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Smart construction related topics to explore_5376

Smart construction related topics to explore

     Abstract This paper involves the construction of intelligent forward runs should pay attention to the matters, intelligent and planned the construction of the scale sample set

     Importance of the transmitter (sensor) and experimental devices such topics as the principles of choice.

     Crucial word-scale plan to build examples of intelligent

    experimental device transmitter

     Intelligent built in recent years, growing rapidly in China. Many

    public measures, high-rise construction, which require intelligent

    residential quarters, intelligent building heat is coming or has arrived. Anything new, just an acquaintance appears that people have a history, once people are met, and will soon be caused by Yi Gu boom, but there will be hot and cold too fired up when the time is necessary to properly cool a bit, otherwise, will be too fired up like people get sick.

     First, the construction of China's smart appearance

     Construction started in 80 of China's smart with the 90 years beginning in late 1991, had sent to Switzerland to Germany at that time the company (later renamed Langille company, is the word Siemens House Science and Technology of Metals Company, its floor, the word self-control

    system, S600 brand-lan Gill Si France) held a skills training and

    learning. Are then united with the company in the domestic promotion of Building Automation System (BAS).

     In 1991, China completed the construction of a lot of intelligence,

    but the credential information the first capacity, China has completed construction of over 70% of intelligence is not running properly, the above ratio is accurate exposition did not go off, but the credentials are

things in the war situation, have seen operating normally, the real smart

    to reach number soon after the construction of scale is simply false. Alarming signs of causing wasteful investment. Countries have already made clear go on like this will cause even greater waste, so the establishment

    of an intelligent building expert committees, began hands-on style scales

    and plans relating to the designation, to the intelligent building system integrators qualification approval at things.

     Intelligent building is not running properly, can be divided into the

    following situation: the most intense is the system is in outage state, most of such projects built in the early 90 Clear, acting by resolution ordering, commissioning, acceptance and training issues are not successful, post - service can not guarantee that, there can not find the

    original order by the subject and found the outlay is also very high; other possibility is that system is still running, but only at the performance with manual control, this situation more than the force, some auto - control can be a normal input items are not too many, to reach full operational automation to achieve the economic operation of the projects will indeed soon after that, only in recent years, attention of the right supplier or the Acting Attorney provider qualifications, and plans,

    commissioning , acceptance, training and post-services, both in the treaty

    made clear demarcation, the situation improved considerably.

     Causing a large number of intelligent building can not operate normally are many reasons originally, some are smart building Definition of acquaintance is not accurate, some are planned on the reasons why, some suppliers reasons why, some of the construction unit of the reasons originally . Need to conduct a careful exposition of experiences, and

    constantly improving.

     Due to people's intelligence Definition of the construction of inaccuracy should be met in reality is not the smart intelligent building construction, also known as a publicity trip to the scene later, although the construction will be bred for intelligence is not only detrimental to misunderstanding that smart to build, although the operation would be right to play smart to build economic and social benefits of the inspection of the formation of misleading.

     Electrical construction drawings is also a smart construction plan is not successful can not be properly put into operation an important reason why, intelligent building involved in the twist of office automation system (OAS) Communication Automation System (CAS) and the line of

    building automation system (BAS) when they are places of the world's advanced skills, planning unit is difficult to look to master to become familiar with them have a history of planned units are not familiar with the choice of system, the construction map is quite difficult, twisting each department should include those elements, people have different Therefore 3A has emerged since the 5A, the original has been included in the Building Automation System (BAS) in Fire Automation System (FAs) and

    security automation system (SAS) points out alone. In the ocean of building automation system (BAS), although the automation system should include the Fire (SAS) and Security Automation System (FAS). As part of the requirements of domestic fire safety, fire automation system (SAS)

    program alone, or the relevant part of the approval can not be resolved. Office Automation System (OAS) and communications automation system (CAS) also requested to complete the plan by the planning unit. Construction map

    of these two systems connected with the product than the power of intimacy, all manufacturers of products in the network node structure, product efficacy and the price differential than on power, construction drawing plan, if given a certain industrial goods, with the configuration

    cycle delays, funding and other reasons PCT leather originally, it is difficult drawing was held according to plan orders, order once PCT leather, plans must PCT leather, so office automation system (OAS) and communications automation system (CAS) scheme is only for working drawings to the integrated wiring, and to propose a budget, due to the lack of harmonization plan met, plus an engineering configuration PCT leather orders are usually several times, which also contributed to the

    intelligent building can not operate normally affect the basic economic and social benefits of the normal play an important reason originally.

     Suppliers and their products affect the cell volume is smart to build an important factor in normal operation, operation is not normal, can not play its economic benefits, resulting in wasted investment generally refers to building automation system (BAS), due to floor-ning automation

    system (BAS) to run is not normal is not usually possible to ensure the

    normal automatic in operation, probably head movement conditions can not be achieved conversion to useful use of outdoor fresh air to save energy, the performance of some of the same as usual can ensure normal operation, because they do not directly affect things, it can hardly arouse owners of highly valued. Selected for the construction of the intelligent building automation system (BAS) which are mostly of oceanic products, but also with Rangel, Johnson Controls and Honeywell of three to the company's

    products. Ocean building automation system (BAS) of the supply comes from sensitive components, experimental institutions, valves, transmitters, on-

    site control station (a station), network servers and all software packages supply, the amount of the product lattice is completely

    guaranteed, but the ocean suppliers on site commissioning, training of staff, post services and so can not guarantee, in particular, with the Party and construction of the unit co-ordination more difficult to do a

    good job. Configuration arrival, some decorated to debug a Jun Shi, and then quite difficult to hold discussions, post services, Party A difficult subject to such extent, so that tension affects the building automation system (BAS) in normal operation.

     On-site commissioning and post-service topic in recent years, the

    ocean also caused the company's value, some of them acting in the country to explore business or help solve the problem companions, and some Services have begun with the staff in this area began to undertake the

    project for on-site commissioning and post-serious service. So, in recent

    years, the construction of intelligent building automation system (BAS)

and put into operation the normal rate of progress a lot.

     The skills of construction unit strength, and external levels of

    familiarity with foreign products, but also directly affects the building automation system (BAS) held at the normal. Wiring errors, especially due to the power line and signal line connected the wrong, or earth received the wrong signs of damage caused by configuration occurs when pregnant. Construction quality assurance can not be, wiring clutter to put into operation on-site commissioning and system impacts of black and white often large, so that some suppliers are usually look forward to when

    signing a treaty arrangement starting from the engineering contract, the truth that such measures can be useful to ensure on-site commissioning and

    system, the normal put into operation. But the Party can inherit, the construction unit can agree to say the least.

     Second, the construction scale of the development of intelligent

     Construction of intelligent building automation system (BAS) and put into operation the normal rate is low, resulting in a large number of investment and energy waste, has been part of the value caused by government, specifically the establishment of an intelligent system for the project something the Committee of Experts of the Commission, as the Department of Kan chip configuration planning department care, care and

    assistants, funding planning department to carry out things, one of the mission is supporting the Government in drawing up the scale, examples and industry regulations.

     Measure of how the plan for building intelligent design, after their

    formulation, how entertaining is a topic worthy of exploration. Scale worked out, everyone should experiment, if the scale developed by injustice, drafted for the future nobody will be lost to seriously test the significance of the development scale. Reposted elsewhere in the paper

    for free download http://

     Some program elements united in the experience of what multi-year plan to

    develop a plan for building an intelligent scale, the local government has also issued a document asking this geo-referenced test; this enthusiasm is

    worth learning, but the scale came out, also attracted a number of different views on . Important thing is to elucidate the reasons originally built them for their intelligence and their scale, to formulate a clear and acquaintances on the quite different.

     Under the measure of how a market economy to develop, and later worked out how to experiment, this is a new topic, some experts advocate the construction of an area scale according to the formulation, some experts advocated by industry to develop, respectively, some experts advocate the elaboration of geographical difference, These are the need

    for experts to argue, according to the construction of an area to the design, construction area of less than, but investment to allow the real

    usage needs, will not be able to plan and construction according to scale, and built a later innovation by industry, if different from so many Provincial Building, Municipal Building, whether it can scale to plan and configuration should be discussed separately by region to develop the

    subject is even greater, as the paper published them, so that everyone can hold elucidation of discussions, and as a part of the Government is prepared, delineation of what the scale of what geographic scale can be

    built on intelligent building and what it impossible to build any geographic scale, intelligent construction, may be less relevant. Therefore, the construction scale of the development of intelligent response to how to cause the growth of the market economy-scale

    development of those values highly.

     3, intelligent plan for building a plan paradigm example in the plan to play the role of law enforcement, the state plans to develop examples of reality that is the hive and planning unit must submit to the rules. Quiet

    nature of the construction of the position in the intelligent black and white always important, there is no quiet nature, tranquility and the use of nature can not be guaranteed. Quiet nature and configuration of personal quiet quiet. Intelligent building staff will set, configure

    expensive, quiet nature is particularly important, so intelligent examples of the construction plan submission must be harsh, so everyone is looking forward to an early example of intelligent programs built in development.

    But the detailed exposition of what the plan to build examples of how intelligent design, develop, how come there are many subjects of experiments. On this topic who have visited the domestic development of the project an example of professional style electrical experts and

    scholars, they develop capacity plans as examples of both normal according to their professional development, which requires the construction of various examples of things must be subservient, yet similar to the ocean of intelligent building program examples for reference.

     In terms of the electrical profession, the state issued a number of examples, such as the 35 ~ 110KV substation Plan Example (GB50059-92).

    10KV substation plan and the following examples (GB50053-94), examples of

    low-voltage distribution plan (GB50057-95), the construction material

    sample mine plan (GB50057-94), industrial and commercial electrical

    installation earthing scheme example (GBJ65-83 ) Electronic calculating

    sample room plans (GB500174-93), calculating machine monitoring system of

    industrial skills, anti-nuisance paradigm (CECS81: 96), the construction of an integrated wiring system, with the construction of the project group paradigm (Revised) (CECS72: 97) as well as the fire program examples. Smart building materials electrical plan must first submit to the example above, no human Zaiqu constructed specifically for the intelligent construction of the development of a dedicated program examples Otherwise, if two examples that there is no uniform, or are planning the construction

    and acceptance staff of the letter clearly divergent, would be to configure the things that cause clutter.

     Intelligent building must submit to the relevant national examples and rules, although the intelligent building is a new and advanced skills,

    disciplines, people should gather to discuss and research exposition of what the relevant national examples and rules can not be satiation of the requirements of intelligent building, and then to the relevant national sample was held with the supplemented or amended rules, the need for a separate example of a style, it is necessary to seriously argue.

     Matter of practice the invention

     Calculating machines in the network system, and calculating machine control system, quiet protection, the state is not a clear delimitation of the sample, which is the subject of intelligent building in the operation of the impact was more or less force, ranging from the impact system and a solid run, while in destruction of the calculations Lvgui machine system,

    resulting in a significant loss of investment, and occasionally also destroyed the system of data, large-scale network system, data damage

    caused by the loss of even more tense. In the 35 ~ 110KV substation Plan Example (GB50059-92), 10KV and below substation plan example (GB50053-94),

    low-voltage distribution plan example (GB50054-95) and the construction of

    examples of things mine plan (GB50057-94 ), the right over-voltage

    protection, they made a number of designated quiet, people can look at

    these designated expounded whether satiation of intelligent building requirements, not satiation when modifications or additions may be held, especially for low-voltage distribution plan sample ( GB50054-95) held on

    additions and modifications to meet than the force. The holding of

    modifications, it should be noted now that some contiguous parts or electronic components that they have had to guard against the effect of over-voltage 15KV voltage protection grade is already very high, but the

    power draw on can satiation of demand, but also, and the distribution Power plan sample for concord.

     Grounding system plan is constantly plagued calculating machine control and network system and communications system, a more important topic, in this regard due to professional differences, look at the subject's point of view on the differences, it would be difficult acquaintance unity. Therefore, in industrial and commercial electrical installations Pegasus Program Example (GBJ65-83) formulation, there is no

    clear calculating machine control system and communications system, grounding requirements, the harsh talk about calculating machine control and network systems, and communications system, also an electrical ground plan grounding program areas, in the quiet earth must yield to the State also designated industrial and commercial electrical installation earthing

scheme example (GBJ65-83). Calculating machine control and network

    systems, and communications system, how to access their own land, industrial and civil electrical installation earthing scheme example (GBJ65-83) will be held no special description. We have also visited style of the examples of relevant experts, the two sides also held discussions and concluded that there was no calculating machine of professional

    experts to join the style thing, ocean although some examples may be a reference to some acquaintance of the subject can not be unified and clear now appear to be necessary additions or amendments to be held. Currently calculating machine control or network system, and communications system, there are still certain differences between ground and other lines except the cover of ground, but also divided into two systems, the current garden, logical, numbers, the mimic, the signal ground and so on, so a

    variety of ground, with or without repetition, to be by the professional experts to carefully expounded study, to achieve unity, the brilliance of its delineation of how to make a fair ground. Some proposed to separate grounding essentials grounded, but the state's proposal to set the example of unity and grounding point, which took place bred discord, and some requests grounding resistance is less than 1Ω, some request less than 2

    Ω, delimitation of the relevant national sample requests Kid 4Ω, took

    place here as well bred discord, things have been encountered in practice some of calculating machine control system requirements for grounding resistance of less than 0.5Ω (more common in the domestic calculating

    machine control systems). The calculations ocean machine control system

    requiring all manufacturers of the grounding resistance is not uniform, some request a 2Ω, some request a 4Ω, there are the requirements of 10

    Ω, but did not met the requirements of less than 1Ω. Elucidation of the

    reasons originally important and figuring the hardware machine control system's own plans, product quality and manufacturing related to the more advanced hardware, plans, product processing quality, the higher the demands on the grounding resistance is not so small.

     4, Jun Shi language

     Today, the domestic intelligent choice of configurations to build most of the entrance from the ocean. However, calculating machines in China in recent years, skill levels and product grid system, the amount of advance is very fast, small and medium can satiation of the use of intelligent building requirements, cost the same system, much lower than the ocean. Some domestic companies and tertiary institutions have also developed a homemade Building Automation system, but because of sensitive

    components, experimental institutions, have not formed such as valves and transmitters supporting the development and production, to the domestic Building Automation System (BAS) to promote and application of greater impact, I hope the government can cause some issues with the experts value the Committee's wealth, bestowed with the bold and need help. In order to low construction costs, we have a number of industrial production, air-

    conditioning system, sensitive components, experimental institution.

    Transmitter selection of valves and ocean products, calculating machine system and its development, operation proved this program not only save investment, eliminate use of foreign exchange, in real applications, the

development of calculating machines of our own system software more

    appropriate to the staff on duty use, and it is fair to realize all kinds of air-conditioning system and operating conditions of the automatic conversion, prevarication high precision temperature and humidity controlled air-conditioning system for industrial production, but the

    calculations should be used domestically developed aircraft control systems. Temperature control accuracy ? 1 ? or ? 0.5 ?, humidity

    control accuracy within ? 3% of the time, on-site commissioning cycle is

    long, on-site impact of various kinds of harassment than the force, then we should give priority to think about selection of domestically developed system of calculating machines in order to control the level of resolution of software satiation of temperature and humidity control requirements. In

    the domestic building automation system (BAS) has not yet begun to take shape from the sensitive components supporting production before the transition can be accepted measures, sensitive components, test machines, valves, transmitters use or part of the selection of ocean products, calculating machine control system for selection of domestic products developed by a number of small and medium sized prevarication is entirely feasible to build intelligent, which requires everyone to support, for the

    building automation system (BAS) early realization of domestic production and make due filial piety. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

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