Southern CaliforniaChina Economic amp Tourism Development

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Southern CaliforniaChina Economic amp Tourism Development

    ……where fun is always in season……

    Southern California-China Economic & Tourism Development


    Tuesday, March 1, 2011

    Universal Hilton

    Studio City, California

    “Southern California-China Economic & Tourism Development Conference" is presented by key Southern California tourism partners and Southern California export professionals. The focus of the conference is to share working knowledge with the growing Chinese market and how to attract more Chinese businesses to Southern California.

    This conference will provide US tourism professionals and entrepreneurs with updated insight to better approach potential Chinese clients. With support from the Southern California Export Council, this conference will offer an insight to doing business with China for all levels of business professionals.

    For the first time, hand-picked Chinese meeting planners and luxury tour producers from China will join the conference an opportunity for US special events producers to showcase their ware! We urge Luxury Specialty Store events managers, Hotel events managers, Movie Studio events managers, Theme Park events managers, and Independent Special Events professionals to take advantage of this rare opportunity.

Key issues to be presented at the 2011 conference are:

    ;;The tight-knit China-USA business partnership

    Doing Business with the Chinese ;;

    ;;Cultural insight

    Overcoming language barrier ;;

    Understanding Chinese client’s needs ;;

    Competing against other nations (US vs. other destinations) ;;

    ;;Chinese financial system (money transfer to USA)

    Chinese Meeting Planner’s destination selection process ;;

    Relationship-focused (friendship before business) ;;

    ;;Marketing USA to China (how you can do your part)

    Business Travel vs. Corporate Travel vs. Leisure Travel ;;

    Effective marketing material ;;

    P.O.BOX 5354 Glendale, CA 91221-5354 Phone (818)551-9905 Fax (818) 551-0217


    ……where fun is always in season……

    Working with China US Supplier Seminar

    Southern California-China Economic & Tourism Development Conference" is also an opportunity for US vendors to gain an in-depth understanding of the Chinese market, a new

    frontier unlike any other Asian market.

Conference Schedule:

0800~0845 Registration/Check-in

0900~10:45 Seminar part-I

    Doing Business with the Chinese

    Mr. Christopher E. Meyer, President, Asia Global

    From his initial interest in studying Chinese culture and language to his eventual

    establishing an office in Shanghai, Mr. Meyer shares with us his experience on the

    REAL inner working of the Chinese business structure.

    How important is it to break the language barrier ;;

    Is there an advantage of being an American working in China? ;;

    Understanding Chinese business regulation ;;

    ;;Understanding Chinese financial transaction system

    What fascinates the Chinese about USA? ;;

    What do the Chinese Meeting Planners and Tour Operators Need from US?

    Mr. Kuo and Ms. Zhang (two TOP special events planners from China)

    Whats Chinas number one Out-Bound destination and why? ;;

    How do Chinese planners qualify a conference destination? ;;

    What dictates the leisure market? ;;

    Cost factor vs. Quality factor. ;;

    ;;How much does VISA processing play into destination selection?

    Promotional material: Paper folder vs. Audio Visual? ;;

    What do they look for in a hotel? ;;

    ;;Dietary requirement


10:45~11:00 Break

    P.O.BOX 5354 Glendale, CA 91221-5354 Phone (818)551-9905 Fax (818) 551-0217


    ……where fun is always in season……

    11:00~12:00 Seminar part-II

    Working the largest Chinese M.I.C.E group in the US history

Mr. Joe Chi, General Manager, Shine Tours

    Mr. Chi will share his recent experience with the largest Chinese incentive tour ever graced the United States.

    What did it take to peak the clients interest? ;;

    Whats the clients destination selection process? ;;

    M.I.C.E. clients requirements ;;

    ;;Understanding/respecting the intricate Chinese inner working system.

    Clients operational requirement from suppliers. ;;

    What will it take to earn Chinese M.I.C.E. business in the future? ;;


    The importance of Southern California-China Business Partnership

Mr. Christopher Lynch

    VP of Business & Economic Development

    Irvine Chamber of Commerce

    Mr. Lynch is very active and influential among key Irvine based businesses that are exporting to Asia.


    12:15~ 2:00 Luncheon Presentation joined by Chinese Trade

    2:00~ 4:00 Business Mixer with SoCal-based Chinese travel professionals and entrepreneurs

P.O.BOX 5354 Glendale, CA 91221-5354 Phone (818)551-9905 Fax (818) 551-0217


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