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Findability formula of SEM

The findability formula search market


    This book is mainly bout how to success in searching engine marketing. The writer explains it from three points including creating a paid

    demystifying SEO and relationship between them. searches,


    1. What we need to do is to focus on our customers.

    While we do SEM, we must know our customers, because it decides our direction.

    2. Aims of SEM

    Business, Sales, pro?ts.

    3. Paid search and keyword marketing would be extremely valuable and

    eventually would be the key to successful Internet marketing Chapter1 the basis

    The formula has been crafted around two proven fundamental Principles;两个准则?

    1. The secret to Internet marketing success is using the right key- Words at the right time so that searchers can easily ?nd you,

    That is what we call ?ndability.

    2. We must also appropriately connect with our prospects at all Times by providing a relevant result in response to their search, 3. SOME TEMS

(1)Paid Search

    Advertisers pay search engines to make their Ads on particular result pages.

    (2) Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    Optimizing our site so that the search engine can ?nd us and give us a

    good position under the search terms where we want to be found. (3) Customers (not visitors)

    Chapter 2 First things first

    1. PPC before SEO because paid search gives us hard data about the

    keywords that will perform best.

    2. Factors of success keywords

     Precisely targeted, pinpointing our customers by their (and our) keyword choices.

    3. Good click

    (1) Customers should be bought to the page on our site that is about the

    goods they wanted, not our web sites homepage.

    (2) Generate sales

    Chapter3 how people search, shop, and buy online

    1. Correcting a Common Misconception

    ?Progress ?path? pain factor? a buying cycle?a series of

    searches? path to purchase.

    2. the buying cycle

    ; information

    ; shopping

    ; purchasing

    A successful search engine marketer needs to understand the answer

    to this question that customers wanted to search.

    3. Keyword trail

    4. Conclusion

Chapter4 the art of the keyword

    ; Choosing the right keywords is the most important part of a

    successful search marketing campaign.

    (1)Developing and refining keywords is a long process, it should be newer with time.

    ; Highly targeted and speci?c keywords get the best sales results and

    are far more effective than broad non-speci?c terms.

(1) Targeting our users and your keywords in a speci?c and

    results-oriented manner to the satisfaction of our customer, we (the

    advertiser) and our bottom line.

    (2) Informational keywords, shopping keywords, and purchasing

    keywords with appropriate and effective applications for each


    ; Searchers broadcast their desires and intent through their choice of


    (1) Aligning the correct keywords with the searcher’s intent is the essential ingredient for a successful search campaign.

    ; Successful search marketing lies in understanding what a Searcher

    wants (through the use of keywords) and delivering a

    keyword-relevant user experience.

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