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     Linux/Unix Operating System


    Fall 2009

    5 Credits

Instructor: John Fowler

    Office 1120 (Middle Office)

    Office Phone 529-1616

    Office hours 9:30-10:30 AM Daily

    E-mail Address:

    Class Time: 8:30 9:20AM

    Classroom: 1120


    Getting Started with Linux: Novell's Guide to CompTIA's Linux+ (Course

    3060) (Paperback - May 12, 2006) by Jason Eckert and Novell. ISBN-10:

    141883730X; ISBN-13: 978-1418837303

    Description: This course gives an introduction to multi-user and multi processing

    operating systems through a study of the UNIX operating system as

    implemented on the microcomputer. Linux will be used to facilitate the

    learning experience.

    Grades: Assignments, Labs & Projects 40%

     Chapter Tests 30%

     Mid-Term and Final 30%

    Note: For every chapter assigned, students will be responsible for reading the chapter and

    completing assigned review questions, exercises, and projects by the due date.

CS260 LINUX Page 1

     Course Outline

    Course Description:

    This course is designed to help students successfully pass CompTIA’s Linux+

    Certification exam. CompTIA has revised their Linux+ Certification to meet industry

    demands by reducing its focus on hardware terminology and increasing its focus on

    the configuration of network services and security. The course covers Red Hat Fedora

    Core 2, the newest version of the popular Linux operating system. Not only will this

    prepare students for CompTIA’s Linux+ Certification, the course will equip all students

    with the information necessary to remain current with industry changes.

    Specific topics covered include:

? Introduction to Linux

    ? Preparing for Linux Installation

    ? Linux Installation and Usage

    ? Exploring Linux Filesystems

    ? Storage Management

    ? Linux Filesystem Administration

    ? Advanced Installation

    ? Working with the BASH Shell

    ? System Initialization and X Windows

    ? Managing Linux Processes

    ? Common Administrative Tasks

    ? Compression, System Backup, and Software Installation ? Troubleshooting and Performance

    ? Network Configuration

    ? Configuring Network Services and Security

    Grade Assignment:

    Percentage Score Grade Earned

    94 100% A

    90 93.99% A-

    86.66 89.99% B+

    83.33-86.65% B

    80.00-83.32% B-

    76.66-79.99% C+

    73.33-76.32% C

    70-73.32% C-

    66.66-69.99% D+

    63.33-66.65% D

    60-63.32% D-

    59.99% and down F

    CS260 LINUX Page 2

     Course Outline

Class Schedule: The following is a tentative schedule for the course. The instructor reserves

    the right to make schedule changes based on the needs of the students in

    the class. Quizzes are unscheduled and may be given without notice.

    Week Date Chapter Readings Topics Exams & Labs 1 Sept 21 1. Linux Basics and SLES 9 Chapter 1


    2. Use the Linux Desktop Chapter 2 2 Sept 28 3. Locate and Use Help Resources Chapter 3 3 Oct 5 4. Use the YaST Management Utility to Chapter 4

    Administer the System

    4 Oct 12 5. Manage Directories and Files in the Chapter 5

    Linux System

    5 Oct 19 6. Work with the Linux Shell and Edit Chapter 6

    Text Files

    6 Oct 26 7. Use the Command Line Interface to Chapter 7

    Administer the System

    7 Nov 2 8. Processes, Jobs, and Run levels in the Chapter 8

    Linux System

    8 Nov 9 9. Manage the Network Chapter 9 9 Nov 16 10. Manage Network Services Chapter 10

     Nov 23 11. Manage Security Chapter 11 10 Nov. 30 12. Hardware Basics Chapter 12 11 Dec 7 Finals Week Final Exam

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