Lesson 5 the Web we weave

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Lesson 5 the Web we weave

Lesson 5

    1. This sentence tells us that we are slavishly tethered to, or bounded by electronic tools of communication and the more

    tethered we become, the faster things change, because the tethers are plugging people into the very change-driving social collaboration. The change in science, technology, music, and politics is accelerated by the new electronic


    2. Emersons web to weave refers to development in

    mechanical machinery. He found modest machinery such as

    corn grinders oppressive and dehumanizing. In contrast, when the author says we have a web to weave, he refers to the fact that the electronic inventions such as the Internet

    and allied technologies make us neurons in a vast social

    brain, a brain that keeps enticing us into making it bigger, stronger, faster.

    3. Subsistence technology spurs the development and maturing of the social brain. With each advance in subsistence technology, survival grew more secure, hastening population growth, which, in turn, stimulates advances in subsistence technology. The larger the landmass and hence

    the population, the faster subsistence technology progressed.

    4. It refers to the severing of Tasmania from Australia and the New World from the Old World as a result of melting polar ice caps. This geographical upheaval underscored the

    value of large social brains.

    5. This experiment helped to form the New World of

    Tasmania and the Old World Australia. The people of the Old World invented farming before the people of the smaller Australia. The Aborigines of yet smaller Australia never farmed. Modern explorers found tiny Tasmanians lacked such Australian essentials as fire, bone needles and boomerangs.

    6. It is misunderstood because anthropologists sometimes call it an energy technology, since food does energize us. In

    fact, farming may have originally been more important as a

    kind of information-processing technology. By greatly increasing the human population, farming sped up the synergistic/collaborative exchange of cultural information, lubricating/facilitating/boosting innovation. It packed lots of neurons/people together, raising both the size and the efficiency of social brain.

    7. While we enjoy the benefits the Internet brings to us, we may, like neurons, subordinate ourselves to the larger

    wholetechnology wins in the end and culture triumphs biology. For example, a phone call is already a poor substitute for face-to-face contact, but an e-mail can be an even worse one.

    8. The main service of writing was to permit bigger, faster social brains; to allow neurons to be packed more densely, boosting intellectual synergy. Via writing royal bureaucracies kept large cities functioning, allowing clear,

    precise legal codes to keep urban life peaceful. Distant cities became linked though commerce and much of it was orchestrated by written contract.

    9. The author cites Emerson to introduce his own view. He disagrees with Emerson because he believes in the end, we are free to use/get the upper hand of the technology no matter how we want, even if it takes a lot of effort, inspired by a bit of resentment toward our would-be technological master.

    10. The worlds data-processing system here refers to the spread of cultural memes. This sentence means as distant cities became linked through commerce, cultural memes spread from city to city, so it seems like culture acquired a

kind of disaster insurance. It existed in more than one place,

    just as it is backed up in a computer, so it wouldnt be easily destroyed.

    register/file/lodge/make a complaint


    Cede: go

    Pre: before


    Subtle change, dramatic change, Plug yourself

    Unplug yourself

    Unwind yourself

    wired classroom

    rewire your gray matter


    Cede: go

    Pre: before

    Un-: not


    Unprecedented/subtle/dramatic change

and allied technologies

    make of

    What can we make of the situation?

    make something of

    in real time

    A realization dawned on me that



    vivid, vivisection, survive, vitamin, vital, vitality, enterprises and institutions

    Reform and opening up to the outside world has transformed Chinas economic langscape.

    dazzling statistics

    giving, caring,

    code of conduct, code of behavior

    code of dress, dress for success

    punch a man in the face

    verb + sb. + prep. + the + part of the body lead sb by the nose, slap sb across the face, hurt sb in the leg,


    spir-: breathe

    inspire, aspire, conspire, transpire, expire, expiry, expiration,

    perspire, perspiration success

    cs and ps

    courage, curiosity

    perseverance, perspiration sprout, bud, beurgon, cosm-


    asputs it

    asterms it,

    as the name suggests, as we are pressed for time,

    as I keep telling you,

    Where were we?

    pick up where we left off


    Entice sb. into doing sth. force /threaten/frighten/coerce/talk/persuade/Fool/cheat sb.

    into doing sth.

make of

what to make of such a situation

    make something of yourself It dawned on me that

    Its a dawning realization that

    flourish, prosper, thrive, boom, bloom,


    become, grow into, blossom into

    become, grow into

    blossom into a young lady fade from the scene


    the mental sphere



    revive = come back to life viv-: life, live


    revive an old idea

    vivid, survive,

    survive an earthquake, survive his grandson vivisection, intersections

vit: life

    vitamin, vitality, vigor, vital, parallel: similarity

    be conducive to

    social enterprise

    enterprises and institutions landscape

    political landscape, economic landscape, military landscape

    prevail over


    enterprises and institutions enterprising

    The idea creeps the landscape. The thick carpet killed the sounds of his footsteps.

    A new dignity crept into his walk.


    Reform and opening up to the outside world has

    transformed Chinas economic landscape. The political/military landscape Hum with life

    a.k.a. = also known as


    sizzling hot

    winning smile

    inviting smell

    cutting wind

    stunning, startling, appalling giving, caring,

    posterity, offspring, decendent forebear, forefather, ancestor, political correctness,

    chink, Chinaman, pan face Jap, snow nigger,


    Boycott, boycott the classes, girlcott,

    History, herstory

    She, female

    Be politically correct

underscore, underline, stress, emphasize, lay importance

    , attach importance to, lay stress on, highlight, give on

    priority to

dazzling statistics

    spur, stimulate, spawn, ignite, spark, kindle,

    densely populated, sparsely populated

    family and friends

    start a family

    code of dress,

    dress for success

punch a man in the face

lead sb. by the nose

    slap sb. across the face hurt him in the leg.

    He was hurt in the leg. Throb with life


    European integration

    Survive and thrive

    Survive and succeed

    Migration, movement, mobility Migrant worker, immigrant, emigrant,

    Chains of inspiration

    Spir-: breathe

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