Week 1

By Billy Stone,2014-06-17 16:52
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Week 1 ...

    Pauline Mission Tour Preparation Guide

    By Mark E. Moore

Purpose: This trip is designed specifically so that participants will be able to construct a

    biblically founded philosophy and methodology of missions by retracing the steps of Paul.

Expectations: You are expected to understand the culture, philosophy, geography, architecture,

    and sociology of Paul’s day in order to correctly interpret and apply his mission strategy in the

    various cultural environments you will enter.

Suggested Readings: (Aside from the biblical texts listed below)

    Week 1-3: A travel guide to Turkey (available through your local library)

    Week 4: “Life in the Big City” at

    Week 5-7: A travel guide to Athens (available through your local library)

    Week 8: Peter Walker, In the Steps of Paul: An Illustrated Guide (Zondervan, 2008).

    Week 9-12: A travel guide to Rome (available through your local library)

Lists: Please begin several lists: (These will be very important for you on our trip!)

    1. Questions to askThese can be about culture, theology, missions, or Scripture.

    2. Things to packA list of suggestions will be provided near our time of departure but

    you may have peculiar interests based on some of your reading.

    3. Places to see/Things to do

Charts: There are three charts to fill out as you do your reading:

    1. Paul’s relationship with People

    2. Paul’s missionary strategies

    3. The Holy Spirit’s role in global evangelism


Keep a list Paul’s Relationships

Who Where did they met? How did Paul treat him/her? Biblical Reference


Bible Reference Paul’s Missionary Strategy

Identify and List Paul’s Missionary Strategies


Bible Reference Holy Spirit’s Rolewhat he does to help us in the Great Commission

Identify and List the Holy Spirit’s Role in Evangelism and Mission



February 1 Reading: Acts 13

    Find a map of Paul’s first missionary journey. Here are a couple online: How do people in Turkey dress?

February 2 Reading: Acts 14

    Locate these places in Acts 14 on a modern map of Turkey

    What language is spoken in Turkey?

February 3 Reading: Acts 15

    What will the climate be like while we are there?

    Find the name of one early church father who lived in Turkey. What was his contribution to the


February 4 Reading: Acts 16

    Trace Paul’s Second Missionary Journey:

    What are the major sites in Turkey you just don’t want to miss?

February 5 Reading: Acts 17

    Spend some time looking at some of the photos of Athens:

    Are there any precautions you should take while in Turkey?

    Further Research: What dominant philosophies permeated Paul’s world?

February 6 Reading: Acts 18

    Take a virtual tour of Corinth: Are there any health risks in Turkey?

February 7 Reading: Acts 19

    Trace Paul’s Third Missionary Journey: