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     يراد ز?بآ

     1 Title Author

     2 Population growth and landuse Colin clark

    3 Soil plant relationships on ecological David W.Jeffrey QK901.J

    approach 4 1987 4 Agricultural development of atropical Yoshikaza S471.T4

    delta study of the Chao Phraya delta 52.C477

    13 5 Agricultural delopment soil , food , Charles E.Kellogy S493.K4

    people work 4 6 Operations resarch in agriculture and Dan raron S494.5.

    water resources :… O63063 7 The soil resource origin and behavior Hans jenny S592.2.J

    46 1980 7 Soil physics T.J.marshall S592.3.


    8 8 Determinants of soil loss toleronce Madison ,Wisconsin S1.A453

    No45 9 Soil taxonomy ;Abasic system of soil U.S. department of S592.16.

    classfication for making and inter preing Agriculture soil S65

    soil surreys conservation service

    10 Soil testing and plant analysis R.C.westerman S593.S7

    431990 11 Erosion and productiveity of soils G.D.Nichols.ed S590.2.E

    cantaining rock fragments :… 76 1982 12 Water resources and agricultural tural Chris barrow S494.5.

    development in the tropics W3B36 13 Standard Hand book for civil engineers Fredericks .M reeitt 1976 14 Soils and introduction to soils and plant Raymond w .Milley

    growth S591.M7

    331990 15 Applied water resource systems David c .Major TC437.

    planning C6.M34 16 Computerization in the water and waste Eugene A.Glysson TD353.

    water fields C63

    1987 17 Guidelines for drinking-water quality Health criteria TD215.


    1984 18 Wastewater treatment plant desing American society of TD745.

    civil engineers W3 1977 19 Ground water management American of civil TD403.

    engineers G7153 20 Research and management of arid rain Atar singh S613.S5

    fed areas 6 21 Flood geomorphology Victor R.baker GB1399.

    F55 22 Soil and water conservation engineering Clenno.schowab S3623.F

    681966 23 Soil conservation for developing FAO

    countries S623.C5

    91977 24 Soil mechanics R.F.Craiy TA710.

    C685 25 Watershed management V.V. dhruva TC409.

    N31990 26 The soil resource Hans tenny S592.2.J

    46- 27 Food and Agriculture organization of K.F.Sking TC409.F

    the United Nations,forest Conservation 66

    and wildlife Branch Guidelines for

    watershed management

    28 Applied remote sensing CP.LO G70.4 .l6 29 Rangeland hydrology Farrei A.branson SB193.B

    7 1981 30 Applied Hydrolgy K.N.Mulrela GB661.2

     .M8 31 Watershed development with special N.Gil S623 .G

    Reference to soil and water… 48 32 Hydrology and the management of Peter f. ffollitt TC409.

    watersheds H93 33 Soil and water conservation Engineering G lemno.schwab S623.F6

    8 1987

    34 Design of small dams United states TC540.

    department of the D46

    interior 1973 35 Aridzone hydrology for agricultural Based on the work 1981

    development of K.V.jones

    36 Interpretation of aerial photographs T .Eugene A VERY TR810.

    A9 37 Flora of Iran Dr. Parsa QK371.

    P321986 38 The rivers Hand book :hydrological and Peter calow RefGB1

    ecological principles 205.R57 39 Applied hydrology Vente chow GB661.2

     .C43 40 Forests and water guidelines - 1993

    41 Interpretation of aerial photographs T.Eugene Avery TR810.

    A91968 42 Sedimentology process and product M.R.leeder QE571 .

    L4 43 Range land Hydrology Farrel A.Branson SB193.B

    7 1990 44 Watershed management V.V.dhruva TC409.

    NarayanaN3 45 Rivers Margaret slack GB1283.

    S57 46 Water ;the fountain opportunity H.G.Deming GB671 .

    D45 47 Hydrology for the surreyorand A.E.Inghan 1985 48 Open chanel Hydrolics Richard H.french TC175.F

    78 49 Soils and foundations Chenglio TA710.L

    JackB.evett548 50 Soil machanics R.F.craig TA710.


    2 51 Water resources Engineering Rayk.linsley TC145.L

    55 52 Keeping the land alive soilerosion-its Hubert w.klley S623.K3

    causes and cures 8 53 Forests and water:effects of forest Henry w.Andersond

    management on floods,sedimentation SD425.A

    and water supply 51970

    54 A method for estimating volume and _ GB125.

    rate of runoff in small watershedM4 55 Forests and water:effects of forest Henry w.Andersond SD425.A

    management on floods,sedimentation 51992

    and water supply

     56 Natural Resource conservation S938.O8

    management forasustainble future 7 1994-

    1992 57 Proceeding of the fourth international 1994 GB1399.

    symposiumon river sedimentation 6 .I57 58 Regional training courseon watershed Unesco TC405.

    resources management and… R4 59 Principles of river Engineering thenon-Pphgansen TC530.P

    tidal river 74 60 Ecological methods for field and P Michael QH541.1

    laboratory Investigation 5.E22M

    5 1984 61 Water supply and odeling control Warren viess man.jr TD353.


    1993 62 Water analysis :a practical guide to TD380.

    physico-chemical and microbiological W32719

    water examination and quality 83


    63 Drylands environmental management Peter Beaumont GB611 .

    and development B42 64 Land reclamation :An end to dereliction M.C.R.Davies TD880.L


    93 65 Remote sensing in hydrology E.T.Engman GB656.2


    4 66 Slope stabilization and erosion R.P.C.Morgan TA710.S

    control :A bioeng in eering approach 57 67 Dictiunary of agriculture Alan stephens RefS41.

    D5996 68 Earthscape a manucel of environmental Van noster and Rein TD170.S

    planning and design hold 551978 69 Textbook of engineering geology N.chema Kesa vulu


    .K41993 70 Soils of the tropics A.D.mongiu S591.55.


    93 71 Eye witess handbooks herbs Lesley bvemmess 1995 72 Eye witess handbooks wild flowers Francis Rose QK85.5.

    B81995 73 Introduction to agrometeorology H.S.Mavi S600.5.

    M31994 74 Soil geomorphology,… Sohn Gerrard GB406.


    5 75 Introduction to world vegetation A.S.collinson QK901.


     76 Ground covers 1998 77 Recent researchsin sedimentology :,… V.Jhingran QE471.I

    531993 78 Ancient sellimentary environments and R.C.Selley QE471.S

    their subsurface diagnosis 42 1996 79 Soil erosion and environmental Swapna Basu 1995


    80 Plant community history J.H.Tallis QK911.

    T351991 81 Water quality prevetion identication, Vladimir novo tny TD420.

    and management of diffuse harrey olem N69

    82 Ground wather Robert brown GB

    1003.2 .


    1985 83 Ecology of word vegetation O.w.archibold QK754.5

    .A71995 84 I llustrad .guide of the genus Astragalus A.A.maassonmi RefSB31

    in iran 7.A75M


     85 Conduits,cuverts and pipes 1969

     86 Reservior vegetation 1967

     87 Rservior sedimention investigations 1967 88 Methods for Examination of organismal Geoffrey S.Hall S593.M4

    Diversity in soil and sediments 4525 89 Advanced soil Mechananics Braja M.Dos TA710.

    D257 90 Hydraulic Engineering John A.Roberson TC145.


    91 Fluviad Hydraulics Flow and transport Walter H.Graft TC175.

    processes in channels of simple G7313


    93 Soil compaction in production B.D.Soane S592.3.S

    675 94 Anmol dictionary of geology M.Chbatwal RefQE5.

    C5 95 Hydrology :principles analysis and H.M.Raghunath GB661.2

    design .R33199

    7 96 Hydrology and water resources Santosh kumar garg GB661.2

    engineering .K81998 97 Applied principles of Hydrology John. Manning GB661.2

     .M36 98 Soil and water conserration ingineering R.Suresh S623.S9

     99 West water Enginering :Treatment Frank J.Cerra

    DISP sal Reuse (Metcalf and


    100 Arcview users guide - G70.2 .A

    7 101 Introduction to Hydrology Warren viessman GB661.

    V53 102 Water well technology , field principles Michael TC

    exploration,drilling, and development D.Campbell 405.C2

    of,… 1973 103 Hydraulics of Ground water Jacob bear GB1197.



     104 Tnhodaction to Hydrology Warren viessman

    105 Water resources Engineering:through K Subramanxa TC405.S

    objective questions 91990 106 Hdrometeorology C.J.Wlesner 1970 107 Topology afirst course James R.Munkers RefQA6

    11.M82 108 Hand book for measuring lrrigation Donaldy,Brosz -

    water in open ditchers

    109 Sustain able tourism Victor T.C G155 .A

    1 .M475

    3 110 Flood frequency analysis A.Ramachandra GB1399.

    2 .R36 111 Coastlines,structures and break waters N.W.H.Allsop TC333 .


     112 Ddesign of small dams TC540 .

    D46 113 Land and water Management V.V.N.Murty TC504.1

    Engineering 4 .M8 114 Geo shore,… Sushhhil kumar TC1665

    singh .G4 115 Wastwater treatment David H.F.Liu TD745 .

    W367 116 Construction of Marine and off shore Benc.Gerwickjr TC1665

    structures .G47 117 Incised River channels Steph E.Darby GB561 .

    I53 118 Field Hydrogeology John wileg GB1002.

    3 .B73 119 High Resolution flow Modelling in P.D.Bates and GB1197.

    Hydrology and ,… S.N.Lane 7 .H54 120 Integrated watershed Management Isobel .W.Heathcote TC409 .

    H38 121 River management Sandra Brizga TC521 .

    R58 122 Flood freqvebag Analysis A.Ramachan dra -

    rao GB1399.

    2.R36 123 Eco-hydrology:plants and water in ,… Andrewj.Bard Qk870 .

    E256 124 Grounwater and surface water pollution David.HF.Liu TD426 .

    G7277 125 Water Resource Management Dhirendra TD353 .

    K.Vajpegi W353 126 Applied fluvial Geomorphology for Colin R.thorne GB562 .

    River Engineering and managementA66 127 Alluvial fans:afield approach Andrzeg GB591 .

    H.Rachocki A45 128 Integrting Hydrology,… J.D.tenhunen. GB400.2

     .D24 129 Hydraulics in civil and Environmental Andrew chadwick TC160 .

    Engineering C47 130 The protection and conservation of Hadrian F.cook TD257 .

    water Resources C66 131 Lowland floodplain P.A.Carling GB561 .

    rivers:geomorphlogical perspectives L69

    132 Processes in kartst systems: Wolfgang,DreybrodGB600 .

    physics,chemistry and geologytD75 133 Hydrologyic systems V.P.singh GB656.2

     .M33 134 Hydrology and floodplain analysis PhilipB.Bedient GB661.2

     .B42 135 The Rivershandbook:hydrologyical and Peter .Calow Ref

    ecological principles:in two volumes GB1205.

    R57 136 Water wave mechanics for engineers Robert G.Dean TC172 .

    and scientists D4 137 Desert odelin processes Vatche P.tchakerian GB611 .

    D392 138 Hydrology and scarcity of water Mamdouh shahin GB658.8

    resources in the arab region .A7.S5 139 Toxic cyanobacterial in water,… Ingrid chorus QR99.63

     .T67 140 Statistical methods in water resources D.R.Helsel TC409 .

    H43 141 River morphology,… Joachim GB561 .

    Mangelsdorf M3613 142 Water quality processes and policy Stephen T.Trudgill TD370.

    W593 143 Global perspectives on river P.J.boon QH75.G

    conservation science,policy and praetice 59 144 River management the ?Australasian Sandra brizga TC521.

    experince R58

     145 Geomorphology Enayat Ahmad

    146 The handbook of groundwater Jacquesw.Delleur TC176.

    engieering H35 147 Incised river channels Stephen E.Darby GB561 .

     odeling ,form,Engineering and I53


    148 Viscous fluidflow Tasosc.PapanastaioQA929.

    u. P35 149 Sediment flux modeling Dominic M.ditoro TD370.

    D527 150 Hydrometry priniciples and practices R.W.Herschy TC175.

    H98 151 Geomorphology Enayat Ahmad GB401.5

     .A35 152 The handbook of groundwater Jacquesw.Delleur TC176.

    engineering H35 153 Water distribution systems handbook Larry W.mays RefTD4

    81.W375 154 Capillary electrophoresis for food Richard A.frazier QP519.9

    analysis method development .C36.F7 155 Changing the face of earth engineering J.R.Giardino TA703.5

    geomorphology,… .B56 156 Water qulity control handbook E.Roberts Alley Ref


    A45 157 Introduction to hydrology Warren Viessman GB661 .

    V53 158 Systems analysis and modeling:,… Donald W.Boyd. T57.6.B

    69 159 Dams 2000 britishdam society Paul tedd. TC540.

    D3 160 Geographical iformation systemes - G70.2 .G

    41999 161 GIS data sources Decker,Drew G70.212

    .D44 162 Hydrological application of GIS - G70.212

    .H94 163 Remote sensing for the earth sciences - G70.4 .P

    733 163 Coastal Dynamics 01 :proceedings of the Coastal Dynamics GB450.2

    fourth conference on coastal .C5953


    164 Groundwater 2000:proceedings of the - GB1025

    international conference,… .N8.G7 165 Numerical models in geomechanics: International TA710.I

    proceecdings of the seventh international odeling on 5475

    symposium on ,… Numerical Models

    in Geomechanics

    166 Grounwater lowering in Cashman,p.M TA715.

     odeling s:apractical guide C35 167 Computer processing of remotely-sensed - G70.4 .

    images:an introduction M38 168 The history of the study of - GB400.5

    lanforms ,or,The odeling of .C45


    169 Geomorphology - GB401 .

    5 .C5

    170 Drainage basin form and process,a - GB561 .

    geomorphological approachG73 171 Fluvial forms and processes - GB561 .

    K65 172 Wetland and odeling s - GB622 .

     odeling s of GIS w47 173 Aeolian sand and sand dunes - GB631 .

    p9 174 Introduction to physical hydrology - GB653 .

    C25 175 Mathemematical odeli in hydrology - GB656.2

     .C55 176 Statstical methods in hyrology - GB656.2

     .S7 .H3 177 Stochatic approaches to water resoures - GB656.2

     .S7 .S82 178 Hydrology for engineers and planners - GB661 .

    H55 179 Water : its global nature - GB661.2

     .A45 180 Surface water - GB661.2

     .B68 181 Hydrology for engineers - GB661.2

     .L56 182 Hydrology :an advaced introduction to - GB661.2

    hydrological processes and odeling .R38 183 Engineering hydrology K.Subramanya GB661.2

     .S9 184 Engineering hydrology E.M.Wilson GB665 .


    1982 185 Engineering hydrology - GB665 .


    1990 186 Stochastic processes in hydrology - GB665 .

    Y42 187 Physical and chemical hydrology - GB1003.

    2 .D66 188 Ground water :hydrology , ground - GB1003.

    water survey and pumping test, rural 2 .R33

    water supply and irrigation systems 1987 189 Water resources engineering - TC145 .

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