Grade Seven Mid-termtest

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Grade Seven Mid-termtest



    1. You can see __ A and _____Nin the word ―can‖ .

    A. a, an ,a B. an, a ,an C. an, an, a D. a, an, an 2. ---______

    ---My name is Alice.

    A. What’s this ? B. How are you ?

    C. Good morning. D. What’s your name?

    3. ___name is Tom.. ___ is my brother.

    A. His, he B. His, His C. He, He D. His, He 4.Is that your pen? ---_______. It’s his pen.

    A. Yes, it is B. Yes, it’s a pen C. No, it isn’t D. No, it isn’t a pen

    5. Please call me ___ 2137718.

    A. in B. on C. at D. for

    6. --___these her erasers? --No, they ___.

    A. Is, isn’t B. Are, aren’t C. Are, is D. Is, are

    7. Thanks ___ your help.

    A. at B. for C. of D. on

    8. My father’s mother is my ___.

    A. aunt B. sister C. grandmother D. grandfather 9.--___do you ___your name? -- B-I I-L, Bill.

    A. What, say B. What, spell C. How, spell D. How, say 10.表示“美国篮球协会”的缩略词是___.


    11.I have ________ books, but he has _________.

    A. many; much B. much; many C. many; more D. much; more 12.I like _______ TV, but I don’t have much time for it.

     A. watch B. watching C. watches D. to be watching 13.This chair is _______ black and that is _______ white chair.

    A. a; / B. /; a C. a; a D. / ; an

    14.The books are very good, I like_______ very much.

    A, they B. their C. him D. them

    15.Please call Mary _______ 3546403.

    A. in B. at C. to D. of


    1.This is a cat. ______(it) name is Mimi . 2.They are my _______(notebook).

    3.______(these)boy is his brother.

    4.Where ______(be)Gina and Kate?

    5.It’s nice to ______(meet) you .

    6. ______(be)that a ring?

    7.What’s ______(Jane)first name?

    8.______ (he) are boys.

    9.The store sells many English-Chinese _____________( 字典)

    10. Its an ________(有趣的) computer game.

    11. Lets _______(be) good friends.

    12. _____________(打扰一下),is this your pencil?

    13. I can see some _________ (手表) in the bag.

    14.My ______,父母(are all teachers.

    15.That ________(听起来)boring.



    is Brown. The _______ ________ ________


     ______ it ______ __the ________?

    3.--我的字典在哪呢: --抱歉;我不知道。

    --Where is my ______? --Sorry, I _______ _______. 4. That isnt my baseball. (变成复数 )

     _____ _____ my _____ .

    5. Are they English books? (变成单数)

    _____ _____ _____ English ______ ?

    6. These are his photos. (变成一般疑问句;并做肯定回答)

    _____ ,they ______. ______ ______ his photos

    7. They are on the table. (就划线部分提问)

    ______ ______ they ?

    8. Do you have a soccer ball? ,将you 改为Bruce (

    _______ Bruce ________ a soccer ball?

    9.Kate has an English class every day,改为否定句(

    Kate _________ ________ an English class every day.


    10.two, is, and, these, my, sisters, my, that, brother, are(.) _____________________________________________. 11. his, are, these, brothers (?)

    ______________________________________________________ 12. last, her, is, name, Black (.)

    ______________________________________________________ 13.Ann, Paul, this, that, and, is, is (.) _______________________________________________________ 14. on, they, are, the, chair (.)

    ________________________________________________________ 15.are, my, where, keys(?)




    Judy: Hello! Tom. Tom: I’m fine, thanks. And you ?

    Tom: Hello! Judy. Judy:. 2 .What’s this in English?

    Judy: 1 Tom : 3

    Judy: 4 A. I am OK. B. What color is it? Tom: B-A-N-A-N-A, banana. C. How are you ? D. Spell it, please. Judy: 5 E. It’s a banana.

    Tom: It’s yellow.

    David: ____8___. (B)

     Frank: Does you brother like them? Frank: Hi, David. Do you like noodles? David: _____9____

    David:Yes. 6 but I don’t like hamburgers. Frank:____10_____

    Frank: __7_. David: Ok.

    David: Oh. I don’t like them at all.

    Frank: What about potato chips?

     E. I like some hamburgers. A. Let’s have noodles for lunch.

    B. That’s all right. 1._____2._____ 3.____ 4.____5._____ C. I like them very much. 6.____ 7._____ 8.______9.____10._____ D. How about dumplings?

    F. Yes, he does.

    G. I don’t like them.

    五、根据信息卡内容选择正确答案. (10). ( ).2.Lucy’s phone number is ______

     A. four eight two seven three six nine

     Lost B. four eight seven two three seven nine My English book. C. Four eight two three seven six nine My name is Lucy. I am 12 years old. ( ) 3.______ found a set of keys. Please call 482-7369. A Lucy B. Tony C. Nick

     ( ) 4.Lucy is ______.

    A. twelve B. ten C. eight Found

    A set of keys.

    Please call Tony. Phone 867-5143. ( ) 5. Tony’s phone number is ______

    ( ) 1.Lucy lost her ______. A.687-5143 B.768-1543 C.867-5143

    A. book B. ruler C. pencil

六、阅读理解,20分( A (

    Hello! My name is Mile. I am from the Smith likes wearing a T-shirt and jeans (牛仔

    USA. Now I am with my parents. I like China ).Football is his favorite sport. After school with my parents. I like China; I like Chinese we often have a baseball match. Sometimes food, too. I have breakfast at home. I have an Mr. Smith watches and joins us. He plays egg, some bread and porridge() for baseball just for fun.

    breakfast. I do not like milk. I have no time to

    go home for lunch. So I have it at school. The 根据短文内容判断正(T)(F).

    lunch in our school is good. I can have (6. Mr. Smith is an English teacher. different food for lunch. I eat rice, meat and (7. Mr. Smith has one daughter. vegetables. Sometimes I have noodles and (8. Mary doesnt go to school because dumplings. I have dinner at home with my she likes sports.

    parents. Sometimes we go out to eat with (9. Mr. Smith likes to have sports. friends. We have chicken, vegetables and fruit. ( )10. We often play baseball with Mr.


    根据短文内容选择最佳答案。 十二.书面表达(20) 1. Mike is _________.

    (A) A. American B .English

    C. Chinese D. in the USA 假设下面是你的卡片,请根据内容用英语做

    2. For breakfast, Mike has__________.

    自我介绍,词数在20~ 30之间. A. an egg, an apple and porridge

    B. an egg, bread and porridge FIRST NAME apple, bread and milk Mary D. an egg, an apple and bread

    LAST NAME 3. He has lunch____________.

    A. at school B. at home C. in a restaurant Smith D. with his parents

    TELEPHOEN NUMBER 398-6159 4. He has _______ for lunch.

    A.rice, meat and vegetables

    B. noodles and dumplings C. chicken, meat and fruit

    D.A and B (B)

    5. Sometimes they have dinner_______. 亲爱的同学;相信你有一个和谐幸福的家! A. at school

    请你在体会家的温馨的同时;将你家庭中的B. in a restaurant with some friends

    C. at his friend’s home 成员所用英语介绍给我们吧。30---40词;开 the open air 头已给出;不计入总词数。

    ( B) Hi, friends! Now let me tell you my family

     Mr. Smith is an English man. He teaches members(成员). English well. His English classes are very

    interesting. He likes us and we like him, too.

    Mr. Smith has two childrenTom and

    Mary. Tom is seven and his sister, Mary, is

    four. Tom goes to school but Mary doesnt Mr.

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