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March 2010-doc - httplinux

     The Witness

    _____________________________________________________________________________St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church March 2010 East Haddam, Connecticut


     In this issue


    From Rachel…

    Lectionary & Vestry Notes

    Rotation Schedule

    St. Stephen’s Children

    Money Matters

    Deacon’s Corner

    Events – look at this page!

    New Vestry members

    Youth group

    Open for prayers

    Holy Week services

    What makes a safe church?

    Ode to Don Brothers

    Princess & the Prom


    Morning Prayer will be offered on

    Wednesday mornings at 9am during Lent.

    PARTY-PARTY-PARTYOften the music of Lent is in a minor key, meant to underscore the “discordant”

    OK, OK It’s really a Work party.nature of our lives as Christians in this world. We have been given so much by

    March 13, 2010God’s Holy Spirit, chief among those gifts being the forgiveness brought about

    8-Noonthrough Jesus’ life, suffering, death and resurrection. But we are aware that these There will be plenty for everyone to came at a cost to him – and usually come at a cost to us. The love of God Let’s get the church ready for Easter.includes the cross, in Jesus, and in us. Still, it is music, and we are meant to be Windows, brass polishing, dusting,uplifted by its words…even in Lent, even at the cross !

    repairing hand rail, raking, removing junk,thand anything else any of you can think of. Prayers for Healing and Anointing on March 14 during 8am and

    Bring your tools, dust rags, trucks, and 10am times of worship. stfamilies. This is really fun when we get lots Memorial Flowers due March 21

    of people!Contributions made to the Altar Guild in memory of or in

    If you have suggestions or ideas of whatthanksgiving for someone allow for the decorating of the church at we need to get done, please feel free to callEaster as well as providing other supplies that are needed year round. Liz Johnson. 860-873-1733Please fill out one of the forms that is under the bell pull and place it in

    the offering plate or mail it to the office. Thank you.

    The Time Change cometh! We spring ththforward on March 14, so move your clock Labyrinth Walk on March 27 to focus on holiness, preparing for

    ahead and come spring to worship on that Holy Week. 9am in the Parish Hall.


March 2010St. Stephen's Episcopal Church



    Vestry &

    7pm7:30 pm9:00amVision group

    Landscape of AA MeetingMorning retreat date –

    Prayer series7:00 pmPrayerMeet at

    7pmChoir 8:00 pmchurch at

    ConfirmationRehearsalAA Meeting8:15pm to


    Middle school

    dance, 6pm78910111213

     Third Sunday of Lent7:30pm7:30 pmWork Party8:00am Morning Vestry AA Meeting9:00am

    Prayer/CommunionMeeting7:00 pmMorning

    9;00am “Lump” seriesChoir Prayer

    9:30am Sunday School Rehearsal8:00 pm

    10:00am Holy AA Meeting


    5pm Harvest House


    Fourth Sunday of Lent7pm7:30 pmSafe 8:00am Morning ConfirmationAA Meeting9:00amChurch Prayer/Communion7:00 pmMorning Training 9:00am “Rain” series Choir Prayerday 9am – 9:30am Sunday SchoolRehearsal10:00am4pm10:00am Holy Chestelm

    Eucharist 8:00 pm

    5pm Harvest HouseAA Meeting


    Fifth Sunday of Lent

    8:00am Morning 7pm 7:30 pm9:00am9-11:-00amPrayer/CommunionConfirmationAA Morning Labyrinth 9:00am “You” seriesMeetingPrayerWalk 9:30am Sunday School7:00 pm8:00 pmHoliness of 10:00am Holy Choir AA Meetingour daysEucharist Rehearsal5-8pm 5pm Harvest HouseFamily

    Game &

    Pizza night


    Palm Sunday

    8:00 am Morning 7:00 pm7:00 pm9:00am

    Prayer/ CommunionHoly Holy Morning

    9:30am Sunday SchoolEucharistEucharistPrayer

    10:00am Holy 7:30 pm7:00 pm

    Eucharist AA Holy

    5pm Harvest HouseMeetingEucharist

    7:00 pm8:00 pm

    Choir AA Meeting




    St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church March 2010

    March 2010St. Stephen's Episcopal Church

    give up or to take on. And maybe by now you will From Rachel…

    have decided that it is hopeless to try to maintain the

    Last fall I saw a You Tube video featuring a woman dancing with her dog. Here’s the link: discipline for another four weeks. Who needs, or sacrifice, or the work of a spiritual life?v=sknEaZHHbhc&feature=player_embedded. I hope this image of a handler and dog practicing Those of you who are more culturally savvy than I day in and day out to be able to do this dance will will know right away that Canine Freestyle or Musical encourage you to continue your Lenten discipline, or Dog Sport has been around for over twenty years. take one up now if you have not done so. Those I can’t figure out how in the world people have the setbacks along the way – surely every dog has those time to devote to this, let alone how they get their days – are met with God’s promise of forgiveness and dog to be so obedient. Without leashes or treats! grace. Let’s try that move again!The performance was more than music and tricks of I hope the image will also give you a vision of why obedience, however. There was an affection and joy you’re engaged in self-denial, fasting, praying, that could only be described as beautiful. studying or almsgiving. While I know obedience and The handler and the dog had such a close bond that duty and Christian obligation are important steps the one mirrored the actions of the other. I found along the way to learning the dance, I believe God is myself wondering, “Is this what our relationship with calling us to be a part of a dance of beauty and joy, God could look like?” To be so close, so attuned to that flows out of a relationship of trust and affection. the Spirit’s promptings in our lives, that we know what God wants us to do at every twist and turn in I danced in the morning when the world was begunthe dance of our lives. To not need the “leash” of And I danced in the moon and the stars and the sun,legalism or the “treat” of a promised reward in And I came down from heaven andheaven; rather, to act out of training and loyalty, out I danced on the earth;of love and trust for our “handler.”At Bethlehem I had my birth. I am sure that these dogs do not learn how to join in the dance overnight, or all at once. It is, no doubt, I danced on a Friday when the sky turned black; the bit by bit practices and disciplines and maybe It’s hard to dance with the devil on your back.even bribery with treats that lead to the dance. They buried my body and they though I’d gone;Learning to trust and respond with affection to the But I am the dance and I still go on.handler lead to the beauty and joy.

     Can you think of your life with the risen Lord Jesus They cut me down and I leapt up high;as a dance of beauty and joy? It’s often not our first I am the life that’ll never, never die;image, especially in the season of Lent when we focus I’ll live in you if you’ll live in me:on obedience to disciplines of prayer, giving, helping I am the Lord of the Dance, said he.others, coming to worship, and talking about faith. It is easy to lose sight of the fact that the disciplines are Dance then, wherever you may be;meant to engender trust and affection. I am the Lord of the dance, said he, I’m not sure if God bribes us to get us to behave And I’ll lead you all, wherever you may be,the way God wants, but I am sure that we enjoy life And I’ll lead you all in the dance, said he. much more when we are trust God and listening for the Spirit’s voice. We learn step by step, day by day, and over time develop a dance of joy.

    Rachel When you receive this we will be two weeks into Lent. You may have already chosen something to _________________________________________________________________________________________


    St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church March 2010

    March 2010St. Stephen's Episcopal Church

    Harvest House, and looks forward to working with

    the Outreach focus group.

     We welcome Tanya & Kathy and are thankful for

    their participation. Please keep your Vestry in your

    prayers! Lectionary Texts

    Vestry Highlights

    March 7—Third Sunday of LentFebruary 8, 2010 Psalm 63: 1-8Opening Prayer Discussion on the Contemplation Exodus 3:1-15chapter of Christianity for the Rest of Us. “Open for 1 Corinthians 10: 1-13prayer” was discussed as a possibility for our church. Luke 13: 1-9Treasurer’s Report Receipts: slightly ahead of the

    budgeted amount due to receipt of some pledges.March 14Fourth Sunday of LentWe are in the black at this point $3,869 Psalm 32 Motion to accept Treasurer’s report, as amended by Joshua 5:9-12Glenn Brielmann, seconded by John Van Steenburgh 2 Corinthians 5:1-13, 11b-32Motion carried unanimously Luke 9:28-36 (37-43)Auditors Report for 2008 Kathy Faye moved to

    accept the report, seconded by John Van Steenburgh. March 21—Fifth Sunday of Lent

    Motion carried unanimously.Psalm 126

    Isaiah 43:16-21Meeting Regarding our Finances (held 2/4/2010)

     Philippians 3: 4b-14A proposal to invite other parishes to a meeting at St. John 12: 1-8Stephen’s has been put forward—to conduct a

    roundtable discussion on dealing with parish finances:March 28-Palm Sunday Vestry members each have the name of at least one Psalm 31: 9-16parish on our target list: to contact the appropriate Isaiah 50: 4-9apersons to explain our idea-extend invitation (for Philippians 2: 5-11meeting w/ lunch or brunch to be provided by us Luke 22:14-23:56 or Luke 23: 1-4here) Talking points will come to us by email.

    Old BusinessNew Vestry MembersHabitat for Humanity Work parties are to be st At the Annual Meeting on January 31 the parish scheduled on Saturdays after March 1. We are elected two new Vestry members, each for a three-registered on-line for participationyear term. New Business Tanya Knox and her husband Kendall were married Parochial Report for 2009 Kathy Faye moved to

    at St. Stephen’s on May 18, 2002. Their daughter accept the report as written, seconded by Cindy Melissa was baptized on June 26, 2005. For the last DiNino. Motion carried unanimously.

    Vestry Retreat 3/6/10 at Diocesan House. We are to six years, Tanya has been listening to Kendall talk

    meet at the church at 8:15 to car pool. Retreat should about Vestry meetings, and now she gets her turn to run till 3:30pm. be in on the fun! Tanya has been an active participant Safe Church Training Day 3/20/10in Sunday School, and looks forward to working with Bishop Smith’s Farewell A retirement gift from our Lynda Hickey in the Youth focus group. parish was discussed. The Bishop has 3 particular Kathy Faye is a long-timer – she and her husband charities he hopes to promote:

    Bill have been at St. Stephen’s since 1985. She has Bishop’s Fund for Children Women’s Center, participated in numerous ways, including as the first Diocese of Bogota Democratic Republic of Congo

    Bishop’s Fund for Children, Diocese of Colombia, female Lay Reader. Now that her “children” (Scott &

    S.A. Glenn moved that the parish make a gift of Ross) are out of the house, she felt drawn to express $300.00 to be divided between the three charities, her love for St. Stephens’s by serving on the Vestry. seconded by Maggie Shepherd, carried unanimously. She is enthusiastic about the parish’s participation in Adjournment



    St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church March 2010

    March 2010St. Stephen's Episcopal ChurchKathy Faye moved to adjourn. Madeline Fazzino

    seconded. Motion unanimously carried.


    Led by Dennis Tovey

    Next Meeting

    March 8, 2010 at 7:30pm



    St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church March 2010

    Priest:Ushers:Prayer Hotline:Vestry:THE WITNESSRachel W. ThomasGlenn BrielmannSusan Adams John Van Steenburgh

    DeaconChurch School:Young Adult Ministries: Madeline FazzinoMarch 2010 Dianne WarleyLynda HickeyLiz Garofalo Tanya Knox

    Secretary:Diocesan Delegate: Bill Faye Cindy DiNinoPublished monthly byGilbert Febos Lynne Meyer Ladies Aid Society: Wynne Morgan-BrownSt. Stephen’s Episcopal ChurchOrganist: Gordon Cobleigh Kathy Faye Andy Lavigne31 Main Street (P.O. Box 464) Wendy Hummel (alternate)Altar Guild: Maggie ShepherdEast Haddam, CT 06423Sexton:Stewardship: Nancy Giesey Kathy FayeParish OfficeDennis Whitty Phil PiccolaCoffee Hour: Glenn Brielmann(860)873-9547Treasurers: Acolytes: Kendall & Tanya Wardens:Fax873-1422Dennis Tovey Bonnie YackovetskyKnox Gordon Cobleigh

     A. Karolshak Gerry PiccolaRotation ScheduleMarch 2010

    Lay Chalice Prayers of Altar Coffee After Service

    UshersReadersLectorsAcolytes Bearersthe PeopleGuildHourNurseryPrayer3/7GlennDaveCathieBrittany DanBonnieJane L. Johnson &C & M Kathy BrielmannHassGarofaloYackovetskyHolleYackovetskyBurtisYackovetskyCavrellFaye3/14Liz GarofaloEvelyn Kerri Michael RonChickLiz Knox &Marci Cindy D. CorrivaeuMorgenWillisHomarShepherdGrilloGarofaloDiFigliaMarciniecHolle3/21Phil PiccolaJim MattStephanieGordon GerryNancyGarofalo, Drew AndrewJanetMeyerBudzikYackovetskyCobleighPiccolaGiesey& HomarLavigne Whitty3/28GlennDianneAnnEdwinMaggieGlennN & LM. Johnson & Amanda Evelyn BrielmannWarleyDiFigliaHomarShepherdBrielmannIacovelliHooverLisitanoMorgen4/4Liz GarofaloKathyEricErinDennisBarbaraJane Guptill, IarussoC & M EricD. CorrivaeuFayeThomasHolleWhittyHassBurtisMoore, DedmanCavrellThomas4/11Phil PiccolaGordonPeter SamanthaDianne Dave Liz Brielmann, Marci Bonnie CobleighGilsenanHomarWarleyHassGarofaloMarciniec & MarciniecYackovetskyLisitano4/18GlennDaveCathieBrittany DanEvelyn NancyThomas & AndrewLiz BrielmannHassGarofaloYackovetskyHolleMorgenGieseyMorgan-BrownLavigne GarofaloUshersChalice BearersPrayers of the Altar GuildNurseryAnne Guptill &Don BrothersMaggie ShepherdPeopleNancy GieseyCarl & Melissa Ed IarussoGlenn BrielmannDianne WarleyBarbara HassJane BurtisCavrellThe DedmansBud HallDennis WhittyDave HassLiz GarofaloMarci MarciniecRuth MoorePhil PiccolaDan HolleAnn DiFigliaNick IacovelliAndrew LavigneMarsha BrielmannLiz Garofalo Gordon CobleighWendy HummelLynn IacovelliAmanda LisitanoMarci MarciniecDennis CorriveauRon ShepherdDianne WarleyTerry ToveyAmanda LisitanoLay ReadersLiz JohnsonBud Hall (alt)After Service W. Morgan—BrownDave HassBonnie YackovetskyAfter 10am cleanupPrayerEric ThomasAcolytesKathy FayeChick GrilloAnn DiFigliaBonnie YackovetskyLiz JohnsonBrittany YackovetskyEvelyn MorgenGerry PiccolaMaggie ShepherdLiz GarofaloThe YackovetskysMichael HomarDianne WarleyGlenn BrielmannCindy DiNinoLiz JohnsonThe KnoxsStephanie YackovetskyJim MeyerWynne Morgan-BrownKathy FayeAnn & Frank Edwin HomarGordon CobleighEvelyn MorgenCindy HolleDiFigliaErin HolleLectorsJanet WhittyLiz GarofaloSamantha HomarEric Thomas Evelyn MorgenJay DrewIn trainingPeter GilsenanEric ThomasLisa HomarConnor JohnsonCathie GarofaloKathy KlinckRiley JohnsonKerri WillisCoffee HourThe FayesChristopher RaymondMatt Budzik Maureen JohnsonAnn DiFigliaPricilla HooverSt. Stephen’s Children



    St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church March 2010

    Please feel free to contact me with any other

    questions you may have at

    – I hope we can have a large group to represent St.

    Stephens! And remember all ages are welcome. ______________________________________________________________Lynda Hickey_Director of Christian Education

     The children will be continuing to learn about the Lenten season during the month of March. We will be talking about the changes that happen in church during this time and why.

     We have welcomed some new friends visiting our church and are thrilled to share St. Stephen’s with them!! Please feel free to encourage people you know to come and worship with us and see what a warm and welcoming church we have! Our classrooms are always open to all children who wish to attend.

     I would like to invite all the children as well as adults

    Youth Groupto participate in the 9th annual Bishop’s 5K for Kids.

     Through the past couple of weeks, the Youth It’s time to get our team together! This event will be

    Group has been focusing on getting to know people held on Saturday morning, May 15, 2010. Check in

    of St. Stephen’s better and working their best at opens at 8 AM with the race starting at 9:30 AM.

    strengthening its community. The Youth Group did Serious runners as well as walkers are invited to

    four activities that interacted with the community of participate.

    St. Stephen’s. The first was the “Get To Know The Race proceeds benefit programs that work with

    Youth Group” night. This consisted of various games children at risk in Connecticut, through grants from

    and snacks. People were given the opportunity to get the Bishop’s Fund for Children. Pre-registration for

    to know the Youth Group better.adults is $20 and $10 for children under 15. (Race day

     The second activity was “Game Night.” Though entry fees are $25 and $15).

    this was not hosted by the Youth Group, they were Parish and corporate sponsors enable this event to

    encouraged to attend the affair. The third was be a success. You can help too by getting people to

    “Kidnap the Pastor.” This was a way to raise non-pledge your participation in the race. The church

    perishable foods and hygiene products for the food team that raises the most money in pledges, will be

    bank. The fourth activity was a lovely Valentine’s Day honored with the BIG trophy at Diocesan convention

    dinner for the youth’s parents. This was a great way in October!

    for the parents to get to know other couples during a 65 – 70 volunteers are needed to conduct the

    calm setting. The Youth Group is working on more race: manage water stops, monitor the course,

    activities that can help strengthen the St. Stephen’s register entrants, and distribute post-race food

    community.There are jobs that require some physical

    Edwin Homarmovement and there are some that are passive. Adults and teenagers, please consider offering 3 to 4 hours of your time to a worthy cause and a fun day.

     If you’d like to volunteer please contact Bob Hoffman as soon as possible so he can assign you a position: 860 614-3861 or e-mail him at

     Deacon’s Corner



    St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church March 2010

     I want to share with you a Lenten Rule I have been Palm Sunday: Blessing of the Palms & Reading of the practicing for several years now. It was intended for Passion according to Luke at 8am and 10am the Lenten season but has evolved, as many things Monday: Labyrinth Walk, 6pm; Holy Eucharist, 7pmdo, to an everyday Rule in my life. I now leave this Tuesday: Holy Eucharist, 7pm

    rule taped just above my kitchen sink so that I am Wednesday: Labyrinth Walk, 6pm; Holy Eucharist, reminded of it everyday! It was written but Arthur 7pm

    Lichtenberger, Presiding Bishop, 1958-1964. Thursday: Maundy Thursday meal, footwashing,

     Perhaps you would like to cut it out of the Witness Eucharist, and Stripping of the Altar, 6:30pmand make it part of your Lenten devotion. I pray that, Friday: Preaching of the Cross and Special Anthems. as in the days of old, the glory of God’s presence, His With communion from the Reserved Sacrament and Shekina, will fill you to overflowing as you reflect and the Reading of the Gospel of John, noon – 3pm.practice this Rule. He draws near to us as we draw Stations of the Cross presented by the youth, with near to him. I pray that you may observe a Holy Lent.broth supper, 7pm

    Sunday: Great Vigil of Easter at 5:30am

    Lenten RuleHoly Eucharist with choir at 8am and 10am

    Fast from criticism and feast on Praise

    Fast from self-pity and feast on Joy

    Fast from ill temper and feast on PeaceMere Christianity

    Fast from resentment and feast on ContentmentC.S. Lewis wrote this book from his three radio talks

    Fast from jealousy and feast on Loveduring WWII in England believing that the “best,

    Fast from pride and feast on Humilityperhaps the only, eservice I could do for my

    Fast from selfishness and feast on Serviceunbelieving neighbours was to explain and defend the

    Fast from fear and feast on Faith.belief that has been common to nearly all Christians

    at all times.” This has become a classic of the In His service,Christian faith. If you’re interested in participating in Diannea group to reflect on Lewis’ writings, let Rachel know stby March 21. You can email her at

    Open for Prayer

     We are working out the details, but our hope is to

    have the church open for prayer most days during the

    week. If you’re interested in helping with the process,

    please let Gerry Piccola know.


     Well you guessed it, it's time for another spine-

    tingling episode of Money MATTERS, where

    10-10-80* equals a Christian lifestyle.

    th Last month we talked about wills, this month we'll Holy Week begins March 28


    St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church March 2010

discuss a way to get a guaranteed monthly income But wait! There's more...

    while providing a gift to the church. This concept is

    called a Charitable Gift Annuity (CGA).The Stewardship Committee

     Generally, an annuity provides income in exchange *10% gift, 10% savings. 80% living

    for a block of money. Any company or foundation

    that sells annuities can set up a CGA. Of course, the What makes a Safe Church?

    Episcopal Church through its Episcopal Church While some might focus on locks and security codes, Foundation (ECF) can set one up also. Through the we each contribute to a safe church atmosphere by ECF you can make a gift to your church (hint,hint), creating a place of safety and trust. This is important diocese, or Episcopal organization and guarantee for children, as well as for adults. yourself, or a beneficiary you name, an income for The Episcopal Diocese has a day-long training life. You fund the annuity with cash or marketable session for adults that is required for those who have securities. For example, you might have an IRA that anything to do with children, as well as for those in you do not plan to touch, however, the law requires leadership positions. In a congregation the size of St. that it be spent down starting at age 70 & 1/2. That Stephen’s, the more who are exposed to the training, IRA may be put to use through a CGA.the better!

     Another advantage, outside of the guaranteed Fortunately for St. Stephen’s, one of the training th income amount, is that you receive an income tax sessions will be held in the parish hall on March 20deduction in the year that you establish the annuity from 9am to 4pm. Our help is needed in providing for the gift portion of the contract. You receive a lunch; more importantly, our presence is needed to portion of your annuity income free of federal income consider together what makes for a safe church. Half taxes. Generally, you are able to prorate any capital of the day will focus on youth; half on adults.gains taxes over the expected life of the annuity In order to register, which is required, please call payments.the Diocesan Office at 1800 842-0126 and ask for

    Mary Hart. If you would like more information,

    please see Mother Rachel. The minimum amount required by an ECF

    annuity is $5,000

    The minimum age for a donor is 55

    There are three types of annuity agreements or

    payouts though ECF:

    Single Life-one person receives the

    payments during his or her lifetime

    Two Life (Joint & Survivor)-two people

    receive payment. When one person dies, the

    survivor receives the full amount

    Two Life (Successive)-initial donor receives

    payment until death, when the second

    named annuitant, if surviving, begins to

    receive payments until his or her death

     Princess & the Prom” Upon the donor's death, the appreciated gift will be Rachel Johnson is doing a prom dress drive given to the charity. Neither probate inclusion nor for her senior project. The dresses will be donated to estate tax will be incurred. This type of annuity is also an organization called “Princess & the Prom”. This is an irrevocable agreement.a charitable organization that provides free prom All this information and more is available at dresses to CT high school girls who may not


    St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church March 2010

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