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On the computer art design teaching [Abstract] With the development of society and modern science and technology, art and design fields have also undergone profound changes in the occasion of deepening the reform of higher education, the need to promote the work of computer art design teaching, art and design talents to promote the coordinated development of the knowledge stru..

On the computer art design teaching

     [Abstract] With the development of society and modern science and technology, art and design fields have also undergone profound changes in the occasion of deepening the reform of higher education, the need to

    promote the work of computer art design teaching, art and design talents to promote the coordinated development of the knowledge structure.

     [Key words] art design inspired computer art design teaching guide Teaching

     Community development, and technology advances, the growing field of computer art and design to bring a huge impact compared with traditional hand drawn, the computer with its fast, convenient advantages for designers to provide adequate techniques, computer technology and art

    of the perfect combination of being in a shocking wave of impact on people's daily lives, it will people from the past, a lot of complicated work is released, people can more quickly, more accurately, more effectively deal with a variety of text, graphics, images and other

    information to achieve a variety of ideas.

     First, computers and art and design

     Computer art design and use of interactive online media as the basic features, including computer animation, film and television

    advertising, online games, virtual reality, web art, multimedia, digital photography, digital music, video and interactive installations as well as DV (digital video), etc. . As a combination of human creativity and technology industries have become the core of the 21st century knowledge-

    based industries.

     Computer to design the most direct contribution is to bring a new modeling language and expression, according to computer structural features, it is more used to complete the design of rational analysis,

    information storage, modeling the performance of such tasks, which makes the designer more commitment to conceptual analysis, creative ideas and so on. Computer can make the design process visualization, the image

    generation process can be effectively controlled and direct feedback out of control effect, thereby eliminating the traditional photographic tools for defects. Is stored in the design as long as the result of changes at any time, you can return to work of the creative process at any point, the

    design process is no longer a one-way development, but multi-repeated. The

    introduction of the computer, instead of the designer to complete the work of most of the reason, the computer calculation speed can not match the

    human brain, and it will soon be the designer's creative intent into visual graphics, and colors, materials, lighting, physical change is also more convenient.

     Computer art and design emphasis on the operation of computer technology, more emphasis on the performance of design art, especially the cultivation of re-creative consciousness. In my last computer art and design lessons and found that the vast majority of students addicted to computer technology learning, and completely ignore the design and art

    creativity. The classroom, the students of computer design software, although the operation of very skilled, but the lack of new forms of creativity, can not show their own thoughts, perhaps simply do not think there is no sense of creativity. Creativity is considered in the design of scientific work of art after the operational phase, is to achieve the goal of visual design can be heard in figurative idea. Teachers to teach students computer skills at the same time, should be combined with professional features, inspire and guide the students how to use computer technology to create new requirements in line with people's aesthetic form or advertising work.

     2, computer art and design educational software

     Technical means to control the performance of high-tech form of a

    new teaching model - computer art design teaching. Reflects the high-tech

    digital art tools, the idea of perceptual knowledge to rigorous mathematical methods to organize elements of art design and rational

    control of computer art design teaching is bound to bring people to new ideas, new thinking, and a new design ideas. So the common understanding of the design software is also important.

     1.Adobe Photoshop as an image processing software, and regulation

    of the use of color has a strong advantage, fast fill, flexible, color change method, each of which is simple to learn, in the color composition teaching, teachers can right through the screen the complex relationship between color images to explain the students through the true color performance, easy to master the law of color matching.

     2.CorelDraw is currently the most powerful graphics software, a graphics rendering and image processing software, we use any of the selected node to create tools for basic editing or special pieces of deformation; whether it is a simple logo or a complex technical illustration, text layout choreography are alone. Its enhanced ease of use, interactivity and creativity can be used to easily create

    professional-grade art work.

     3.FLASH is a global epidemic of computer animation design software, is an interactive vector multimedia technology. Two-dimensional

    animation Flash is currently the de facto standard for Web animation, short of its files, the playback is good, interactive features strong, easy to learn and use, are widely used in network animation, advertising production, courseware, interactive games and so on.

     4. Web design software Dreamweaver is a web page production and

    management of web sites in a WYSIWYG editor, which allows you to easily create cross-platform, cross-browser limitations and restrictions on the dynamic web pages.

     5.AutoCAD not only can be used to draw a general two-dimensional

    graphics, three-dimensional solid modeling and can be used to support planar composition teaching is not only faster and more accurate, but can draw it difficult to get out of hand-drawn graphics, in-flight through

    replication, mirroring and rotation commands repeatedly to seek changes

and combinations.

     6. 3Ds MAX 3D animation software provides a standard collection of the establishment of the command panel, in the establishment of a cube, sphere, vertebra and some other standard aggregate is very convenient, direct tension or enter a value can be completed. Software also provides a strong material base, the real material can be simulated and can be provided through the system of lighting, animation, multi-angle to watch

    their work, from a certain extent, increase the mindset of training,

    reduced manual operation more difficult. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

     Third, computer art design teaching

     Computer design teaching should be divided into three levels of training objectives, namely production, creativity, and creation. Computer teaching to teach students how to create, for example: how to use software, how to use a computer typesetting, make-up, plate-making. But

    the students will be the light is not enough; Next, teachers should teach

    the students how to conduct a computer creativity to guide students on how to avoid computer, stiff, rigid and other weaknesses in the computer design and integration of traditional design methods, transfer technology, skills, the software combination of features to play to the greatest possible extent, to create new visual forms. Then again, teachers should guide students in how to carry out 'metaphysical' to create the design. We used this new teaching methods in teaching activities, and made some

    attempts, first of all the students to think about the overall image of brochure design, requires that each student come up with a set of the overall design of the program, through bidding, Comments of students works, selecting the best design, by the group on the assessment of the program to perfect in this topic based on the design of choice.

     The whole teaching process, teachers not only to design the overall learning problems, but also to guide and help students to think,

    analyze problems of the ideas, we must guard against the direct orders of the students how to do, but rather to guide students to think about; in teaching the students to start with some can be thought-provoking

    questions to guide students to form their own views, while the teachers

    are patient and listen to the students to speak, insight into their thoughts, see their rationality and the limitations of office, and then provide the appropriate guidance, to guide students to see their designs contradictory views and facts, or organizing students to discuss different points of view, so that students and students more fully between the communication and cooperation so that students learn to sort out and express their views; learn to listen, to understand other people's ideas;

    Society mutual acceptance, appreciate, argue, mutual aid and continue to view themselves and others, reflection and evaluation, through such cooperation and communication, and eventually to create a common understanding on a particular topic. On this basis, students can see the

    different aspects of the problem and solutions, thereby generating new knowledge, insight, teachers can be further refined and generalized, so that students design ideas clearer, more systematic. With the conduct of teaching, teachers to gradually enable students to pay more attention to manage their own learning, responsible for its own exploration activities. It should be emphasized that, in order to promote the cultivation of creative thinking of students, teachers want to create equality, freedom

    of students accepted each other environment in which teachers and students and between students and students undertaking adequate communication, discussion, debate and cooperation.

     The twenty-first century full of hope and challenges, the

    application of computer art design teaching will be more extensive, it is an extension of traditional design and sublimation, the new teaching goals, new teaching content, teaching methods constantly replacing old ones, Students pay more attention to the ability to adapt to change, to teach the traditional teaching model based mainly into the environment in order to learn, so that students grow up in practice, the ability to play to their potential, beyond the academic skills, so as to meet the manpower

    needs of modern society.


     [1] Cai tree of this. With regard to the concept of computer art design teaching and practice [J]. Northwest Art, 2003, (4). Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

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