the 17th china international industry fair

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the 17th china international industry fair


    thThe 17 China International Industry Fair

    Held simultaneously: China Industrial Subcontracting & Outsourcing Fair 2010

    April 20, 2010 April 22, 2010

    Chongqing Exhibition Center, China

    The Ministry of Science & Technology of the People's Republic of China; Co-sponsors

    China Machinery Industry Federation;

    Chongqing Municipal People's Government

    Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society (CMES) Sponsor

    Chongqing Foreign Trade & Economic Relations Commission; Organizers

    Chongqing Economic and IT Commission;

    Chongqing Science and Technology Commission;

    Development Zone Managing Committee of Chongqing Municipal People's


    ChongQing BroadFairs Co., Ltd Investment Invitation


    Honorable exhibitors:

    Chongqing is the largest central city at upper reaches of Yangtze River as well as an important mechanical manufacturing industry center in China. This city is well known as ―The City of Motor Cycle‖

    and ―Auto City‖. Even under a special circumstance of global financial crisis, it could still maintain rapid economic growth. From January to April in 2009, the average year-on-year increase rate of Chongqing mechanical manufacturing industry represented by automobile and motor cycle production was far above the average level of the same industry in China. The year-on-year growth rate of automobile output in this city was 8.5% higher than the average level of the whole country; the year-on-year sales growth rate of key state-owned enterprises reached as high as 44.5%; and the year-on-year sales growth rate of key private enterprises reached even as high as 154%. Besides, a large number of auto parts enterprises made rapid progress in management level and achieved robust economic growth at the same time as it maintained low-cost competitive advantage.

    This fully indicates that crises had been effectively turned into opportunities in Chongqing’s

    mechanical manufacturing industry. The mechanical manufacturing industry at the upper reaches of Yangtze River with Chongqing as the center has presented broad development prospect.

    In the five years to come, Chongqing will focus on the development of industries of automobiles and motor cycles, chemical product, equipment manufacturing, materials, and electronic information. It is expected that in the next five years the average growth rate of sales value of industry will be 25% and the accumulated investment amount in industry will total RMB 1 trillion yuan. Machine equipment, hardware and mechanical & electrical equipment, machine molds will be in an ever-increasing demand in a good many industrial enterprises. Industrial equipment manufacturing equipment in Chongqing and the whole western areas are facing unprecedented opportunities.

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    The China International Industry Fair CIFsponsored by CMES is a professional industrial

    equipment exhibition lasting for the longest time in China. After sixteen years of continuous preparation, it has developed the characteristics of ―Laying equal stress on technology and trade‖ and has attracted

    hundreds of thousands of professional purchasers from China and many foreign countries. The exhibition data has, for many years in succession, been publicly released by AUMA, an authoritative exhibition institution in Germany. CIF is one of the well-known fairs recognized in the world.

    Thanks to the mighty appealing power and the hidden huge business opportunities of Chongqing industry in China’s industrial circles, Chongqing has held various types of industry fairs, machine tool fairs, and instruments fairs for many years in a row. The regional market becomes increasingly mature. Under such a favorable circumstance, CIF will be held for a long time in Chongqing, aimed at becoming an important equipment supporting platform in Chongqing and the whole western areas in China to build a world manufacturing base.

    ?Highlights of CIF 2010

    ; It is a professional supply and demand platform based on information on enterprises’ manufacturing

    capabilities which comprehensively and effectively involve policy makers in equipment utilization

    department, technical department, and procurement department as well as the highest-level decision

    makers in enterprises.

    ; It ushers in a prime period of sourcing of industrial equipment with the participation of more than

    4,000 parts manufacturing enterprises.

    ; Important machinery manufacturing enterprises in the southwest region of China will set up exhibition

    booths during the fair.

    ; It has been advertising for the purchasers in the emerging country for three years in succession; the

    popularity of the fair has been gradually increasing among the international purchasers. ; It builds a bridge of interactions and communication for small processing equipment manufacturing

    enterprises with export potential.

    ? Exhibition schedule Set-up time: April 17, 2010 April 19, 2010

    Exhibition time: April 20, 2010 April 22, 2010

    Breakdown time: April 22, 2010 (16:00-24:00)

    Exhibition venue: Chongqing Exhibition Center (No. 269, Keyuan No.4 Road)

    ?Exhibition range Small mechanical equipment general machinery (including generator, gasoline engines, decelerators,

    marking machines, fans, pumps, valves, compressors, filtering equipment, separating machinery,

    drying equipment), packing machines, printing machines, etc

     Metal processing machine - Metal cutting machine tools, forming machine tools, numeric control

    machine tools and related software, die casting machines, punching machines, casting equipment,

    electrical process machines, metal cutting equipment.

     Non-metallic processing machine All kinds of plastics processing equipment such as mold injection

    machines, blow molding equipment, and extrusion molding equipment.

     Industrial die & mold and tools measuring & cutting tools, fixture and tooling, grinding tools,

    grinding materials, CAD/CAM/CAE technology, flexible manufacture systems

     Surface finishing and coating equipment Surface treatment, coating, and finishing technology, raw

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    materials, coating products and associated equipment.

     Industrial automation system, testing equipment, and all kinds of industrial technology Automation

    control devices, detecting instrument, instrument and meters, numeric control and numeric display

    equipment, frequency conversion variable speed electric drive devices, power transmission apparatus,

    power and mechanical devices, brakes and braking systems, all kinds of precision measuring

    instruments and detection instruments.

     Laser and laser processing equipment Laser welding/cutting machines, laser marking machines,

    laser engraving machines, laser heat-treatment machine, laser punchers, etc.

    ?Exhibits activities Information Release Conference on Sourcing of Mechanical and Electrical Equipment

     China International Industrial Supporting Product Samples Consult meetings

     Technical Symposium/Technical Seminar

     Receptions between Purchasers and Exhibitors

    ?Invitation of professional trade visitors 1. The sponsor will release information on exhibition via media including official websites at home and abroad, newspapers, magazines, television, broadcast, outdoor advertisement as well as have comprehensive and tracking report before the fair, during the fair, and after the fair so as to extend the influence of the fair and enhance the reputation of the fair. In this way, more visitors will be attracted to this fair.

    2. The most important industry group enterprises in the southwest areas of China are invited to this fair. Among them are South-west China Ordnance Group, Chongqing Machinery & Electronics Holding Group, Chongqing Light Industry & Textile Holding (Group) Co., Ltd, China South Industries Motor Company Limited, Guizhou Aviation Industry (Group) CO., LtdChina Jiangnan Space Industry Group Co., China

    Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, and China Silian Instrument Group.

    3. The sponsor will send invitation letters, admission tickets, and exhibition information in Chongqing city and main exhibition sites of the same kind across the country.

    4. The sponsor will send invitation letters to all provincial and municipal associations and academies in the country, inviting them to visit the fair.

    5. A total of 100,000 invitation tickets and invitation letters will be respectively mailed to the designated target visitors.

    ?Review of the last fair

    The China International Industry Fair CIFis a professional industrial equipment exhibition lasting

    for the longest time in China. After sixteen years of continuous preparation, it has developed the characteristics of ―Laying equal stress on technology and trade‖ and has attracted hundreds of thousands of professional purchasers from China and many foreign countries. The exhibition data has, for many years in succession, been publicly released by AUMA, an authoritative exhibition institution in Germany. CIF is one of the well-known fairs recognized in the world.

    Held simultaneously: China Industrial Subcontracting & Outsourcing Fair SUBCON


     Exhibition area: 10,000sq.m

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    Exhibition visitors: The number of professional exhibition visitors during the last fair amounted to 15,000 among whom more than 120 are professional visitors from other countries. Such foreign visitors were from 56 organizations or companies in 14 countries including India, Japan, Canada, Germany, US, Spain, Italy, Denmark, League of Arab States, Austria, France, South Korea, Qatar, and UK ?Charges for exhibition and advertising expenses I. Information about exhibition booths

    21. Standard booth: 3m × 3m = 9m, which includes one three-face (two-face) board, one fascia board, two spotlights, one power supply socket, carpet, one square table, one paper basket, two chairs (the aforesaid equipment is not included in raw space booths and special booths), venue security guards and cleaners, as well as free invitation tickets for professional visitors, notice of enterprise names, and exhibition journals with enterprise introduction in both Chinese and English with up to 200 words.

    22. Indoor raw space booth: At least 36m for rental which includes exhibition venue, free invitation tickets

    for professional visitors, notice of enterprise names and logos, and exhibition journals with enterprise introduction in both Chinese and English with up to 200 words. Fees incurred for display of tools and instrument, electricity consumption, and setting up booths, etc shall be borne by the exhibitors themselves. II. Charges for exhibition

    Booths in Section A

    Booth type Foreign enterprises (USD)

    Standard booths (3m×3m) $350/sq.m

    Indoor raw space booths (at least 27sq.m for rental) $295/sq.m

    Outdoor raw space booths (at least 27sq.m for rental) ——

    III. Technical seminar: USD 1,800/hr which provides a conference room admitting 150 persons, audio equipment, tea, etc as well as coordinate with the arrangement of professional visitors. IV. Exhibition journals and other

    Black and White Page: 2,000 Front cover: 15,000 per page Back cover: 10,000 per page per page

    Inside front cover; inside back cover: Title page: 8,000 per page Color pages: 3,800 per page 6,000 per page

    Ticket advertisement: 5,000/10,000 Rainbow gate: 5,000 per one Inflator column: 3,500 per one pieces

    ?Exhibition procedures 1. The exhibitors shall fill in Exhibition Participation Application Form/Contract Form in detail and affix

    common seals on it, and then fax and mail it to the organizing institutions.

    2. Upon receipt of Exhibition Participation Application Form/Contract Form, the organizing institutions

    shall review it for confirmation, affix common seals, and then fax it and mail it to the fair participants. 3. The fair participants shall, within one week after enrollment, transfer 50% of the fees payable (including charges for exhibition, meeting affairs charges, and advertising fees, etc) as deposit or all the amount to the account designated by the fair organizing committee (see Exhibition Participation Application Form for the account number). The remaining payment (if not paid in full) shall be paid up prior to February 30, 2010. 4. After the fair participants have remitted all the expenses, they shall copy the bank money orders on the very day and fax them to the organizing committee for the convenience of check. The invoices shall be issued together at the exhibition venue or posted to the exhibiting company according to the requirements

     - 4 -


    of them.

    5. The exhibition booths and advertisements shall be arranged uniformly by the organizing committee. The booths shall be arranged under the principle of ―first apply, pay, and then arrange‖ and ―priority given to the

    co-sponsors/sponsoring institutions. To set up reasonable booths and ensure the overall effects of the exhibition hall, the organizing committee is entitled to adjust the positions of some of the booths. 6. The fair participant shall, prior to February 30, 2010, present information on company profile and product introduction with up to 200 words written in the journal, and email the word document to for the publication of Exhibition Journal. They can not be published after this due date.

    7. If the fair participants want to put on advertisements in the exhibition journal or during the fair venue, they shall email the advertising materials (in electronic format) to the organizing institutions before February 30, 2010.

    8. See Fair Visitors Guide for detailed information on various kinds of service in main activities of fair, articles rental and leasing, water, electricity, and gas consumed by the booths and special decoration, exhibits transport and declaration, visas, accommodation of participating representatives, etc. It shall be faxed or emailed one month before the opening of the fair.

    ?Organizing institution of fair ChongQing BroadFairs Co., Ltd|BROADFAIRS

    Address: Room 10F4, City Light Building, No. 19, Jiangnan Avenue South, Nan'an DistrictChongqing


    Post code: 400060

    Tel: +86-23-86382802 62925058 86393228

    Fax: +86-23-62925059 86382803



    Contact: Hu Fen (+86-0-13983041852)

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