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    Submitted by Dr. Dennis P. Tishken

    NEH Summer Institute on “Southeast Asia: Indigenous Impulses and Outside Influences”

    Southeast Asia

Regional Studies (History, Culture, Literature and Arts)

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    Studies, 1997. (This is an excellent resource for identifying useful pieces of

    literature on a country-by-country basis.)

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Regional Audio-Visuals

Asian Insight. 1980’s. 3 pts. (291 min.) Chicago: Films Incorporated. (Pt. 1 features

    Japan/Hong Kong; Pt. 2 features Indonesia/Philippines; and Pt. 3 features


    Folk Dances of Asia and the Pacific. 1991. (60 min.) Tokyo: Asian Cultural Centre for

    UNESCO. (Features folk dances from China, Australia, Nepal, Vietnam, India,

    Philippines, Korea, Laos, Sri Lanka, Mongolia, Indonesia, Japan, Bangladesh and


JVC Video Anthology of World Music and Dance. 1990. (30 videos for 1527 min.)

    Cambridge, MA: Rounder Records. 1990 . (Features units on East Asia, Southeast

    Asia, South Asia, Middle East, Africa, Europe, Soviet Union, the Americas, and


    A Sound of Tambours: An ASEAN Tapestry. 1990. (73 min.) Manda: Bayanihan

    Philippines Dance Co. (Music and dances from Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia,

    Philippines, Singapore and Thailand performed by dancers from these respective


Slow Boat from Surabaya: Through Southeast Asia with Jack Pizzey. 6 videos/ 55 min.

    each. Falls Church, VA: Landmark Films. (Pt. 1 Past Colonial Waltz; Pt. 2-

    Diplomatic Thais; Pt. 3- Filipinos, the women of the Philippines; Pt. 4- Five Faces

    of God; Pt. 5- Rich, clever and homeless; and Pt. 6- Red pride, red sorrow.)


Cultural Ethnography

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Literature (Fiction)

Kepner, Susan Fulop. The Lioness in Bloom: Modern Thai Fiction about Women.

    University of California Press, 1996.

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    Agonies of Change in Short Stories. Chulalongkorn University/ Social Research

    Institute in cooperation with the East--West Center, Honolulu, HA, 1992. (This

    anthology of brief short stories includes ethnographic comments by the editors on

    each story.)

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    Identity Board, Bangkok, 1989. (Anthology with cross-section of various genres.)


Thailand, the Golden Kingdom. 1991. (56 min.) San Ramon, CA: Video Visits.

Thailand, the Golden Paradise. 1990. (60 min.) Bangkok: Foto House Camera and Video.

    Thailand: Land of Smiles. 1980’s. (27 min.) Coronet Films and Video.

Rum Thai, Thai Classical Dance. 1990’s. (60 min.) Bangkok: Foto House Camera and


Thai Dance. 1985. (35 min.) Bangkok: ASEAN Committee on Culture and Information

    and Department of Public Relations. (Folk dances of indigenous peoples.)


Cultural Ethnography

     ndMulder, Niels. Individual and Society in Java: A Cultural Analysis. 2 rev. ed.

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Literature (Fiction)

    Lubis, Mochtar. Twilight in Jakarta. Trans. Claire Holt. NY: Vanguard Press, 1963.

    (Novel on the violent political upheaval of 1965.)

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    Indonesia: The Jeweled Archipelago. 1996. (57 min.) San Ramon, CA: International

    Video Network.

Bali: A Window on Paradise. 1990. (53 min.) San Ramon, CA: International Video


The Three Worlds of Bali. 1981. (60 min.) Boston, MA: PBS & University of Southern


Ring of Fire. 1989. (4 videos/ 55 min. each) NY: Mystic Fire Video (A ten year voyage

    and trek among various remote islands of the Indonesian archipelago by two

    brothers in search of exotic adventures among indigenous tribal peoples.)

Beyond the Ring of Fire. 1996. (58 min.) NY: Mystic Fire Video. (A repeat visit to some of

    the same locations visited about ten years previously.)

Silk and Steel. 1996. (56 min.) NY: Filmmaker Library. (Examines role of women in

    modern Indonesian society.)

    Art of Indonesia: Tales from the Shadow World. 1990. (28 min.) Concord, MA: Home

    Vision. (Explores Indonesian rituals, myths and performances.)

The Five Stream Gamelan in Concert. 1994. (65 min.) Tucson, AZ: Tree of life Video.

    Toping: The Masked Dance Theatre of Bali. 1970/1981. (30 min.) NY: Asia Society

The Dancer and the Dance. 1988. (44 min.) London: Royal Anthropological Institute of