Shanghai Clinical Center for Sustainable Development Strategies_2756

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Shanghai Clinical Center for Sustainable Development Strategies_2756

    Shanghai Clinical Center for Sustainable Development Strategies

     Author: Xu Ping, Li Ai-jun Wu Hong Zhou Lin

     Abstract that this is with Shanghai Health Bureau of 33 clinical centers objective analysis of results of the assessment revealed the

    clinical centers in the development of the common problems presented to the policy as the main content of the six-point proposal, to ensure that

    the clinical Medical Center's leading position and enhance sustainable development capacity to provide reference.

     Key words Clinical Center; management; sustainable development; countermeasures

     Abstract According to the objective analysis of 33 clinical medicine centers by the Board of Health in Shanghai, this paper revealed

    problems which exist in the development of clinical medicine center, and offered six proposals for ensuring the leading role of clinical medicine center and improving the capability of sustainable development.

     Key words clinical medicine center; management; sustainable

    development; countermeasure

     Shanghai Clinical Center to address the existence of hard to assess, it is difficult to compare the actual landscape, as well as the performance evaluation process can be the Clinical Center to find the

    problems, the introduction of cases on the basis of classification, by practical application amendments to the final testing and feedback was established in Shanghai Clinical Center for evaluation index system, thus achieving the objective of the clinical centers, scientific, quantitative evaluation and sorting, as the center of Shanghai Health Bureau to develop clinical development planning and conduct of clinical Center for evaluation of scientific basis.

     A problem

     According to Shanghai Municipal Health Bureau on the 33 clinical centers of the evaluation results, clinical centers found that the prevalence of the following questions:

     1.1 Clinical Center personnel supply and demand more prominent

     As the Center's special status and commitment of the special mission requires not only have an excellent academic leaders, but also the backbone of a strong team and enough talent pool. However, inherent in the staffing in this area do not have enough policy supporting facilities, the

    Center personnel reserve requirements and the authorized staffing of the more obvious contradictions. Some central backbone to face title, treatment of topical issues such as confusion, in the fierce market competition environment, there has been a tendency to brain drain backbone

    of its greater potential hazards. Talent pool and talents get in, should not come out of issues such as personnel, there will be a better solution.

     1.2 emphasis on hardware over software is quite prominent in the construction of

     Clinical Center of the construction fund total investment, the vast majority are used for ward, operating room renovation and expansion, as well as the purchase of major equipment such as hardware construction, and only less than 10% to 20% of the funds for scientific research, new

    technology research and development and personnel training of software such as construction, objectively lead to "an emphasis on hardware over software" and "emphasize the invisible visible light" situation, contrary

    to the central building of the overall goals. In the Clinical Center of the construction process, the implementation of "soft" or "hard" carrot policy, strengthen management, scientific research, the effective realization of academic reorganization and truly optimize the treatment of

    disease patterns is that all centers must meet new challenges.

     1.3 insurance policies restrict the development of clinical centers

     Existing medical insurance policies mainly to solve the people's basic medical needs, and in the centers carry out various high-risk,

    difficult diagnosis and treatment of severe diseases, are not effective special policies. Therefore, there to solve every case of complex and difficult cases, each carrying out a major high and difficult surgery,

    should affect the authorized amount to the hospital's medical insurance, for a "more pay for more punishment, whipping the fast ox" in an unfavorable situation, the medical center bring to the workplace and

negative effects of economic pressures, but also impeded the medical

    personnel for technical services revenue increased, and dampen the enthusiasm for work, so that both doctors and patients in a dilemma.

     Two policy recommendations

     Clinical center for the problems, we should center on the "overall

    planning, scientific management, coordinated development and common progress," development ideas, will-centered development and evaluation of

    clinical medicine into the science track, motivate organizations and individuals, and further Clinical Center to promote sustainable


     2.1 Clinical Center-oriented development planning

     Clinical Center of the planning is not only the medical disciplinary development needs, but also in Shanghai and the national population health

    care needs, it should seize the clinical research center for planning, establishing and implementing the scientific concept of development. First, from the authorities concerned, through investigation and study, full feasibility studies, the number of experts of the center, structure

    and layout of scientific proof, correct guidance, dealing with growth and the quantity and quality, speed and efficiency of the relationship between the spirit of "appropriate scale , moderate quantity and improving quality

    "principle, namely, to have long-term planning, but also have immediate

    plans. The second is the development from the hospital perspective, each hospital should develop its key subjects of scientific planning. Many professionals in general hospitals, in general increase, based on the

    choose a medical profession as a key development should be fully argued in the context of the hospital based on its own terms, consider the market factors, supporting conditions, specialist technology, and so on. For the basic conditions relative to similar departments, priority should be given option to the whole hospital's medical technology can play a greater leading role of the specialist. Third, each center itself, should develop the discipline of technology development plans and annual plans, a careful

    analysis of its current level, personnel structure, technical characteristics and on-site needs, main attack to seize the technology focus, not only to pay attention to the edge of subjects, difficult cases , but also pay attention to common and frequently-occurring disease,

    caused great harm to the disease, the formation of "people have me have, people have my excellent, excellent I were fine, fine people I study" a good pattern.

     2.2 The implementation of the scientific management of clinical


     Clinical Center of the construction and development, is an include

    infrastructure, business development and technical team building, including systems engineering. To be human, financial, material, time, information, implementation of a comprehensive scientific management, and tap the inherent potential to reduce cost of ownership, improve medical quality, and give full play to advantages in order to create the largest and best subjects of social and economic benefits. First, we must strictly

    declaration, examination and approval procedures, and improve process management. A set of scientific and feasible declaration, approval procedures and administrative rules are conducive to the work of inspection and guidance that will help management efficiency. Competent authorities must strictly a good job access and Clinical Center, but also in the assessment after the passage to the next round of review, the strengthening of dynamic management, supervision and clinical center

    implementation plan. Those who are found not guarantee that the status as a domestic advanced clinical center that was found in the construction process in a timely manner, guidance, and can not be improved to achieve the requirements to be withdrawn, according to the principle of survival

    of the fittest, and are done center "in, up, left, down, withdrawal. " Second, establish and improve the evaluation criteria. Establish and improve the clinical center evaluation index system is directly related to the central reporting, evaluation, management of all aspects, the evaluation criteria should reflect the advanced and scientific, we must advance with the times, keep up the pace of development in medical technology to make it in line with today's medical advances.

     2.3 The Clinical Center of hardware and software to enhance the