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sap Integration Test Scenario01

Test Scenario No. : MPB001

    SCENARIO: BTF: Domestic Direct Sales, OWNER: BUSINESS CASE: Sales to BeiJing NOKIA STATUS: DESCRIPTION: Forecast;Upload Shipping Plan;MRP;Purchase;DV; Run MPS;Production;Create Sales RUN NO.:

    Order ;Create Delivery ;Create Shipment;Post Goods Issue;Billing;A/P & A/R operation EXPECTED RESULTS: RUN DATE:



    Plant WBBA BF MPB LH Export PLANT

    Customer Master 6000302540 北京諾基亞移動電話有限公司

    Material Master 0201677 Beetle N3310

    Sales Org. WLB1 BF MPB

    Distribution Channel T0 Custom Plant Transfer

    Division MP Mobile Products



    and create Shipping Plan (Offline) Control 2 2Upload Shipping Plan to Inactive Planned ZPMD61 Plant: WBBA WBBA PIR Delivery

    Independent Requirement (PIR) in SAP Version: XX Control/PP

    Demand Management Version Active:

    Input file: file direction

    3 3Display PIR (Inactive version) at the LH plant. MD63 Plant: WBBA Plnd ind. reqmts Display: Delivery

    SAP Easy Access: Selected versions: XX Planning Table (PIR with Control/Ma

    Logistics -> Production -> allocated weekly forecast) ster planner Production Planning -> Demand

    Management -> Planned Independent

    Requirements -> Display

    4 4Perform Long-Term Planning (LTP) with MS01 Planning scenario: 010 Simulated MRP result: Delivery

    simulated MRP. Plant: WBBA 1. Material status Control/Ma

    SAP Easy Access: MRP control parameters 2. Capacity planning ster planner

    Logistics -> Production -> Processing key: NETCH (Net Production Planning -> Long-Term change for total horizon) Planning -> Long-Term Planning -> Create MRP list: 1 MRP list Single-Item, Multi-Level Planning mode: 3 (Delete and recreate planning data)

    92211447.doc 1 of 8

    Scheduling: 2 (Lead time

    scheduling and capacity


    Include firm planned orders: 1

    (Use setting in planning


    5 5Check simulated capacity situation to see if it CM38 Planning scenario: 010 Capacity load for WBLA Master

    exceeds the plant capacity. Work center: WBBA (whole Planner

    SAP Easy Access: plant W/C group)

    Logistics -> Production -> Plant:WBBA Production Planning -> Long-Term Settings/General... Planning -> Evaluations -> Hierarchy Capacity requirements -> Work ;Cumulation of reqmts centers ;Dyn. Capacity cumul. Hierarchy: WBLA

    Plant: WBLA

    6 6Check Long -Term Planning results.: material MS05/MSPlanning scenario: 010 Material status for

    status 06 simulated MRP Material: 0201677

    SAP Easy Access: Plant: WBBA Logistics -> Production ->

    Production Planning -> Long-Term

    Planning -> Evaluations -> MRP


    7 7Send forecast to vendors and post material TBD requirements of forecast (LTP) on the Foxconn Suppliers' web site.

    Vendors will commit requirement qty on the web.

    8 8Adjust PIR (Inactive version) if vendor Material: 0201677 MD62 committed qty is short (from the web) or plant Plant: WBBA

    capacity is insufficient. Version: XX

    SAP Easy Access:

    Logistics -> Production ->

    Production Planning -> Demand

    Management -> Planned Independent

    Requirements -> Change

    9 Create an active PIR by copying the satisfied Plant:WBBA MS64 inactive PIR and assigning a valid version. Material: 0201677

    SAP Easy Access: Source version: XX

    Logistics -> Production -> Target version: AA Production Planning -> Demand ; Target version active Management -> Environment -> Copy History Version No database changes



    PLANT: WBBA Capacity status report; 10 9Perform M PS planning for all plant MD40 MRP control parameters Planned order created. SAP Easy Access:

    Logistics -> Production -> MRP -> Processing key: NETCH (Net MRP -> Total Planning -> Online change for total horizon)

    Note: Create purchase req.: 2

    Actual daily operations should use [As Purchase requisitions in open Background Job]. period Schedule lines: 3

     Schedule lines

    Create MRP list: 1 MRP list

    Planning mode: 3 (Delete and

    recreate planning data)

    Scheduling: 2 (Lead time

    scheduling and capacity


    11 1Display plant capacity. CM01 Work center: SMT001 Capacity load for each 0SAP Easy Access: Plant: WBBA work center Logistics -> Production -> Capacity

    Press button Planning -> Evaluation -> Work

    Center View -> Load

    12 1Adjust MPS in SAP by adjusting planned / MD04 Change the planned / 1production order if necessary: production orders quantity Material: 0201677

    SAP Easy Access: and/or date Plant: WBBA

    Logistics -> Production -> MRP ->

    Evaluations -> Stock/Requirement


    13 1Convert Planned Order to Production Orders CO41 / Material: 0201677 Production Orders are 2SAP Easy Access: MD04 Plant: WBBA created: Logistics -> Production -> MRP -> Planned order: Production order: Evaluations -> Stock/Requirement _____________ _____________ List

    14 1View component list in production order CO03 Input: 3SAP Easy Access: Order_______________

    Logistics -> Production ->

    Production Control -> Order ->


    15 1Perform MRP planning for Plant WSL1 MD01 Plant: WBBA MRP Run (Planned 4SAP Easy Access: MRP control parameters Orders & Purchase Logistics -> Production -> MRP -> Processing key: NETCH (Net Requisitions are created) MRP -> Total Planning -> Online change for total horizon)

    Note: Create purchase req.: 2

    Actual daily operations should use [As Purchase requisitions in open

    Background Job]. period Schedule lines: 2

     Schedule lines

    Create MRP list: 1 MRP list

    Planning mode: 3 (Delete and

    recreate planning data)

    Scheduling: 2 (Lead time

    scheduling and capacity


    16 1Check Purchase requisition list MD04 Material : 4511339 MC 5 Plant : WBBA

    17 1Convert Purchase requisition to Purchase Purchase order : Center MB59/ Document type : BBEB 7order buyer ME58/ Purchase Group: B43 Logistics -> Materials Management -MD04 Material : 4511339 > Purchasing -> Purchase Order -> Create > Automatically via Purchase


    18 1Release purchase order & Print POI ME28 Release code : The Purchase Order is Center

    8 Purchase order : released buyer

    The Purchase Order is

    print out

    19 1Perform goods receipt (GR) to purchase order MIGO Purchase order : Warehouse

    Logistics > Materials Management > 9 Storage Location: B03G account Inventory Management > Goods Movement Type: 101 personal Movement > Goods Receipt > For Material document : Purchase Order > PO Number Known Account document :

    20 2Park invoice MIR7 Invoice verification No. Document created

    Logistics > Materials Management > 0 _______________ Invoice verification>Document Accounting document No. Entry >Park invoice _______________

    21 2Change/print invoice ZMIR4 Invoice verification No. A/P voucher

    1 _______________

    Accounting document No.


    22 2Check and post invoice MIR4 Invoice verification No. A/P accounting doc.

    2 _______________

    Accounting document No.


    Display line item (A/P) 23 2FBL1N Vendor Account Open item list Accounting > Financial accounting-3

    >accounts payable>account->display

    change line item

    Display line item 24 2F110 Payment run date:__________ Payment media Accounting > Financial accounting-4 Identification:____________ >accounts payable> periodic

    processing> Payments

    25 2Check Material inventory MMBE Material : 4511339 Warehouse

    5 Storage Location: B03G people



    26 2After QI process, Perform stock transfer from MB1B Storage Location: B03G Warehouse account

    6QI stock to u stock Material: 4511339 personal

    Movement Type: 321

    Transfer quantity:

    Material Document:

    27 2Release production orders for production CO02 Order: _______________ Production orders

    Logical > Production > Production 7 released: order status control>Order > Change Go to button been changed from CRTD

    to REL

    28 2Generate picking list (for MM reference only) ZPM10 Plant:WBBA Picking list printed W/H

    9 Production order:

    29 3Perform goods issue to production order: MB1A Movement Type: 261 1. Stock reduce; W/H

    Logistics -> Material management -> 0 Plant: WBBA 2. Reservation reduce Inventory management -> Goods Storage location: B03G movement -> Goods Issue > To order Press [To order] button

    Input production order number.



     Click [Save]

    Material Document: _______

    30 3Perform production confirmation with the CO11N Production order number : Production order is

    1following data: confirmed. _______________ Logical > Production > Production Oper./activity : _____ control > Confirmation > Enter > Quantity completed : _____ For Order> Time ticket

    Labor hours : _____

    Machine hours : _____

    31 3Perform goods receipt for production order: MB31 Movement Type: 101 1. Stock increase; W/H

    Logistics -> Material management -> 2 Order: [Enter] Production order delivery

    Inventory management -> Goods quantity increase B20G Storage location: movement -> Goods Receipt > for Qty:_________ order

    32 3Perform Close production order: Order: _______________ Site planner ZPTECO Logical > Production > Production 3 Function>restricted control>Order > Change processing>Technically


    33 3Create Schedule Agreement basis on DV from VA31 Order Type: ZDS7 (BTD w/ S/O No.: Delivery

    4customer Fst. for Pur) ____________ Control/SD

    Logistics ;Sales and Distribution PO NO.:__________

    Delivery Plant: WBBA ;Sales ; Schedule Agreement ;Create

    Quantity: _______

    34 3Create delivery with reference to S/O VL01N Shipping Point: BBT0 Delivery No: Delivery

    Logistics;Sales and Distribution; 5 Supply Plant: WBBA ___________ Control/SD

    Shipping and Transportation Delivery quantity: ________

    ;Outbound Delivery;Create;Single

    Document;With ref. to sale order

    35 3Change delivery: create picking & Packing VL02N Delivery Doc. Pick Quantity: Delivery

    Logistics ; Sales and Distribution 6 no.:___________ ____________ Control/SD

    ;Shipping and Transportation; Storage Location:___________

    Outbound Delivery;Change-Single


    36 3Print/Preview Delivery Document VL02N Delivery Doc. no.: Delivery

    Logistics ; Sales and Distribution 8 Control/SD _________ ;Shipping and Transportation;

    Outbound Delivery;Change-Single


    37 Create Shipment VT01N Transportation planning point:

    Logistics ; Sales and Distribution ____________

    ;Shipping and Transportation Shipment Document no.:

    ;Shipment;Create;Single Documents _____________

    38 4Display stock overview MMBE Storage Location: QTY in Storage Location Delivery

    Logistics; MM ;IM ; Environment 6 __________ F/G:_________ Control/SD

    ; Stock ;Stock Overview

    39 4Change delivery: post goods issue VL02N Delivery No.: Delivery

    Logistics;Sales and Distribution; 7 Control/SD _________ Shipping and Transportation ;Post

    Good Issue;Outbound Delivery

    40 4Display stock overview MMBE Storage Location: B20G QTY in Storage Location Delivery

    Logistics; MM ;IM ; Environment 8 Material : 0201677 F/G:__________ Control/SD

    ; Stock ;Stock Overview

    41 4Create Billing VF01 Billing Type:__________ Billing No.: FI/SD Logistics ;Sales and Distribution 9 ______________ ________ Delivery No.:;Billing;Billing document ; Accounting Doc. No.: Price:____________ Create ______________ Logistics ;Sales and Distribution 42 5VFX3 Make sure all billing have FI ;Billing;Billing document ; 0 been posted to FI Blocked billing

    Display line item 43 5FBL5N Customer Account: Open item list FI Accounting > Financial accounting-1 ______________ >accounts payable>account->display

    change line item

    Incoming Payment 44 5F-28 Document No.: Clear A/R FI Accounting > Financial accounting> 2 ______________ accounts Receivable> Document entry

    > Incoming payment

    Check production order 45 5COOIS Production order: All goods movement PP/CO Logistics > Production > Production 3 _______________ relevant to this order control > Information system > should have been post. Order information system Production hour should be


    Display production order cost 46 5CO03 Production order: All cost should be CO Logistics > Production > Production 4 _______________ captured control > Order > Display

    Perform CCA Closing activities 47 CCA CO Check Actual Activity price 48 5KBK7 Fiscal year:________ CO Accounting > Controlling > Cost 5 Period:___ center accounting > Period end Cost center:________ closing > Actual price > Display Activity type:___________

Revaluate Production order activity 49 5MFN1 Production order: Production activity cost CO cost with actual activity price 7 was revaluated with actual _________ Accounting > Controlling > Cost activity price, the price Period:____ Object controlling > Product cost variance was displayed Detail list: ______ by order > period end closing >

    Single functions > Revaluation with

    actual price > Individual


    Calculate production order variance 50 5KKAO Production order: WIP was calculated CO Accounting > Controlling > Cost 9 according to WIP category _________ Object controlling > Product cost Period:_____ by order > period end closing > Detail list:_______ Single functions > WIP > Individual


    Calculate production order variance 51 5KKS2 Production order: Variance was calculated CO

    Accounting > Controlling > Cost 9 according to variance _________ Object controlling > Product cost category Period:________ by order > period end closing > Detail list: _________ Single functions > Variance >

    Individual processing

    Settle production order 52 6KO88 Production order: Production order variance CO Accounting > Controlling > Cost 0 was settled to G/L, ____________ Object controlling > Product cost Accounting document: Period: _______ by order > period end closing > Detail list: __________ Single functions > Settlement >

    Individual processing


    _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Approval: _________________________ Date: ____/____/____

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