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South Korea's Youth Online Game Research_5051

South Korea's Youth Online Game Research

     Summary rapid development and popularization of the Internet led to South Korean youth gaming culture change. Survey shows that online games in Korea are most like and most often play games, online games and young

    people make friends, network and Internet addiction and other problem behavior closely. Game addiction among young people in South Korea the most universal type of addiction. For the prevention and improvement of the negative effects of online games, it is necessary to transform

    society's understanding of the game, study and formulate the best gaming system of certification policies, development of an educational and psychological treatment capabilities games. At the same time, parents should raise awareness, identify problems and take early action is needed.

     English Abstract The fast development and popularity of internet caused great changes in youth game culture in Korea. The investigation indicates that net game is the most popular game played by Korean youth and children, which is highly related to their behaviors of friend making,

    cyber-addiction and other net concerning problems.Among kinds of cyber-

    addictions, net game addition is the most easily found one. Itis necessary to change the social recognition of game, make policies of game authentication and explore those games of functions of education and psychologicaltherapy. The parents are supposed to be of high awareness to find out problems so as to take corresponding actions.

     Key words South Korean teenagers / Network Games / Game Addiction

     korean youth and children / net game / game addiction


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    (2006) 05-0025-06

     With the rapid development and popularization of the Internet, Korean youth culture of the game changed a lot. To the 20th century, the mid-90s,

    South Korea young people also popular arcade games, and stand-alone

    computer games, young people play the game in general to the game parlor. However, since the late 90s, online games to Internet cafes in South

    Korea-based society began to spread. Today, online games have not only a means of recreation, but as a South Korean young people an integral part of daily life has become symbol of youth culture in Korean society the most important element of the composition. According to the Korea Game

    Industry Academy of Yu planting, in 2005 the South Korean game industry in its domestic market value of 5 trillion won, the equivalent of 50 billion U.S. dollars, the sum of film and music 2.5 times higher. In Korea, online

    games accounted for 50%, and other arcade games there, mobile games, etc. [1]. Online games in this article refers to connect to the Internet or network, human opponents rather than game consoles or computers, game machines for opponents.

     The rapid development of online games in Korea, the social context is the late 90s hit by financial crisis, South Korea, along with structural adjustment affected the whole society, Internet cafes have become a small capital investment projects to identify the change jobs, laid-off workers

    optimistic about their money. In order to overcome the economic crisis, South Korea's introduction of information technology to promote the development of national policies also contributed to the popularity of Internet cafes and online games. Employment difficulties due to severe stress in the troubled state of college students and young unemployed people into the needs of potential groups of online games. At the same time, life has a lot of cafes around, for homework burden is too heavy,

    lack of rest breaks for young people will certainly increase the daily recreational and cultural space, online games and interactive contacts and relations between attributes are also deeply attracted young people.

     In 2003, the Korea Development Institute for Youth National Junior High School, high school students and college students under the age of 24 conducted a questionnaire survey targeted. The survey sample was based on gender, grade, region-based multi-level contamination of the sample group,

    and at the same time with the class as a unit groups and individual interviews investigation investigations. After screening the final analysis of the object as an effective sample of 2,306 pieces.

     1, the main findings

     1.7 young people over into the games, and most of them play online games. Online games young people's favorite game. With regard to the extent the game among young people, a survey, 74.5% of young people to answer like the game, compared with college students, junior high and high

    school students, especially junior high school students favorite games. Most young people prefer online games, accounting for 59.7%, like the stand-alone computer games, arcade games, mobile games, video games

    accounted for 18.5%, 8.4%, 7.5%, 5.9%. Answered "often play online games," of young people was 47.3% over the answer often play other games much higher. Answers often play computer games, mobile games, arcade games, video games, respectively 26.0%, 15.7%, 15.5%, 9.0%.

     2. About 6 percent of the teenagers play the game 1 hour a day for more than four or more young people into an average of 1 month to play online games cost 5,000 won (about 40 yuan). Play 1 hour per day on average over the game's young people was 56.8%, more than 3 hours a day

    playing the game of young people up to 20.2%. Men, junior high school students to play the game the longest. Play the game the longest place is at home, 80.5%, 11.2% of Internet cafes. From this we can see, with the popularity of broadband, Internet cafes, as the role of playground

    increasingly reduced. Play the game an average monthly expenditure of more than 5,000 won reached 44.3% of young people, expenditure 2 million won of the youngsters up to 12.6%. Men than women, more than the costs incurred,

    but there is no difference in all grades.

     3. With their own games than one person, young people tend to play with others. Four or more young people to join into the game User Council, of which there are three or more participants of the games into the

    network will be met under User experience. Like to play games with others of young people was 56.3% compared to like a person playing adolescents (38.0%) a lot more games with the network is closely related to the rapid development and popularization. User will join the game of young people was 43.4%, of which 30.7% had participated in the game offline User Council meeting experience. Students participate in meetings under the net rate of higher than junior high and high school students.

     4. The game is becoming a major media young people to develop interpersonal relationships. Make new friends through play or through the game with friends closer to young people are up to 5 into. To answer to make new friends through play for young people is 52.3%, answered by more

    than 10 games make new friends, up 14.0% of young people, but most of them are playing online games with people. To answer because of the game with a friend of the young people closer to 48.2%. Men than women, junior high school students than high school and college students build interpersonal relationships through the game more active.

     5. Play online games for young people concentrated on the male groups and junior high school students groups. Men, 59.5% of those who play

    online games, play other games for 32.4%, the number of people playing online games to play closer to peace the two times of other general game, not playing the game a few, and only 8.0%; on the contrary, women play the game in general the number of people (46.7%) than the number of people

    playing online games (19.9%) a lot more women 3 into (33.4%) did not play games. From the year perspective, the junior high school students playing online games highest percentage (49.4%), followed by high school students

(36.4%), and finally college students (26.7%).

     6. Compared with other young people, playing online games for young people more often and more prolonged use of the Internet, go to Internet cafes at higher frequency. Most online games are played (92.7%) l weeks 3

    days or more to use the Internet than the general game play and not play games by the frequency of use of the Internet population is much higher. Internet access up to 3 hours or more a day for young people, the online game play to reach 52.5%, and the general game play and those who do not play games in the three groups of people have become. Go to Internet cafes to play online games is the frequency of groups of persons than the general game play and not play games of groups of persons is much higher,

    indicating the popularity of online games and Internet cafes on.

     7. Online games to play those games than any other young people a higher degree of preference, of which more than half believe that their favorite game addiction is high. Online games are played in the majority

    (96.9%) answered like games, games to play than the average person (79.0%) on the game much higher degree of preference. Games are played a month on average cost of playing the game than the average game for those who have

    a lot more, indicating a considerable number of commercial online games, is fee-based services. Playing the game on their own evaluation of the content, the network game for those who think that the game is violent, non-morality, relatively more addictive, especially online games to play

    more than half of those (60.6%) thought that the game content has become Sexual addiction, thus it can be inferred, playing online games cause the game to a very high probability of addiction.

     8. Online games to play other games than those who play the game as a medium to establish a more positive interpersonal relationships, and the game will join the User rate, net rate of the next meeting to participate in, through the game to make friends or with friends closer to the

    response rate much higher. 76.4% of online game play with others, who answered games, and general game play is just the answer for more people to play their own. Online Games Play those games will join the User rate was 62.3%, than the average game for those who join the rate (40.4%) is much higher, the net frequency of the next gathering of the participants is also higher. For the game to get to know new friends through the issue of online games are played in 67.8% answered yes, but in general the game

    play more than half of those who answered no. The relationship through play with friends for the more recent issues, online games are played in 71.8% answered yes, than the average person in the game for a lot more.

     9. To play online games for young people for young people than in

    other games to play online the experience of problem behavior frequency high, especially obscene type, violent behavior problems of the frequency is much higher than other young people. Type of Internet hackers, obscene

    type, violent and identity such as 4 types of camouflage-type behavioral

    problems in the experience of the frequency of the survey results show

    that the experience of all types of problem behavior frequency of young people are playing games than non-playing games Youth high and online

    games to play game for those who are higher than the average. Especially for the obscene type, type of violence, behavioral problems, those who play online games with other games to play and not play the game the experience of those two groups, the frequency difference is obvious.

     10. About 6 percent of the teenagers answered that they have experienced addiction, from the type of point of view, experience the game addiction a maximum, followed by surfing addiction, chat addiction,

    obscenity, pornography addiction descending order. Young people have experienced addiction subjective evaluation results, 57.9% of young people to answer their own experience of the past or are now addicted to that addiction is now 16.3% of young people. From addiction types, the game addiction of young people was 46.5% over the surfing addiction (26.0%), chat addiction (24.8%), obscenity, pornography addiction (9.4%) is much higher. This can be confirmed that the game addiction among young people

    the most generalized type of addiction.

     11. Using objective measurement scales showed that about 1 percent of the teenagers as a serious game addicts, about 2 or so into the game early or suspected addicts and addiction, the general level of play were 69.1%,

    as early or suspected addicts addiction was 22.3% and serious gaming addiction of young people was 8.6%. The survey shows that the ratio of game addiction is relatively low compared with other studies, the reason is the distinction between the present study used relatively conservative criteria for addiction. From a gender perspective, men 14.6% as a serious gaming addicts, 32.2% of the initial addiction or suspected persons, while only 2.5% of women as a serious gaming addicts, 12.4% of the initial

    addiction or suspected persons. From the grade point of view, the game addicts, most middle school students, 11.5%; high school students followed for 7.1%; students at least, to 5.5%.

     12. Play online games and game addiction a very close relationship,

    online games are played the game than other games are played high probability of addiction. In order to understand to play online games and game addiction relations, the frequency of playing a variety of games and game the relationship between addiction scores were compared, the result is: the frequency of playing online games and game addiction most closely related; right to play the game of the sub-groups of various types of game

    addiction scores for comparison and found that those who play online games

    are played the game than the average score of the game more addictive. These results could be interpreted as online game more addictive than other games, so online games to play other games to play than those who are more likely to fall into the game addiction. Online games to play

    16.3% of those in a serious gaming addiction, is the general game play of those four times higher than those in the addiction to online games to play early or are addicted to the ratio of those suspected of other games

    to play those two times. Can be ascertained with the highly addictive

online game.

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     2, the main inspiration

     1. Online games have become the favorite and the favorite to play juvenile games. In view of online game features different from traditional video games, there is need for systematic research, analysis popularity of online games and bring the impact on young people's issues, to explore policy corresponds to the program. Online games through more than

    connected to the Internet, the interaction between the play to start in the game with unknown others, the formation of online communities, to become part of the Community. In the past with a simple image-based, in

    the short end of the game are different online game reflects the three-

    dimensional images and sound and other multimedia technologies, the story, or continued. Young people playing online games out of desire to interact with others, not just because the game content itself. The game

    environment to make real life and on-line space, boundaries become

    blurred. Online games ties young people's friends, relationships change, imitation of the game to increase criminal behavior and problem behavior. The game changes in the environment to the physical and psychological

    development of youngsters in the way of life and consciousness have significant impact on the structure, should trigger a careful analysis of the new popularity of online games social, cultural phenomenon, find ways

    to cope and to carry out systematic, ongoing research .

     2. As information technology and media development, there diverse platform game, play the game modes are also shown within the youth divided into various sub-groups of the new trend. From a gender perspective, men

    are more like online games and video games, women are more like computer games, console games, mobile games; from the grade point of view, online games in junior high school students, video games and mobile games in high school, computer games and console games highest preference of university students. These games types of preference degree of difference is in the process of informatization in Korea, young people within the emerging system, due to differences in living conditions and needs arising from the

    divisive situation. Although the lifestyle and culture, young people can be treated as an integrated social categories, but it should be noted that the youth are taking place within the lifestyle, sense of structure, differentiation and diversification trend.

     3. Online games for young people has brought many changes in lifestyle. Those who play online games diversification of life, awareness of the characteristics of a signal for future lifestyles and awareness of changes in young people an important clue. User will be games such as online communities will become an important way for young people to form interpersonal relationships, and the Internet, games as a medium of online

relationships among young people the role of everyday life will be

    inferior to the real world relationships.

     4. Online games to play than those other games to play or not play games online problem behavior of young people experience a higher frequency. However, whether this difference is due to the different

    behavior and attitude to play the game or with real-life problems in the

    behavior of a relationship is not clear, but also difficult to determine the network game is a direct incentive to the youth problem behavior. Most online games are played longer than other young people and more frequent use of the Internet, so exposure to problem behavior online probability is also higher today. Games for youth with positive and negative effects of the two sides. Young people through the online game elimination of

    academic pressure, foster the information society to adapt to new technologies. From an economic perspective, online games have been evaluated as in the world market the most competitive industries, many young people dream of through the online game industry into the cutting-

    edge IT. Simple online game-related issues with discussion of all of the harmful nature of online games is not appropriate. The root causes of the problem lies not in the game, but rather focus on young people's education, living environment, etc. Among the more deep-seated structural.

     5. Many young people have addiction, game addiction is the most popular South Korean youth addiction type. Especially in the online games are played is very apparent in the game addiction. Focus on young people

    currently playing online games accounted for more than half of all young people, and to continue an upward trend, it is foreseeable in the near future, game addiction will be one of the most serious youth problems. In order to prevent gaming addiction and to have been addicted youth receive appropriate counseling and treatment, need for institutional and policy support.

     3, prevention and improvement of the negative effects of online games suggestions and countermeasures

     1. For young people, the games have not only entertaining, only to become indispensable to their daily lives as well as a cultural way of life. Games in the proportion of young people living in high-impact large,

    we must change the game's social awareness.

     2. Parents should observe their children at home and watch the behavior and attitude to play the game and found that fatigue, decreased performance, hobbies reduced with classmates friends alienated, disgusted with the parents talking about Internet, games or game related topics such

    as signs of addiction to be an early to take action. Parents to their children through observation of everyday life and dialogue to discover problems, understand their children when, because of what the likes and how much they like the game, as well as the content of the game, the child

    in which the role of people playing with the children whether adverse effects. Parents should recognize that game addiction is just tip of the iceberg, game addiction, young people tend to have emotional problems or

    adjustment difficulties. Therefore, the children appeared out of game addiction, we should carefully observe the children, whether depression, anxiety and other negative emotions, observe their children's school life, interpersonal relationships and so on. To find ways to reduce the time a child obsessed with the game, concerns how to make their children do not play the game to extend the time and how to spend the time do not play the game.

     3. Youth-related behavioral problems in playing games with adults on

    the computer, the Internet is not without ignorance, or know very little about the relationship. Parents should be developed, adult education and training programs and gaming experience with family members to participate

    in the project, and guide young adults to understand the gaming culture and are able to be the correct guidance. Be able to engage in a dialogue game as a common topic will be an effective way to understand young people. Parents of the certainty of understanding of the game with their

    children is conducive to communication, dialogue, encourage young people more positive factors affected the game.

     4. A considerable number of young people interested in the game are willing to enter the computer in the future, Internet-related sectors. Is

    necessary to provide special educational opportunities and to organize regular games and other activities to encourage young people to portray itself as an innovative network of awareness and creative ability creative talents.

     5. Study and formulate the best games, such as certification system, such as active policies to strengthen the positive function of the game. Certification system through play, develop recommendation to the style of bright young people, content, healthy, well-made game. This will benefit

    the parents of a correct understanding of the issues young people play games to promote the game production to improving the quality of the game market and game development of the industry also has positive significance.

     6. The development not only has the entertainment features are also educational, psychological treatment capabilities of the game, and the introduction of schools, youth activities, facilities, and youth-related

    institutions. A number of advisory bodies of the consultation site also can take advantage of games to demonstrate psychological treatment of pathological symptoms of game addiction young people adjuvant therapy.

     Fourth, the treatment method of game addiction

     Game addiction may entice them to emotional, psychological barriers, so that young people can not properly adapt to society, a problem behavior or a higher likelihood of crime. In particular, some younger students in mental situation is not yet mature, easy to imitate such as online games

    in the fighting scenes and unexpected crime. Young people need to objectively evaluate their own behavior to play the game state, identify problems through their own efforts to overcome. Net addiction researcher Kimberly Young proposed cognitive-behavioral therapy is an effective youth

    game addiction prevention and treatment methods. Although the treatment needs a lot of time and effort, but without control and supervision of others, be able to self as the main problem. Kimberly Young in his book

    Caught in the Net in the introduction to the Internet, gaming addiction cognitive behavioral therapy methods:

     First, understand their own because of the game is lost. During the negligence of all the things that are listed in order of importance

    directory, such as the time or interest to see the friends activities, time in the evening caused by over-playing games lack of sleep and,

    therefore, decreased concentration, performance decline, and other physical abnormalities. Analysis is to lose the game even more important

    to more important things to think about the usefulness of their actions, if has been obsessed with going there will be consequences.

     Second, write play games, online diary of life. Specific record week, mainly when the Internet, lasted several hours, playing some kind of games. Many young people often know the game time after indulging surprised record itself will play a role in some control. If we can not only write the game, he even wrote diary diary of life will be better all

    the family members to participate in the diary will be more effective.

     Third, the use of effective management of time. (1) to find more interesting things to do. Everyday life more interesting, hard at playing the game time will be shorter and shorter. If there is activity of

    interest to want to begin immediately, such as with the reality of the friends to participate in activities and so on, to extend the network of activities under time and shorten their time online. (2) changing the way

    games. Control over their own weekly, daily basis and when to play games and try to change habits. (3) the use of outside interference. Self-

    control problems, the use of external factors would also help. If 7:00 to 6:00 to go to school while trying to start the game, set a good alarm

    clock, to the time in any case had to stop the game. Habits of self-

    regulatory capacity also increased. (4) The precise timetable laid down in advance: the use of pre-control of their own time and to set reasonable goals. If one weeks use 40 hours, then use the 30 hours to develop plans to establish to comply with targets. Distinction between weekdays and weekends, precise plans to identify a few points to a few points to play games. This can reduce the symptoms of addiction, to prevent the improper

    use of time.

     Fourth, identify the emotional emotional reasons. Young people need to objectively examine their feelings and emotions, to understand whether the relationship with the students because of poor or declining performance worried whether the views often conflict with their parents due to depressed, obsessed with the pre-game is not often have the feeling

    of boredom, if they are in order to get rid of them Fanxin Shi and fascination with the game, whether in the network game of touch with

    reality, creating new self, and thus to obtain respect and recognition by others, the feeling, however, back to reality, all the burst, and whether it wanted to invest again soon the game world, again and again, a vicious circle.

     Fifth, to face alone. Phobia who have dealings in real life while getting along with others have a sense of fear and difficulties, but the network will become comfortable with the game. But the question is, offline life would be so even more timid and isolated. Should be in real

    life feelings about their positive feelings, positive change in their status quo, to express their pain, if necessary, accept advice.

     Game addiction is social factors, environmental factors and the game itself, the properties of the individual's personality tendencies, the brain's neural and biochemical factors, the result of complex, so the game addiction treatment is also a corresponding need for a diversity efforts. The face of the game-addicted kids parents should pay attention to two

    issues: One is the control issue. Person's control can be divided into two kinds of internal control and external control. Internal control is able to consciously control and regulate their abilities, is that we should pursue the ultimate goal. Improve the internal control takes a long time and great effort and look forward to enhance the problem immediately after the control is not possible. In their efforts to develop internal control should be accompanied by the appropriate use of external control, such as

    adjusting the external environment. For example, most families to send

    their computer in the children's room, so that inconvenience to control. Change on the living room into a computer to share with their families will enable the young people themselves have some control over, other family members room for observation and appropriate intervention can be increased. The second is a directional problem. Changes in the direction of their children's energy, the energy and attention to help them in their daily lives with many interesting things at the same time guide the

    direction of their interest in the game from the violent, offensive, obscene, sexual inclination transferred to the right physical and mental health and education beneficial to the game.


     [1] Dong Yueling. "Korean wave" manufacture [N]. China Youth

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