Unit 1 Past and present

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Unit 1 Past and present

    Unit 1 Past and present

    1. 选词填空

    --- Where you born,Li Ming?

     ---In Guiyang.(are,were,was)

    2.---When did you study in France?


    A.Two years ago B.For two years C.In two years 3.---Have you mended your shoes,Bob?

     ---Yes ,I them twenty minutes ago.

     A.have mended B.mend C.had mended D.mended 4.Just here and dont go around,or your parents cant find you. stay B.stayed C.stay D.staying 5.justjust now填空

     ?.I saw her in the classroom .

     ?.Ive finished my homework.

    6.---Where are the ?

     ---They are playing football on the playground.

     A.boys students;the B.boy students;the C.boy student;/ D.boy students;/


     I dont want to play with you any more.

     I want to play with you.


     I dont live in Shanghai .

    9.---Its raining!When did it start?

     ---I dont know exactly.In fact,it all this afternoon.

     A.lasts B.has lasted C.lasted D.will last 10.翻译:学生们每天睡八个小时是很有必要的。

     It is necessary for students to eight hour.


     The man lives in the city twenty years.


    I have known him for two years ago.

    13.My grandma didt do to sleep I got back home.

     A.where B.till soon as D.while 14.同义句改写

     She realized Hainan was a beauliful place after she reached there.

     She realize Hainan was a beautiful place she reached there.

    15.Jane is going to john.

     A.married B.marry to C.marry D.marry with


     Is she (marry)?


     My uncle be a diver,but now he is an engineer. 18.My cousin has changed a lot.she short,but now she is tall. used to being B.used to being C.used to be 19.The house is very old. it is comfortable to live in.

     A.However B.But C.Unil D.While 20.---I feel really before the interview.

     ---Take it easy. Sure you are the best.

     A.paient B.serious C.nevrous 21.The old woman lives ,but she never feels .

     A.lonely;alone B.alone;lonely C.lonely;lonely 22.同义句改写

     Sometimes I go swimming.

     I go swimming .


     Last year I Beijing.I my old house and

     a new building.

    24.The headmaster said the School Art Festival will be put off the bad weather.

     A.because B.for C.because of

    25.---Im going hiking tomorrow.

     ---Im afraid not. it will be rainy.

     A.Before B.Bcause C.When D.Though 26.He cant decide which to choose there is no different between them.

     A.but C.because

    27.He missed the traon this morning he got up late.

     A.or B.if C.but D.because 28.翻译(我像以前一样经常看NBA比赛。

     I watch NBA games .

    29.---What is your hobby?

     ---I like playing cards and paino.

     A.the;/ B./;/ C./;the D.the;the 30.翻译(每次考试后,我的班主任都要和我们谈话。

     My head teacher always us after exams.

    31.---My parents always tell me others late at night.

     ---Theyre right.Its not polite B.not call call D.not to call

32.动词填空(--- you (receive) any letters from him recently

     --- Not yet.

    33.The World Without Thievesis a very moving film.I it twice already.

    A.will see B.see C.saw D.have seen 34.---I am sorry to have kept you waiting.

    ---Oh,not at all.I here for only a few minutes.

     A.have been B.had been C.was D.will be 35.---How long here?

     ---Only ten minutes.Tim here with me.

    A.are you;has walked B.are you;walked C.have you been;walked D.have you been;has walked 36.China has the WTO for some years.

     A.taken part in Bjoined C.been a member of D.entered

    37.---When did you the new motor-bike?

     ---Well,I it for half a month.

     A.have;have bought;have had;have bought D.have;have had


     The meeting has begun for half an hour. .

    39.I to Canada twice.Its so beautiful.

     A.wont go B.have done C.dont go D.have been

    40.---Where is your father?

     ---He to Australia on business.

     A.has been B.has gone C.went D.will go 41.---You are leaving your school.How do you like it?

     ---Very much,of course,I this school since moved here.

     A.came to B.have gone to C.have been at D.have been to 42.How long have you the book?

     ---For several weeks.

     A.bought B.borrowed C.lent D.had 43.选出能替换画线部分的最佳选项

    ---May I use your bike?I left my English book at home.I have to go and get it.

    ---Sure.Here is the key.

     A.keep B.borrow C.get D.lend 44.The meeting will begin in 20minutes.And there many people in the hall


    A.will B.were C.have had D.have been 45.---Do you think Brazil will beat Japan in World Cup 2006.

     ---Yes.They have better players,so I them to win.

     A.hope B.prefer C.wish D.want


     ---I will take part in the sports meeting.

     ---Hope you good luck. .

    47.They all me good luck in the new year.

     A.hope B.want C.want 48.Sam enjoys stamps.And now he has 226 of them. collect B.collected C.collects D.collecting

    49.Many young people enjoy the pop music.

     A.hearing B.listening to C.listen to listen to

    50.We all agree you.Lets start at once. B.for C.with


     The English party a beautiful song Edelweiss.


     The stamp is the top right corner of the postcard. 53.Mike afraiid of dogs,but now he can play with them. used to being B.used to being C.used to be


     Beijing is great.

    55.Kates never late for school, ?

     A.isn’t she B.hast she she D.has she 56.---Excuse me.May I use your computer?

     --- .Its broken.

     A.Sure B.Yes,here you are C.With pleasure D.I am afraid not




     Lian Zhan a (get to) Xian in April,2005.

    59.With the help of the Internet,news can every corner of the world.

     A.arrive B.reach C.go D.get 60.---What do you you hometown?

     ---I love it very much.

    A.look at about C.think of

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