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    Author Corporate Title Publisher & Year Collation Class Keywords Notes


    Deacon, "A Professional Hertfordshire xiv,127p.ilO2 Hertfordshire (CON) A selection Audrey;WalnHertfordshire Record Society lus. (England) of the notes and e, Peter Tramp" John Edward (1987) History, comments by J E

    Cussans Historian Local Cussans appearing

    of Hertfordshire. in the

    graingerised copy

    of his History of

    Hertfordshire. Corke, Fraternity of "An astrologian, a Fraternity of the 12 p., ill. P325ZA2Dun Dunstable, (PHY) Pictorial Hilary the Friends mathematician, a Friends of Saint John, ca. paper

    of Saint musitian [sic] and Albans Abbey 1390-covers.||(SER)

    Albans Abbey what not" : John (2000) 1453.;Alban, Also described on

    Dunstable and the Saint, d. back cover as

    Alban motet 304? Songs Alban Link

    and music occasional papers

    History and [New series] No.1.


    Albans Abbey

    - Music;Music

    - Medieval

    P., J. M. "At evening time Mardon Bros. single 325X55 Claughton, (PHY) Single sheet

    it shall be (printers) (1892) sheet Thomas Legh, commemorative poem

    light": To the (1808-92), pasted into left

    Right Reverend Bishop of St rear endpaper of

    Bishop Claughton Albans Gibbs' "Account of

    and The Hon. Mrs. the High Altar

    Claughton on their Screen ...)

    Golden Wedding

    Day, June 14th,


    Author Corporate Title Publisher & Year Collation Class Keywords Notes


    Glennie, "Distinguishing Institute of vi,139p.diaN2 Local history Paul men's trades" British grs.tables.records

    occupational Geographers (1990) map

    sources and

    debates for pre-

    census England

    Harcourt- "Observations of Hertfordshire lvii,79p.poO2 Hertfordshire Williams, Weather" The Record Society Records;AgricMargaret;StWeather Diary of (1999) ulture 17th evenson, Sir John Century

    John Wittewronge of

    Rothamsted 1684-89

     "So He giveth His n.p. (1892) Single P325X55 Claughton, (PHY) Single sheet

    beloved sleep": To sheet Thomas Legh, dedicatory poem,

    the beloved memory (1808-92), within red ruled

    of the Right Rev. Bishop of St border, pasted on

    Bishop Claughton, Albans right rear

    D.D., First Bishop endpaper of Gibbs'

    of St Albans, who "Account of the

    entered into High Altar

    rest, St James' Screen ..."

    Day, July 25th,


    Falvey, "This little Hertfordshire lxxiv,295p.O2 Hertfordshire Heather;HinCommonwealth" Record Society diagrs.illu(England) dle, Steve Layston parish (2003) History,

    memorandum Local

    book,1607-C.1650 &


    Crellin, St. Albans "Where God had a St. Albans 80 p. : P32MB57 Quakers-(BIB) Includes Clifford Preparative people" : Quakers Preparative ill,facsimsEngland-St. bibliographical

    Meeting in St. Albans over Meeting of the . ; 21cm. Albans-references and

    (Society of three hundred Religious Society (pbk) History index.||(DON)

    Friends) years of Friends (c1999) First copy

    presented by the


    Pictorial card


    Author Corporate Title Publisher & Year Collation Class Keywords Notes


    Peatling, ...always a St Albans District 65p, illus P32MB3 Boy (DES) Oblong A4, Bob;Smith, scout!: a glimpse Scout Council Scouts;St. pictorial card Bernard into St Albans (1983) Albans covers.

    scouting since (England)

    1908. Social life

    and customs Van Sickle, 5-5B Verulam Road, W H H Van Sickle ff. [i], 11 P328Ver Rd (GEN) Site of the W. H. H. St Albans: Ltd (2005) + 12 figs. former George

    historical and (incl. ill, Hotel.||(PHY)

    architectural maps, Spiral bound A4.

    assessment for appx.)


    survey; prepared

    for Simon Bridbury

    (St Albans)

    Properties Ltd ...

    June 2005.

    Billings, 84 bus to St T. Billings (2003) vii, 62 P31V3 Buses-(PHY) Pictorial Tony Albans : an p. : ill. ; England-St. card covers.

    illustrated local 30 cm. Albans-

    history and (pbk) History;Bus

    description of the lines-

    84 bus from its England-St.

    first run on 3 Albans-

    August 1912 to the History;Bus

    present lines-



    -History Royston, A beginners guide the author and 20p.; pP32 A78 (AUD) For children Tom;Cheshirto St. Albans illustrator (1993) illus.

    e, Tom

    Wheeler, A Book of Cassell (1957) xi;180p.mapF Maiden (BY) Proof copy Lady Archaeology; s.illus.diaCastle;Sutton

    seventeen stories grs. Hoo;Stoneheng

    of discovery e;Dead Sea


    Author Corporate Title Publisher & Year Collation Class Keywords Notes


    Andrews, P. A brief chronicle the Society (1985) viii,56p., P32MB74 Abbeyfield St (DES) Presented by G. of the first ill. Albans the author.

    twenty-five years Society;Housi

    of the Abbeyfield ng for the

    St Albans Society. Elderly

    Niblett, A Catuvellaunian Antiquity (1992) pp917-pF32 Archaeology;I Rosalind chieftain's burial Age

    at St Albans. us.diagrs.

    Perman, A century of Rockingham (1998) 96p. : F31 Archaeology-(SBN) 187346858X David archaeology in ill., Great (cased) :||(GEN)

    East Herts facsims., Britain-Includes index.


     ; 25cm.


    Hill, Hertfordshire A chronicle of the Hertfordshire 70p; illus. A4 Christine Family & first 25 years: Family &

    Population 1977-2002 Population History

    History Society (2002)


    Reader, A classification [Royal pp. ii, X64 Mural (DES) Photocopy of Francis W. of Tudor domestic Archaeological 181-211, painting and Reprint from the

    wall-paintings. Institute of Great ill., decoration -- Archaeological

    Part 1 Britain and plates. 16th Journal,

    Ireland], (1942) century;Mural vol.XCVIII (1942).

    painting and

    decoration --



    Tudor --


    Clayton, A companion to Phaidon (1980) 208p. : K2 Great (GEN) Peter A. Roman Britain ill(some Britain-Bibliography: (Peter col), History-Roman p.202-203. _ Arthur) maps(some period, 55 Includes index.

    col), B.C.-449

    plans(some A.D;Great

    col) ; Britain-

    29cm. Antiquities,


    Author Corporate Title Publisher & Year Collation Class Keywords Notes


    Laver, A concise history Book Club 288p.illus MB2 (BIB) select James of English costume Associates (1973) bibliography,list

    of illustrations

    and index||(BY)

    Published 1973 by

    Book Club

    Associates by

    arrangement with

    Thames and Hudson Slater, T. A county of small Hertfordshire xvii, 419 P31D5 Cities and (SBN) R.;Goose, towns : the Publications p.; ill., towns-9781905313440 Nigel development of (2008) maps England-(pbk.) :||(CIP)

    Hertfordshire's HertfordshireCIP record.

    urban landscape to -Publication date:

    1800 History;Hertf05 2007||(DES)

    ordshire Paperback






    Megaw, A decorated iron Antiquaries pp379-F32J2 Chiswell (DES) Reprinted Ruth;Nibletage copper alloy Journal (1999) 387.maps.ilGreen from the t, Rosalind knife from lus. Antiquaries

    Hertfordshire Journal.vol.79.199


    Author Corporate Title Publisher & Year Collation Class Keywords Notes


    Everett, A fair field: the author (1983) iv, 215 p.; P327StM St Michaels (GEN) Essays on

    John [being a modest appxs. parish, St the history of St

    history of the Albans Michaels

    church, parish and parish.||(CON)

    people of St Appendices include

    Michael's over a transcript

    thousand years]. excerpts from 17th



    accounts, and from

    parish Workhouse



    Pictorial card


    Sub-title from

    Half-title page.

    Kelsall, St Albans A guide to Saint Published for the 30 p. : P325X52;P32St Albans (RES) Based on the

    Jane;BriscoCathedral. Albans Cathedral Dean and Chapter col. ill., 5A73 Cathedral-original

    , Virginia of St. Albans col. plan ; Guidebooks publication by

    Cathedral by 24 cm. HMSO, London 1989.

    R.J.L. Smith (pbk) Revised by Jane

    (2002) Kelsall and

    Virginia Brisco


     Royal A guide to Saint H.M.S.O. (1952) 28p., pP325X52 St Albans (HIS) !st copy is

    Commission on Albans Cathedral. plates Cathedral-4th impression

    the Guidebooks 1956. 2nd copy is

    Historical 6th impr. w.

    Monuments of amendments 1963;

    England 3rd copy is 8th

    impr. 1974.||(PHY)

    Pictorial card


    Cover title "Saint

    Albans Cathedral".

    Author Corporate Title Publisher & Year Collation Class Keywords Notes


     Royal A guide to Saint H.M.S.O. (1982) 32p,[16]p P325X52 St Albans (HIS) First

    Commission on Albans Cathedral. of plates Cathedral -- published

    the plans ; Guidebooks 1952.||(PHY) Blue

    Historical 21cm. pictorial paper

    Monuments of covers.


     St Albans A guide to City & District [i],18 p., P32C Conservation (DES) Pictorial

    City and shopfront and Council (1985) ill. - St Albans card

    District advertisement covers.||(TIT)

    Council design for St Shopfronts &

    Albans City and Advertisements -

    District. cover title. Jowitt, R. A Guide to St. Frederick Muller xii,220 p.; P32 A73 St. Albans

    L. P. Albans and (1948) ill., (England)

    Verulamium plans, ep Guidebooks;Ve

    maps. rulamium

    Roberts, A guide to the Fraternity of the 52p., ill., P325X64 St Albans (TIT) Cover title Eileen medieval murals in Friends of St diags. Cathedral - "A guide to the

    St Albans Abbey. Albans Abbey Wall Abbey

    (1971) paintings murals".||(DES) In

    pictorial card

    covers. Hawkes, A guide to the Chatto and Windus xxiii,312p.F2G2 (BY) previous edn Jacquetta prehistoric and (1954) maps.illus. in stock

    roman monuments in

    England and Wales

    Hawkes, A guide to the Chatto and Windus xxiii, K2G2 Ancient (CON) Gazetteer of Jacquetta prehistoric and (1951) 312p. maps monuments sites

    Roman monuments in illus.

    England and Wales

    Wilson, A guide to the Book Club xvi, 365p, K2 (HIS) First ed. Roger J Roman remains in Associates (1975) illus, published by A;Toynbee, Britain maps, Constable||(CON) J M C diagrs, Gazetteer of

    bibliog. visible Roman

    remains not

    mentioned in the


    Author Corporate Title Publisher & Year Collation Class Keywords Notes


     A Guide to the ([198?]) ff.[ii], P32MA21 St. Albans (HIS) Preliminary

    topography 60. (England) edition. A later

    buildings and History - version was

    people of medieval Medieval produced in

    St Albans. 1994.||(DES)

    Spiral bound A4

    soft cover. Saunders, A Guide to the (1994) [i],32 ff. P32MA21 St. Albans (DES) Loose sheets Chris topography (England) in A4 pocket.

    buildings and History -

    people of medieval Medieval

    St Albans.

     Hertfordshire A Hertfordshire Hertfordshire [2]p.,60 P31X2 Architecture-(BIB)

    (England).;Corecord : European County Council leaves : England-Bibliography:

    unty Council. Architectural ([1975]) ill. ; Hertfordshireleaves 57-60.

    Heritage Year 30cm. (pbk) -

    1975. Guidebooks;Ar


    Details -


    ;Buildings of



    Moody, St Albans and A history in all St. Albans and 58 p. : P32A4 St Albans and Brian Hertfordshire men's lives : Hertfordshire ill., Hertfordshire (Brian E.) Architectural essays on events Architectural and port. ; 30 Architectural

    and from 150 years of Archaeological cm. (pbk) and

    Archaeologicathe St Albans & Society (1999, Archaeologica

    l Society. Hertfordshire c1998) l Society-

    Architectural & History;Hertf

    Archaeological ordshire

    Society. (England)


    y;St. Albans




    Hall, G. A History of Bournehall P. 101 p., P33Bus Bushey - (DON) Presented by Montague Bushey (1938) frontis. History Helen Rudd, 31

    port. Dec. 1938.

    Author Corporate Title Publisher & Year Collation Class Keywords Notes


    Rook, Tony A history of Phillimore (1984) 128p.,[24]pP31M2 Hertfordshire (GEN)

    Hertfordshire . of - Bibliography:

    plates : History;Hertfp123-124. Includes

    ill(some ordshire - to index.

    plates), 1950



    ome col.) ;


    Tregelles, A history of Austin (1908) viii, 456 P33Hod (GEN) A rich J. Hoddesdon in the p., ill. , compilation of A.;McKenziecounty of ports, 3 Hoddesdon , Alexander Hertfordshire : fldng maps. sources.||(PHY)

    being a survey of Spine taped.

    that hamlet from

    the earliest

    times, with an

    account of its

    ancient manors and

    its inhabitants /

    written by J.A.

    Tregelles. From


    prepared and

    collected by the

    late Alexander


    supplemented by

    extracts from the

    deeds and court

    rolls at Hatfield

    House; also from

    other unpublished

    records and

    original sources.

    Armitage, A history of Moor (1964) 28p., ill., P33Moo Moor Park, (PHY) Pictorial Hilary E. Park, fldg. map Hertfordshirecard covers.

    Hertfordshire. at end. ;Country


    Author Corporate Title Publisher & Year Collation Class Keywords Notes


    Wares, Anne A History of the Author (2004) [ii], 68p., P327Pri St Albans - (DES) Spiral bound

    Priory Park St ill., Topography - A4 w. pictorial

    Albans, Approach facsims. Priory Park card cover.

    Road, Cornwall

    Road, Ramsbury

    Road, & Riverside


    Corbett, A history of St Phillimore (1997) xiv,162p.,iP32MA2 St Albans - (DES) 2nd copy James Albans ll., History (A296) presented

    bibliog. by the author. Straker, G. A History of the Gateway Press 16p., ill. P325X55 Organs. Saint (PHY) Sm. 4to in C. organs of the (1929) Albans black paper covers

    cathedral of St


    Fisher, A medieval farming National Council [viii] 41p. N22 (PUB) Published John L glossary: Latin of Social Service for the Standing

    and English, taken (1968) Conference for

    mainly from Essex Local History by

    records the National

    Council of Social


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