Shen Manzo business to get rich textual - Shen Manzo 11 Notes on the Research_4090

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Shen Manzo business to get rich textual - Shen Manzo 11 Notes on the Research_4090

Shen Manzo business to get rich textual - Shen Manzo 11 Notes

    on the Research

     Shen Manzo wealthy, the financial resources of the astonishing "Ershiwanwan," the Ming and Qing

以降has been seen as a symbol of wealth. Shen Manzo rich ancient figure

    out the real causes and a variety of speculation, so there the bizarre and sensational, "fire technique", "treasure bowl" like myth. Shen, Manzo in the present study, the reasons for the rich, Shen Manzo, there are several kinds of argument. Which said that he was "large landowners" in order to rent a home made; a considered a business, especially the "Tong Fan trade" accumulated a lot of wealth; Nanjing where a professor is that Shen Manzo "is a typical large landowners and businessmen, More importantly, was a

    landlord and usurers, "This view seems" the most comprehensive. "

     As the historical data is scarce, the parties above arguments for their views are in fact very pale.

     Shen Manzo as "landlords," said Manzo grandson of the main argument

    is that Shen Shen Han-Jie Shen Boxi and nephew of two epitaph, which

    states "its Xian Shi Jia started to bow. Zeng Da Fu-Yu, from Nanxun

    resettlement Cheung Chau, see Yan Yi cultivation of its fertile land due to living Yan. Tai Fu Fu, Vladimir heir for the industry, try force their

    children to gather in harvest body Shuai thing ... ... "and" Qi Tai Fu Yu, Su-Resettlement caicun east of Cheung Chau, Wo Ai-paste their paddy

    fields, Tu Su Zhong servant, because family Yan. who then submitted those fields where the sewage is not owned by the Knight, bow during labor rate of children served, fecal rule well and pond vent the law, thus starting rich, Houle in prime closed. "I believe that This "argument" relied upon, has argued the author, see Shen Manzo 3 Notes on the Research, "Why is

    moved to Zhouzhuang, Shen Manzo."

     That Shen Manzo to landlords, merchants, loan sharks wealth statement, while Trinity is "the most comprehensive", but "argument" The same is not sufficient. Shen Manzo evidence for the big landlords and

    exactly the same as mentioned above, and no new additional historical

    data; Shen Manzo for usurers argument is a bit ridiculous: in the absence of any direct historical evidence, Shen Manzo had been let go of usury , it is simply "because the community prevalence of loan sharks in the Yuan Dynasty in other times less than can be said to be a feature of the Yuan dynasty of feudal society and the economy," Therefore, "Shen's family fortune began in the Yuan Dynasty, in the case of usury generally endemic

    they also have usury is a rich natural measures. "This" argument "is not too rough, and a little bit," unwarranted "smell out?

     Shen Manzo business, especially the "Tong Fan trade" caused by the rich to say, its textual research is very difficult. The late Mr. Wu Han-

    Ming historian also holds to that, but even he was such a learning-rich

    five cars everyone has failed to be verified, but after reading the relevant record of conjecture. This is not accidental that the Shen Manzo business to get rich first-hand testimony too low. Not go back too far in the past - since the 1990s, in recent years, Kunshan, Suzhou and Zhouzhuang, Shen Manzo two studies since the climax - that people are

    talking about doing business in Shenyang Manzo, over and over again is

    only a historical reference, I really have isolated single card is suspected of .

     The repeated references that people familiar with the historical data from the next holes Wani "Cloud Banana Museum Ji to talk about" a book: "is turned into Haija, go over the emblem, the pool, rather, too often, the town transferred between the rich and powerful exhibition of trade, To the millions of gold, due to the significant rich. " Only a roll of the book, Shen Manzo accounted for the length of the largest account of quite

    rich, in addition to Shen Manzo business information, there are many other elements conducive to in-depth research. Therefore, I sentence reading all specially reproduced below, to satisfy the Lovers:

     "Shen Wan Shan, Suzhou Wuxian people, from a poor family without

    production, to fish for a living, often in the Wusong, three still water between the fishing nets, aiming it to be a supper meal of the day. On the 1st meal complete, the water, washing dishes, bowls suddenly fall the

    water, lift up the mountain because I do not know where the bowl, so after numerous as stone Danjue bombs, gradually pick up a few pieces, luster Jiong often, is to make all of its take of, I do not know what that is also contingent. some knowledgeable people and differences, that saying:

    'This stone is also a crow, a get money, tens of thousands.' sa secret does not talk, is turned into Haija, go over the emblem, pool, rather, too often, the town transferred between the rich and powerful exhibition of

    trade, caused millions of gold , due to the significant rich. Or we can say: 'Summer Hill sit on fishing, see the Dipper stand up, then submitted Moriyuki cloth robe, was a scoop. and dawn, there is an old man picked Luo Tam cited seven to seven and, that the mountain, saying:' Ru Wei, I keep

    that, I will take. 'Introduction Hul suddenly not see the mountain as the Kai are all Horseshoe Gold also as a means to get rich.' two said different.

     "Mountain is both, clothing, utensils to be king. Sadakazu back

    garden building, Zhou returned 720 steps, Yuan played three-story, six-

    foot outer layer of high, mid-level high-three feet, no matter how high

    the inner three feet wide and six feet, Yuan Yan Ye 4:00 on the flower planting in spring is Lichun, Hosta, summer is Symplocos, Shek Kuk,

    Akinori hibiscus, narcissus, winter is Pandan, gold cup, every time flowers, such as the Jin-Yuan Wang, Hao Yue Xiu-Yuan. Ogaki, 10-step a

    pavilion, pavilion in the United States whom stone fragrant wood, flowers are decorated with color silk, hanging with pearls. Hill to try to bring cups to rely on the concept of prostitution tour, the deal handed to drink when happy, all day long. When people drink that's grinding.

     "Kaito to bamboo barrier, the number of fields under 10 ares, dig

    drainage water, kinds of Panicum italicum need for alcohol. Kamigakiuchi Sadakazu starting to see where on the wall above, to the powder coating, painting rare birds and strange beasts, like, miscellaneous hidden in the Among Flowers. walls of the Village surrounded by tired, stone mountain, within the pool, mountain, when flowers, goldfish pond, pool extending in all directions from the floor, face mountain bird's-eye view of fish,

    surrounded by cut Ishinari bridge, flying blue dyed green, majestic, if

    Sin District shengjing . dwarf-shaped cornices take wing, ultra-compact

    system. floor, another on the first floor within the center, Hao Yue Bao sea, are in the Yan Zhu Zhen Yi. mountain home units must at this to myself and others. floor under the greenhouse, in home 1, the system is

    not with any other. before the candle-Xuan, what to take? Why not hold a

    candle Tour meaning also. Hsuan outside the railings are gems, gold sales in the nine cloud-based account, square glass hanging lamps, rear 100

    harmonic Zhuo, Yi to take a hundred years old and is also harmonic. before the 10 dancers that can accommodate the number of Back to Basics. Hsuan off after the two existing bridges, the East Says Sunrise, West Yue Jin, so those who pass the bridal chamber. the bridge into the blue box, is

    home clothing of the Department, the clip the two bridges before and after the long and Qi who sleep concubine slave girl for the wing of the home also. after being sleep Says Spring Night Stream, take春宵一刻值千金

    meaning to marten as a mattress, Sichuan Silk Brocade as a coverlet, crisp raw silk for the account, with polar moment of luxury.

     "At first 10000 Murayama, there Yifu a stream transfer path women, women pregnant in October had enough, proper to the door of the first mountains, while the middle class will be midnight carry on. Nothing to advance and retreat, forced on sects in order to lever door knockers in a Women's Health because the name pull ring. That night mountains shall also

    be a dream, a dream that an old saying: 'Ru is full of gold and silver pull ring who also was not done this when the negative phase also.' Hill shocked nobody knows the so-called, and the Ming is there for this to be. mt subsequently closed its women for Zaifu, and their parents and to support Yan. Since women come after the family benefits Yan Fu, long and extremely intelligent. mountains are often associated with the Big Dipper. build a bridge, bride Xian-cheng, Also isotacticity fine, Hao Yue Sai Kung

    Bridge, the bridge today in Xiushui County, Northern Territory and Ping


     "I Taizu both g Jinling, Yu Wei land of its capital, Guangzhou City, away from it, when Binghuodiaocan occasion, libraries, government virtual

    lack, it is difficult to succeed. 10000 Hill relies on its rich, really willing to work with St Jude in half and built at the same time give workers finished the first three days. Taejo Zhuojiu comfort, called: 'In ancient times the Son of Heaven White Su-Feng Hao Yue, Qing said that they

    carry on.' natural heart is also really unhappy.

     "Wan-shan has 13 wives, especially love Zheyue her body. Mt try after flowering garden with view to a Goume Pong explore Hsiang-ting, white

    calyx tasty, filled with fragrance, Musume off by the payment due to

    increase in the tree Fei-shirt head reads: 'incense there are men, but

    little is hereby Chromic ears.' However, soon after your mother die, and their descendants have Moonlight see the end of follow-Mei Jin Fei-shirt

    with a beautiful, when all that her body is also refined soul. Hill thought it quite well , or overnight plum, or when Yue Mei prayer rooms, but also for ex-lock sets on the mound, the home away from thinking the monument, which said that: 'Red grease dusting 10000 state Ju empty, Yu

    Rong 100 bone-shaped earth are fantasy' , structure-room are reflected in

    its ex pull, tree monument as complex, Hueiji YANG Tie-cliffs of the

    system also.

     "Wan Yamada nearly Lake who extended lake was constructed, a rocky

    shore to barrier fields.'s Strange too has its rich, was the sole duty of its fields 9 bucket 13 liters, and Yu Hai from the without. Fitness mountains built in Suzhou Street, in order to Maoshan stone for the heart, the heart will be pursuing claims that there is inverse, gradually close

    kill, blood flow out of every white, Bing Wei's home and make copy to expose the family wealth into the officer. Bride of the first mountains is visible, in order to bed Shi Zhou Pu Temple Guanyin bed, incense embryo,

    ivory lattice, Babao bar. then left Hall 13 King bed, is used by the wife of mountains who are very sophisticated system. Suzhou Tong, Wan-shan nine

    years building, 10000 Copper Hill Bridge at reduced those who are. "

     The above-mentioned hole Wani, Shen Manzo careful analysis of data,

    one may solve the following problems:

     , Shen Manzo business start-up seed money, or "first pot of gold" in

    origin, is one of the study, Shen Manzo, there are several theories. Kong Wani provides a different "two said," but one need only remove the

    mystery, fairy's "cloak of packaging", we can see Shen Manzo is indeed a former entrepreneurial wealthy civilians, he has always been much most of the people's favor, praise , and even appeared Shen Wan Sannian painting,

    praise the Kun Shen Manzo and folk tales, etc., that is, natural things. And understanding of his business a "first pot of gold" origin have a chance, suddenly factors, for the ancients on the wealth of some bizarre,

Shen Manzo say, it will not be surprised, its absurdity will know that is

    not worth plus criticism, Chen Wansan future research in this area may no longer need to spend time and ink has. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

     Shen Manzo, 13 ladies of the house like the luxury of life should not

    become the main research in this area down to Taiwan, a professor of learning research Qing Hu Xueyan. CCTV in his "Lecture Room" Hu Xueyan note pointed out that "Hongdingshangren" Hu Xueyan there are many wives, the limitations of the times, study Hu Xueyan not study his affair, but the social significance of research on him, give the people now What experiences, lessons learned, inspiration. In my opinion, research, Shen Manzo so should we.

     Shen Manzo public welfare act, in the hole Wani recorded in quite

    appreciate. Build a bridge and daughter-in-making "event public bridge,"

    says Shen Manzo of course, also made the bridge and other places, I am afraid there is more than one, such as the article also mentioned "the

    copper Bridge"; to help the emperor build the Nanjing city wall, which is known as ; road construction, building "Suzhou Street"; text called "Suzhou Guri Tong," perhaps referring to the stone revetment along the canal, as part of a water conservancy and water infrastructure.

     Shen Manzo now all researchers, including this writer, in the Tian Mu Chen Wansan discussed, they are usually quoted by Kong Wani's words, "there are a few fields drilled drainage water for 10 ares wine needs." This sentence is very simple and clear, but the actual gaps of "kinds of Panicum italicum," the word, and consequent loss of an important message. This will be the make up and the sentence read "Arita number 10 ares, dig drainage water, kinds of Panicum italicum for the wine needs." The author

    and other researchers in different, and that such a number for the 10 ares Tian kinds of Panicum italicum by a massive amount of "wine must" is not a part of daily life consumption, but production of consumption, Shen Manzo able to develop into a very wealthy circumstantial evidence. See Shen Manzo 10 Notes on the Research, "Shen Xu Manzo and popularity," here is no longer expand.

     In addition, the gaps of the "kinds of Panicum italicum," the word, and also on "articles". "Panicum italicum" as sticky sorghum, used for

    liquor. Suzhou, the main producing area of rice, the prevalence of rice wine, and people used to drink rice wine, but Shen Manzo chosen to be, "Panicum italicum for the kinds of wine need to", and should be set aside,

    "the number of fields 10 ares" area to grow - such Panicum italicum Wine

    alcohol content is much higher than rice, more suitable for Shen Manzo Tong Fan Sea Fleet sailors drinking and export of a large number of needs - which no doubt confirmed the author proposed the production of consumer

    judgments. In my opinion, Shen Manzo Panicum italicum produced wine, it has enriched the Yuan Dynasty the list of export goods, the future visual

information a discussion of writing monographs.

     "Cloud Banana Museum Ji to talk about" included in the Ming HUANG Chang-ling's "barnyard by" Qing Tao Ting's "says suburbs continued," 1930 Shanghai Commercial Press, the "integration of the early series of books" and other books were collections can understand the current The book

    version, there are 78 kinds, which notes the year of publication there were three Wan Shun Zhi Qing Shan Tang dynasty, the Hui and other committee. Confined to retrieve the range, I only know that by far is the Kong Ming Shandong Wani, his birth and death, to act and so is not clear.

    If smart enlighten, extremely grateful.

     However, from the other elements of the book to see, say Yuanmomingchu things are also mentioned in the latest personnel is "all three I Liu Feng Chi Town God's Temple undergraduate essays in mind," Liu

    San-I for the Hanlin degree when Hongwu, known as the "old Confucianism," is to the Yuan Dynasty Hongwu between people. From this I judge is likely to Kong Wani later than Liu 3 I was Yongle to Jingtai between people, is likely to contain information on the Ming Dynasty, Shen Manzo novels authors is relatively early one, and his record of credibility and therefore may be relatively high.

     The author also noted the "cloud Banana Museum Ji to talk about" there are still below the record, "You Liang, the ... ... another city in the pseudo-Kai Bao Du, incurring large maritime Jia, still building respect Jane Hall, Zhu Yi lane in order to wait a treasure who set up so that guests Qing the name of their valley Feng Lu, do the salute. have

    lent their stunning in order to enter, then labeled them Qihuo VIP. may Zhu Yu-jin, then Jane called one fine somebody. there Huaqing Korea to use it, Asia is also at the guests. there are those who Sang Fei Chen of the beloved, Haija the jacket into the Golden Flower Siniu Zijin account, Crystal House, Fung Chi-boxes are mainly made of. " This shows that even in the Chenyou Liang, Shi-Cheng Zhang, Chu Yuan-chang and other melee era,

    "maritime big Jia" were not affected by the war, are still actively

    trading activities, and even deep into Chen Youliang forces up to the middle reaches of the Yangtze River. Shen Manzo as a "maritime big Jia" were the most active one, the author of "Shen Manzo historical one of the study" The article pointed out that the "Shen Manzo warlords have carved

    niche in the Yuan Dynasty, the still fully overseas trade. " Wani hole record of circumstantial evidence to this point of view of the author.

     Hiding in the depths of the fog of history, Shen Manzo has long been

    a silent person. Yuanmomingchu But if people are able to combine the social, economic background, a comprehensive, in-depth analysis and

    understanding of this large segment Shen Manzo valuable information regarding the events and behavior, it might cause it to "hear" Silence

    Shen 10000 3 as the actors of "words", we can see that quite a number of cases, the initial textual Shen Manzo doing business can still get rich,

as I would hope, done.

     At the same time, I believe that Shen Manzo is a multi-disciplinary

    research should be a comprehensive study of the content, or is a cross-

    disciplinary, so I hope there will be more and more multi-disciplinary

    experts and scholars to participate Shen Manzo study vision and more extensive, in-depth, so Shen Manzo level of research will be improved; be able to find out more and more comprehensive first-hand testimony, so that

    research results can have a new breakthrough ... ... reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http: / /

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