Open Reel Pre-Recorded Tapes

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Open Reel Pre-Recorded Tapes

    P O L Y P H O N Y

     Post Office Box #515

    Highland Park, Illinois 60035

    FAX #847-831-5577 (backup #847-831-4409)



    Lawrence H. Jones, Proprietor

    Auction Catalog #102

    rd[Closing March 3, 2008]

Dear Fellow Record Collectors -



    All items are offered at auction; the minimum acceptable bid for each is shown at the end rdof its listing. The deadline for receipt of bids is Monday, March 3, 2008.

    SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR ONLINE: The internet version is essentially the same as the

    print version which is sent worldwide except that no bidsheet is provided, since all you really need to do is send me an e-mail with careful notation of your bids and the lot numbers of the items in which you are interested. A brief description of the item helps in case of mis-readings of lot numbers. If you are a new bidder and I do not have your physical address, obviously I will need it. And if you wish to authorize me to charge your winnings to a Visa, Mastercard or American Express card which I do not already have on file, I do not suggest that you send this information

    via e-mail since it is not very secure. You are welcome to quote an account number for me via the phone/FAX number or via the physical address shown above or you may wait for me to

    send you a copy of your invoice and quote the account number by return mail. If you have questions, by all means e-mail me at the address above! SEE PAGE 5 FOR TABLE OF


    For those of you receiving one of my catalogs for the first time, here are a few comments about the contents and their arrangement. Headers at the start of each section and page let you know what is there. A listing is mono unless an asterisk or plus-sign appears at the start of the entry to indicate either true stereo (*) or electronic stereo (+). Listings are categorized according to what I judge is the primary feature of interest of a given item. Unusual works and those with many artists (i.e. opera) are listed alphabetically by composer in repertoire sections. Familiar repertoire is usually listed by performer in an artist section. There are also sections (mostly of audiophile interest) where material is listed by particular labels. I suggest browsing all sections!

    I do some cross-referencing of artists, but you can use your computer to do any searches you like! If you need more information, just contact me by letter, FAX, or E-mail.

All items are offered at auction; the minimum bid for each is shown at the end of its listing. rdDeadline for receipt of bids is Monday, March 3, 2008.

Auction Procedures

    First of all, relax! Because this is an auction rather than a fixed-price catalog, there is no need to rush to get ahead of other collectors. You should receive this catalog with at least a week to browse before having to send bids. If you did not receive your catalog in a timely manner, let me know so that I can try to remedy the problem in the future.

     rdBids must be received by Monday, March 3. Polyphony's FAX number is: 847-831-5577 (in

    case of any problems with the regular FAX number, use 847-831-4409). You may send E-mail to POLYPHONY2@AOL.COM (note the 2 in that address!) In case of ties, the earliest bid will be the winner. Send no money until you are notified of your winning bids (invoices are sent

    within a few days of the close, and all bidders are notified - even those with no winnings).

    Winning bidders must send payment in full or deposit (see below) within 4 weeks. Orders paid by money order (or personal check from established customers) will be shipped within a day or two of receipt of payment. Personal checks on an individual's first order or two may require 2 weeks to clear. Foreign customers should make payment in U.S. dollars, payable through a U.S. bank. Foreign postal money orders denominated in U.S. dollars are also acceptable, as are wire transfers. Payment is also accepted through VISA, MASTERCARD, American Express &

    PayPal. Or you may pre-authorize credit card payment as discussed above.

    Shipping and packing charges (with insurance) for U.S. orders are added at the rate of $7.50 for the first 3 LP's, tapes, or CD’s, and $.50 for each additional. Orders including books or 78's will

    have shipping charges computed individually, since larger boxes, more packing material, and greater weights are involved. Similarly, shipments of CD’s alone will cost a little less. Rates for foreign shipments by insured air mail (surface mail is no longer available as of May 2007) now $32.00 for the first LP or tape, and $2.50 for each additional. Canadian insured air mail rates are $25.00 (1st 3 items); $1.00 (each additional). For foreign parcels under four pounds, I will also quote the less-expensive uninsured rate as an option on each invoice.

    I will reserve records for 6 months for a deposit of 10% of the invoice amount. Please understand that deposits are not refundable should you fail to remit the balance on time, nor does

    forfeiture of a deposit eliminate responsibility to make good on bids: individuals who do not honor their bids do not receive further catalogs.

    Changes in standing bids (increases or decreases in amounts offered; additions to or withdrawals of bids) are accepted if I receive them by the auction's deadline. I expect bidders to make good on the offers standing on that date. If you wish to bid on more items than you can afford, please prioritize your bids and indicate the total that you can spend. I will run down your winning bids, stop at your limit, and bill you only for those.

Condition Grading

    Grading used records is difficult since a subjective element is always present and variations in equipment will cause differences in sound. My method: each disc is examined visually to note marks which may be audible. Such defects are auditioned and, in any case, each record is spot-checked in several places on both sides for surface noise and other defects which are not visible. Records are then graded by as follows:

    FS - Factory-sealed

     A - Records in the general category of A are in excellent condition. A

    record graded A- will be virtually perfect, but may have an occasional very light tick or slight noise in quiet passages: A- is my typical grade for a domestically-pressed disc which appears mint; "A- to A" is used for the best foreign pressings and unusually fine American ones.

     B - Records in the general category of B are in good condition. They will

    have no serious scratches and will not suffer from breakup of the musical sound. A record graded B+ will have no scratches and only minor surface noise. A grade of B or B- indicates greater degrees of noise and may also involve light blemishes or scratches, but the degree of defect will not impair enjoyment of the music to a great extent.

     C - These records are in fair condition. They will be playable, but


     D - These records are in poor condition; perhaps unplayable.

    If isolated portions of a disc sound worse than the grade indicates, specific flaws are noted in detail. A slash mark between grades indicates differences between sections of the disc, generally between sides. Mono discs are graded with the amplifier in mono mode.

Please bear two things in mind about my grading: First, because it is based on audition (rather

    than only visual inspection) it tells you not only how a record looks, but how it sounds: it is a rating not only of how well the record has been cared for but how well it was pressed to begin with. Second, the grade is assigned without regard for a record's age. A disc pressed in the 1950's and graded B+ is probably an excellent or mint copy of a typical pressing from that era. I try to be conservative in my grading, but if you receive a record which you feel is in condition inferior to its grade, you may return it within two weeks for full refund of its cost.

Happy Browsing!!!

-- Larry Jones


    (Record labels are often abbreviated: Col = Columbia; West = Westminster; etc.)

     AAM = Academy of Ancient Music VPO = Vienna Philharmonic

     ASCR = Accademia Santa Cecilia, Rome VSO = Vienna Symphony

     ASMF = Acad, St. Martin-in-the-Fields VSOO = Vienna State Opera Orchestra

     ACO = Amsterdam

    Concertgebouw Orch

     BPS = Boston Pops

     BSO = Boston Symphony Orchestra bbl = bubble

     BSOO = Berlin State Opera Orch beg = beginning

     BVRS = Bavarian Radio Orchestra bl cov = blank cover

     CO = Cleveland Orchestra blem = blemish

     CPO = Czech Philharmonic Orchestra c/c = cover punched or cut on corner or

     CSO = Chicago Symphony Orchestra edge

     DSO = Detroit Symphony Orchestra ch = chamber

     ECO = English Chamber Orchestra cho = choir or chorus

     ERSO = Eastman-Rochester Sym Orch cov dam = cover damage

     EWE = Eastman Wind Ensemble dig = digital

     LAPO = Los Angeles Philharmonic drm = digitally remastered

     LPO = London Philharmonic ens = ensemble

    Orchestra exc = excerpts

     LSO = London Symphony fr = from

    Orchestra inc = includes

     MMF = Maggio Musicale Fiorentino lgt or lt = light

     Mpls = Minneapolis or Minnesota Orch mod = moderate

     NDR = North German Radio Orch nse = noise

     NPO = New Philharmonia Orchestra occ = occasional

     NYP = New York Philharmonic op = opera

     ORTF = French National Radio-TV Orch ov = overture

     OSR = Orchestre de la Suisse pres - pressing

    Romande rec = recorded

     PCO = Paris Conservatory Orchestra scr = scratch

     Phila = Philadelphia Orchestra sd = side

     PO = Philharmonia Orchestra sec = seconds

     PSO = Pittsburgh Symphony snd = sound

    Orchestra s/s = 1-in sticker neatly around lower spine

     PSOL = Philharmonic Sym Orch, sur = surface

    London tk = tick

    ROHCG = Royal Opera, Covent Garden * = recording is in true stereo

     RPO = Royal Philharmonic + = recording is in electronic stereo

     SFSO = San Francisco Symphony Orch For pressing codes [in brackets] in audio-

     SWDR = Southwest German Radio Orch phile sections, see header for that section.

A few other sections have their

    own abbreviations; some are repeated here:

     D = Dolby (tapes)

     BC = Barclay Crocker issue (tapes)

     NL = no libretto (opera/choral repertoire)

    Table of Contents

     [by listing number]

Format Category Listing


    Open-Reel Tapes: Operas: Complete & Highlights; Vocalists…….. # 1 - 45

     Londons, Mercuries, RCA’s, Misc Audiophile…. # 46 - 146

    Orchestral/Instrumental Repertoire & Chamber… 147 -


    Collections, Winds/Brass, Strings, Guitar………. # 189 - 208

    Pianists, Organists, Conductors…………..……… # 209 - 249

    Film, Plays, Poetry, Misc Popular………………. # 250 - 281

    Magazines: Fanfare Magazines (complete volumes) # 282 - 298

LP’s: Operas/Choral: Complete; Excerpts; Collections.. # 299 - 529

    Vocalists………………………………………….. # 530 - 770

    Audiophile Labels………………………………... # 771 - 1061

     Londons ……………….. # 771 - 804

    Mercury………………… # 805 - 837

    RCA……………………. # 838 - 901