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By Jimmy Snyder,2014-06-17 16:53
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    Are you planning a tour around Gdańsk, Sopot or Gdynia? Are you expecting your

    friends or family, not knowing how to show them around? Or how to plan a stay

    here? Let us give you a hand! Here is a short plan of a tour around Gdańsk, Gdynia

    and Sopot (the three cities are called "the Treble City or TriCity"). During our tour

    you will be sightseeing, enjoying discos and night clubs, taking sunbath on the

    seashore, and we'll even send you to the theatre or to a rock concert. You can even

    find out what it's like to be seasick! If you decide to visit the Treble City during

    holiday - you'd better arrange your accommodation well beforehand (see Hotels,

    boarding-houses, campings, or find your stay at:

    If you already know where you are going to stay, there's only one thing left - getting

    here. You will have no problems reaching the Treble City from any large city in

    Poland. Choose your own means of travel - a bus or a train. If you have chosen the

    train - please take consult the PKP trains schedule. If you decide to use your own car as a means of transportation, please check the available parking lots in the Old Town area beforehand. If you wish

    to find out more about the Treble City, please consult the PTTK local guide service, or dial 301-48-18, and hire a private guide, book a hotel room, a ticket to a show or any other event... Or to anything you

    wish to see, for that matter.


    The thousand-year-old Gdańsk is considered as the most monument-

    abounding city of the "Baltic Europe". You must know that Gdańsk is a Hanseatic (a

    town belonging to the Hanseatic League - a medieval league of towns of Northern

    Germany and adjacent countries for the promotion and protection of commerce). Most of the monuments in Gdańsk are placed near the heart of its Old Town District,

    around the Long Street (ul. Długa), streets parallel to it, and the Long Quay (Długie

    Pobrzeże). The best place to start your trip appears to the Upland Gate (Brama

    Wyżynna) and the King's Road stretching beyond it. Having crossed The Upland Gate,

    you'll find the Torture Tower (Katownia), which is planned to house a museum of amber

    soon. Next in line is the Golden Gate (Złota Brama) and, next to it, Manor of the Society of

    St. George (Dwór Bractwa Świętego Jerzego). When you pass the Golden Gate, and enter the

    Long Street, you'll be enchanted by the beautiful renovated XVI - XVII century houses, one of

    them being the Uphagen's House (Dom Uphagena) - Museum of History of Gdańsk. All

    those venerable buildings are towered over by the beautiful and monumental Main Town

    Hall (Ratusz Głównego Miasta). Walk inside, and you will not regret it - the splendid interior

    was renovated not so long ago. Nearby, on the Long Market (Długi Targ) you'll find the

    symbol of Gdańsk - Neptune's fountain. Behind it is the beautiful Artus' Court (Dwór

    Artusa) and The New House of the Court with The Lady from the Window the amazing

    Golden House (Złota Kamieniczka) Tip: There is a place on the Long Market from which you

    can see three Neptune's statues - try to find it!