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Transactions of the Royal Historical Society ...

Transactions of the Royal Historical Society


Volume I (1951)

    Quinn, D.B., ‘Some Spanish Reactions to Elizabethan Colonial Enterprises’, pp. 1-24

    Wallace-Hadrill, J.M., ‘The Work of Gregory of Tours in the Light of Modern Research’, pp. 25-46

Gash, N., ‘Peel and the Party System’, pp. 47-70

Dickinson, Rev. J.C., ‘English Regular Canons and the Continent in the Twelfth Century’,

    pp. 71-90

Milne, Doreen J., ‘The Results of the Rye House Plot and their Influence upon the

    Revolution of 1688 (Alexander Prize Essay)’, pp. 91-108

    Kitson Clark, G.S.R., ‘The Electorate and the Repeal of the Corn laws’, pp. 109-126

Pares, R., ‘George III and the Politicians’, pp. 127-152

    Plucknett, T.F.T., ‘Presidential Address: The Impeachments of 1376’, pp. 153-164

Volume II (1952)

Fisher, D.J.V., ‘The Church in England between the Death of Bede and the Danish

    Invasions’, pp. 1-20

Rubinstein, N., ‘Florence and the Despots. Some Aspects of Florentine Diplomacy in the

    Fourteenth Century’, pp. 21-46

    Eyck, E., ‘The Generals and the Downfall of the German Monarchy, 1917-1918’, pp. 47-68

    Templeman, G., ‘Edward III and the Beginnings of the Hundred Years War’, pp. 69-88

    Davies, K.G., ‘The Origins of the Commission System in the West India Trade’, pp. 89-108

Miller, Edward, ‘The State and Landed Interests in Thirteenth Century France and

    England’, pp. 109-130

Ramsay, G.D., ‘The Smugglers’ Trade: A Neglected Aspect of English Commercial

    Development’, pp. 131-158

    Plucknett, T.F.T., ‘Presidential Address: State Trials under Richard II’, pp. 159-172

     Volume III (1953)

    Johnston, S.H.F., ‘The Scots Army in the Reign of Anne’, pp. 1-22

    Taylor, A.J., ‘Combination in the Mid-Nineteenth Century Coal Industry’, pp. 23-40

Lehmann, Paul, ‘Autobiographies of the Middle Ages’, pp. 41-52

    Moody, T.W., ‘Michael Davitt and the British Labour Movement, 1882-1906’, pp. 53-76

    Barrow, G.W.S., ‘Scottish Rulers and the Religious Orders, 1070-1153 (Alexander Prize Essay)’, pp. 77-100

    Finberg, H.P.R., ‘Sherborne, Glastonbury, and the Expansion of Wessex’, pp. 101-124

    Salter, F.R., ‘Political Nonconformity in the Eighteen-thirties’, pp. 125-144

    Plucknett, T.F.T., ‘Presidential Address: Impeachment and Attainder’, pp. 145-160

Volume IV (1954)

    Verlinden, Charles, ‘Frankish Colonization: a New Approach’, pp. 1-18

    Prestwich, J.O., ‘War and Finance in the Anglo-Norman State’, pp. 19-44

Minchinton, W.E., ‘Bristol – Metropolis of the West in the Eighteenth Century

    (Alexander Prize Essay)’, pp. 69-90

    Hay, Denys, ‘The Divisions of Spoils of War in Fourteenth-Century England’, pp. 91-110

Thomson, M.A., ‘Louis XIV and the Origins of the War of the Spanish Succession’, pp.


Hale Bellot, H., ‘Presidential Address: Thomas Jefferson in American Historiography’,

    pp. 135-156

Volume V (1955)

Pugh, R.B., ‘The King’s Prisons before 1250’, pp. 1-22

Davis, R.H.C., ‘East Anglia and the Danelaw’, pp. 23-40

Hanna, A.J., ‘The Role of the London Missionary Society in the Opening Up of East

    Central Africa’, pp. 41-60

    Frend, W.H.C., ‘North Africa and Europe in the Early Middle Ages’, pp. 61-80

Boyle, Rev. L.E., ‘The Oculus Sacerdotis and Some Other Works of William of Pagula

    (Alexander Prize Essay)’, pp. 81-110

    Whiteman, Anne, ‘The Re-establishment of the Church of England, 1660-1663’, pp. 111-132

MacDonagh, Oliver, ‘Emigration and the State, 1833-55: an Essay in Administrative

    History’, pp. 133-160

Hale Bellot, H., ‘Presidential Address: Council and Cabinet in the Mainland Colonies’,

    pp. 161-176

Volume VI (1956)

    Hoskins, W.G., ‘English provincial Towns in the Early Sixteenth Century’, pp. 1-20

Offler, H.S., ‘Empire and papacy: the Last Struggle’, pp. 21-48

Routledge, F.J., ‘Charles II and the Cardinal de Retz’, pp. 49-68

    Elton, G.R., ‘The Political Creed of Thomas Cromwell’, pp. 69-92

    Rudé, F.E., ‘The Gordon Riots: a Study of the Rioters and their Victims (Alexander Prize Essay)’, pp. 93-114

    Highfield, J.R.L., ‘The English Hierarchy in the Reign of Edward III’, pp. 115-138

    Hyde, F. E., ‘The Expansion of Liverpool’s Carrying Trade with the Far East and Australia, 1860-1914’, pp. 139-160

    Hale Bellot, H., ‘Presidential Address: The Leighs in South Carolina’, pp. 161-188

Volume VII (1957)

Dodwell, B., ‘The Foundation of Norwich Cathedral’, pp. 1-18

    Roberts, M., ‘The Political Objectives of Gustavus Adolphus in Germany, 1630-1632’, pp. 19-46

    Rich, E.E., ‘The First Earl of Shaftesbury’s Colonial Policy’, pp. 47-70

    Bolsover, G.H., ‘Ivan the Terrible in Russian Historiography’, pp. 71-90

    McFarlane, K.B., ‘The Investment of Sir John Fastolf’s Profits of War’, pp. 91-116

Stones, E.L.G., ‘The Folvilles of Ashby-Folville, Leicestershire and their Associates in

    Crime’, pp. 117-136

    Plumb, J.H., ‘The Organization of the Cabinet in the Reign of Queen Anne’, pp. 137-158

Hale Bellot, H., ‘Presidential Address: The Literature of the Last Half-Century on the

    Constitutional History of the United States’, pp. 159-182

Volume VIII (1958)

Otway-Ruthven, A.J., ‘The Constitutional Position of the Great Lordships of South

    Wales’, pp. 1-20

    Chaloner, W.H., ‘Dr. Joseph Priestley, John Wilkinson and the French Revolution, 1789-1802’, pp. 21-40

    Pelling, Henry, ‘The Early History of the Communist Party of Great Britain’, pp. 41-58

Aston, T.H., ‘The Origins of the Manor in England’, pp. 59-84

    Hunnisett, R.F., ‘The Origins of the Office of Coroner (Alexander Prize Essay)’, pp. 85-104

    Best, G.F.A., ‘The Protestant Constitution and its Supporters, 1800-1829’, pp. 105-128

    Davies, Alun, ‘The New Agriculture in Lower Normandy, 1750-1789’, pp. 129-146

Knowles, Rev. M.D., ‘Presidential Address: Great Historical Enterprises. I. The

    Bollandists’, pp. 147-166

Volume IX (1959)

    Fryde, E.B., ‘The English Farmers of the Customs, 1343-51’, pp. 1-18

    Horn, D.B., ‘Rank and Emolument in the British Diplomatic Service, 1689-1789’, pp. 19-50

Edwards, Kathleen, ‘The Social origins and Provenance of the English Bishops during

    the Reign of Edward II’, pp. 51-80

Wilson, Charles, ‘The Other face of Mercantilism’, pp. 81-102

Barnes, Thomas G., ‘County Politics and a Puritan Cause Célèbre: Somerset Churchales,

    1633 (Alexander Prize Essay)’, pp. 103-122

    Grierson, Philip, ‘Commerce in the Dark Ages: A Critique of the Evidence’, pp. 123-140

    Knowles, Rev. M.D., ‘Presidential Address: Great Historical Enterprises. II. The Maurists’, pp. 141-168

Volume X (1960)

Koenigsberger, H.G., ‘Decadence or Shift? Changes in the Civilization of Italy and

    Europe in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries’, pp. 1-18

Le Patourel, John, ‘The Treaty of Brétigny, 1360’, pp. 19-40

Youings, Joyce A., ‘The Council of the West’, pp. 41-60

    Leyser, K., ‘England and the Empire in the Early Twelfth Century’, pp. 61-84

    Harding, Alan, ‘The Origins and Early History of the Keeper of the Peace (Alexander Prize Essay)’, pp. 85-110

Gwynn, Rev. Aubrey, ‘Edward I and the Proposed Purchase of English Law for the Irish,

    c. 1276-80’, pp. 111-128

Knowles, rev. M.D., ‘Presidential Address: Great Historical Enterprises. III. The

    Monumenta Germaniae Historica’, pp. 129-150

Grenville, J.A.S., ‘Diplomacy and War Plans in the United States, 1890-1017’, pp. 1-23 Volume XI (1961)

    Lynch, J., ‘Philip II and the Papacy’, pp. 24-42

    Renouard, Yves, ‘Les Cahorsins, homes d’affaires Français du XIIIe siècle’, pp. 43-68

Hinsley, F.H., ‘The Development of the European States System since the Eighteenth

    Century’, pp. 69-80

Williams, Gwyn A., ‘London and Edward I’, pp. 81-100

    Ehrman, John, ‘Lloyd George and Churchill as War Ministers’, pp. 101-116

    Holdsworth, C.J., ‘John of Ford and English Cistercian Writing, 1167-1214’, pp. 117-136

Knowles, Rev. M.D., ‘Presidential Address: Great Historical Enterprises. IV. The Rolls

    Series’, pp. 137-160

Volume XII (1962)

Jacob, E.F., ‘Archbishop John Stafford’, pp. 1-24

    Stone, E., ‘Profit-and-loss Accountancy at Norwich Cathedral Priory’, pp. 25-48

    Reddaway, T.F., ‘The London Goldsmiths circa 1500’, pp. 49-62

    Stoye, J.W., ‘Emperor Charles VI: The Early Years of the Reign’, pp. 63-84

    Keen, M.H., ‘Treason Trials under the Law of Arms (Alexander Prize Essay)’, pp. 85-104

    Scammell, G.V., ‘Shipowning in England circa 1450-1550’, pp. 105-122

Ryan, A.N., ‘Trade with the Enemy in the Scandinavian and Baltic Ports during the

    Napoleonic War: for and against’, pp. 123-140

    Edwards, Sir Goronwy, ‘Presidential Address: The Historical Study of the Welsh Lawbooks’, pp. 141-156

Mason, J.F.A., ‘Roger de Montgomery and his Sons (1067-1102)’, pp. 1-28 Volume XIII (1963)

    Cumpston, I.M., ‘The Discussion of Imperial Problems in the British parliament, 1880-

    85’, pp. 29-48

Dickens, A.G., ‘The Writers of Tudor Yorkshire’, pp. 49-76

    Hill, J.E.C., ‘Puritans and the ‘Dark Corners of the Land’’, pp. 77-102

    Monger, G.W., ‘The End of Isolation: Britain, Germany and Japan, 1900-1902 (Alexander Prize Essay)’, pp. 103-122

    Martin, G.H., ‘The English Borough in the Thirteenth Century’, pp. 123-144

    Mattingly, Garrett, ‘No Peace beyond what Line?’, pp. 145-162

Edwards, Sir Goronwy, ‘Presidential Address: The Royal Household and the Welsh

    Lawbooks’, pp. 163-176

Volume XIV (1964)

McKendrick, Neil, ‘Josiah Wedgwood and Thomas Bentley: an Inventor-Entrepreneur

    Partnership in the Industrial Revolution’, pp. 1-34

    Kirby, J.L., ‘Councils and Councillors of Henry IV, 1399-1413’, pp. 35-66

    Holt, J.C., ‘The St Albans Chroniclers and Magna Carta’, pp. 67-88

    Litt, W. Ullmann, ‘Reflections on the Medieval Empire’, pp. 89-108

    Moore, J.S., ‘The Domesday Teamland: a Reconsideration (Alexander Prize Essay)’, pp. 109-130

Mather, F.C., ‘The Duke of Bridgwater’s Trustees and the Coming of the Railways’, pp.


Porter, H.C., ‘The Nose of Wax: Scripture and the Spirit from Erasmus to Milton’, pp.


Edwards, Sir Goronwy, ‘Presidential Address: The Emergence of Majority Rule in

    English Parliamentary Elections’, pp. 175-196

Volume XV (1965)

Lewis, P.S., ‘War Propaganda and Historiography in Fifteenth-Century France and

    England’, pp. 1-22

    Thompson, F.M.L., ‘Land and Politics in England in the Nineteenth Century’, pp. 23-44

    Aylmer, G.E., ‘Place Bills and the Separation of Powers: Some Seventeenth-Century Origins of ‘Non-Political’ Civil Service’, pp. 45-70

    Jones, P.J., ‘Communes and Despots: The City State in Late-Medieval Italy’, pp. 71-96

    Kelly, Michael, ‘The Submission of the Clergy (The Alexander Prize)’, pp. 97-120

    Bell, K., ‘British Policy towards the Construction of the Suez Canal’, pp. 121-144

    Sawyer, P.H., ‘The Wealth of England in the Eleventh Century’, pp. 145-164

Edwards, Sir Goronwy, ‘Presidential Address: The Emergence of Majority Rule in the

    Procedure of the House of Commons’, pp. 165-188

Volume XVI (1966)

    Duggan, Charles, ‘Richard of Ilchester, Royal Servant and Bishop’, pp. 1-22

    Harvey, Barbara F., ‘The Population Trend in England between 1300 and 1348’, pp. 23-42

Prest, J.M., ‘Gladstone and Russell’, pp. 43-64

Donaldson, G., ‘Scotland’s Conservative North in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth

    Centuries’, pp. 65-80

    Palmer, J.J.N., ‘The Anglo-French Peace Negotiations, 1390-1396 (The Alexander Prize)’, pp. 81-94

Burns, J.H., ‘Bentham and the French Revolution’, pp. 95-114

    Webster, Bruce, ‘David II and the Government of Fourteenth-Century Scotland’, pp. 115-130

Humphreys, R.A., ‘Presidential Address: Anglo-American Rivalries and Spanish

    American Emancipation’, pp. 131-156

Volume XVII (1967)

Cullen, L.M., ‘Problems in the Interpretation and revision of Eighteenth-Century Irish

    Economic History’, pp. 1-22

    Brooke, C.N.L., ‘St. Dominic and his first biographer’, pp. 23-40

Elliott, J.H., ‘The Mental World of Hernán Cortés’, pp. 41-58

Clanchy, M.T., ‘The Franchise of Return of Writs’, pp. 59-82

    Hurstfield, Joel, ‘Was there a Tudor Despotism after all?’, pp. 83-108

Allen Brown, R., ‘The Norman Conquest’, pp. 109-130

Humphreys, R.A., ‘Presidential Address: Anglo-American Rivalries and the Venezuela

    Crisis of 1895’, pp. 131-164

Volume XVIII (1968)

    Cromwell, Valerie, ‘The Losing of the Initiative by the House of Commons, 1780-1914’, pp. 1-24

    Cowdrey, Rev. H.E.J., ‘The Papacy, The Patarenes and the Church of Milan’, pp. 25-48

    Lewis, Bernard, ‘The Mongols, the Turks and the Muslim Polity’, pp. 49-68

    Pearl Valerie, ‘The ‘Royal Independents’ in the English Civil War’, pp. 69-96

    Lovatt, Roger, ‘The Imitation of Christ in late Medieval England (The Alexander Prize)’, pp. 97-122

    Perkin, H.J., ‘The Social Causes of the British Industrial Revolution’, pp. 123-144

    Ives, E.W., ‘The Common Lawyers in Pre-reformation England’, pp. 145-173

Humphreys, R.A., ‘Presidential Address: Anglo-American Rivalries in Central America’,

    pp. 174-208

Volume XIX (1969)

Smail, R.C., ‘Latin Syria and the West, 1149-1187’, pp. 1-20

    Hanham, H.J., ‘The Problem of Highland Discontent, 1880-1885’, pp. 21-66

    Boxer, C.R., ‘Some Second Thoughts on the Third Anglo-Dutch War, 1672-1674’, pp. 67-94

    Brown, A.L., ‘The King’s Councillors in Fifteenth-Century England’, pp. 95-118

    Vale, M.G.A., ‘The Last Years of English Gascony, 1451-1453 (The Alexander Prize)’, pp. 119-138

    Knowles, Rev. M.D., ‘Some Trends in Scholarship, 1868-1968, in the field of medieval History’, pp. 139-158

Butterfield, Sir Herbert, ‘Some Trends in Scholarship, 1868-1968, in the field of Modern

    History’, pp. 159-184

     Volume XX (1970)

    McCord, N., ‘The Government of Tyneside, 1800-50’, pp. 5-30

    Hendy, M.F., ‘Byzantium, 1081-1204: An Economic Reappraisal’, pp. 31-52

    Beckett, J.C., ‘The Irish Viceroyalty in the Restoration Period’, pp. 53-72

    Cooper, J.P., ‘Economic Regulation and the Cloth Industry in seventeenth-century England’, pp. 73-100

    Crawley, C.W., ‘The Prothero Lecture: Sir George Prothero and his circle’, pp. 101-128

    Harriss, G.L., ‘Cardinal Beaufort Patriot or Usurer?’, pp. 129-148

Williams, Glyndawr, ‘The Hudson’s Bay Company and its critics in the eighteenth

    century’, pp. 149-172

Southern, R.W., ‘Presidential Address: Aspects of the European Classical Tradition of

    Historical Writing. I. The Classical Tradition from Einhard to Geoffrey of Monmouth’,

    pp. 173-196

Volume XXI (1971)

    Watt, D.E.R., ‘The Minority of Alexander III of Scotland’, pp. 1-24

Steinberg, J., ‘The Novelle of 1908: Necessities and Choices in the Anglo-German Naval

    Arms race’, pp. 25-44

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