Fight &Love

By Bernice Bryant,2014-11-01 22:57
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Fight &Love


    I hit you in your face with my fist Like a gentle wind blowing

    You smile , There comes the words then welcom home!

    I just couldnt help crying out

All the time I keep in mind

    Exuding tenderness and love through eyes You hit me my thought that way You showed me your fist and told This ,the fist, is not to competitors eyes.

    It is about courage ,never step back. Do you know that

    Fight is another way of expressing ones feelings !

    I believe it is true now

    That‟s why I am here

Fight but love as we are

    I am home ! As you expected before

    With your love

    Days and nights without you by my side You looked in the air ,appeared in my dreams Then I know to be strong

    But really we missed each other the first time Both of us lossed something as a result: You failed in the coming career

    And I ,the world champian

    However,it is OK for me

    Nothing in the world can be as your importance In my whole life

In the very moment

    Your tears is in my eyes

    Our laughers spread a long long journey Then I know

    The happy ending comes

    We will live forever forever young

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