What Customers Are What Customers Are Saying About Oracle ---

By Frances Hamilton,2014-08-11 02:17
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What Customers Are What Customers Are Saying About Oracle ---

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Oracle Press Release

    What Customers Are Saying About Oracle? Unbreakable Linux Support

    March 28, 2007

    News Facts

    "We at IHOP see tremendous value in the enterprise-quality, lower cost support delivered by Oracle's Unbreakable Linux program," said Patrick Piccininno, CIO, IHOP. "Oracle provides the responsive

    support we need to deploy and maintain Linux-based solutions, and the switch from Red Hat support couldn't have been easier." "At Timex, we are excited to take advantage of the opportunity the Oracle Linux support alliance offers," said Archana Deskus, CIO, Timex. "With the Oracle Unbreakable Linux offering, we are now able to rely on one partner to meet the Linux and Oracle support requirements, greatly increasing our efficiency and reducing our costs."

    "At Diebold, we run Oracle Business Intelligence on Linux, supported with Oracle Unbreakable Linux Support," said Sean Forrester, Vice President, Information Technology, Diebold. "We take advantage of Oracle's global support organization, giving us access to the comprehensive, integrated, enterprise-quality support we demand." "With more than 500 million users, Yahoo! must scale its infrastructure beyond most traditional technology environments," said Laurie Mann, Vice President, Engineering Operations, Yahoo!. "To accommodate this, Yahoo! has built an IT backbone with unmatched performance and reliability that embraces innovative new technology such as Oracle's enterprise-class Linux support and solutions." "GlobeCast provides media management products to tier 1 television broadcasters who expect 100% uptime from their channels," said Peter Elvidge, Development Manager, GlobeCast, a subsidiary of France Telecom. "The continuous availability of our systems, where all schedules and media asset information are stored, is key to keeping our clients' channels on air. Oracle Real Application Clusters and Oracle Unbreakable Linux Support allow us to achieve the uptime expectation from our clients and deliver the scalability and performance we need to grow."

    "ABC Stores runs mission-critical systems on Linux and enterprise-quality support is a key requirement," said David Awaya, Chief Technology Officer, ABC Stores. "The Oracle Unbreakable Linux program has given us a real choice for that support and it is a positive for the marketplace."

    "We at Stuart Maue have been evaluating different Linux support programs to meet our key requirements of getting enterprise-scale support while further ensuring security for sensitive data," said Bradley Maue, CIO, Stuart Maue. "With Oracle Unbreakable Linux we found the best fit. It was an easy decision to go with Oracle for Linux support."

    "Replacements, Ltd. strives to achieve mission-critical scale, performance and reliability within a cost-effective framework," said Jim Meredith, Manager, IT, Replacements Ltd. "Effective enterprise support is a key factor in our success. When we recently deployed Oracle on new Linux servers, we chose Oracle's Unbreakable Linux program, because it delivers enterprise- quality support for Linux and at the same time reduces our IT infrastructure costs." "Mutual Materials, like most enterprises, is always looking for ways to reduce IT infrastructure costs while at the same time increasing the value and quality of service we offer to our users. That's why we're so excited about Oracle Unbreakable Linux Support," said Guy DeFlorio, CTO, Mutual Materials. "The Oracle Unbreakable Linux program has given us a real choice for enterprise-quality support at a lower cost and it is a win-win for everyone."

    "Everything we do at Hays Medical Center is about mission-critical scale, performance and reliability, so enterprise support is critical to our success," said Alan Wamser, System Analyst II, Hays Medical Center. "Oracle's Unbreakable Linux program fulfills the promise of delivering enterprise-quality support for Linux and at the same time reduces our IT infrastructure costs."

    In addition to Yahoo!, IHOP, Timex, Diebold, GlobeCast, ABC Stores, Stuart Maue, Replacements, Ltd., Mutual Materials and Hays Medical Center, other leading organizations who have entrusted their Linux support to Oracle include: Raley's, Powell Industries, Deseret Power, Fulcrum Analytics, New York State Insurance Department, The Cobalt Group, Stemilt Growers, The Gem Group, Stanford University, Vcommerce, Knife River Corporation, Primavera Systems, Centre de Services Partages du Quebec, and Spaulding Equipment Company.

    Oracle Unbreakable Linux

    Oracle Unbreakable Linux is Oracle's brand around its global support offerings for Red Hat Enterprise Linux. The Oracle Unbreakable Linux support program provides enterprises with industry-leading global support for Linux and was developed in response to customer demand for true enterprise-quality Linux support and the need to significantly reduce IT infrastructure costs. Oracle is committed to delivering high quality; comprehensive and integrated support solutions to help drive the adoption of Linux in the enterprise. In addition to this support offering, Oracle continues to enhance Linux capabilities in the enterprise, most recently with the addition of

    the Oracle Management Pack for Linux and provides on-going contributions to the community.

    Oracle Support

    Oracle's breadth and depth of technical expertise, advanced support technologies, and global reach includes 7,000 support staff in 17 global support centers, providing help to our customers in 27 languages, in any time zone. Oracle has recently been awarded the J.D. Power and Associates Global Technology Service and Support Certification for "an outstanding customer service experience" has also won several Software Technical Assistance Recognition (STAR) Awards for superior customer service from the Service & Support Professionals Association (SSPA).

    Oracle and Linux

    Oracle is a long-standing, key contributor to the Linux community. Oracle produced its first commercial Linux database in 1998. Since that time, Oracle has worked steadily to improve the experience of all Linux users. Oracle's Linux Engineering team is a trusted part of the Linux community, and has made major code contributions, such as Oracle Cluster File System that is now part of the Linux kernel 2.6.16. Oracle has been, and will continue to contribute, Linux- related innovations, modifications, documentation and fixes directly to the Linux community on a timely basis.

    Pricing and Availability

    Enterprise Linux software binaries are available for free from Oracle. Enterprise Linux Network Support via Unbreakable Linux Network is offered for $99 per system / per year. Enterprise Linux Basic support, which includes Network access plus 24x7 global coverage, is offered for $399 for a 1-2 CPU system / per year and $999 for a system with unlimited CPUs. Enterprise Linux Premier Support, which includes Basic support plus back port of fixes to earlier releases, as well as Oracle Sustaining Support is offered for $1,199 for a 1-2 CPU system / per year and $1,999 for a system with unlimited CPUs. Terms, conditions and restrictions apply. For more information about the Oracle Unbreakable Linux support program visit

    About Oracle

    Oracle (NASDAQ: ORCL) is the world's largest enterprise software company. For more information about Oracle, visit our Web site at


    Oracle is a registered trademark of Oracle Corporation and/or its affiliates. Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners. This announcement is provided to you solely for information purposes, is not a commitment to deliver any material, code, or functionality, and should not be relied upon in making purchasing decisions. Many factors can materially affect Oracle's product development plans and the nature and timing of future product releases. The development, release, and timing of any features or functionality described remains at the sole discretion of Oracle. This information may not be incorporated into any contractual agreement with Oracle or its subsidiaries or affiliates. Oracle specifically disclaims any liability with respect to this information.

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