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    VALE (night)

    ; Up, to stairs on right, up and left to bridge, collect Garet, down a

    flight of stairs and to the screen on the left (Kraden’s)

    ; Left and up, talk to the dying guy, down and right, off screen ; Down, to a flight of stairs, Jenna cutscene

    ; Down, across the bridge you just walked under, off to the right ; Right, down to plaza, walk around water anti-clockwise ; Back the way you came, to the bridge, boulder falling cutscene ; Back across the bridge, losing battle against Saturos/Menardi

    Three years later…

    VALE (day)

    ; Long cutscene

    ; Go to Kraden’s

    ; Cutscene with Kraden

    ; Go to Mt Aleph wait until guard is in shadow before

    approaching second time

    ; Enter Sol Sanctum

    Target time: 15 minutes,


    ; First stepping stone puzzle: enter on the right

    ; Next room is left, down, left

    ; Second stepping stone puzzle: middle to collect Small Jewel,

    right to put it in place, exit on the left

    ; Cutscene with Kraden, exit to right, through another corridor ; Right and up, left at 4-way crossroads for Small Jewel ; Set Isaac’s Move to L, minotaur’s head on far left and exit on far


    ; Right, up, right to Sol room

    ; Right to Luna room

    ; Down, right to appear above Sol and Luna rooms

    ; Past Luna room to Sol room, deactivate trap

    ; Move the four statues into position, bottom left first

    ; Go into Sol room again, enter Elemental Star room

    ; Long Kraden cutscene

    ; Big Stepping Stone puzzle: top right and around for Venus star,

    then up to Mercury, back to main platform

    ; Down and left to Jupiter

    ; Long cutscene to get Mars star, top right, then up and left,

    down at last crossroads, Wise One cutscene

    ; Retreat and return to Vale


    ; Long cutscene involving Isaac and Garet running around in


    ; Exit Vale for World Map

Target time: 45 minutes


    ; Collect Flint

    ; Right and down to Vault

    ; Hammet cutscene


    ; Meet Ivan in the uppermost house on the left

    ; Go to Inn, heal

    ; Pick up Mint on lower level??

    ; Go to upper level

    ; Activate cutscene, and walk straight back out

    ; Quickly surround one of the thieves

    ; Up to hole in Inn roof

    ; L to move crate, fight Bandits

    ; Battling Tips: Alternate between Flint, Venus and Quake for

    Isaac. Garet should use Flare, and Ivan Ray. Have Garet use

    Herbs as needed.

    ; Exit Vault

Target time: 1 hour


    ; Right, up and right to Goma Cave


    ; Push log to move up ladder, L to move log toward you, L to

    attempt to move viny log

    ; Ivan joins your party!

    ; Set Whirlwind to R, use R, L, enter

    ; Jump to the left at first opportunity, into door

    ; Right and move the log to it’s highest position, then down and

    through next door

    ; Clockwise through to next door

    ; L to move log, move other log right, return the way you came

    ; Continue clockwise to next door

    ; Fight Forge [first Mars Djinni]

    ; Through other door

    ; L to move log, up through another door

    ; Out of Goma Cave, stop in Bilibin


    ; Up, past the statue and right up the stairs, clockwise around top

    level, R to Whirlwind, L to move statue and collect Gust [first

    Jupiter Djinni]

    ; Exit the way you came


    ; Up to a bridge, left, down a bridge, left, up another bridge and

    into Bilibin Cave


    ; Set Flint to Garet, use Growth and use the top entry

    ; Collect Elven Rapier

    ; Go left, up and right

    ; Through this room and out


    ; Anticlockwise, down a bridge, clockwise to Imil, save


    ; Use L+Select+Start to emerge in the Sanctum, talk to the girl

    inside, pick up Lucky Medal from top left gravestone

    ; Enter the house at the front of the town, collect Empty Bottle at

    back of house

    ; Stop at Inn

    ; L to move snowman left, continue around anticlockwise, enter

    ice maze

    ; Directions for ice maze: right, up, left, up, left, up, right, up, left,

    up, right, up

    ; Collect Fever [second Mars Djinni]

    ; Exit the ice maze: and leave Imil for Mercury



    ; Talk to Mia and use L to move the statue

    ; Standby all Djinn, defeat Lizard Man with summons

    ; Straight through next three rooms

    ; L to move statue for Mia (Mia joins your party!)

    ; Manoeuvre through pipe maze room

    ; In the next room, go around the outside of the room, push the

    statue onto the switch, drop onto the lower level and progress ; Drop onto a platform, move up to the statue and let Mia use Ply ; Take the flashing platforms anticlockwise to get out of the central


    ; Enter the second waterfall

    ; Second pipe puzzle: go around and push the highest pipe

    upwards, then the other horizontal upwards and finally the

    vertical left. Return to previous room afterwards

    ; Third pipe puzzle: push vertical pipe left, then right, then left

    again, then push the horizontal pipe in the way and push the

    vertical one right again. Return to previous room, move the statue

    and progress

    ; Ignore the first four statues, after two ladders use L to move a


    ; Move pipe upwards to reveal a door

    ; Enter fourth waterfall, save and fight Sleet

    ; Heal to maximum HP at this stage

    ; Exit waterfall room

    ; Walk through two more rooms

    ; Enter sixth and final waterfall

    ; L to move statue

    ; Through another room, Ply statue, up to Aerie

    ; Fully heal, pick up Psynergy Stone and save

Target time: 1 hour 30 minutes


    ; Djinn setup:

    ; Saturos’ attacks: Heat Flash, Fireball, attack, Fireball, Heat Flash,

    attack, Eruption, attack, repeat.

    ; Battle plan:


    ; Very long cutscene ahead

    ; Collect Hermes’ Water from entrance

    ; Change Djinn to: Isaac Forge/Fever, Garet Fizz/Sleet, Ivan

    Flint, Mia Gust

    ; Set Avoid to R and use it before you exit the Mercury Lighthouse


    ; If any party members are dead, they should be revived in Bilibin,

    not Imil, to avoid a cutscene

    ; Work backwards through Bilibin Cave, stopping in Bilibin to

    revive if necessary

    ; Use L to move the box downwards at the barricade

    ; Go to Kolima Forest


    ; Long cutscene ahead

    ; First log puzzle: go right and push a vertical log into the water,

    take the path this cleared (not over the water), push another

    vertical log left and exit left

    ; Second log puzzle: go down and around first section, move

    horizontal log down and progress

    ; Third log puzzle: move vertical log left, upper horizontal log

    down, vertical log right, lower horizontal down, upper horizontal

    up, vertical left and progress

    ; Water log puzzle: drain water, move highest vertical log left,

    replace water and progress over the logs

    ; Enter Tret Tree

    ; Left and up to vine

    ; Down and right, across crumbling platforms to right exit ; Right, up vine and back inside

    ; Down, clockwise around and up to vine

    ; Bottom exit in this room

    ; Right, up vine, left, up, left and up to Breeze [second Jupiter


    ; Left into tree, ignore treasure chest, drop down one level ; Anticlockwise to left exit

    ; Left, down, left, up vine, right, up and into tree ; Jump on four crumbling platforms, then back onto the third ; Face Tret


    ; Djinn setup: Isaac Forge/Fever, Garet Fizz/Sleet, Ivan Flint,

    Mia Gust/Breeze

    ; Summon rush first turn

    ; Attack with strongest single-target Psynergy afterwards


    ; Retreat, heal Tret with the Hermes’ Water, then Retreat again


    ; Go to Kolima


    ; Go to Inn to heal if necessary

    ; Go into the back of the tree at the bottom right, go through the

    cave to collect Granite [second Venus Djinni] and exit both the

    cave and the town


    ; Go through the Kolima Bridge, skipping the Fuchin Temple and

    going to Mogall Forest


    ; First room down

    ; Second room right (to cross the river, vertical log right,

    horizontal log down, vertical log left, horizontal log up)

    ; Third room down

    ; Fourth room L to move the rock, move the log down, move the

    other log down, move the vertical log left and approach Quartz

    [third Venus Djinni]

    ; Retrace your steps and eventually proceed left

    ; Fifth room left yields Elven Shirt (equip to Ivan), correct path

    is down

    ; Sixth room upper vertical log right, lower horizontal log down,

    lower vertical log into the river

    ; Seventh room cross bridge to do battle with Killer Ape


    ; Djinn setup: Isaac all Mars, Garet all Mercury, Ivan all

    Venus, Mia all Jupiter

    ; Summon rush first turn

    ; Weak to Mars use as much Mars Psynergy as possible


    ; Left and up to Xian


    ; Go to Inn

    ; Into the pen, open jar at top left for Lucky Medal

    ; Out and up, wait for the water to be in the right spot then talk to

    the woman, standby all Mia’s Djinn to get Frost, collect Mist

    [third Mercury Djinni] and exit


    ; Go north to the small island and fight Corona [third Mars Djinni]

    ; Go back down and left towards the Alpine Crossing, then up and

    left again to Altin


    ; Stop at Inn

    ; Enter the first cave

    ; Follow the Living Statue

    ; Standby all Djinn and use maximum level summons to defeat it ; Give Mia the Frost Jewel, set Frost to R, and use it on the puddle ; Exit the first cave and enter the second

    ; Follow the track through two rooms, then go left at the start of

    the third

    ; Pass the minecart, flip the switch and then jump in the minecart ; Defeat the Living Statue the same way you beat the first one,

    then Retreat

    ; Go back into the cave, and instead of following the track, go

    straight ahead and into the next section

    ; Go right to the minecart, jump in, flip the switch, then jump in

    the minecart twice more

    ; In the next room, down at the fork (left leads to a Mimic) ; In the next room, use Frost on the puddle before climbing the

    ladder and going into the next room

    ; Climb down the stairs, use Frost on the puddle, then go to the far

    left set of stairs and flick the switch, then go to the middle set of

    stairs, jump on the ice pillar and jump in the minecart ; Fight the third Living Statue and Retreat again

    ; Exit the second cave and proceed down to the third

    ; Right at the first fork, follow the tracks for two rooms ; Right, down, first right, down and right, then follow the path


    ; Pass the raised platform with the minecart on it, use L to move

    the log and R to Frost the puddle, climb the ladder, use R to frost

    the two puddles, flip the switch, then jump in the minecart twice

    to reach Spritz [fourth Mercury Djinni]

    ; Jump back in the minecart, and climb the ladder to exit ; Left at the fork, then follow the path around

    ; Move through the rock maze towards the pillar, read the sign,

    Garet will kick the rock down

    ; Climb down the track and standby all Djinn before the Hydros



    ; Standby all Djinn such that Fever returns to Isaac as early as


    ; Turn 1: summon rush

    ; Turn 2: Ragnarok, Heatwave, Storm Ray, Ply on whoever has

    sustained most damage

    ; Turn 3: Ivan uses Flint, Mia uses Gust, Isaac uses Fever this

    should deliver the finishing blow


    ; Collect the Lift Gem, set it to whoever, and Retreat

    ; Lift the rock to go straight ahead

    ; Left, then first up to another Lift rock, then proceed out of Altin

    to Lama Temple


    ; Heal, then pick up the Psynergy Stone and get Reveal from Hama ; Proceed to Lamakan Desert


    ; Set Reveal to L

    ; Reveal the first stone structure you go past for an oasis ; Up at the first fork, Reveal the next stone structure for another


    ; Up at the second fork, Reveal a Vulcan Axe, then backtrack and

    go right

    ; Exit the first section without Revealing again (you’ll take damage

    before you leave)

    ; Stay on the darker land, then up and left and Reveal another oasis ; Up and left again and on the left is Smog [third Jupiter Djinni] ; Give Smog to Mia, and Spritz to Garet so he learns Wish ; Left and down to another oasis

    ; Left and a little down to exit this section

    ; Cross the two sandfalls and work your way around the path until

    Revealing a path through

    ; Follow the path in this cave

    ; Left and up to the stairs, cross the two sandfalls, then down the

    stairs, standby all Djinn, and Reveal Manticore


    ; Give any Crystal Powder you might have to Garet

    ; Summon rush first turn

    ; Turn 2: Isaac Ragnarok, Garet Crystal Powder, Ivan Storm

    Ray, Mia Tundra. Manticore should fall.

    ; If any character dies, restart the segment.


    ; Go through the cave revealed to the exit


    ; Go to the island up and left and fight Vine [fourth Venus Djinni]

    ; Proceed to Kalay


    ; Stop at Inn, talk to tour guide in green at the top right

    ; Go up to the second level of the building in the top right, Move

    the statue and collect Scorch [fourth Mars Djinni]

    ; Exit to the left


    ; Down and left to the docks


    ; Enter the building and buy four tickets

    ; Board the ship


    ; Move left overhear conversation

    ; Down to captain’s quarters – the man with the anchor charm will

    walk out

    ; Collect the anchor charm from the mast

    ; Go into top room and up to overhear the two men

    ; Return to the captain’s quarters and return the anchor

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