Strengthen the production and management of electrical safety_4965

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Strengthen the production and management of electrical safety_4965

Strengthen the production and management of electrical safety

     Abstract safe management of the relationship between power enterprises of the country's energy security, reliable, sustainable economic development and people's daily life and other issues. Article on the power production safety analysis of some problems and put forward countermeasures and suggestions.

     Keywords power enterprises; safety management; problems;


     At present, China's economy and society is in an excellent high-speed

    development period for electricity demand is very urgent; At the same time, China's power industry structure is in a critical period of reform, electric power production safety is very important. It is to reform an important condition for the smooth conduct, but also is an important indicator of the effectiveness of reform. No matter how the electricity

    system, the reform of electricity production within the inherent characteristics and the objective laws do not change, the responsibility of leaders at all levels of security will not be weakened. Critical period of reform in the power measure of a leading cadre of the political

    sensitivity, and ideological consciousness Gaobu Gao, the key is to look at pairs of "safety responsibility is extremely heavy," the measures to implement a deep and not deep, fine is not fine, Yan lax , efforts are not so big. In this paper, electric power production safety analysis of some problems and put forward countermeasures and suggestions.

     1, production safety, some of the problems common

     (A) the security functions may not be implemented

     Currently, the majority of electricity production companies have

    developed a series of safe production system, but also defined the duties of safety, but there are a number of units of safe production responsibility may not be implemented, only remain in the meeting of the

    speech, only a general principle, of mobilization and requirements level. Busy with affairs of the leadership in charge of the production work, there is no in-depth investigations and studies, little analysis of this unit of work safety are the major problems, or there is no corresponding

    corrective measures; inform the content of a number of incidents is unknown, vague language, there is no incident, the direct cause and deep-

    seated causes and responsibility for the accident, such as the lessons learned need to introduce clear; there are also some units will be superior to forward notification of incidents of a turning neither careful analysis, nor propose and implement preventive measures. Production of electrical safety professionals do not really know what, there is no

    proficiency in the necessary order system, can not properly guide the work of grass-roots teams and groups.

     (B) the habitual violation

     Habitual violation is the designated safe production work often taken for granted illegal acts took place. It includes the illegal operation, illegal command and violation of labor discipline. Some of temporary work, especially prone repair work without a ticket distribution operations. If a distribution repair personnel, in the absence of complete repair as is

    the case began to carry out repair work, resulting in an accident with personal electrocuted. Some require electricity for operation, in the absence of power outages, examine the electrical, hanging under ground, and started working. For example, some human deaths, that is, transformer secondary Knife poor contact in dealing with failure, not change Taiwan power outages, electrical inspection, no hanging ground, serious violations of safety rules and lead to the.

     (C) Security and chaotic management in industrial equipment

     Some workers use the safety equipment the quality of worrying. In particular, some grass-roots level of rural electricity supply business office by the ascend or operating equipment and safety equipment such as

    mini-lifting equipment, the quality of pass rate is not high. Meanwhile, regular testing of security apparatus poor awareness, and disposal management of a mere formality. Many workers have clearly damaged equipment still in extended use, the elimination has not been eliminated.

     (D) management is not in place

     Some power companies attach importance to large-scale operations

    management, daily management of contempt. Incidents in recent years, mostly doing small-scale, decentralized operation that occurs when. Rise

    to the issue of the main reasons is that some leaders are still engaged in the movement used to depend on the form of concentrating on economic development, grasp business management, do not focus on research as well as objective laws, pay no attention to the management through the rules and regulations do not focus on ex ante control through the grasp to prevent the accident. At the same time, equipment maintenance records, test reports, equipment records are not timely, inaccurate, not

    standardized, custody are not serious.

     Second, to enhance electrical safety production management countermeasures and suggestions

     (A) firmly establish the "safety first, prevention first" mentality, foster a people-centered thinking, strengthen security awareness

     Leaders at all levels should establish "management is the responsibility, responsibility is extremely heavy," the idea, we should set an example to comply with good "safety rules" and the various rules and regulations, to further improve and perfect the security network at all levels. In their daily work and life, to understand the mentality of every employee and the Xi Nu bad music, and strict demands that they also care for their enthusiasm. This is because the electricity production line

    workers in their daily work is monotonous, repetitive, boring, to respond to incidents involving electricity occur at any time, psychological, is under considerable pressure. In addition, we would also like for all the security personnel intensive ideological education work, and strive to improve all workers to protect themselves, mutual insurance awareness.

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     (B) adhere to the theory, systems, mechanisms, technological innovation, is to boost the level of the overall management of an important measure to

     Production safety management must also development of the situation with the times, blaze new trails in order to adapt to the market economy development and requirements. First of all should adhere to theoretical innovation, foster market-oriented operation compatible with the modern management concepts. Second, we must uphold the system innovation, system innovation is the innovator can gain the greatest benefits of changes in

    the forms of organization, operation and management aspects of the results of a new invention. Moreover, they should adhere to mechanism innovation, the key is to continue to deepen the internal reform of enterprises, it is necessary to carry out multi-level employee ethics training, vocational

    skills training and management knowledge training, and continuously improve the overall quality of staff to meet the power system reform and development. Finally, adhere to scientific and technological innovation,

    further improve the scientific and technological innovation system, we must attach great importance to enterprise information construction, security management, computer information network into full play the advantages of using advanced computer monitoring system with the network

    structure can significantly reduce the occurrence of electrical safety incidents rate.

     (C) to strengthen on-site management, and strict implementation of rules and regulations

     On-site management is the key to the implementation of safety

    management system must be strict requirements, develop good habits. What is worth mentioning that the team management is the safe operation of the base, we must attach great importance to grasp fine and realistically. In a number of electrical safety incidents, often because of field staff is not strong sense of responsibility, negligence, causing the accident. Some staff members, or just for the sake save trouble, take chances, or self-

    righteousness, blind self-confidence, not only for themselves and their

    families have brought misfortune and disasters, but also to the country and the people's property brought huge losses, has brought to society instability. It is therefore recommended for multiple and repetitive summary of serious incidents and improve ways to improve, and the formation of regulations and systems, governance weaknesses. For example, can be developed in the enterprise operability of the "craft, process responsibility for security book", "On-Site Operations Security Handbook",

    (page 20 of the next turn) (on the next page 16) "technology, process management card" and so on Standardization management system. These standardized management system, should be as concise as possible detailed and feasible, so that every employee can understand the work undertaken by the safety measures to be taken. In addition, notification should be doing the compilation of the accident, accident notification compilation of lessons in blood, the accumulation of experience and lessons learned must

    be organized its staff to seriously study lesson should be learned in order to prevent duplication of the accident. Another example can be implemented in the enterprise where the responsibility of safe production back system, the responsibility of an accident occurring and attempted

    incidents must press the "three left off" the principle dealt with seriously, so that responsibility for the accident and their associated personnel have been due education and learn from.

     (D) to strengthen the security apparatus of the quality management work

     First, demanding the scrapping system, tools and instruments. Expired, has been damaged and regular trial, check to be unqualified, tools and instruments should be made compulsory retirement and damage to

    not be used. To prohibit any form of industrial equipment has been scrapped resale (rental) to other businesses or personal use. Second, we must strictly outsourcing the construction team qualification review

system. Contracting units and supervision units should carefully exercise

    safety oversight functions. Third, we should formulate and implement a safe system of work standardization of equipment maintenance management. The work on the use of equipment, required materials, maintenance test records, inspection records should be made specific and detailed provisions, so that there are well documented, the responsibility to implement.

     (E) strengthening the safety evaluation

     To carry out safety evaluation is to achieve safe production management of innovation and production management and international security, an important manifestation of advanced level of integration. The past, security management tool in the foreseeable accident level and the ability to control the incident ahead of unsatisfactory. Safety evaluation

    is to apply modern management methods and means of implementing the "safety first, prevention first" approach to promote safe production full, all-round, the whole process of closed-loop management approach. It is the

    integrated use of systems engineering in this modern scientific methods for daily production work to measure and predict the safety, confirm the possibility of accidents and their severity, propose appropriate corrective and control measures, to prevent, control risks and accidents.

    To carry out safety evaluation of the safety of existing diagnosis, be aware of, but also to improve the overall level of safety management effective way.

     Safety evaluation work is carried out for all cadres and workers to carry out a comprehensive, in-depth security ideological education and a

    wide range of business training. All employees involved in this work the process, through in-depth study of the safety regulations and rules and regulations, can improve safety awareness, familiarity and mastery of

    state and the power industry-related laws, regulations, standards,

    procedures, regulations, rules and regulations. In particular, through training in security operations to further enhance the safety of all employees the ability to prevent accidents, accidents processing


     In short, only by constantly increasing the safety supervision and strictly enforce the provisions of safety in production incentives, strict accountability system of major accidents and strive to improve power

    production level of scientific management in order to ensure safety in production fulfill all requirements.


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