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    SCD-07:1 Priority Area I Goal 5 Transport for pastors and evangelists The pastors and evangelists who are working with mission and evangelism operate under

    difficult conditions covering the entire diocese by walking on foot from one point to

    another. The area is rugged and the roads are poor. Only a few of the district pastors have

    transport means.

ELCT-SCD plans to purchase 23 bicycles for evangelists and 11 motorcycles for pastors.

    This will give the workers a higher working morale and they will be able to reach many

    more people with the gospel.

Two years (2007, 2008) Cost (‘000 TZS) 39 720, Local contribution 3 000, Partner

    15 750, LMC member 20 970

    LMC allocation 2007 7 mi, VELKD 4.3 mi 2007, LMC all 4 mi 2008


    SCD-07:2 Priority Area II Goal 3 Tree planting project

    Clear cutting of indigenous forests and replacing them with commercial plantations has

    been a serious environmental decision of the past. Although the current situation is dire, it

    can still be improved if forest conservation and restoration measures are enhanced.

    Makete is under serious threat of losing all forests due to commercial lumbering.

ELCT-SCD plans to organise two awareness raising seminars in each district every year,

    they will identify areas to be replanted and water sources to be protected, they will

    establish nurseries and arrange tree planting.

Three years Cost (‘000) 37 500, Local contribution 4 500, Partner 12 000, LMC

    member 21 000

LMC allocation 3 mi 2008


    SCD-07:3 Priority Area II Goal 2 Establish a modern recreational/guest house in Makete

    The Makete district, newly established as a government administrative centre, has very

    few standard and reliable guest houses.

ELCT-SCD has secured a plot and would like to erect a modern recreational centre where

    guests can find clean accommodation and pay for such services. The centre would also

    become a source of income for the diocese.

One year (2007) Cost (‘000 TZS) 37 000, Local contribution 5 000, Partner 12 000,

    LMC member 20 000


    SCD-07:4 Priority Area I Goal 5 Extension of head office Construction work for phase I of the head office has been completed for some time.

    Extension phase II needs to be completed as per plan to equip the office with required

    space and facilities for effective operation.

ELCT-SCD plans organise the building work and get it completed as soon as possible.

    Three years Cost (‘000) 23 000, Local contribution 3 500, External 19 500

    SCD-07:5 Priority Area II Goal 1 SACCOS development

    The socio-economic status of the Makete community is very low with low purchasing

    power of the people. Exisiting SACCOS are sent to help members getting out of the

    poverty web. Savings culture has continued to be built enabling members to have capital

    base to start small businesses.

ELCT-SCD plans to continue training and retraining SACCOS members, officials and

    committees, provide essential tools and provide for village banking services.

Three years Cost (‘000) 22 750, Local contribution 2 250, External 23 500

    SCD-07:6 Priority Area II Goal 1 Agriculture and carpentry Low income levels for the community result in low purchasing power and low

    development. Introduction of oil seed production in large scale will assist households

    earn more income.

ELCT-SCD plans to encourage families to grow oil seeds and establish a seed bank on a

    revolving scheme. Two oil mills will be acquired to process oil seeds in the areas of

    growing. A multipurpose machine to process timber will also be purchased to increase

    the income of the diocese.

Three years Cost (‘000) 20 000, Local contribution 4 000, External 16 000

    SCD-07:7 Priority Area I Goal 4 Courses for book-keepers ELCT-SCD operates several project centres. Most of the book-keepers are not well

    trained and need upgrading. Without good records being kept, the project centres do not

    operate properly.

ELCT-SCD plans to organise2-3 weeks training for all book-keepers twice a year. Two

    secretaries will also be trained in secretarial duties.

Three years Cost (‘000) 14 250, Local contribution 1 250, External 13 000

KPS 2007


    SCD-07:8 Priority Area II Goal 1 Fruit processing

    Fruit growing is well practiced in Makete, there is a good environment for this. However,

    many fruits are wasted because of spoilage. It is essential that farmers are empowered to

    process the fruit.

ELCT-SCD plans to sensitise farmers, form cooperatives, order fruit processing machines

    and train operators. They will also establish a market for processed fruit locally and


Three years Cost (‘000) 32 500, Local contribution 2 500, External 30 000

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