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    <bean:resource id="page1" name="/page1.jsp"/>

    <bean:write name="page1"/>

    <bean:resource id="page1" name="/page1.jsp" input="true"/>


     byte[] buf = new byte[page1.available()];;

     String s = new String(buf);



    Retrieve the value of the specified web application resource, and make it available as either a InputStream

    or a String, depending on the value of the input


    If a problem occurs while retrieving the specified resource, a request time exception will be thrown.

    Attribute Description Name

    Specifies the name of the scripting variable (and

    associated page scope attribute) that will be made

    available with the value of the specified web id application resource.


    If any arbitrary value for this attribute is

    specified, the resource will be made available as

    an InputStream. If this attribute is not specified, input the resource will be made available as a String.

    (RT EXPR)

    Application-relative name (starting with a '/') of

    the web application resource to be loaded and made

    name available.


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