ConceptSearchingLogo_emailjpg Concept Searching Announces concept

By William Adams,2014-08-09 11:42
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ConceptSearchingLogo_emailjpg Concept Searching Announces concept

Concept Searching Announces conceptClassifier for SharePoint for Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010

    Continuing To Improve Business Outcomes through

    Metadata Generation, Classification & Taxonomy Management

MCLEAN, Virginia October 18 Concept Searching has announced the integration of conceptClassifier

    for the upcoming release of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010. This includes integration with the new taxonomy features and Enterprise Metadata Management. conceptClassifier for SharePoint provides

    automatic semantic metadata generation, automated classification, and taxonomy management running natively and managed from within the SharePoint Server 2010 environment.

    conceptClassifier for SharePoint generates semantic metadata based on the meaning of content. The conceptual metadata is automatically created when content is created or ingested and made available natively within Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 and SharePoint Server 2010. The metadata can be used to improve any business process or application that requires the use of metadata including ECM, Search, Records Management, Social Networking, Compliance, Data Privacy, and Governance. Management of the metadata is available from within SharePoint 2010 administration as well as from within the conceptClassifier for SharePoint taxonomy management. The ability to assign taxonomies to Content Types and automatically change the Content Type based on organizationally defined metadata features are also available in SharePoint 2010.

    “Metadata generation and management are becoming very big challenges to organizations and the ability to generate quality metadata automatically, classify content, and easily manage it can drive improvements to a variety of business processes,” said Martin Garland, President. “The strength of conceptClassifier for SharePoint to provide this functionality out-of-the-box as well as the ability to manage the metadata through SharePoint 2010 provides clients with a rapid ROI and solves a multitude of content management issues.”

    conceptClassifier for SharePoint integrates fully with the Microsoft Enterprise Search portfolio, including SharePoint products and technologies, Microsoft Search Server 2008, Microsoft Search Server 2008 Express and FAST Search technology. The core technology supplies the automatically generated semantic metadata to the search engine index. Additional features include both faceted and taxonomy based navigation, concept based search as you type, and text preview capability of documents and attachments from within the SharePoint 2010 search interface. Features available for both environments include multi-taxonomy support, automatic concept extraction, relevance ranking, controlled vocabularies, and vocabulary normalization. A wide range of out-of-the-box industry specific taxonomies that can be easily customized are available.

     “With the new functionality in SharePoint Server 2010, conceptClassifier for SharePoint’s ability to integrate

    natively with SharePoint Product and Technologies, and deliver metadata generation, classification, and taxonomy capabilities, Concept Searching can provide customers with an integrated solution to address a wide range of content access and management needs,” said Jeff Teper, corporate vice president, Office Business Platform,

    Microsoft Corp.

About Concept Searching

    Founded in 2002, Concept Searching’s conceptClassifier for SharePoint technology platform provides

    advanced metadata generation, automatic classification and taxonomy management, running natively in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 and upcoming SharePoint Server 2010 and is fully integrated with Microsoft Office, and the Microsoft Enterprise Search portfolio. Concept Searching is the only

    statistical metadata generation and classification software company in the world that uses concept extraction and compound term processing to significantly improve access to unstructured information. Headquartered in the U.K. with offices in the U.S. and South Africa, Concept Searching solves the problem of finding, organizing, and managing information capital.


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