BeachNet Repeater System Overview

By Gail Warren,2014-08-10 16:31
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BeachNet Repeater System Overview

BeachNet System

User Reference Manual

BeachNet Repeater System User Information Guide v13.0 (05/14/11)

    The BeachNet system is located in Pacific, Grays Harbor, Wahkiakum and Thurston Counties, in the southwest corner of Washington, and Clatsop County, OR. As of May 2011, the network consists of eighteen repeaters and six remote receivers at seventeen sites. The main network comprises six 2-meter, one 1.25-meter and eight 70-centimeter repeaters continuously linked together. A transmission received on any of these repeaters is heard over the entire system. Most of our repeaters use a CTCSS (PL)

    tone of 118.8 or 82.5 Hz, and standard offset. The system roughly covers a rectangle with corners near Kalaloch, WA (NW), Seaside, OR (SW), Longview, WA, (SE), and Tacoma, WA, (NE).

    Although both 2-meter and 70-cm transceivers are necessary to access the entire