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    1 Make the following Section a part of the Standard Specifications: 2



    5 151.01 Description. This work consists of obtaining and performing tests 6 for Contractor quality control testing, performing tests for Contractor process 7 control, providing inspection, and exercising management control to ensure that 8 work conforms to the contract requirements.


    10 151.02 Contractor Quality Control Plan. The Contractor is responsible

    11 for all process control sampling and testing. A written Control Quality Plan 12 shall be submitted to the Engineer at the pre-construction conference. The 13 plan should include sampling and testing frequencies and the use of control 14 charts to monitor production. Do not begin the work until the Quality Control 15 Plan covering that work is approved by the Engineer. With prior approval, 16 submission of a Quality Control Plan for items of work not immediately 17 scheduled to begin may be deferred.


    19 Submit the following with the Quality Control Plan:


    21 (A) Process Control Testing. List the material to be tested, tests 22 to be conducted, the location of sampling, and the frequency of testing. 23

    24 (B) Inspection/Control Procedures. Address each of the

    25 following subjects in each phase of construction:


    27 (1) Preparatory Phase.


    29 (a) Review all contract requirements.


    31 (b) Ensure compliance of component material to the 32 contract requirements.


    34 (c) Coordinate all submittals including certifications. 35

    36 (d) Ensure capability of equipment and personnel to 37 comply with the contract requirements.


    39 (e) Ensure preliminary testing is accomplished.


    41 (f) Coordinate surveying and staking of the work.





     (Project No.)

     151-1a 10/19/98

46 (2) Start-Up Phase.


    48 (a) Review the contract requirements with personnel who 49 will perform the work.


    51 (b) Inspect start-up of work.


    53 (c) Establish standards of workmanship.


    55 (d) Provide on-the-job training.


    57 (e) Establish detailed testing scheduled based on the 58 production schedule.


    60 (3) Production Phase.


    62 (a) Conduct intermittent or continuous inspection during 63 construction to identify and correct deficiencies. 64

    65 (b) Inspect completed phases before scheduled Engineer 66 acceptance.


    68 (c) Provide feedback and system changes to prevent

    repeated deficiencies. 69


    71 (C) Description of Records. List the records to be maintained. 72

    73 (D) Personnel Qualifications. The Contractor shall provide

    74 sufficient numbers of qualified personnel to perform all required sampling 75 and testing as required by the contract provisions. The Contractor 76 shall furnish to the Engineer the name, authority, relevant experience, 77 and qualifications of the person with overall responsibility for the 78 Contractor inspection system.


    80 (E) Subcontractors. Include the work of all Subcontractors. 81 If a Subcontractor is to perform work under this Section, detail how that 82 Subcontractor will interface with the Contractor’s and/or other 83 Subcontractor’s organization.


    85 Modifications or additions may be required to any part of the plan 86 that is not adequately covered. Supplement the plan as work 87 progresses and whenever quality control or quality control personnel 88 changes are made. Approval of the Quality Control Plan will be based on 89 the inclusion of the required information. Approval does not imply 90 any warranty by the Engineer that the plan will result in consistent

     (Project No.)

     151-2a 10/19/98

    91 contract compliance. It remains the responsibility of the Contractor to 92 demonstrate such compliance.


    94 151.03 Control Chart and Record Keeping. The Contractor shall

    95 maintain control charts for all items requiring Contractor acceptance testing. 96 The control chart shall identify the following:


    98 Project number;

    99 Contract item number;

    100 Test parameter(s);

    101 Upper and/or lower specification limit for each test parameter; 102 Test results.


    104 Control chart format shall be approved by the Engineer. The 105 Contractor shall keep the charts current and post them in a location satisfactory 106 to the Engineer. The Contractor shall use the control charts as part of a 107 process control plan for identifying production and equipment problems and for 108 identifying pay factor reductions before they occur.


    110 The Contractor is responsible to maintain complete testing and inspection 111 records and make them available to the Engineer. For each day of work, 112 the Contractor shall prepare an ‘Inspector’s Daily Record of Construction

    113 Operations’ (Form FHWA 1413) or an approved alternate form. The form 114 shall include the following certification signed by the person with overall 115 responsibility for the Contractor inspection system:


    117 ‘It is hereby certified that the information contained in this record is

    118 accurate, and that all work documented herein complies with the 119 requirements of the contract. Any exceptions to this certification are 120 documented as a part of this record.’


    122 Submit the record and certification to the Engineer within one working day 123 of the work being performed. If the record is incomplete, in error, or 124 otherwise misleading, a copy of the record will be returned to the Contractor with 125 corrections noted. When chronic or missions occur, the Contractor is 126 responsible to correct the procedures by which the records are produced. 127

    128 151.04 Acceptance. The Contractor’s quality control will be accepted 129 under Subsection 106.16 - Contractor Inspection System. If the Engineer’s 130 acceptance testing and inspections indicate that the Contractor’s quality control 131 system to correct these deficiencies, and furnish notification in writing to the 132 Engineer of improvements and modification to the system.




     (Project No.)

     151-3a 10/19/98

136 151.05 Method of Measurement. The Engineer will not measure for the

    137 Contractor quality control for payment.


    139 151.06 Basis of Payment. The Engineer will not pay for the Contractor 140 quality control separately. The Engineer will consider the cost for the 141 Contractor quality control as included in the contract price of the various contract 142 items.


    144 The cost is for obtaining samples; performing Contractor quality control 145 testing; performing tests for Contractor quality control testing; performing tests

    for Contractor process control; providing inspection; exercising management 146

    147 control; submitting a written Control Quality Plan, maintaining control charts; 148 submitting the records and certifications; and furnishing labor, materials, tools, 149 equipment, and incidentals necessary to complete the work.










     (Project No.)

     151-4a 10/19/98

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