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    QCA 14/15. Who were the ancient Greeks? / How 1 Subject: HISTORY Units: do we use ancient Greek ideas today?

    Learning Objectives Suggested Activities Learning Outcomes Vocabulary

    WEEKS ONE AND TWO Where and when was ancient Greece?

    To learn about the location, Give children postcards, maps and holiday brochures Pupils locate Greece Climate, landscape, climate and terrain of ancient of modern Greece. What do they tell us about climate, on map and ancient terrain, Greece. landscape, terrain, and buildings e.t.c? of Greece? Greece on timeline. Mediterranean Sea,

     Pupils discuss ‘BCE’, ‘CE’, To place the ancient Greek Recap on ancient, modern, Before Common Era (BCE climate and physical ‘ancient’, ‘modern’, civilization in time and place. [BC]) and Common Era (CE [AD]) relate to Egypt features of Greek city-states.

     work. mainland and

     What information do they already know? Group under islands.

    headings e.g. daily life, gods, legends. Children start Pupils understand

    ‘KWL’ grid to show what they Know, What they want to that ancient Greece

    find out and what they’ve Learned. Place ancient is located BCE and

     Greece on timeline. more recent periods To learn that ancient Greece in history are CE. consisted of city-states. Use maps (World, Europe, Mediterranean) to locate

     mainland Greece and its islands. Discuss physical

     features and highlight difficulty of travel. Relate this to

     idea of city-states, isolated by difficulties of