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Unit 12 My favorite subject is science. 单元达标

    I. 找出划线部分读音与其他三个不同的单词

     1. A. city B. finish C. physical D. science ( ) 2.A. subject B. student C. education D. Tuesday ( ) 3.A. note B. soda C. cola D. not ( ) 4.A. classmate B. education C. example D. information ( ) 5.A. Monday B. may C. day D. Kay II.词组互译 1.踢足球 2.体育 3.喜欢的学科 4.课后 5.上体操

    6.在星期三 sure 8.for two hours strict with sb. teacher

    III. II栏中选出I栏各句的回答

     I II

     1. Does she like English? A. Mr. Brown. 2. What time do you have history? B. Biology. 3. Whats your favorite subject? C. Because its interesting.

     4. Whos his art teacher? D. At 9:00. 5. Why do you like science? E. Yes, she does. IV. 根据汉语提示完成句子1. When do you (( 上数学)

     I have math . (在星期三)2. he like ? (他为什么喜欢生物课()

     its . (因为生物有趣)3. is your teacher? (你的科学老师是


    4. her (?她最喜欢的科目是什么(?Its . (是体育)

    5. Watching TV is . (无聊)

    V. 单项选择

     1. favorite subject is biology.A. His B. Hes C. He D. Him

    ( ) 2.I like biology and history.Why do you like ?

     A .they B. it C. their D. them

    ( )3.Ann ________ English at 9:00 o’clock.A. has B. have C . takes D. bring

    ( )4.She math it’s boring.

     A. doesn’t likes, because B. doesn’t like, and

     C. don’t like, and D. doesn’t like, because

    ( )5.After class I have gymnastics two hours.A. at B. for C. on D. in

    ( )6.Our teacher is very strict us.A. at B. for C. with D. in ( )7. your favorite subject?A.What’s B. What are C. Who’s D. Science

     ( )8. We usually play sports ______three hours every day.A. for B. in C. of D. at

    ( )9.Our English teacher is her work.

    A. strict with B. strict in C. is strict in D. strict at ( )10.In the gymnastics class, our teacher is always very strict and he me

    very .A. make, tiring B. makes, tired C. is make, tired D. make, tired

    VI. 用动词的适当形式填空

    1. He wants _____ (swim) in the pool.

    2. He likes ____(run ) in the morning.

    3. They often go ___( see ) an action movie.

    4. School usually __ (start) at 8:30 am and ______(finish) at 4:30 pm. 5. Please ____( fill ) in the blanks.

VII. 选用方框里所给单词的正确形式填空

    watch, play, have, eat, like, have, go

     John is always busy on Monday. At 8 o’clock he 1 math. He doesn’t 2 Chinese. At 9:00 he has English .He 3 English because it’s interesting. At 11:00 he has music. That’s his favorite subject! He 4 lunch at 12:00.In the afternoon he 5 sports. He 6 home at 4:00.He usually 7 TV after dinner.

    VIII. 完成短文

    It ______Tuesday. At 8:00 he _________( not have ) math. He _______(have) Chinese. Then at 9:00 he has science. It’s difficult, ______ interesting. Next at 10:00 he has history. It’s boring. But at 11:00 he has P.E. That’s ______ favorite subject. He _______ lunch at 12:00. After lunch, He has music, it’s relaxing. He _____ his music teacher, Mr. Morgan. He’s fun. All his classes

    _______ at 2:00. After class he has gymnastics _________ two hours. His teacher is very _______, and he _______ him very tired. But after that, he has Chinese history club. It’s ______ interesting.



    ( )1. [h] A. white B. who C. where D. when

    ( )2. [Λ] A. subject B. duty C. cute D. Tuesday

    ( )3. [I ] A. day B. today C. play D. Wednesday

    ( )4. [аI] A. finish B. Friday C. strict D. miss

    ( )5. [a:] A. classmate B. dad C. example D. assessment

    II. 词型训练A. The days of a week

    _______ ________ _________ _________ _______ ________ ___________ B. 根据所给单词的首字母或汉意填空

    1. My partner doesnt like ________ (科学)

    2. Jennifers ________ (最喜欢的) day is Friday, because he can play football.

    3. I like art very much. Its __________ (有趣的)

    4. I am s______ you like some subjects.

    5. My m_______ teacher is Mr. Liu.

    6. I eat l_______ at twelve o’clock.

    7. He likes English because it is f______.

    8. We can play games on M_______ afternoon.

    III. 选择填空

    ( )1. Today we have _________.A. two new student B. new two students

     C. new two student D. two new students

    ( )2.It is time _____ go home.A. for B. and C. to D. about ( )3.--___ _ does she like music? --Because it’s relaxing.A. Why B. What C. Which D. How

    ( )4. I like ______ teacher, Miss Morgan.

    A. I music B. I music’s C. my music D. my music’s

    ( )5. -- ____ can you see a map? -- On the wall.A. Where B. What C. Who D. Which ( )6. I hate biology. It’s _______A. interesting B. relaxing C. boring D. fun

    ( )7. ____ is a good subject.A.Baseball B. Science C. Comedy D. Tuesday ( )8.My friend ______ a Chinese lesson every day except Saturday and Sunday. A. have B. has C. is D. does

    ( )9. _______ is your English teacher?A. Where B. What C. How D. Who

    ( )10.-- When do you have math? -- I have it _____ Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. A. in B. at C. on D. of

    IV.根据答语, 补全问句

    1. -- ________ do you spell it? T-U-E-S-D-A-Y.

    2.-- _______are my shoes? --They are under the bed.

    3.-- _______ ________ is your brother? --He’s thirteen.

    4. --________ man? --The one in the car.

    5. --______ _______ is that car? --It’s blue and white.

    6. --_______ are you? --I’m fine. Thanks.

    7. --______ do you have English? --I have English on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 8.--______ does he like math? --Because it is difficult but fun. 9.--_______ ________ is it now? --It’s seven thirty.

    10.--_______ is that girl in red? --She is my sister, June.






    VI. 完型填空

    My name is Li Ping . I am _1___ student of the No.3 Middle School. Our school is very big. It _2__ about four __3___ students. I am in Grade One. There _4___ four classes in Grade One. _5__ are fifty students in my class. Twenty-seven are boys. _6_ are girls. We study Chinese English, math and _7__ subjects. We have sports ___8___ the afternoon. Our teachers ___9_ very good teachers. They love _10__ work and love their students.

    ( ) 1. A. a B. an C. the D. /

    ( )2. A. have B. has C. there has D. there is

    ( )3. A. hundred B. hundred of C. hundreds D. a hundred

    ( )4. A. are B. is C. has D. have

    ( )5. A. Here B. There C. Has D. Have

    ( )6.A. Four B. Two C. Twenty-one D. Twenty-three

    ( )7.A. other B. others C. the other D. the

    ( )8. A. on B. at C. in D. of

    ( )9. A. is B. are C. have D. am

    ( )10. A .them B. they C. their D. theirs


     David and his brother Grey don’t go to school in the morning. They go to school after lunch, at one o’clock. They have math at one-fifteen, David likes math because it’s interesting. Greg doesn’t like math. David and Greg have P.E. after math. They like the teacher, Mr. Green and they

    like P.E. because it’s fun. But Greg’s favorite subject is art and David’s favorite is music. He plays the piano and the violin.

     根据短文内容判断正(T) 或误(F)( )1. David and Greg have P.E. after math.( )2. David plays the piano.( )3. They go to school in the morning.( )4. They don’t like P.E. because it’s boring.( )5. Grey likes his art class.

    VIII.写作. 根据给出的内容, My friend 为题,写一篇短文。

要求,以第三人称写, 用上所给的所有信息

    姓名 Maria 最喜爱的颜色 blue

    年龄 14 水果 orange

    年级 2 课程/原因 subject/interesting

    班级 3 老师/原因 English teacher/fun

    学校 No.18 Middle School 电话 2725376

Unit5 单元达标 答案,I. 1-5 D, A, D, C, A

    II. soccer / football 2. physical education 3. favorite subject 4.after class 5. have gymnastics

    6. on Wednesday 7. 确信8.两小时9. 对某人要求严格10.美术老师 III. 1-5 EDBAC

    IV. 1.have math, on Wednesday 2. Why does, biology, Because, interesting 3. Who, science4. What’s. favorite subject, P.E.

    5. boringV. 1-5 ADADB 6-10 CAABB VI 1. to swim 2. running 3. see 4.starts, finishes 5. fill

    VII. 1. has 2. have 3.likes 4.eats 5.plays 6.goes VIII. is, doesn’t have, has, but, his, has/ eats, loves/likes, finish, for, strict, makes, really/so/very

    能力测试 答案I. 1. B 2. A 3. D 4. B 5. AII. A. Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday SaturdayB. 1. science 2 favorite 3. interesting 4. sure 5. math 6. lunch 7. fun 8. Monday

    III. 1. D. 2. C 3. A 4. C. 5. A 6. C . 7. B 8. B 9. D 10. C IV. 1. How 2. Where 3. How old 4. Which 5. What color

    6. How 7. When 8 .Why 9 What time 10. Who

    I. 1. I like our Chinese teacher , because she is very interesting.

    2.We are really busy every day.

    3. We have P.E. on Wednesday and Friday.

    4. What’s his favorite subject? Science

    5. Our teacher is very strict and he makes me very tired.

    VI. 1. A 2. B 3. A 4. A 5.B 6. D 7. A 8. C 9. B 10 C VII 1. T 2. T 3 F 4 F 5. T

    VIII. 范文

    My friend

     I have a good friend. Her name is Maria. She is 14 years old. She is in Class Three Grade Two. She is in No.18 Middle School. Her favorite color is blue. Her favorite fruit is oranges. She likes English very much, because it is very interesting. Her favorite teacher is her English teacher, Mr. Wang. He’s fun. Her telephone number is 2725376 . She is a good student.

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