cj-263 new qa spec inspection plan

By Brent West,2014-11-25 20:25
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cj-263 new qa spec inspection plan

     Dualit Inspection Plan 18

    Coffee Capsule Machine Product:

    DCC03 & DCC04 Model:

    220-240V; 50Hz; 950W Rating:

    Dualit Brand:

    ISO 2859-1 (MIL-STD-105E) Inspection Plan: Single sampling plan for normal inspection level II

    Critical (CRI) = 0; Major (MAJ) = 1.0; Minor (MIN) = 4.0. AQL:

    Critical defects (Class ‘A’ defect)

    Major defects (Class ‘B’ defect)

     Minor defects (Class ‘C’ defect)

Master Carton :

    Defect Class C Condition of carton C Condition of printing Qty: xx G.W.: xx kg A Correct Serial No. /Date Code N.W.: xx kg Dualit Meas: xx by xx by xx cm A Correct Product code (Sku) (Product name) Sku: xxxxx Model No: xxxxx Serial: xxxxxx OK

Product Rating Label:

     Defect Class A Correct rating label

     OK .

Gift Box:

    27 July 2010 Prepared by DUALIT Ltd. Page 1

     Dualit Inspection Plan 18