Module 1 Europe

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Module 1 Europe

     Module 1 Europe

    第一节 重点词汇和短语

    1.face; be faced with; in face of

     face to face ;make a face/faces;

    1). Many Chinese university provided scholarships for students ______financial aid. favor of honor of face of need of

    2.Nothing is too difficult if you_____the difficulties with confidence. A.face B. face with C.face out D.face to

    2.situate; be situated / be located /lie in/on/at; stand

     situation; be in/out of a situation

     be badly/well situated

    1).Having six children and no income, the widow was badly _____. A.situating B.situated C. locating D.located

    2).She is in a poor _____of health,which worries her parents a lot. A.position B.situation C. state D.condition

    3).The rescuers finally _____where the trapped miners were at Wangjialing Coal Mine.

    A.situate B.locate C.lie D.stand

    4). The beautiful city Qingdao, ______on the east coast of China, attracts a lot of tourists every year.

    A.situated B.spotting C.locating D.lain

    3.symbol sign sight signal mark

    1).Teamwork is a key _____ of the training programme, so we should choose the best men.

    A.symbol B.point C.feature D.sign

    2).The first place to visit for foreign friends is the Great Wall, which is the _____ China and one of the seven wonders in the world.

    A.symbol B.sign C.signal D.mark on work out work at work as work for

    5.thanks to owing to due to on account of because of

    1).By offering free access to a wide range of public facilities, our school now is a quite satisfying place for study,_______its poor accommodation. A.apart from well as addition to D.because of

    2).________the Party's correct leadership, our country has taken on a new look. A.Thanks for B.Owe to C. Thanks to D.Thank to

    6.agree agree with agree to agree on agreement make an agreement with carry out an agreement be in agreement/disagreement with 1). Chongqing doesn't_____me.It is so hot that I can't _____it indeed. A.agree on; come up with B.agree with; put up with C.agree to; end up with D.agree; take on

    2).-A microwave oven must be convenient to a busy couple like us.

     -_______,dear. But when do you plan to get it?

    A. I just can't agree more B.A pleasure C.Good heavens D.No wonder

    1 戴氏劝学; Whatever is worth doing is worth doing well.

    3).He said that doing part-time jobs did no good to students, but few _____his view. A.agreed B.permitted C.shared D.nodded

    4).I don't agree_____your plan, but I won't argue ______you about it today.;with B.with; with; about D.with; about terms of in charge of in favor of in face of in honor of 1).______achievement , last week's ministerial meeting of the WTO here earned a low, though not failing, grade.

    A.In terms of B.In case of C.As a result of D.In face of

    th2).Christmas is a holiday usually celebrated on December 25______the birth of

    Jesus Christ. charge of terms of favor of honor of compare A to B; compare A with B compared with/to 1).When ______different cultures, we often pay attention only to the differences without noticing the many similarities.

    A.compared B.being compared C.comparing D.having compared 2).I compare my answers_____the teacher's and I found I had made a mistake. A.with C.against D.into

    9.increase decrease

    1).One of the consequences of our planet's being warming up is a(n)_____in the number of natural disasters.

    A.result B.account C.reason D.increase

    2).Since then the number of people taking driving lessons_____20%. A.has increased to B.increased by C.has increased by D.have increased by 10.little and little step by step year by year month by month side by side arm in arm hand in hand shoulder to shoulder face to face one by one by and by

    1).She's already got her air ticket and will go to Canada______. A.little by little B.bit by bit and by D.step by step 2).-Doctor, what do you think about the operation on my mom? -Couldn't be better. I'm sure she'll recover______. by one B.side by side and by the way


    1)._____the population of Europe in 2009?

    A.What was B.What were C.How many are D.How much is

    2).- ______is the _____ of China?

    -It's more than one billion three hundred million.

    A.How many;population B.How much; population C.What; population D.What; popularity

    3). Ten years ago the population of our village was _____ that of theirs. twice large as B.twice as large as C.twice as much as twice much as 12. be famous for; be known as

    13. all the time

    14. last

    15. feature

    2 戴氏劝学; Whatever is worth doing is worth doing well.

16. next to

    17. refer to

    18. civilization

    19. more than



    1).______of the land in that district ______covered with trees and grass. A.Two-fifth; is B.Two fifth; are C.Two-fifths; is D.Two fifths; are 2).-How are the team playing?

     -They're playing well, but one of them ______hurt. B.gets C.are D.were

    3).As a result of destroying the forest, a large ______of desert______covered the land.

    A.number; has B.quantity; has C.number; have D.quantity; have 4).I told him what I was surprised _____his attitude toward his study. B.was is was

    5). He will stop showing off, if no notice ______of him. taken B.will be taken C.taken D.has taken

    6).A library with five thousand books _____ to the nation as a gift. offered B.has offered C.are offered D.have offered 7).The company had about 20 computers but only one-third _____used regularly. Now we have 60 computers working all day long. B.are C.was D.were

    8).Buses were not able to go normally on the roads because of the heavy snow and more than one student_____late for school that morning.

    A.have been B.has been C.were D.was

    9).-Lydia, what did our headmaster say just now?

     -Every boy and every girl as well as the teachers who_____to lead the group _____asked to be at the school gate before 6:30 in the morning.; is B.are; are C.are; is; are

    10). The dictionary as well as the grammar books that_____bookmarks in them_____Jane.

    A.has; belong to B.have; belong to

    C.have; is belonged to D.has;are belonged to 2.倍数表达法;

    1) .After the new equipment was introduced, they produced ______machines this year as the year before. twice many many twice C.twice as many D.twice many as 3......until.......

    ...not ...until...句型

    3 戴氏劝学; Whatever is worth doing is worth doing well.

    1).It was not until the boat was out of sight____their hands. A.that they stopped waving B.did they stop waving B.C.they don't stop waving D.had they stopped waving 2).His aunt finally arrived at about midnight, ______which Tom waited from 5 pm at

    the railway station, cold and hungry. B.on C.before D.until

    3).Not until they left school ______how much their teachers loved them and helped


    A.they realized B.did they realize C.they would realize D.had they realized

    4).It was not until midnight_______they reached the camp site. A.that B.when C.while

    5)."You can't have this football back_____you promise not to kick it at my windows

    again,"the old man said firmly.

    A.because B.since C.when D.until




    When I first entered university, my aunt, who is an English professor, gave me a

    new English dictionary. I was 36 to see that it was an English-English dictionary, also known as a monolingual dictionary. 37 it was a dictionary

    intended for non-native learners, none of my classmates had one. 38 , to be

    honest, I found it extremely 39 to use at first. I would look up words in the dictionary and 40

    not fully understand the meanings. I was used to the 41 bilingual dictionaries,

    in which the words are 42 both in English and Chinese. I really wondered why my aunt 43 to make things so difficult for me. Now, after studying English at university for three years, I 44 that monolingual dictionaries are 45 in learning a foreign language.

    As I found out, there is, 46 , often no perfect equivalence(对应)between

    two 47 in two languages. My aunt even goes so far as to 48 that a

    Chinese “equivalent” can never give you the 49 meaning of a word in

    English! 50 , she insisted that I read the definition(定义)of a word in a

    monolingual dictionary 51 I wanted to get a better understanding of its meaning. 52 , I have come to see what she meant.

    Using a monolingual dictionary for learners has helped me in another important

    way. This dictionary uses only a(n) 53 number of words, around 2,000, in its definitions. When I read these definitions, I am 54 exposed to(接触)the basic

    words and learn how they are used to explain objects and ideas. 55 this, I can

    express myself more easily in English.

    36. A. worried B. sad C. surprised D. nervous

    37. A. Because B. Although C. Unless D. If

    38. A. But B. So C. Or D. Then

    39. A. difficult B. interesting C. helpful D. practical 40. A. thus B. even C. still D. again

    41. A. new B. familiar C. earlier D. ordinary

    42. A. explained B. expressed C. described D. created 43. A. offered B. agreed C. decided D. happened

    4 戴氏劝学; Whatever is worth doing is worth doing well.

44. A. imagine B. recommend C. predict D. understand

    45. A. natural B. better C. easier D. convenient

    46. A. at least B. in fact C. at times D. in case

    47. A. words B. names C. ideas D. characters

    48. A. hope B. declare C. doubt D. tell

    49. A. exact B. basic C. translated D. expected

    50. A. Rather B. However C. Therefore D. Instead

    51. A. when B. before C. until D. while

    52. A. Largely B. Generally C. Gradually D. Probably

    53. A. extra B. average C. total D. limited

    54. A. repeatedly B. nearly C. immediately D. anxiously

    55. A. According to B. In relation to C. In addition to D. Because of

第三部分, 阅读理解


    In 1955, a man named Raymond Kroc entered a partnership with two brothers named McDonald. They opened a popular restaurant in California which sold food that was easy to prepare and serve quickly. Hamburgers, French fries, and cold drinks were the main food there. Kroc opened similar eating places under the same name, “McDonald’s”, and they were an instant success. He later took over the company, and today it is one of the most famous and successful “fast-food” in America and round

    the world.

    Why was his idea successful? Probably the most important reason was that his timing was right. In the 1950s, most married women stayed home to keep house and take care of their children. In the 1960s, many women returned to the workplace. This meant that they had less time or energy to prepare meals, so they spent more on “ TV dinners ” and fast-food restaurants. Single parents also have little time to spend in the kitchen. People living alone also depend on this type of food, since cooking for one is often more trouble than it is worth.

     Fast-food is not part of the diet of all Americans. Another trend of the 1960s, sometimes called the back-to-nature movement influenced many people to avoid food that was packaged or processed(处理). This preference for natural food continued to

    this day.

    From the success of Raymond Kroc’s fast-food business, we can say that social

    economic trends influence where and what we eat.

    56. The underlined sentence “Cooking for one is often more trouble than it is worth”

    means that ______.

    A. cooking for some people is worth more money

    B. it is not worthwhile to take too much time to cook for one person C. there are more problems when one person cooks

    D. divorce (离婚) causes people to change their eating habits

    57. An idea implied but not directly stated in the reading is that ________. A. many married women began to work in the 1960s

    B. natural foods are still popular today

    C. fast food is not part of the diet of all Americans

    D. divorce causes people to change their eating habits

    58. McDonald’s success lies in the following causes BUT_________.

    A. people living alone tend to depend on fast food

    B. single parents have little time to spend in the kitchen

    5 戴氏劝学; Whatever is worth doing is worth doing well.

    C. many women returned to the workplace in the 1960s D. Kroc chose the “Mc Donald” brothers as his partners

    59. The main idea of the reading is that ________.

    A. Raymond Kroc is the most successful fast-food business owner in the world

    B. social and economic changes affect eating habits C. fast-food is easy to prepare and serve quickly D. Americans eat either fast food or natural food

    6 戴氏劝学; Whatever is worth doing is worth doing well.

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