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    Homeowners in the UK who are feeling the squeeze will be able to brighten up their homes and inject a bit of colour into their lives from just ?25, thanks to B&Q.

    As part of its „Brighten up Britain‟ campaign, B&Q has devised four looks to brighten up any room in the house for between ?25 and ?150. The four looks include items such as paint, wallpaper, lamp shades and cushions and are designed to add colour and style to a room without breaking the bank. Cosmetic improvements can add around ?3,500 to the value of a home* and by using B&Q‟s style guides you can transform four rooms in your home for

    just ?350, so its well worth the time and investment.

B&Q‟s Design Manager Fionnuala Johnston comments: At this time of doom and gloom a

    splash of colour and a lick of paint can not only lift spirits but add life to a tired room. B&Q has been committed to offering its customers the widest choice of products at the most affordable prices for years - for example, our 5ltr pot of Dulux is cheaper now than it was in 1992. Our coordinated and affordable Colours range means customers are able to change the look and feel of their home in line with the latest fashions, at „purse friendly‟ prices.

Bill Benjamin, Chairman of International Colour Authority says: “The news is full of financial

    woe and in times such as these, houses need to be bright and welcoming. It‟s time to get

    away from neutral colours in every room and to bring some colour into the home to lift the mood and cheer you up. Yellow, for example, is sunny and welcoming in an entrance hall, rich reds and purples in a dining room can create a feeling of warmth and comfort, whilst paler colours in a bedroom give a feeling of space, serenity and relaxation.”

Brighten up on a budget: reveal The new downloadable style guides, available on

    how to get the look for less with step by step guides to making over a room in your house for ?25, ?50, ?100 or ?150.

For ?25…

    A feature wall in a bright colour, new lamp shade and

    funky wall art can have a huge impact on the look and

    feel of a room and are the cheapest and quickest ways to

     inject some colour. In a lounge, for example, this will give

    your room an instant facelift.

    B&Q‟s Design Manager Fionnuala Johnston adds: “This

    is a really quick fix to get some colour in your life. It‟s

    bold and fun and will make a really big impact on your

     home without making a big impact on your wallet.”

Get the ?25 look with:

    Colours clear ocean paint ?10.98 for 2.5 litres

    Kobe paper shade ?3.98

    Stripes & flowers wall art ?9.98

For ?50…

    Adding a splash of brightly coloured paint, a

    statement lampshade, some fun accessories and an

    attractive plant can breathe new life into a dreary


    B&Q‟s Design Manager Fionnuala Johnston explains,

     “This look works well in a hallway as they tend to be

    dark and small, so it‟s a great way to add some light

    and colour. It‟s fresh, bright and will welcome

    people into your home.”

Get the ?50 look with:

    Colours warm yellow paint ?15.98 for 5 litres

    Large cylinder lampshade ?12.97

    Set of four mirror tiles ?9.98

    Antique copper inspire light switch ?6.98

    Plant ?4.98

For ?100…

    Use a bright textured wallpaper to make a focal point of an

    existing feature such as a chimney breast, invest in some

    colourful light fittings and keep the rest simple.

    B&Q‟s Design Manager Fionnuala Johnston advises Work

     with colour to highlight your favourite feature in the room

    and paint the rest of the room in a complementary shade,

    using contrasting colours to paint your old photo frames.

    This looks dramatic and sumptuous in a dining room and

    draws your guests to the dinner table.

Get the ?100 look with:

    Miranda plum wallpaper ?16.98 a roll

    Yolanda lightshade ?16.98 each

    Colours soft coffee paint ?26.98 for 7.5 litres

    Tester pots ?98p each

For ?150

    If you‟ve got ?150 to spend you can really go to town. It

    doesn‟t have to be eye-wateringly bright to be colourful -

    introducing a variety of colours, fabrics and textures is a

    great way to create a whole new look for a room and give a

    bedroom, for example, that much needed lift.

    B&Q‟s Design Manager Fionnuala Johnston says “Use rich

    colour on the walls and complement with washes of blue in

    the soft furnishings. Paint accessories such as old picture

    frames and vases in accent colours for a coordinated and

    luxurious look which doesn‟t break the bank.”

     Get the ?150 look with:

    Mia wallpaper ?10.98 a roll

    Colours collection brownie paint ?38.94 for 7.5 litres

    Frayed panel cushion ?7.98 each

    Mali curtain in light blue ?21.98

    Odelia chandelier ?24.98

    Box art shells ?9.98

Tester pots ?98p each

Other tips to brighten up your home:

    ; Buy tester pots and paint tired photo frames and vases to give them a new lease of


    ; Be thrifty - painting old furniture can make it look good as new - use stencils or buy

    new handles to give it a personal touch

    ; Fresh flowers or a pot plant can inject colour and life into a room

    ; Don‟t be afraid of colour. If you‟re unsure about painting a whole wall, why not add

    little touches of colour with new cushions or lampshades

    B&Q is already helping Brits inject colour into their home with a ?25 room makeover and downloadable style guides. B&Q is also now offering to brighten up the community and to nominate an area in their calling upon people to log onto

    local community that is in need of a splash of colour. Nominated projects are in with a chance of winning up to ?500 of B&Q products to help brighten them up.

    As we face another dreary winter, B&Q‟s community coordinator Claire Finch reveals why now is the time to brighten up Britain: “At this time of doom and gloom, a splash of colour

    can rejuvenate tired and grey places in the local community. With up to ?500 worth of products up for grabs, now is the perfect time to nominate somewhere in your local area that is in need of a colour makeover.”

    For further information and to nominate an area in your community that needs brightening up, log on to

B&Q‟s new Autumn/Winter collection is available in-store and online at from

    th19 September 2008.

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    For more information, please contact Hill & Knowlton: Gemma Bull 020 7413 3040 Deborah Hitchcock 020 7413 3241 Notes to Editors: * Source: Abbey. The Property Makeover Price Guide About B&Q

; B&Q is the largest home improvement and garden centre retailer in the UK and Europe employing over 38,700 people nation-wide, 25% of whom are over 50 years of age. Across the UK, B&Q has 331 stores, including 116 B&Q Warehouses. B&Q is part of Kingfisher plc, the world‟s third largest home improvement retailer with over 850 stores in 9 markets in Europe and Asia. These include over 50 B&Q stores in China, including B&Q Beijing, which is now the largest B&Q store in the world. ; B&Q was a supporter of the “Climate Clinic” at each of the three main party conferences in September/October 2006 by donating products and plants for display purposes. The Climate Clinic is an alliance including RSPB, Friends of the Earth, WWF, Energy Saving Trust, Greenpeace, Transport 2000, REA, LowCVP, Stop Climate Chaos, Woodland Trust, PRASEG, Micropower Council, New Economics Foundation, British Wind Energy Association, Combine Heat & Power Association, and the UK Business Council for Sustainable Energy. ; For more information about B&Q please go to ; For more information about B&Q‟s social responsibility Key Performance Indicators, please see, B&Q‟s parent company.

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