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Guidance for crews on the International Maritime Solid Bulk Cargoes Code

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    3 Introduction

    4 1. General requirements for carrying solid bulk cargoes 4 Accepting cargoes for shipment Loading 6

    7 2. The Codes three cargo groups Group A cargoes cargoes which may liquefy 8 10 Group B cargoes cargoes with chemical hazards Group C cargoes cargoes which are neither liable to 14 liquefy nor possess chemical hazards

    15 3. Other hazards associated with carrying solid bulk cargoes

    16 4. Checklist and flowchart for accepting and loading solid bulk cargoes

    Appendix 1 19 IMO regulations and guidance relating to the transport of solid bulk cargoes Appendix 2 21 The Code section by section

    Carrying solid bulk cargoes safely ? Lloyds Register/UK P&I Club/Intercargo, 2013 Page 2

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