there are four people in my family

By Leonard Ortiz,2014-07-05 11:42
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there are four people in my family

    there are four people in my family including my father

    mother brother and me . Not only did i like cartoons ,but also music.My father 's job is a driver and as you think ,his driving technology is very well . he is fond of watching the programs about military.

     my mother is a typical housewife who could make various of delicious food . I have a yonger brother.he plays an interesting part in my family. He is so cute that I love him very much .

     I believe our family will be better and better in the future.

    There are five people in my family. They are my grandfather, my grandmother, my father, my mother and I .

     My father is doctor. He works in Yueqing. He goes to work on foot everyday. My father is not very tall, but he is strong, he is very kind to his patients and he loves his work.

     My mother is teacher. She works in a middle school in Yue Qing. She goes to work by car. She is a very good teacher in my eyes.

     I am a student in Yueqing FLS. My school is very beautiful. There are many tall buildings, green tress, nice flowers in our school. We have wonderful teachers too. I like studying in my school.

     My grandparents dont go to work any more. They have

    retired. They stay at home everyday. In the morning they go to the park and do morning exercises. In the afternoon, they drink tea with their friends. In the evening, they enjoy themselves watching TV and reading newspapers.

     We have a happy family. I cant say how much I love it!

    My family lives in ShenZhen. There are four people in my family. They are my father, my mother, my sister and I. My father is tall and thin. He is a handsome man. He has big eyes. His hair is straight. He likes to watch TV and movies and read books. My mother works in an office. She cooks very well. She likes to read books, too. She is short and thin. My sister is a student. She is an independent girl. She is very graceful. I am a student, too. But I study in a junior high school. I go to school every weekend. I like to play dodge ball and listen to music very much. much. I like my family because each family member helps me a lot.

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