Talking about the hotel construction company operating performance appraisal_5622

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Talking about the hotel construction company operating performance appraisal_5622

    Talking about the hotel construction company operating performance appraisal

     Abstract: Performance evaluation study of the situation in the country, based on the analysis of hotel industry performance evaluation, and internal management structure for the hotel and features designed to adapt to a set of hotel performance evaluation of enterprise management mode of operation.

     Current performance appraisal has become a highly valued part of the enterprise, the so-called performance appraisal is the "Heritage",

    "effect" of the evaluation, "Ji" is the employee performance, the work of its staff and its results, "efficiency" means the business organization efficiency, including operating profit, strategic objectives and so on. The important role of performance appraisal can be the strategic level, human resource management level, the operation and management analysis at three levels:

     ? achieve strategic goals. Through the performance evaluation and corresponding management, can increase the enterprise's core competitiveness, business strategy adjustment, and to ensure that the organization short-term goals and long-term objectives.

     ? support a powerful tool for human resources management. Providing access to employees as a means of adjustment of salary or bonus, incentive, promotion or demotion basis.

     ? management the necessary channels of communication. Performance appraisal of all employees are integrated into the activities, to become managers better understand the operation of enterprises, organizations gateway to the status quo, but also employees to participate in one of the ways of enterprise management.

     1, our hotel was the status of performance appraisal performance

management is divided into five major domestic Genre:

     Curing sent - Germany can be ground achievements, one should be in the end; aesthetic camp - focuses on form, the pursuit of perfection; fans

    assignment - mechanically, foreign methods; crazy new style - grass is

    always greener, non-new and did not take; pragmatists - Contact practical,

    theoretical innovation.

     The hotel industry because of its own characteristics, the first contact and the introduction of foreign advanced management experience in the performance appraisal is not in full compliance with the above-

    mentioned schools of distinction, but there is a fault situation. In accordance with the standard star division of large, high-star hotel, is

    generally a five-star, four-star hotel, mostly for international hotel

    management companies in the Chinese enterprises to create a complete internationalization of the land, said to be "fans assignment" not too; medium-sized 34-star hotel either International Management Company's control, it is the successful introduction of a domestic large-scale use

    of foreign experience in hotel management, in applying them in a second time due to change hands, in practice some of the problems can only be

    they want a solution and thus has a number of things that suit its own needs, I think that this hotel in the "pragmatists" and "fans assignment" between; while a small hotel, means the 23-star or no star hotel, strictly

    speaking, to belong to no performance evaluation or a purely pro forma type of performance appraisal, and some are inherited and that a set of commonly used in state-owned enterprises, "Deloitte & Touche to Heritage" has done a "diehard."

     2, the hotel performance appraisal procedures designed to

     For the hotel business, the assessment of indicators is not difficult to identify, BSC (Balanced Score Card, BSC) of the emergence of performance appraisal from a single valley in the financial indicators came out, performance appraisal is based on information from the

    financial, customer, internal processes and learning and innovation in assessment of these four angles to seize the companies short and long term goals to reach the most important factor in all walks of life to become

    the new darling of performance appraisal. Hilton Hotel management company will be integrated into the Balanced Scorecard concept of business management software successfully be applied to the actual. So when the hotel after a clear strategic objectives, combined with balanced scorecard

    ideas multi-angle examination, assessment indicators will be able to adapt to the birth.

     A clear objective of performance appraisal. As the performance evaluation of the function of many hotel companies can simply consider the

    business purpose, then the appraisal management by objectives in achieving the objectives of the situation, but also from the perspective of human

    resource management to consider bonus, incentive and promotion, training, or stand in corporate strategy enterprise development directions of a high degree of reflection. Thinking of these multi-angle will give more than

    one performance appraisal evaluation purposes, resulting in confused and disorderly these aims, primary and secondary severity is unknown. So, in

    practice when problems arise, managers do not know what kind of assessment should target the main line thinking, resulting in a serious operation on similar occasions in the phenomenon, or even "pick of the sesame, foolish." Some would say that what is more important, leading idea in

    mind. However, performance appraisal is not a matter of two people, it requires all employees and managers together to face the purpose of evaluation should be on everyone's mind is clear and unambiguous. The author believes that a single target goal of performance appraisal is too specific and one-sided, unrealistic and feasible approach is from a strategic point of view, listed leaders at all levels to consider performance appraisal objectives and the degree of importance to sort,

    straighten out the one in the primary and secondary light and heavy, making each person in the face of problems and emergency situations, when to know on what basis, what is the most important things that are conducive to the conduct of the actual operation.

     2, clear hotel departmental responsibilities, division of responsibility centers. The so-called center is the responsibility of

    management accounting terminology, is the responsibility of the various levels will strictly control the activities divided by region, usually divided into cost centers, profit centers and investment centers.

     Enterprises in the hotel for business and functional departments, where there is no separate department for investment, then the only divided into profit centers and investment centers, because the business units in direct contact with customers, selling services and products, costs incurred and income, can be creative profit, classified as profit centers, including the catering department, rooms, entertainment, shopping

    malls and other business sectors; and functions as a second-line

    department, the provision of services for the business sector to provide services to complement its products, strictly speaking, occurs only cost, there is no directly to make a profit, they have been classified as cost centers, such as the Finance Department, Ministry of Personnel, engineering, security department, logistics department and so on. Some people think that marketing department is also in direct contact with the

    client, it should also belong to business sector, but as a profit center exists, for this argument the author took a different view, marketing services, product transaction occurred in the past, its expenses are sunk costs, and marketing The Ministry is for the whole hotel industry

    business, and marketing costs of the income of occurrence and not a strictly business relationship between the ratio, so only as a cost center. Profit center and cost center relationship shown in Figure 1.

     Hotel business centers and departments through the division of responsibilities, clear the entire hotel enterprises to increase their

    value the contribution of size, so as to more determine their duties and obligations. At the same time, should be noted that clearly-defined

    responsibilities, as opposed to the right should also be clear, in order to ensure that all responsibility center position to assume their economic responsibilities, hierarchical decentralized management within the enterprise is to be able to effectively complete the various aspects of their respective The economic responsibility.

     It is worth mentioning that, the responsibility center due to the limited authorization exists controllable costs and non-controllable

    costs, with a well-known business management are often uncontrollable factors occur, the responsibility center in the face of uncontrollable costs, can not do anything, but also distinguish between controllable costs and non-controllable costs, controllable factors and uncontrollable

    factors, Tracing the source to find the exact terms for the sector-

    specific impact of uncontrollable factors, and seek to find win-win

    solution. For example, a hotel for business guests due to not open the door, and engineering maintenance staff conflict, on duty manager, through

    mediation, referrals to waive the room charge was made after general manager of concessions. Complaints to deal with this unexpected free room rate for loss of earnings occurred in control room manager may be such a mechanical failure for the Division is also an accident can not be controlled. But we can do is figure out cause of the accident is a sudden figure out a purely mechanical failure, maintenance is not in place of the failure, Housekeeping service failure, or maintenance personnel, the

    attitude of engineering problems, and thus division of responsibilities, the purpose is to find a commitment to not only those responsible, more importantly, to prevent such situations from happening again. Although the distinction between the responsibility center, but the hotel business as a whole, only through mutual solidarity and cooperation in various sectors, standing on their overall point of view, in order to obtain short and long term gains, the general manager's duty is to do a good job of coordination

    between the various responsibility centers and strategic and tactical on the guidance.

     3, in order to position themselves, ascertain customer service. Hotel management in the post-industrialization, the pursuit of quality of life

    today, "Customer is God" is not nothing new, while the customer relationship management is also put on the agenda, the hotel also produced within the enterprise to employees as customers view. I think that this formulation is not yet complete, in the hotel within the enterprise, each

    department and every employee should have customer awareness in the workplace, the work of their respective services and products, all the others associated with positioning for the customer . To Human Resources, for example, human resources personnel management host hotel enterprise, from the general manager, all department managers down to front-line

    staff, but also must work with other executive departments and social organizations, contact. HR diagram showing the following customer

    relationship shown in Figure 2.

     Each department and each employee can be shown through the establishment of customer relationship diagrams, detailed list of all have business links with internal and external customers, as well as the

    content of the services provided to define the work output. Diagram showing the relationship in the customer, we can clearly see the team and individual customers for which the service product, as well as the output of these services are what make the team, individual as well as the

    assessment officer for the enterprises to increase their value-added

    contribution at a glance. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

     4, assessment standards and the main exceptions to add. We can see

    from the above discussion, if the hotel with the strategic goals of evaluation purposes, the performance appraisal primarily as an internal communication channels, as a means of strategic adjustment, you can see not just a performance appraisal and bonuses, rewards and punishments,

    upgrade the relationship between the more is important to establish their own hotel business values, career development for staff a clear direction, then the evaluation criteria should be formulated on the balanced scorecard indicators, the existing evaluation standards has the following situations:

     First, follow the old index, the old standard, or minor changes from year to year;

     Second, industry-leading companies to use indicators, or the industry average index value;

     Third, the re-development of new indicators, new standards.

     The third method more complicated, more common in the strength of the large hotels, but also to re-take a long time to develop standards for the cost of a larger group of experts to carry out the cost of capital

    employed, is generally not recommended. Area of research for the development of indicators of performance evaluation has been basically have a complete set of indicators can refer to, such as the Balanced Scorecard for the four examination, there were indicators, such as listed in Table 1 for hotel companies performance appraisal choice: As the division of the responsibility center, for the financial indicators to determine the weight it should be differentiated. Obviously, cost center

    can only control costs, and because there is no internal customers a distinction, not satisfied with the service still to be done, therefore the choice of indicators should be focused on the program reasonable and feasible, from the quality, quantity, time, etc. to increase the

    proportion of measured angle.

     These indicators can only be a formal evaluation in tabular form the

    daily work, not for exceptional circumstances consideration. To make a more comprehensive assessment is reasonable, we can increase the

    assessment of the exceptions, depending on the extent of the exceptional importance of the event department or individual employee performance appraisal be revised to ensure that information on performance appraisal is more comprehensive, effective and a more realistic reflection of business future trends.

     5, assessors come from the customers. With regard to choice of 360-

    degree assessment staff performance appraisal has emerged and used to illustrate the importance of evaluation in selecting a 360-degree

    assessment method is also called three-dimensional evaluation method, a

    comprehensive assessment of law, in which assessors have a direct supervisor, colleagues, direct subordinates and themselves, and even customers and suppliers.

     When hotel companies have in-house for each department, the success

    of each employee orientation, all of the customers who are likely into an assessment. Through the detailed planning of the above diagram showing the relationship of customers, individual and team can clear understanding of their customers, they are both a recipient of services, but also a strict supervisor. So-called performance appraisal, strictly speaking, is a customer satisfaction survey, in which case, we need to do is to select

    judges for their appraisal of people receiving services by the proportion of the work duties, giving the jury phase corresponds to the weight of the examination results weighted balance, as was examination of those critiques.

     6 regular assessment and timely feedback. Hotel staff often have a lot of companies need to fill out the form, or send and receive a lot of internal e-mail every day, but also require regular training to ensure that hotel operations of a coherent and efficient process to ensure

    quality of service. However, random or periodic evaluation is still needed, these examinations can choose the training time, because the examination for the employees, which is effective training, through mutual communication, feedback, understand the work problems and would like a

    solution. You can also work is not busy when idle to conduct, or the use of a few minutes before meals, after meals. Assessment not only fill in a form, mainly through the fill in a form, through communication and understanding of the existence and possible problems and to jointly find ways to solve the problem.

     Need to remember one is that, for individuals and communities, the assessment does not only mean bonuses, rewards and punishments, more clearly shows the team and individual contribution to the business, which means the team, individual value, indicating its business organization the status and prestige.

     Third, sum up the hotel business performance through the assessment work of the analysis, we found our hotel services, hospitality businesses are still rigid in foreign and domestic experience, wandering between the past, with foreign experience with practical problems, the national collective unconscious problems , with the set is obviously the domestic

    hotel industry is not such an advanced step.

     In fact, the development and adoption of standards for what kind of assessment is not a problem, the problem is how to operate like the domestic there have been a lot of work on the operation of performance

    appraisal, but are based on the whole enterprise as the evaluation object, from the outside to conduct assessment, and For the various departments within the enterprise, all the staff performance appraisal operations rarely mentioned. As the enterprise management theory with practice needs, and to study the need for diversification of this article with reality, the hotel business performance evaluation of the actual operation is discussed, hoping the hotel business performance evaluation helpful.


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