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The St. Lawrence String Quartet


Chamber Music Seminar


    Campbell Recital Hall

July 3, 2005 Sunday 11:00am



Piano Quartet in Eb Major, Op. 47 Robert Schumann

     I Sostenuto assai: Allegro ma non torppo (1810-1856)

    Can-Am Piano Quartet

    Joan Norton violin

    Jane Johnson -viola

    David Goodwin violoncello

    Sandra Goodwin -piano


8 Pieces for Viola, Clarinet, Piano Max Bruch

     VI Nocturne (1838-1920)

     III Andante con moto

    Trio Max!

    Mattie Kaiser- viola

    Eran Mukamel clarinet

    Kwang-Wu Kim piano


    Piano Trio #2, Op. 80 Robert Schumann

     I Sehr lebhaft

    The Jes Trio

    Sabrina Lee violin

    Eric Cheng -violoncello

    Julia Greer piano


String Quartet Op. 59 #3 in C Major Ludwig van Beethoven

     II Andante con moto quasi Allegretto (1770-1827)

    Frestl String Quartet

    Mary French- violin

    Ron Strauss violin

    John Lad vviola

    Sue Larson -violoncello


String Quartet in D major, Op 18 #3 Ludwig van Beethoven

     II Andante con moto (1770-1827)

     IV Presto

    Cecilia String Quartet

    Liana Beruve violin

     Sarah Nematallah violin

    Sharon Lee -viola

    Rebecca Wenham violoncello


String Quartet in f minor, Op. 95 Ludwig van Beethoven

     I Allegro con brio (1770-1827)

     II Allegretto ma non troppo

    Matangi String Quartet

    Maria-Paula Majoor violin

    Daniel Torrico Menacho violin

    Karsten kleijer viola

    Nander Cirkel -violoncello


Piano Quintet Op. 57 Dimitri Shostakovich

     I Prelude (1906-1975)

     II Fugue

    Drovnats Quintet

    Shoanie Young -violin

    Sandy Mong violin

    Cindy Mong viola

    Ilya Levtov violoncello

    Cory Bonn piano


Sonata in A major Op. 13 Gabriel Faure

     I Allegro molto (1845-1924)


    Caroline R. Cloutier violin

    Ray Walton piano


Piano Trio in a minor, Op. 50 Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

     I Moderato assai (1840-1893)

    Oolong Trio

    Julie Lee- violin

    Judith Manger -violoncello

    Will Cheng -pno


    Piano Trio in E minor, Op. 90 “Dumky” Antonin Dvorak

     I Lentro Maestoso (1841-1904)

     IV Andante Moderato (quasi tempo di Marcia)

     VI Lento Maestoso

    Wacawu Trio

    Caroline R Cloutierviolin

    Warren Wu -violoncello

    Ray Walton piano



Quintet in b minor, Op. 115 Johannes Brahms

     I Allegro (1833-1897)

    Murmur Quintet

    Michael Marmor clarinet

    Viktoria Tchertchian -violin

    Jessica Chuang violin

    Elizabeth Weinfield- viola

    Desislava Nenova - violoncello


    String Quartet in Bb Major W.A. Mozart

     I Allegro vivace assai (1756-1791)

    Madrone Quartet

    David Wish violin

    Emily Eng violin

    Andrew Fouts viola

    Caroline Kang violoncello


    String Quartet Op. 74 in Eb major “The Harp” Ludwig van Beethoven

     I Poco Adagio -Allegro (1770-1827)

    The Beet Quartet

    Daniel Cher violin

    Rachel Goldeen violin

    Mark McAuliffe -viola

    Michel Flexer- violoncello


String Quartet Op. 135 in F Major Ludwig van Beethoven

     I Allegretto (1770-1827)

    Tallest Quartet

    Viktoria Tchertchian- violin

    Jessica Chuang violin

    Elizabeth Weinfeld vviola

    Desislava Nenova -violoncello


String Quartet in c# minor, Op 131 Ludwig van Beethoven

     VI Adagio quasi un poco andante (1770-1827)

     VII Allegro

    Tokai String Quartet

    Amanda Goodburn- violin

    Csaba Koczo violin

    Yosef Tamir viola

    Rafael Hoekman violoncello


    Piano Trio in Bb Major Op. 99 Franz Schubert

     II Andante (1797-1828)

     III Scherzo

    ZYZ Trio

    Bruce Yu- violin

    Jim Zehnder violoncello

    John Zussman piano


    Piano Trio in C Major Op. 87 Johannes Brahms

     I Allegro (1833-1897)

    St. Petersburg Trio

    Alexander Abukhovich violin

    Anna Kunicheva violoncello

    Elizaveta Fomina -piano


String Quintet in Bb major Op. 87 Felix Mendelssohn

     I Allegro vivace (1809-1847)

    Easia Quintet

    Eric Cheng -violin

    Alex Fortes violin

    AniciaTimberlake viola

    Ivy Zenobi -viola

    Sam Chu - violoncello



    Sasha Abuchovich (vln) & Anna Kunicheva (vcl) graduated from the Rimsky-Korsakov College in St. Petersburg, and are now in their second year at the St.

    Petersburg Conservatory. They like classical music, partying, and making fun of

    each other.

The Beet Quartet (Danny Cher - vln, Rachel Goldeen - vln, Mark McAuliffe -

    vla, and Michel Flexer - vcl) was formed in 1998 by four friends who have

    played music together for over twenty years. Their name derives from their love

    of Beethoven string quartets and a one-time gig at the Palo Alto Farmer’s Market.

Cory Bonn (pno) will complete his Bachelor of Music degree at the Eastman

    School of Music in the spring of 2006 after completing a special year-long

    enrichment program in the departments of Linguistics and Philosophy at the

    University of Rochester. He is a native of San Diego and graduated

    from Idyllwild Arts Academy in 2001. His major teachers include Nelita True,

    Nelms McKelvain and Karen Follingstad.

    The Cecilia Quartet (Sarah Nematallah - vln, Liana Berube - vln, Sharon Lee - vla, Rebecca Wenham - vcl,) comes from Canada, which is just above the United

    States of America. They all live in igloos and greatly miss their dogsleds. In

    addition to their music accomplishments, the members of the quartet are all

    national lumberjack competition champions. They would like to thank their TMsponsors Tim Hortons and Moosehead Beer. (As you can tell, the girls of the

    C 4tet are staid humorless young women…) ??

Eric Cheng (vln) studied physics at Harvard College, but that doesn’t make him

    a bad person. His long-time association with violist Anicia Timberlake has not

    caused him to lose his mind or sense of humor; the renowned cellist Peter

    Stumpf has been known to laugh at him, not with him. Also, Henk is Eric’s

    personal secretary (but not that kind of secretary). Eric will be continuing his

    academic studies in LA in the fall.

Eric Cheng - vcl (the original -- I'm OLDER!) splits his time between

    underwater wildlife photography and occasionally, software engineering. He has

    also somehow been forced into servitude as tech support guy for the vast

    majority of his friends, including certain members of the St. Lawrence String


    William Cheng (pno), from Vancouver, BC, is currently a junior pursuing a Stanford undergraduate degree in English and Music. He studies piano with

    George Barth and Kumaran Arul. Will just returned from Australia where he

    was performing on tour with the Stanford Orchestra.

Caroline Cloutier (vln) obtained a Diplome d’Etudes Superieures 1 in violin

    performance from the Conservatory of Music of Quebec in Hull, while

    completing a B.A.Sc. in Chemical Engineering at the University of Ottawa.

    After working in oil & gas, she decided to pursue a M.A.Sc. in Materials

    Engineering at the University of British Columbia on hydrogen storage for

    automative fuel cell applications.

Sung Pyung (Sam) Chu plays cello and has fathered over 9 children (that he

    knows of). He is 20 years old. He is currently using his Mom’s cell phone.

    When not adding to his list of progeny, Sam studies at McGill University with

    Matt Haimovitz.

    Liza Fomina (pno) graduated from the Mussorgsky College in St. Petersburg and is now in her third year at the St. Petersburg Conservatory.

Alex Fortes (vln) goes to Harvard and majors in Social Studies, which is not the

    same as what you learn in sixth grade. Sometimes people pronounce his last

    name “Fo-tay”.

    Mary K. French (vln), graduate student at University of Idaho, loves to taste wine to help out her winemaker husband while teaching in her violin studio,

    playing in millions of community orchestras and going back to school.

Originally from Cape Town, South Africa, Amanda Goodburn (vln) moved to

    Canada by mistake four years ago. She maintains a shred of post-quartet

    rehearsal sanity by talking to random cats on the street and mumbling obscure

    Afrikaans expletives. In her spare time she plays in the Toronto Symphony.

Sandra (pn) & David Goodwin (vcl) moved to Victoria, Canada in 2003 after

    living in this area for 36 years. They are so happy to be able to participate again

    in this seminar and to be inspired by the superb coaches and wonderful fellow

    participants. A peak experience of the year!

Julia Rosolovsky Greer (pno) splits her time among 83,000 activities every day,

    with the piano definitely being at the top. The other 82,999 activities involve

    completing the Ph.D. thesis in Materials Science, kickboxing, teaching the

    "gifted youth" at Stanford, roller blading all over campus, and goofing off with

    her friends! Come watch Julia play the Brahms #2 piano concerto with the

    Redwood Symphony on November 20th (please?).

    Rafael Hoekman was born in the good old USA. At the age of 2 he was forcibly abducted by his parents who brought him to KANADA and promptly

    started him on Suzuki cello. Since then Rafael has developed one of the most

    frightening identity crises the world has ever seen!! (Raf also plays in the Tokai


    Jane Johnson from Menlo Park is a violin-viola switch hitter who thinks playing passionate Schumann with dear friends is a home run.

    Mattie Kaiser can claim to be a native California because she was born, though not raised, in the bay area. Three years ago she returned to the area when she

    started her studies at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music where she is

    taught by Jodi Levitz. Mattie's professional career includes playing in the local

    BART stations, and playing in the San Francisco's Punk Rock Orchestra. She

    enjoys sunsets, and long walks on the beach with her black lab.

    Csaba Koczo (vln). 2005 Update -No longer single but still straight Hungarian male happily announces that he has found love and excitement. He continues to

    seek controlled bowspeeds and fast trills are definitely still desired. He remains

    comfortable in groups of four (five) depending on the circumstances (repertoire

    of course!).

    John Lad (vla) enjoys a fun-filled life in NY. His commitment to chamber music is compromised only occasionally when he is busy practicing t’ai chi. Or

    is it the other way around?

    Sue Larson (vcl) graduated with a degree in music from Stanford and has been an active chamber musician ever since, with weekly quartet practice and frequent

    chamber music workshop attendance. She serves on the Boards of the

    Community School of Music and Arts in Mountain View and the New Century

    Chamber Orchestra, and is president of the San Francisco Symphony League

    Silicon Valley Chapter bringing music to schools.

    Sabrina Lee (vln) graduated from Stanford a year ago and will be attending Georgetown University in the fall as a first year law student. She likes salsa

    dancing and attempting one-handed cartwheels in her empty apartment.

Julie Lee (vln) is a recent graduate of the Eastman School of Music and plans to

    spend the next year earning the staggering fortune needed for post graduate

    school. Offers of lucrative employment may be presented to

International playboy Ilya Levtov (vcl) was recently sent to Russia to recruit

    talented musicians for the SLSQ’s summer workshop. A recent graduate of

    Stanford’s Business School, he is pursuing world domination from the cushy

    confines of a media startup company in Los Angeles. His friends attribute his

    tremendous charisma to his sophisticated British accent (which we suspect may

    be fake).

The Madrone Quartet (David Wish - vln, Emily Eng - vln, Andrew Fouts - vla,

    Caroline Kang - vcl) took root in 2003 when the four members returned to

    Toronto for the Tafelmusik Baroque Summer Institute. Friends for years, they

    discovered an early music compatibility while shopping at the co-op for

    homemade granola and natural toothpaste. David has a particular penchant for

    patchouli, Emily hasn’t shaved her armpits since dropping out of Julliard,

    Andrew prefers bathing in natural sulphur springs at his family’s ranch in

    Calistoga, and Caroline got Yo-Yo Ma to promise to never play Mendelssohn

    sonatas with modern piano again.

    Judith Manger (vcl), from Toronto ON, is currently pursuing a B. Mus. in Performance at McGill University. She studies with cellist Matt Haimovitz and,

    some say, bears a striking resemblance to Jennifer Connelly.

    Michael Marmor (clar) has played clarinet since childhood, performing occasionally at local events and medical meetings. In his spare time, he works as

    a Professor of Ophthalmology at Stanford.

“A string quartet in one piece,” the magazine Luister headlined in January 2004

    over a cover interview with us, the Matangi String Quartet (Maria-Paula

    Majoor - vln, Daniel Torrico Menacho- vln, Karsten Leijer- vla, Nander Cirkel-

    vcl). “Since our formation in 1999, we have put all our time into the quartet and

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