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    ndTanzania projects 2 batch

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    URT/034/V/02-3 Fish Processing Issa Bukulu Buluba This project envisions the modernization and expansion of

    MANYEMA FISHING Director fishing facilities in Lake Victoria. This would include the

    TANANIA Manyema Fishing Tanzania Ltd. installation of new refrigeration and other cold storage facilities.

    LTD. Mkongoro/Nela Street Other improvements include the introduction of modern fishing

     P.O. Box 10289 Mwanza gear (ie- fibre boats & outboard engines). The promoters seek a

     +255 741 3025585 phone joint venture partner to assist in the acquisition of modern

     +255 741 230504 fax facilities for expansion purposes. The target market is both

     export and local. Total investment is US$0.64 million, and

     foreign contribution is US$0.4 million.

    URT/035/V/02-3 Fish Processing Mr. J. Lyimo Bridges Enterprises Ltd. is involved in civil engineering works,

    BRIDGES Director and design, prepare costs estimates and maintain roads and

    ENTERPRISES LTD. Yashika General Trading Ltd. drainage works. This company also has fishing activities in the

    P.O. Box 16181 Indian Ocean, supplying fish and prawns to the local and foreign

    Dar es Salaam market. A subsidiary (Yashika General Trading Ltd) was

    +255 22 2668302 phone established in 2000 for fishing and processing operations. The

    +255 22 2668302 fax project proposes to expand the fishing business through the

    purchase of fishing vessles and equipment for processing and

    packing. Total investment cost is US$0.5 million and the foreign

    partner is invited to contribute 50% of the equity.

    nd batch Tanzania projects 2

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    URT/036/V/02-3 Meat Processing Moses JN Wahome Happy Sausages Ltd. Operates an abattoir and meat processing

    HAPPY SAUSAGES Managing Director factory. The company owns modern, export-quality meat LTD. Happy Sausages Ltd. processing facilities. The major clients are tourist hotels and

     P.O. Box 2530 Arusha large retail outlets in the Northern region and in Dar es Salaam.

     +027 25028880 phone There is potential for export to Rwanda, Burundi and Congo.

     +027 254 8806 fax The project aims to expand current production, and enhance the

     quality of the meat. This would be achieved through full and effective utilization of installed capacity, and supplying the

     growing tourist industry as well as foreign and locally-owned

     supermarkets. The company also wishes to increase the variety

     of processed meats and fresh cuts. Total investment is US$1.2

     million. Existing assets are valued at US$0.78 million.

    URT/037/V/02-3 Meat Processing and Andrew G. Mollel Kijenge Animal Product Ltd. has been in the milling industry for

    Animal Fodder Managing Director over 17 years. The company has expanded from a small

    Production KIJENGE Kijenge Animal Products Ltd. proprietorship to a present-day corporate firm with annual ANIMAL PRODUCTS P.O. Box 205, Arusha turnover of over US$4.5 million. In 1996, a modern plant from LTD. +255 27 2506284 phone Switzerland. The company is now seeking a joint-venture partner

    +255 27 2508018 fax to provide managerial and marketing expertise. The company

    also wishes to restructure the company’s activities and make use

    of its full capacity. Existing assets amount to US$3.5 million,

    and foreign partner contribution is valued at US$0.5 million.

    nd batch Tanzania projects 2

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    URT/038/V/02-1 Wood Processing & Ali F. Akberali Burhani Saw Mills is over 30 years old, and supplies primary

    Furniture Managing Director product (sawn timber) as well as furniture to the local market.

    Manufacturing Burhani Saw Mills Ltd. The project foresees an expansion of the mill, increased BURHANI SAW P.O. Box 941 Tanga production efficiency and increased export of products (furniture

    MILLS +255 27 2642410 phone components, flooring timber, parquet and sawn timber). The

    +255 27 2642879 fax company aims to supply 70% of its products to the local market

    and export the remainder. The company seeks a joint venture

    collaboration, buy-back arrangement, and technology assistance.

    Total investment is US$1.5 million; foreign contribution is

    valued at US$0.5 million.

    URT/039/V/02-1 Wood Processing Mohammed Abdallah Said MASCO Saw Mills Ltd. was established in 1997 after the

    MASCO SAW MILLS Managing Director acquisition of 100% shares from Sikh Saw Mills by the current (T) LTD. Masco Saw Mills (T) Ltd. owners. The company manufactures plywood, flash boards,

    P.O. Box 5081 Tanga railway slipper, engineering and carpentry materials. The main

    +255 27 2644715 phone business, however, is timber and flooring parquets. The project

    +255 27 2644716 fax envisions the expansion of the factory in order to meet the high

    demand of “muhuhu” (a well-known timber product) as well as

    other exportable products. Overall quality of the company’s

    products will be improved. The company will also invest in the

    maintenance of its tree plantation, which is the main source of

    raw material for the sawmill. The company seeks joint venture

    collaboration, market access, buy-back arrangements,

    management expertise and joint R&D. 80% of the company’s

    products will be for the local market. Total market is US$5.5

    million, out of which US$3 million will be contributed by a

    foreign company.

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    URT/040/V/02-3 Wood Processing Pamella Kasambala Pemsa Trading Company’s main activity is the export of Pau

    PEMSA TRADING Director Rosa logs to China and Taiwan. It also clears and forwards cargo

    CO. Pemsa Trading Co. within and outside Tanzania. The company wishes to start

    P.O. Box 23135 processing Pau Rosa and other timber logs to increased the value-

    Dar es Salaam added for its products (in both local and export markets). The

    +255 744 319920 phone new project includes procurement of new machinery and

    +255 22 2112434 fax equipment which will stimulate production of more logs. The

    project requires joint venture partner, loan, market access and

    equipment purchase. Total investment is US$0.7 million, foreign

    contribution amounts to US$0.53 million.

    URT/041/V/02-3 Production of natural Elisha Sambula Mahenge This company intends to start industrial-scale production of insecticide (refined Managing Director natural insecticide: refined pyrethine. This insecticide is pyrethine)- MAGOMA Magoma Pyrethrum Growers & commonly used to control insect pests in and around the house.

    LTD. Buyers Ltd. The company wishes to establish a pyrethine processing plan in

     P.O. Box 1247 Mbeya Mbeya, where the crop (Chrysoanthemum Cinerarieflium) is

    +255 25 25 25500677 phone grown all-year-round. 40% of the product is to be sold in the

    local market. The total estimated investment is US$3.3 million;

    foreign contribution will be US$3 million. Collaboration is

    needed in the form of loan, buy-back arrangement and equipment


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    URT/042/V/02-3 Production of plastic Ahmed Abdullah This company is owned and managed by the family of a well-bags and various goods Chairman and Managing Director known and highly-respected businessman. It is currently engaged BIN MUSALAM Bin Musalam Investment Ltd. in retail and wholesale trade in general merchandise, imports of

    INVESTMENTS LTD. P.O. Box 5175 merchandise (tires and tubes), car batteries, plastic shopping

    Dar es Salaam bags, clothing, etc. The company has recently expanded its

    +255 022 2184808 phone business to include an industrial park, which is almost finished

    +255 022 2184807 fax construction. Being one of the largest importers of plastic gags,

    Tanzania has tried to begin recycling plastic waste, and proposes

    to use this industrial park as the site of the recycling plant. The

    company seeks a joint venture partner to provide the recycling

    plant, and also requires technical expertise. Total investment is

    estimated at US$ 4 million, and local partner contribution would

    be US$1.7 million.

    URT/043/V/02-3 Lime Production Mr. D.Q. Diyami The objective of this project is to manufacture hydrated calcium HIGHLAND Managing Director lime to use the produce to make lime pozzolana for building and

    BUILDING Highland Building Products road construction. Part of the lime will be sold to sugar industries

    PRODUCTS LTD. P.O. Box 4901 and gold mines. Pozzolana is readily mined locally. The project

    Songwe, Mbeya is domestic-market oriented. The project seeks a joint-venture

    +255 25 2560005 phone partner, buy-back arrangement and equipment purchase. Total

    investment is US$0.6 million, foreign contribution is US$0.37


    URT/044/V/02-3 Hotel Expansion Bernadeta Luciano Masuka Village Hotel Ltd. provides accommodation, hotel MASUKA VILLAGE Managing Director catering and tourism services. It is among the most popular HOTEL LTD. Masuka Village Hotel Ltd. hotels in Morogo. The project proposes to complete hotel P.O Box 930, Morogoro construction and improve the quality of service. The company +255 744 280226 phone seeks a joint venture partner, loan and technical expertise. The

    target market is both for local and foreign tourists. Total

    investment is estimated at US$1.0 million, and foreign

    contribution will likely be US$0.5 million.

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