book 2 unit 10 teacher's notes

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book 2 unit 10 teacher's notes

    Unit 10

    June 12 2008

    v. to afford (to) adj. affordable

    If you can afford something, you have enough money to buy a particular thing without having

    any money problems.

    eg. I have $1000 in the bank so I can afford to spend $500 on my holiday.

    If I could………I would………

    If I can………I will……… this sentence is looking for the future


    Can +宾语 can 发重音?花音?

    Can 后面无宾语 can 发清音?反e音?

    Q. How much can you afford to spend on your next holiday? I can afford to spend 2000rmb on my next holiday.

    Q. If you can’t afford to go out, what do you like to do instead? I can stay at home and watch TV instead if I cant afford to go out.

    Q. If you could afford to go on holiday anywhere in the world, where would you go?

    I would go to the moon (satellite卫星) if I could afford to go on holiday. I can buy an atlas(地图集) there to see the whole world.


    北极 North Pore -----

    北极圈 arctic (circle ) --------------66.5?N

    北回归线 the tropic of Cancer -------------------------23.5?N 热带的tropical

    赤道 the equator -------------------------------------- 赤道的equatorial

    南回归线 the tropic of Capricorn -------------------------23.5?S

    南极圈 Antarctic (circle ) --------------66.5?S

    南极 South Pore ------

    Q. Do you think it is a good idea to spend a lot of money on clothes if you can’t really afford to?

Q. What kind of accommodation(n.住宿)would you stay in if you couldn’t afford a hotel?

    We would find a youth hostel or stay in the railway station if we couldnt afford a hotel.

    v. to pack / unpack n. luggage (uncountable) n. hand luggage

    n. label n. backpack n. suitcase

Q. Give me some examples of luggage.

    Hand luggage,suitcases,backpacks and boxes are some examples of luggage.

    Q. What kind of things do you always pack when you go on holiday? We always pack clothes, Beauty articles and flip-flops(人字拖鞋) when we go on holiday Q. Do you feel sad when you pack your bags at the end of a holiday? Yes , I feel a bit sad when I pack my bags at the end of a holiday. Q. Has your luggage ever been lost at the airport?


My luggage has ever been misplaced at the airport. It took 3 day to reach me.

    Q. Do you carry your luggage onto the plane yourself?

Q. Why is it important to fill in the label on your luggage? 这里的your 是泛指,故回答可以用you

    Its important to fill in the label on your luggage so that you can find them easy .

    You can also find labels on clothes.

Q. What kind of things do labels tell us about our clothes? (brand name / size / material / washing method)

    v. to check

    n. customs n. immigration


    Q. Where is your passport checked at the airport?

    Your passport is checked at the check-in counter.

    Check-in :当你出国时,在国内机场时需要在这里检查你的护照


    Q. Have you ever seen anyone arrested at customs?

    Q. Has your luggage ever been checked at the airport?

Q. Do you have to fill in a form at immigration?

    Yes, we have to fill in a form at immigration. You can give them the information like your name, address and

    arrived hotel and how long you might be stay and so on. Q. What kind of information do you have to give?

Q. Who checks your homework?

    Teachers usually check your homework.

    n. flight = a journey by air v. to check in

    To check in means to show your ticket before the flight.

    Q. How long is the flight from your country to the USA / England? It might be about 13hours to the USA

    Q. What do you have to show when you check in for a flight? You have to show your ticket when you check in for a flight. Q. What was the last flight you took?

    It was in June 2007. I flied from Nanjing to Beijing.

    n. queue v. to queue queuing

    adj. patient / impatient

Q. In what kind of places do you have to queue?

    Q. If you had to wait more than an hour in a queue, would you feel impatient?


    Q. Do you think a good teacher needs to be patient?

    Q. In what other jobs is it important to be patient?

    n. steward / stewardess

    adj. tax-free n. perfume n. spirits = strong alcoholic drink

    Q. Do you ever buy tax-free perfume, spirits or cigarettes on the plane?

Q. Who looks after you when you fly?

Q. What is your favorite perfume?

    Q. And your favorite spirit?

    expr. to be likely to + inf expr. to be unlikely to + inf

    If something is likely, it will probably happen.

    If something is unlikely, it probably won’t happen.

    eg. She is likely to leave her job soon because she hates it.

    I am unlikely to pass this exam because I haven’t studied very hard.

    Answer these questions using likely or unlikely.

Q. Do you think it’s likely to rain tonight?

Q. Are you likely to win the lottery?

    Q. What is likely to happen if you keep breaking the law?

    v. to allow

    If you are allowed to do something, you can do it without breaking the rules or the law.

    Q. Are you allowed to travel to America without a visa?

    Q. How many kilos of luggage are we allowed to take on a normal flight?

    Q. Are children allowed to buy cigarettes in your country?

    Q. Were you ever allowed to stay up late when you were younger? Q. How late?


Q. Would you allow a stranger to stay in your house?

    n. bin n. rubbish (uncountable singular)

Q. Where do you put your rubbish?

    Q. Will you throw this book away when you finish it or will you keep it?

Q. Do you throw away your old:

    a. CDs? b. clothes?