Roseberry Primary School

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Roseberry Primary School

    Roseberry Primary Nursery


    Welcome to Roseberry Primary School’s Nursery. We hope that your child’s time with us will be a happy one. We want to ensure that your child enjoys his or her time at nursery and feels secure and cared for.

    Is for every child leaving Roseberry to be a confident and happy individual and to have achieved the skills that will secure a successful future and make them valuable members of the community.

We share the vision developed by our children

We want our education to be fun, exciting and different

    We want to leave Roseberry with happy memories

    We want to achieve the best that we can

    We want everyone to have respect for each other

    We want children to get along and behave sensibly

Starting in Nursery is the first steps towards achieving this vision

    ; To create a happy, stimulating environment where children will be encouraged and

    motivated to explore, discover and learn

    ; To introduce children to a wide range of experiences using practical learning

    opportunities appropriate to their ages and stages of development

    ; To build positive relationships with parents so that we may support them in

    fostering the emotional, physical and social development of their children

We have a set of golden rules for children throughout school

    ; We are gentle

    ; We are kind and helpful

    ; We work hard

    ; We look after property

    ; We listen to people

    ; We are honest

    We believe that learning is most effective when parents and school work in partnership and strongly encourage parents to help us develop this partnership. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to come and discuss them with the nursery staff.

     Mornings 8.50am 11.20am

     3.00pm Afternoons 12.30pm

    (doors will open at 2.55pm to allow children to be

    collected prior to children in school)

     Miss N Parker Nursery Teacher

     Mrs S Hewitson Nursery Nurse

     Mrs J Hurren Nursery Nurse (am)

     Miss N Bann Nursery Nurse (pm)

    A full list of other members of staff can be found in the School Prospectus







    Nursery is entered via the cloakroom. Each child will have a peg with their name and a picture next to it. Please help your child to take off their coat and to hang it up.

    Children register themselves by finding their and name and placing it on a board and they are then free to choose an activity until they are called together.

    The children are all assessed against the early learning goals within the first 6 weeks of starting nursery and assessments then take place throughout each term. Assessments help the teachers to plan activities which will enable the children to progress in accordance with their needs.

    Activities are varied. Some are available for the children to access independently, others are set up by teachers and some involve the whole group. The outdoor environment is currently being developed and children are encouraged to take part in activities outside.

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