-Dip Galvanised Coatings on Threaded Fastenings

    AS1307 Surge Arrestors (Diverters)

    AS1319 Safety Signs for the Occupational Environment.

    AS1345 Identification of the Contents of Piping, Conduits and Ducts. AS1574 Copper and Copper Alloys - Wire for Electrical Purposes.

    AS1621 Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Electrical Tapes.

    AS1660 Methods of Test for Electric Cables, Cords and Conductors.

    AS1795 Sheets and Boards for Electrical Purposes.

    AS1852 International Electrotechnical Vocabulary

    AS1882 Earth and Bonding Clamps.

    AS1939 Classification of Degrees of Protection Provided by Enclosures for

    Electrical Equipment.

    AS2053 Conduits and Fittings for Electrical Installations

    AS2279 Disturbances in Mains Supply Networks

    AS2648 Underground Marking Tape.

    AS2700 Colour Standards for General Purposes.

    AS2768 Electrical insulating Materials - Evaluation and Classification based on

    Thermal Endurance.

    AS3000 Electrical Installations - Buildings, Structures and Premises.

    AS3008.1 Electrical Installations - Selection of Cables.

    AS3013 Electrical Installations - Classification of the Fire & Mechanical

    Performance of wiring systems

    AS3017:2001 Electrical installations - testing and inspection guidelines

    AS3100 Approval of Test Specification for Definite and General Requirements

    for Electrical Material and Equipment.

    AS3116 Elastomer Insulated Electric Cables for Working Voltages of 0.6/1kV. AS3187 Approval & Test Specification - Mineral insulated metal-sheathed


    AS3188 Approval & Test Specification - Terminations and Glands for Mineral

    Insulated Metal Sheathed Cables.

    AS3600 Concrete Structures.

    AS3808 Insulating and sheathing materials for electric cables

    AS4070 Protection of Low Voltage Electrical Installations and Equipment in

    M.E.N. Systems from Transient Overvoltage.

    AS4325 Compression and mechanical connectors for power cables with copper

    or aluminium conductors.

    AS4680 Hot-dipped (zinc) coatings on fabricated ferrous articles.

    AS/NZS4836 Safe working on low-voltage electrical installations

    AS/NZS 5000 Electric Cables Polymeric insulated

    AS/NZS 60038 Standard voltages for 50 Hz ac Transmission Distribution Utilization


    AS/NZS 61000 Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)

    BS 4017 Shunt Capacitors.

    VDE 08716 Limits of Radio Interference.

    ESAA C(b)-2 “Guide to the Installation of Cables Underground”.

Switchgear (LV):

    Sage Consulting Engineers Pty Ltd


City of Fremantle Section C Page 6

    AS1852 International Electrotechnical Vocabulary -Switchgear, Control Gear

    and Fuses

    AS2756 Low Voltage Switchgear and Control Gear Mounting Rails for

    Mechanical Support of Electrical Equipment in M.E.N. Systems.

    AS3111 Approval and test specification-Miniature Overcurrent Circuit Breakers.

    AS3132 Enclosures of Insulating Material for Switchgear & Control Gear.

    AS3133 Air Break Switches.

    AS3947 Low Voltage Switchgear and Control Gear.

    AS4898 Approval and test specification-Circuit breakers for overcurrent

    protection for household and similar installations.


    AS1170.2 Minimum Design Loads on Structures Wind Loads.

    AS1798 Lighting Poles & Bracket Arms.

    AS2633 Guide to the Specification of Colours.

    AS2644 Capacitors for use in Discharge Lamp Circuits.

    AS3137 Luminaires.

    AS3140 Edison Type Screw Lampholders.

    AS3771 Road lighting luminaires with integral control gear

    AS3990 Mechanical equipment - Steelwork

    AS4051 Limits and methods of measurement of radio disturbance

    characteristics of electrical lighting and similar equipment.

    AS4100 Steel Structures

    AS/NZS4783.2 Energy labelling and minimum energy performance standards


    AS/NZS 60922 Auxiliaries for lamps-Ballasts for discharge lamps (excluding tubular

    fluorescent lamps)-General and safety requirements

    AS/NZS 60923 Auxiliaries for lamps-Ballasts for discharge lamps (excluding tubular

    fluorescent lamps)-Performance requirements

    AS/NZS 61231 International lamp coding system (ILCOS)

    IEC 922 & 923 HID Chokes

    IEC 926 & 927 Ignitors

    IEC 1038 & Capacitors



The Electrician shall give all notices, pay all fees and conform to the requirements of all

    authorities having jurisdiction over the works.



    Item Requirements

    Schedule Drawings The drawings listed in Schedule D1 form part of the Contract

    Documents. Where a discrepancy between drawings

    appears, the Electrician shall notify such discrepancy as soon

    as possible.

    Sage Consulting Engineers Pty Ltd


City of Fremantle Section C Page 7

    Design & Drawing - Design and prepare shop drawings of equipment, layouts,

    specialised components, switchboards, wiring diagrams


    - comply with AS1100, AS1102 and AS1103,

    - submit four copies of shop drawings for comment and

    allow 14 days for comment.

    Record drawings - keep a complete set of current electrical drawings on site

    - mark any changes to the Works on these drawings,

    keeping an accurate “as constructed “record.

    - request files of the current contract drawings.

    - amend the AutoCAD.DWG files to record the “as

    constructed” status of the Works.

    - submit the “Record” AutoCAD.DWG files together with 4

    sets of bond paper prints of all shop drawings, which

    should include switchboard layouts, distribution line

    diagrams, control circuits, with wire and terminal

    numbers, schedules of all equipment, fabrication drawings


    - Ensure that "Record" drawings show the final location of

    equipment, cabling, conduits, boxes, pits, switchboards,

    outlets, switches, etc., and any other information which

    will assist in future maintenance, additions and alterations

    of the project.

    - also provide "Record" bond paper prints in each

    switchboard as specified under switchboards: "Labelling"


    - submit for approval, one copy of all drawings required


Operating and Maintenance Manuals:

    Item Requirements

    Binder Hard cover, A4 size, orange PVC covered, 4 ring

    Sections separately identified sections and index

    Identification Labelled front cover and spine in black block lettering

    Content - Schedules of catalogue references for each item of


    - Copies of catalogue information for each item of


    - Set of Record Drawings, including shop drawings

    - Schedule of Routine Maintenance and “Trouble Shooting


    - Warranty Certificates for equipment where the warranty

    exceeds the Defects Liability Period

    - Test results.

    Tuition - provide tuition of the Principal‟s staff in the operation and

    maintenance of the Works.

    - submit a simple list of operating instructions of each

    system for the staff.

    Log Books Provide a logbook for each system which is required to have

    regular testing by mandatory regulation or good practice eg.

    Sage Consulting Engineers Pty Ltd


City of Fremantle Section C Page 8

    emergency lighting, fire alarm, generating sets.

    Before Practical Completion shall submit three copies of an Operating and Maintenance



Item Requirements

    General - materials shall be new, of the best quality and suited to

    the intended application.

    - any consumable part of the installation is used to

    expedite completion of the Works, it shall be replaced

    before Practical Completion.

    - Prefer materials of Western Australian manufacture.

    - Install materials in accordance with manufacturer‟s

    instructions and recommendations.

    - Place and expedite orders to ensure delivery of equipment

    to maintain progress of the Works to achieve Practical

    Completion by the due date.

    Selection of Material or - select equipment to comply with normal practice and to

    Equipment suit the particular application, where a detailed

    specification for material or equipment is not provided

    - ensure equipment suppliers and subcontractors have

    received complete information and are fully aware of the

    application to the Works.

    Alternative Equipment After If alternative equipment is proposed:

    Tendering - apply in writing for approval of alternatives

    - include full technical information of the proposed


    - include any cost saving.

    If any alternative is accepted:

    - the Electrician shall be responsible for the satisfactory

    performance of such alternative.

    Existing Materials - all materials, fittings, accessories, equipment, etc.,

    removed from an existing installation shall not be reused

    in a new installation but shall be removed from the site

    and disposed of responsibly unless otherwise specified.

    - The Electrician may be directed to deliver selected

    removed materials to the Principal's store.

    Painting & Corrosion - paint all exposed conduit, metalwork, and equipment with Protection primer/undercoat and two finish coats without blemish.

    - Apply a corrosion inhibiting film or protective coating

    between the contact faces of dissimilar metals, in

    particular between: stainless steel and aluminium

    surfaces; galvanised steel and aluminium surfaces; and

    stainless steel and galvanised steel surfaces.

    - Apply inhibitors in accordance with the manufacturer‟s


    - Protect threaded fasteners to prevent seizing.

    Samples - submit samples of equipment and/or workmanship.

    Sage Consulting Engineers Pty Ltd


City of Fremantle Section C Page 9

    - Sample equipment shall be retained until completion of

    Works and the Works shall conform to such samples.

Fastenings types:

    Structure Material Fastening Type

    Concrete Hilti, Terrier or approved alternative

    Brickwork, Limestone Walls Chemical anchors

    Steel Bolts, nuts, washer and spring washer

    Electric welding

    Erico Caddy clamps or clips

    Self-tapping screws but only where periodic dismantling is not



    Item Requirements

    General - shall be non-ferrous, galvanised ferrous, or stainless steel

    for all external or damp situation and zinc plated for all

    other internal situations.

    - shall be selected and installed in accordance with

    manufacturer's recommendation for the application.

    - Explosive type fastenings are not acceptable.

    Areas subjected to vibration fastenings shall be fitted with lock nuts or "Nyloc" Vibrations type nuts.

    Exposed Fastenings shall be vandal resistant.


Testing and Commissioning shall occur at Practical Completion, and at the end of the Defects

    Liability Period.

    Item Requirements

    Standards test in accordance with AS3000 and AS3017

    Tests - Polarity.

    - verification of phase, neutral and earth identifications.

    - verification of labelling, and wire and terminal numbering.

    - Continuity.

    - earth loop impedance.

    - earth bonds.

    - Insulation.

    - effectiveness of individual earth electrodes.

    - checking of voltages at lighting control panels and each

    HID luminaire and setting of appropriate tappings on

    control gear.

    - function of each component, each system, and the


    Testing and Inspecting - Test each circuit before connecting electricity supply.

    - Verify the operation of control circuits.

    - Record and submit test results on printed test sheets.

    - Advise of all inspections and tests in time to allow

    witnessing of such inspections and tests.

    Sage Consulting Engineers Pty Ltd


City of Fremantle Section C Page 10

    - Arrange for any inspection and test by the Network

    Operator and assist the Network Operator Inspector by

    providing access tools, instruments and attendance.

    - Inspect the lighting control panels before they leave the

    manufacturer's works and check suitability for application

    and compliance with specification.


Item Requirements

    Standards and - comply with AS 3000 and the W.A. Electrical Requirements Requirements

    - Earthing shall be arranged for the M.E.N. System, and

    have copper earthing conductors.

    General - Provide the main earth electrode, “Erico Copperbond”, or

    approved alternative, min. 2.4m long, in a suitable

    location driven vertically into the ground to a minimum

    depth of 2.5 m and below the permanent moisture level.

    - Provide an FC4 "main earth" pit for the earth electrode.

    - Provide the main earth conductor directly from the main

    earth electrode to the main switchboard earth/neutral




    Item Requirements

    Ingress protection IP55 and vermin proof.

    Doors lockable door(s)

    Locks Triangle Key

    Paint Internal and external surfaces gloss finished painted to

    selected colour(s) for indoor enclosures.

    Gland plates Removable, suitably dimensioned aluminium gland plates

    and/or conduit knockouts for the all outgoing circuits, not

    wider than 600mm and at least 375mm from cable terminals.

    Wiring fully factory wired and factory tested

    Equipment accommodation As on line diagrams and an additional 25% spare

    Uniformity maintain uniformity of type and manufacture for similar

    categories of equipment

    Future equipment For future equipment provide all necessary connections,

    mounting media, escutcheon openings (with blanks), etc.

    Drawings - See clause C6

    - Submit shop drawings to the Network Operator for

    approval and to the Superintendent for review.

    - Shop drawings shall have dimensions and be detailed,

    and show layouts of enclosures, routes of access and

    egress from enclosures (with cable and busbar sizes),

    Sage Consulting Engineers Pty Ltd


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