The 10th China (Shanghai) International Medical Devices Exhibition 2012

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The 10th China (Shanghai) International Medical Devices Exhibition 2012

The 10th China (Shanghai) International Medical Devices Exhibition 2012

     Date: June 7 to 9, 2012 Location: World Expo Theme Pavilion • Shanghai • China

    ?International Trade Industry Base, Global Best Trading Platform for Sourcing Medical Devices ?

     Summary The China (Shanghai) International Medical Devices Exhibition covers an total area of

    2over 20,000 m with more than 1000 standard booths, creating a global top-level event for medical device industry. China Medical Devices Exhibition 2012 (CMEH 2012) is honored by industrial association as

    ―China’s Most Valuable Industrial Exhibition for Participants in 2012‖.


    Shanghai is an international financial and business city, the window of opening up to the outside world, the favored one by both domestic and foreign companies and users, and is always walking in front of the high-end medical device industry. It has significant impact on promoting the status of the medical device industry of our country among vast users and international counterparts, and has very important historical significance in improving the competitiveness and development of our medical device industry in international market as well as for creating good conditions for expanding international markets. It is analyzed by domestic industrial authorities that market of Chinese medical device industry has huge potential and is just at the critical point of integration development; vigorous support will be provided to develop home-made medical devices during the Twelfth Five-Year Plan which will enjoy priority during centralized bidding and sourcing, meanwhile, it will lay foundations for the market of domestic medical device industry.

    As the world's largest and most influential annual event of international medical device field, CMEH 2012 will integrate resources to provide domestic and foreign medical device suppliers with a platform for both export and domestic trade, at the same time, government organizations, hospitals, experts, scholars and suppliers will be invited to hold over 30 sessions of seminars for exchanging new products, technologies and laws and regulations on import and export trade and sourcing. So that suppliers at home and abroad can develop overseas market, international market as well as Chinese market more effectively. CMEH

    2012 will be held at World Expo Theme Pavilion in Shanghai, China, which has been visited by 70 million person-times. The exhibition will help global medical devices enterprises and users know more about the latest trend of the market of medical device industry, and promote the development of both global and Chinese medical device industry. Professional

    visitors from over 20 countries and regions including Korea, Japan, U.S.A, Germany, Australia, Canada, Sweden, Turkey, Switzerland, U.K, Singapore, Thailand, Denmark, Iran, Malaysia, South Africa, Brazil, Africa as well as Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong will be invited to the exhibition.

    Hosts: China International Exchange and Promotive Association for Medical and Health Care (CPAM)

    China International Exchange and Promotive Association for Medical and Health Care Domestic and Foreign Supporters:

    China Association for Medical Devices Industry

    Jiangsu Association for Medical Devices Industry

    International Association for Medical Devices Industry

    Zhejiang Association for Medical Devices Industry

    USA Medical Devices Manufacturer Association

    Taiwan Medical Enduring Education Institute

    Hong Kong Medical & Healthcare Device Industries Association

Korea Medical Devices Association


    Shanghai Zhanya Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

    Media Supporters:

    World Medical Devices Network China Medical Devices Purchasing Network Chinese Journal of Medical Instrumentation China Tender & Purchasing Navigation Network Medical Business Network Medical Devices Information Network Maidi Medical Devices Network China Medical Devices and Equipments Network China Medical Devices Bidding Network Ruijin Medical Devices Network

    Medical Devices Elites Network China Physical Therapy Apparatus Network Medical Devices Purchasing Medical Instruments and Reagents

    39 Medical Treatment & Health Network Orient Medical Devices Network

    Exhibition is one of the most direct and effective marketing approaches. Suppliers and buyers of medical devices industry will gather at the same time and in the same place. Participation in CMEH 2012 will bring you the opportunity of face-to-face talking with more than 30,000 visitors.

    Contact high-quality buyers and locate professional users: more than 30,000 visitors. You will save much time to search for customers. CMEH 2012 is worthy of your participation.

    Suppliers can:

    ? Through CMEH 2012, know and contact high-quality buyers at low cost and become suppliers of many potential foreign buyers;

    ? Through CMEH 2012, have face-to-face communications with buyers and directly know the needs, strategies and purchasing trends of buyers;

    ? Through CMEH 2012, convey your own contact details and corporate culture to buyers at the exhibition, this is a marketing opportunity at the lowest cost;

    Suppliers can also:

     Hold the 2012 China (Shanghai) Exposition of Household Medical Appliances in the same period to provide a one-stop purchasing platform for enterprises

    Make transactions on the spot: Though the show time is limited, thanks to face-to-face talks with buyers, it is easy to reach agreement or intention.

    Search for potential customers: 3 days show and over 30,000 visitors will help you meet new potential customers.

    Publicize your company and products: Exhibition is a kind of 3-dimention advertisement and can enhance buyers’ understanding so as to make products and services easy to accept.

    Establish corporate image: Establish a fine corporate image in the same industry and among customers, and uplift your status in the industry.

    Deepen market understanding: Know more about market demand and potential amid exchanges with buyers. It is more direct and accurate than routine market survey.

    Open up market and establish marketing channels: open up market and seek customers through exhibition, look for and select agents or joint venture partners.

    Widen international horizons: Build up an effective platform for international cooperation so as to let your company and products enter into international market more properly.

    Supply-demand interaction: Your old customers or suppliers will get together at the exhibition, so it is convenient for you to carry out interactions and thank-you activities

    Learn about development experience: By comparing with other suppliers, learn about others’ experience in enterprise development.

Registration & Move-in: June 56, 2012 Opening Ceremony: June 7900930

    Show Time: June 79, 2012 Move-out: June 9, 2012 (p.m.)

    Last event came to a successful close on June 27-29, 2011, with the total exhibition floor area increased from

    2212,000m in 2010 to 16,000m in 2011; the number of exhibitors increased from 552 in 2010 up to 806 in 2011, creating the best record in history; the number of visitors increased from 27,768 in 2010 to 31,236 in 2011. The overall scale of the exhibition once again proved its leading position in the exhibitions on medical devices in China. According to the survey on exhibitors made by the Organizing Committee during and after the exhibition, 82% of the exhibitors were satisfied with the results of the exhibition, 80% of the exhibitors showed strong interest in continuously participating in the next exhibition.70% of the exhibitors thought that this exhibition had greater advantages than other similar exhibitions

    The 10th China (Shanghai) International Medical Devices Exhibition 2012, organized by China International Exchange and Promotive Association for Medical and Health Care (CPAM) and Shanghai Zhanya Exhibition Service Co., Ltd., will be held from June 7 to June 9, 2012 at World Expo Theme Pavilion in Shanghai, China.

    2It is estimated that the exhibition floor area of the Exhibition will reach 20,000m with 1000 standard booths.

    2? Unprecedented scale: Over 20,000m of total exhibition floor area, more than 100 mass medias, more

    than 30,000 person-times of professional visitors

    ? Boundless business opportunities: Focusing on Shanghai, buyers at home and abroad will gather here, international strength will be fully demonstrated. It will be a unique international platform on medical devices industry

    ? Gathering of technologies: A grand gathering of the latest products and technologies at home and abroad; Exhibition-Forum-Economic Cooperation is an efficient platform for publicity and market promotion.

    ?Medical devices: Various new-type medical instruments and auxiliary medical devices and equipment, heart monitoring equipment, medical photographic equipment, biochemical lab equipment and household medical devices such as blood-pressure meters, thermometers etc.;

    ?Diagnosis and therapy equipments: X-ray diagnosis and inspection equipment, ultrasonic diagnosis equipment, nuclear medical equipment, endoscope system, ophthalmology and otorhinolaryngology therapy instruments, dynamic analytic instruments, crymotherapy equipment, dialysis therapy equipment, first-aid devices etc.;

    ?Ward care equipments and devices: Various patient beds, cabinets, operation chairs and beds, etc.

    ?Auxiliary equipment: sterilization series products, oxygen-making and oxygen-supply equipment, blood

    bank facility, medical data and image processing equipment, rehabilitation apparatus, special apparatus

for the disabled etc.;

    ?Oral medical devices: Dental diagnosis and therapy equipment, dental operation apparatus, dental technician equipment;

    ?Hospital remote medical system, hospital medical information system, hospital office automation system;

    ?Medical dressing: Medical bandage, gauze, face mask, Medical adhesive plaster, band-aid, cotton balls,

    medical gloves, surgery protective film, breathable medical tape, adhesive, dressing plaster, disposable syringes and infusion apparatus;

    ?Medical MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) equipment;

    ?Medical equipment and devices for operation room, emergency room and diagnostic therapeutic room;

    ?Medical software and information processing system, medical media and related services.

    Booth Type Domestic Joint-venture Overseas Enterprise

    Enterprise Enterprise

    222Standard Booth RMB 12800/9m RMB 25,800/9m USD 4,800/9m

    222Deluxe Standard Booth RMB 15,800/9m RMB 28,800/9m USD 5,280/9m

    2222Raw Space (Min. 36m) RMB 1,300/m RMB 2,600/m USD 480/m

    Standard booth package: 3-sided partitions, 1 negotiation table, 2 chairs, company sign in Chinese and

    English, 2 spotlights, 1 power socket (220W/5A), and fully-floored carpet. Expenses on any other

    furniture shall be borne by exhibitors.

    Raw space fee consists of a show space, carpet, security and booth cleaning service. Show Catalogue & Other Ads

    Front cover: RMB Back cover: RMB Inside front: RMB Inside back: RMB 15,000

    36,000 30,000 20,000

    Fly page: RMB 12,000 Colored full page: Black-and-white full Full text page: RMB

    RMB 8,000 page: RMB 5,000 3,000

    Arches: RMB Balloons: RMB Banners: RMB Admission tickets: RMB

    30,000/Expo 20,000/Expo 20,000/Expo 30,000/50,000 pcs.

    Diamond sponsor: Gold sponsor: RMB Silver sponsor: RMB Exhibitor /Visitor ticket:

    RMB 500,000 400,000 300,000 RMB 50,000

    Seminars Domestic enterprises: RMB 36,000/Session Overseas enterprises: USD 6,800/Session During the exhibition, many sessions of seminars will be organized by the hosts for international technology and trade exchanges, product promotion and presentations. All enterprises can make an application for hosting their own seminars. They must decide their topics and submit them to the Organizing Committee with the Application Form to arrange for conference room and equipments in advance. Equipments provided: Conference room (2 hours), tables and chairs, 1 projector, 2 microphones and 1 screen.

    Tel: +86-21-54133201

    Fax: +86-21-64126798


    Contact Person: Peng Shuai 86+18930510186

    The 10th Chinese (Shanghai) Exposition of Household Medical Appliances 2012

    Date: June 7 to 9, 2012 Location: World Expo Theme Pavilion • Shanghai • China

    Application Form/Contract

    Chinese: Name of

    Applicant English:


    Telephone Fax: Post Code:

    Legal Person in Charge: Position: Representative

    Website E-mail:

    Main Products

    Rental Items: 2? Standard Booth: m × m = m Booth No.: / Fee: 2? Indoor Raw Space: m × m = m Booth No.: / Fee ? Technical Seminar: session(s) / Fee: ? Pages of Expo Catalogue: / Publication Fee: ? Others: / Fee

    Total Letters: Number!(

    Remittance Date All the fees above shall be remitted on (M) _____(D) (Y). Beneficiary Shanghai Zhanya Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

    Beneficiary’s Bank Bank of Shanghai Minhang Sub-branch

    Account No. 31698403001035257


    1. Publishing 200-character/word content of exhibits and company profile in the Show Catalogue free of


    2. The allocation of booths is based on the principle of first-come-first-served in terms of application and


    3. Participation fees shall be remitted in full or 50% to the designated bank account within 7 working days

    after application. The balance of the payment shall be settled before May 10, 2010.

    4. In order to comply with the overall arrangement, the Organizer has the right to make adjustment to some

    booths when necessary.

    5. No booth fees shall be refunded unless the application is not accepted by the Organizer. 6. Exhibitors who need water, motor power, and compressed air for demonstration shall submit their

    applications one month in advance.

Secretariat Office of the Organizing Committee: Applicant (Official Seal):

    Add: Rm. 2203, Block A, Yinxiao Building, 6259 Humin

    Road, Shanghai, P. R. China

    Tel: +86-21-54133201 Person in Charge (Signature): Fax: +86-21-64126798 E-mail:

    Contact Person: Peng Shuai 86+18930510186 Date (D/M/Y):

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