Cover Letter And Resume For Gis Technologist Of Alberta Energy

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Cover Letter And Resume For Gis Technologist Of Alberta Energy

    Competition No. 038098-IN

Dear Sir/Madam:

    I’m writing to apply for the GIS Technologist (Competition No. 038098-IN) position as

    advertised on the website of As a highly motivated and client

    focused GIS technologist with strong interpersonal and communication skills, I believe that I can make significant contributions in providing leading-edge GIS mapping and data support to departmental clients in the GIS Mapping and Data Services group, Department of Alberta Energy.

    From GIS theories to the practical applications of GIS, I have accumulated the technical ability and high skill in the field of GIS through my Ph.D. training in GIS and Cartography, as well as more than seven years of extensive use of ESRI products (ArcGIS, ArcInfo and ArcView). This includes preparation of GIS specialized data analysis services, custom mapping and the capture and maintenance of department data layers. The extensive knowledge and experience in GIS technology, cartography, database design and spatial data analysis and management and more than 8 years’

    experience in project management and coordination qualify me to be the GIS Technologist.

    Personality-wise, I am very friendly and can quickly establish rapport with other technical personnel. In my project at University of Alberta, I’m working with a variety of

    clients with diversified data and mapping needs. My good communication skills helped me to acquire, analyze and manage geographic data for multiple clients, such as University of Toronto, University of Quebec, Canadian Forest Service and University of McMaster. I look forward to establishing the same, if not better, working relationship with the colleagues in the Department of Alberta Energy.

    I am a candidate worthy of consideration. I have not only GIS education background but also much working experience in the oil and gas exploration. Though my resume is detailed, it cannot fully demonstrate my working experience in the field of energy. I would welcome an interviewing opportunity at your earliest convenience. Thank you for your consideration of my application.


Carly Ziyu

    Jan. 23, 2007


    Competition No. 038098-IN

    Carly Ziyu Wang, Ph.D.

    Department of Renewable Resources

    University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB, Canada T6G 2E3

    Tel: (780) 492-2819(O); (780) 435-7156(H) Fax: (780) 492-1767


     ___________________________ _________


    To apply my knowledge and skills of GIS as a GIS Technologist in the Department of Alberta Energy ___________________________ _________


    ; Post Doctoral Fellow in GIS

    ; Ph.D. degree in GIS and Cartography

    ; 7+ years’ experience in using ARCGIS, ARCINFO and ARCVIEW

    ; 8+ years’ experience in managing projects

    ; 10+ years experience in oil and gas exploration ___________________________ _________

    Professional Experience


    Resources, University of Alberta, Canada. 2005-Present

    ; Provided GIS specialized data analysis services, captured and maintained department

    data layers

    ; Provided GIS and mapping related support such as maintaining of data stores,

    analyzing data, displaying interactions, and generating requested GIS products ; Provided leading-edge GIS mapping and data support to departmental clients and

    transformed diversified data and met with different mapping needs. ; Published presentation quality maps, maintain and distribute accurate information ; Provided decision making support and solved complex mapping and data problems ; Changed different units needs into GIS or mapping solutions and provided them GIS

    support and custom mapping services

    ; Established excellent relationship with different units and acquired much experience

    in project management and needs assessment.

    ; Acquired strong interpersonal and communication skills

    GIS TECHNOLOGIST AND PHD CANDIDATE, Institute of Remote Sensing and GIS,

    Peking University, China. 2002-2005

    ; Managed several projects concurrently. The projects include Land information

    management using GIS, Remote Sensing and GPS”, “GIS-based Wetland Change

    Detection in Northeast China using Landsat TM Data”, “GIS-based System

    Development of Forestland Degradation in Panda’s Habitat, China”, “High Slope

    GIS System Development in the Three-Gorge Reservoir Area, China” and “GIS-

    based Forest Monitoring System in Northeast China Using Remotely Sensed


    ; Worked with multiple divisions, preparing maps, providing data analysis and

    technical assistance to support land use, wildlife and forestry decision making. ; Prepared spatial data repositories, collection, conditioning, and incorporation of

    Global Positioning Systems

    ; Processed and analyzed the geographical information using ARCGIS, ARCINFO or


    ; Provided professional training and helped to solved GIS problems. ; Understood land conveyance principles and the legislation that affects access

    Competition No. 038098-IN


    ; Acquired working knowledge of the third system of surveys, an indepth

    understanding of land conveyance principles, and a sound understanding of the

    legislation that affects access restriction.

    ; Managed the projects and set up excellent relationship with other staff from different

    units by using good communication, organizational and interpersonal skills. ___________________________ _________

    Education & Credentials


    Post Doctoral Fellow in GIS and Resource Information Management, 2005-Present


    Doctor of Philosophy in GIS and Cartography, 2002-2005


    Masters in Science in Oil & Gas Exploration, 1992-1995


    Bachelor of Science in Coal Exploration, 1988-1992

    Technical Training:

    ; ARCGIS and ARCINFO SOFTWARE Training by ESRI, 2005

    ; ARCVIEW SOFTWARE Training by ESRI , 2004

    ; ERDAS Image Processing Software Traing, 2003

    ; PCI Image Processing Software Training, 2004

    ; MAPGIS Software Traing- 2003 ___________________________ _________

    Related Publications

    ; Ziyu Wang, Robert Grant, 2006, Disturbance and climate effect on carbon stocks and

    fluxes at Oyster River and Chibougamou sites, to be published in Journal of Forest

    Ecology and Management.

    ; Ziyu Wang, R. Grant, 2006, Grid-based modeling of temporal and spatial variability of

    forest carbon fluxes at Oyster River site, Vancouver, BC. To be published in Journal of

    Ecological Modelling.

    ; Ziyu Wang, et al, 2005Improved Watershed Segmentation of High-Resolution

    Remotely Sensed Imagery Using Texture. IEEE IGARSS Proceedings.

    ; Dejian Lu, Ziyu Wang, et al, 2005, A GIS-Based Management System of Excavated High

    Slopes in the Three Gorge Reservoir Areas. IEEE IGARSS Proceedings. ; Ziyu Wang, et al, 2004Detection of Forestland Degradation Using Landsat TM Data in

    Panda’s Habitat, Sichuan, China. IEEE IGARSS Proceedings, IV: 2665-2668.

    ; Ziyu Wang, et al, 2004, Framework and Relization of the Oil Field GIS, Application

    Research of Computers, No.5, 145-146.

    ; Ziyu Wang, et al, 2004Object-oriented Classification and Application in Land Use

    Classification Using SPOT-5 PAN Imagery. IEEE IGARSS Proceedings, V: 3158-3160. ; Ziyu Wang, et al, 2004Integration of Remote Sensing, GIS and GPS techniques for

    dynamic monitoring of land resources in mountainous areas. Proc. SPIE Vol. 5657, 74-81,

    Image Processing and Pattern Recognition in Remote Sensing II.

    ; Ziyu Wang, et al, 2003, Geographical Information System of Land Resources, Sichuan,

    China, Geography and Geo-information Science, Vol.19, 27-29. Supplement. ; Ziyu Wang, et al, 2003, Geographical Information System in Oil fields Integrating

    Remote Sensing, GIS and GPS, Proceedings of ACRS & ISRS, 1136-1137. ___________________________ _________


     Excellent references available upon request.

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