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Apr 14thApr,14th,apr

强调句; It is.that..

    Thanks to=due to=owing to 由于

    In terms of 就。。。。而言

    By means of=depend on I have more money than you. (wrong sentence)

    I have more money than you have. (correct sentence)

    Major=profession course curriculum


    Regulate to=adjust to 调节

    Take after=immitate 效仿

    Take up=occupy 占据

Leave/ make + for +到达点

    Make off= run away 逃掉

    Those who..凡是。。。。的人

    Suggest 表明 insist 坚决认为 与主语时态一致 Suggest

    Order that +主语+(should)+动词原形do Request


    Take effect 凑效 recommend=advocate 提倡

,however, ,neverthless,

    base basic basis agree disagree agreeable shopping basket basement baby-sitter

    income earning salary

    wallet purse

    based on=on the basis of 为基础


    quality qualify qualified=competitive compete competition competitive challenging=challengeable take challenge varied various variouty

    rich abundant skill skillful unskillful skill=technique

    psychology psychologist

    make every effort=spare no effort be a help for=be helpful for.

    Besides 之外还

    except 除去之外(同类的)

    except for 除去之外(不同类的)

    useful=practical self-confidence confident

mind doing sth mind ones doing sth.

    Hungry starve starvation Client=customer=guest right now=at present=at the moment

    This=I that=you

    It’s nice to meet you. = Glad to meet you=Pleased to

    meet you Im fine=Everything goes on well. -ache toothache backache Have on=get dressed

    Do you mind if I call you James? Turn on turn off turn down Disturb=interrupt fault=mistake=error Have influence on sb.

    Career=job=position=work=occupany Move immigrate

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