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access-to-care-action-plandoc - HEALTHY CAROLINIANS ACTION PLAN ...

    Healthy Carolinians Action Plan 2008

County: Burke Partnership: Healthy Burke Period Covered: 2008-2012


    ? Priority issue: Access to Care

    ? Was this issue described in your county’s most recent Community Health Assessment? _x_ Yes __ No

    ? List other sources of information about this priority issue: Good Samaritan Clinic; United Hmong Association ; Hmong

    Community Needs Assessment Report 2005

LOCAL COMMUNITY OBJECTIVE - Please check one: _x_ New __ Ongoing from last re/certification

    ? By: 2012

    ? Objective: By 2012, increase the number of uninsured Burke County residents receiving access to healthcare at the

    Good Samaritan Clinic (Burke County’s only free clinic) to 25% of the uninsured population ? Original Baseline: 17% of Burke County’s population is uninsured. According to information from Good Samaritan Clinic

    records only 295 total patients were screened in 2007 and 817 Burke County residents were turned down for services in

    the same year

    ? Date and source of original baseline data: Good Samaritan Clinic Yearly Stats for 2007 report ; Burke County 2007

    Community Health Assessment; NC State Center for Health Statistics. County Health Databooks. Sheps Center for Health Services Research, publications. County

    Level Estimates of the Uninsured. 1999-2000 and 2002, 2003, 2004 Updates.

    ? Updated information (For continuing objective only):

    ? Date and source of updated information:


    ? Local population(s) experiencing disparities in relation to this local objective: Uninsured residents of Burke County,

    Minority Populations; low income residents; residents working in jobs where insurance is not offered; unemployed


    ? Describe the local population(s) that will benefit: Uninsured residents of Burke County without a medical home ; Burke

    County residents who do not qualify for Medicaid or other aid; Burke County residents who use emergency room

    services for non-emergency conditionsspecifically chronic illness care ; all the local population experiencing health

    disparities listed above

    ? Total number in population: 15,000 (According to data, 17% of the Burke County population is uninsuredthe county

    population is approximately 89,00015,000 residents reflects the total number in the population of Burke County that

    are uninsured according to secondary statistical data)

    ? Number you plan to reach: 3,800


    ? Check one NC 2010 focus area:

    _x_ Access to Health __ Environmental Health __ Injury

    Care __ Health Promotion __ Mental Health

    __ Chronic Disease __ Infant Mortality __ Older Adult Health

    __ Community Health __ Infectious Diseases __ Oral Health

    __ Disability

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     __ Other - Please Describe:

? NC 2010 Health Objective (National Healthy People 2010 Objective B-1 [Former 21.3]): Increase the proportion of

    people who have a specific source of ongoing primary care


    TIMEFRAME Roles and Responsibilities 1. Marketing/Communication activities Lead agency: Progress to date in marketing these

    related to this community objective: ? Good Samaritan Clinic will interventions:

    Free Clinic Interventions: develop a PR plan to market the

    ? Flyers clinic

    ? Newspaper Advertisements Other agencies: ? Local Government Channel ? Western Piedmont Community

    Advertisements College will distribute

    ? Public Service Announcements flyers/brochures to students ? Local radio appearances ? Burke County Health

     Department , United Hmong

     Association, Big Brothers/Big

     Sisters, Burke/Catawba Local

    Management Entity, Burke

    Handi Care, United Hmong

    Association, Family, Infant &

    Preschool Program will

    disseminate brochures/flyers to

    agency clients

    ? United Hmong Association will

    translate brochures & other

    related information & distribute

    within the Hmong Communities

    ? Task Force members will

    develop strategic plan to raise

    funds to promote the Good

    Samaritan Clinic via calendars,

    magnets and/or other

    promotional materials

    ? Good Samaritan Clinic will

    create a PR plan to target the

    uninsured population to

    participate in focus groups/


    ? Western Piedmont Community

    College will conduct

    surveys/focus groups for

    enrolled uninsured students

    ? Burke County Health

    Department will provide local

    radio station/government

    channels with PSA’s

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1. Marketing/Communication activities Lead agency: Progress to date in marketing these

    related to this community objective: ? United Hmong Association will interventions:

    Hmong Population Interventions: translate flyers and advertise

    ? Flyers health screenings on the radio

    ? Newspaper Advertisements Other agencies:

    ? Local Government Channel ? Burke County Health

    Advertisements Department Healthy Carolinians

    ? Public Service Announcements Coordinator will create flyers &

    ? Local radio appearances brochures for Hmong festival

    ? Brochures health screenings to be


     ? Burke County Health

     Department will contact local

    newspaper for story/advertising

    regarding health screenings at

    Hmong festival(s)

    ? All Task Force members will

    disseminate flyers to Hmong

    population served by agencies

    ? United Hmong Association will

    provide the Hmong Community

    with information regarding focus

    group participation via PSA’s on

    Hmong Radio; assembly

    members of the Hmong

    community to participate in

    focus groups & provide

    translators for focus groups

    ? Western Piedmont Community

    College will target Hmong

    students & their families for

    participation in focus groups &

    planning for health screenings


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    2. Intervention: Lead agency: This is _x New_ Ongoing _ Completed

    ? Conduct Blood Pressure screenings & ? United Hmong Association will Process: Hmong population attending

    other health screenings to participants coordinate the annual Hmong festival(s) will be provided opportunities

    of annual Spring & Fall Hmong Festival for Health Screenings

    Festivals Other agencies: Output/ Impact: Members of the Hmong

    Setting: Hmong Spring/Fall festivals ? Burke County Health Community that are at risk for heart

    Start Date - End Date (mm/yy): March Department will provide copies attack/stroke will be identified & referred

    2008 2012 of educational information to for follow-up care; A short survey will be

    United Hmong Association to be conducted to determine if participants

    translated to Hmong language & intend to follow-up with referral; the

    to Spanish interpreter for number of referrals made will be tracked

    Spanish translation and entered into a database

    ? Appalachian State University Be Health/ Safety Outcomes: Hmong

    Active Partnership will arrange individuals will become aware of their

    for the Be Active van to come to Blood Pressure and follow up with

    the event site & provide physician for further information about

    activities for children; tri-fit reducing risk of heart disease, stroke, etc.

    assessments may be offered by Progress to Date: Healthy Carolinians

    Be Active Partnership Coordinator participated in the 2007

    ? Family, Infant & Preschool Hmong festival and provided basic health

    Program/Western Piedmont related information with an informational

    Community College Allied poster presentation regarding chronic

    Health Department will diseasethis began as an awareness

    coordinate agencies to help with campaign with a long-term plan to

    Blood Pressure screening of develop into a health screening event

    attendees within the Hmong population; ;

    ? United Hmong Association will Appalachian Be Active partnership

    provide interpreters for event provided 400 jump ropes & jump rope

    ? Burke County Health brochures (brochures were translated to

    Department will create brochure the Hmong language)all 400 jump

    with physician referrals for ropes were given out at the Fall 2007

    Hmong population that need festival; approximately 200 brochures

    follow up for high blood pressure regarding safety & chronic disease

    ? Family Infant & Preschool prevention were given to festival

    Program/BCHD/ WPCC Allied participants (brochures were translated to

    Health Students will gather the Hmong language)

    participant data for evaluation


    ? Burke County Health

    Department will create &

    maintain database for evaluation

    ? NC State Dental Hygienist will

    arrange for Colgate van to be

    available to provide dental care

    information to parents of

    children 12 years and under

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    3. Intervention: Lead agency: This is _x New_ Ongoing _ Completed ? Educate health care and other human ? Burke County Health Process: Local health care providers;

    service providers about Hmong culture Department will provide a list of human services agencies & local Setting: Community suggested target groups to invite community college students in the health Start Date - End Date (mm/yy): August to community presentations care field will be offered opportunities to 2008-2012 regarding the Hmong culture participate in presentations by a Hmong

    Other agencies: community member regarding Hmong

    ? Burke County Health culture

    Department/Western Piedmont Output/ Impact: This intervention will help

    Community College/ Big improve communication between Hmong

    Brothers/Big Sisters will contact communities & service providers;

    providers to coordinate development of cultural competency

    presentation regarding the Hmong Culture will provide

    ? United Hmong Association will a better understanding of how to better

    contact Hmong physician to serve this populationan evaluation will

    speak with local physicians be provided to participants regarding

    regarding Hmong culture & understanding of cultural competency as

    Health care a result of the presentations

    ? Western Piedmont Community Health/ Safety Outcomes: Service

    College/Phifer Wellness Center providers will gain a better understanding

    will facilitate presentations of the Hmong culture & population &

    ? Family Infant & Preschool utilization of services by Hmong

    Program will maintain log of communities will increase

    presentation participants Progress to Date: FREE CLINIC

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    4 Intervention: Lead agency: This intervention is:

    ? Develop a plan to secure funding to ? Good Samaritan interim _x New_ Ongoing _ Completed

    ensure the county’s only free clinicExecutive Director will provide Process: All interested parties in the

    Good Samaritan Clinic can sustain a statistical information/Budget county concerned with funding for the

    full-time free clinic information to task force clinic will be brought together to discuss

    Setting: Good Samaritan Clinic members for review & funding potential/possibilities.

    Start Date - End Date (mm/yy): January advisement Output/ Impact: A plan for sustainability

    2008 2012 ? Western Piedmont Community will be created and annual funding

    College Dean of Health potential for the clinic will be determined.

    Sciences will meet with the A diversity of community members will

    Good Samaritan Board Chair to become board members for the clinic

    discuss plans for full-time clinic Health/ Safety Outcomes: The free clinic

    sustainability will be sustained financially and Other agencies: uninsured citizens of Burke County will ? Burke County Health have long-term access to a free clinic

    Department Healthy Carolinians that meets health care needs; uninsured

    Coordinator; Western Piedmont residents will receive continuity of care

    Community College Dean of that will allow for better management of

    Health Sciences; Director of Big chronic disease; a free clinic will

    Brothers; Big Sisters will meet decrease risks of chronic disease

    with County Commissioners and development in at risk individuals by

    Hospital regarding funding providing health education for prevention

    proposals for the Good Progress to Date: Meetings with County

    Samaritan Clinic Commissioners, Hospital Vice President ? Western Piedmont Community and Good Samaritan Clinic board chair

    College/ Big Brothers Big Sisters

    will set up a meeting between all

    potential funding parties &

    assign facilitators

    ? Burke County Health

    Department will consult with

    other counties regarding

    sustainability and success of

    their clinics

    ? Family, Infant & Preschool

    Program will search for grants to

    help fund various positions in

    the clinic

    ? Western Piedmont Community

    College will help support fund

    raising efforts through faculty

    representation on the Good

    Samaritan Advisory Board

    ? Burke County Health

    Department will contact local

    physicians regarding

    participation in a physician’s

    network program to serve

    chronically ill clients of the Good

    Samaritan Clinic

    ? Family, Infant & Preschool

    program/Burke County Health

    Department will provide a

    community resource book to

    clients of the Good Samaritan


    ? Big Brothers, Big Sisters will act

    as a liaison between Good

    Samaritan Clinic & local

    Physicians to garner interest in

    Physician Network

    ? Local medical society will

    provide a list of local Physicians

    to be contacted regarding

    Physician Network Program

    ? NC State Dental Program will

    promote the Good Samaritan

    Clinic at local Outreach Center

    via flyers, brochures, etc

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? Appalachian State University Be

    Active Partnership will create

    brochures regarding preventive


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