Elementary school music teacher-student classroom interaction and effective strategy for research_5201

By Leslie Daniels,2014-10-31 11:23
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Elementary school music teacher-student classroom interaction and effective strategy for research_5201

Elementary school music teacher-student classroom interaction

    and effective strategy for research

     Summary elementary school music classroom teacher-student interaction

    is at the primary school classroom situations, occurs in the interaction

    between teacher and student exchanges, dialogue and interaction associated with the dynamic process and interaction. Interactive classroom teaching many ways, more fundamental are teacher-student interaction, Chow Sang

    Sang interaction, human-computer interaction in several. The author of the

    new curriculum through teacher-student interaction under the concept of

    understanding of the concept, analysis of the current music classroom teacher-student interaction of several errors in an objective analysis of

    the impact of effective interaction between teachers and students of four factors, and explore the classroom primary school music teachers and students made effective Several interactive strategy, which the new curriculum reform for promoting a certain referential significance.

     Keywords: music teaching student-teacher interaction

     First, under the concept of the new curriculum understanding of the concept of teacher-student interaction

     "Teacher-student interaction," the concept of classroom teaching is not a

    new generation of product of the ancient times. Whether in ancient China, Confucius and his disciples of the discussion, or the Roman educator Quintilian's "Teaching is to not teach", are more or less in the form and content has become a "teacher-student interaction" of the pilot. Developed to present a new class idea, classroom teaching is not a simple knowledge

    of the learning process, it should be the process of teachers and students grow together. The role of teachers is undergoing great changes, from

    teaching to promote those who were converted by the manager into a guide who, by the "lofty" were transformed into "equal in the Chief." "Music Curriculum Standards" in the teaching proposal states: "Teachers communicate with students and music is the bridge", "teachers in the

    teaching process should be the establishment of democratic equality in the relationship between teacher-student interaction." Teacher-student

    interaction can promote the development of the entire teaching process is

    the main way to promote student learning, good teacher-student

    interaction, especially primary-school classroom in the teacher-student

    interaction will not only help improve the efficiency of classroom instruction, students are more conducive to physical and mental health


     2, music, part of the classroom teacher-student interaction occurs


     1, mistaking the lively activity is an interactive

     In the classroom, often this phenomenon occurs, teachers learn that the students are taught to do with music, rhythm, when the students would immediately unusual, "lively" phenomenon until the music began, some students began loud laughter, some students began to silence trance, some began to put off one another, I feel embarrassed, just do something else.

    I think this is mainly the lack of interactive learning rules, it is generally speaking not a radius with no rules.

     2, the misconception that a simple worthless is an interactive Q & A

     We say that the teaching aspect is the interlocking, including design

    issues, like the clever verbal questions and answers that can act as a "nexus" role. In the classroom, some worthless questions and answers will

not only delay the school hours, but no sense of teaching.

     3, the misconception that student participation is an interactive inefficient

     In our classroom life, teachers at the center position, respectively, to interact with each student, so conducive to establishing a sound and stable organization, and all in order to facilitate the teaching and

    learning activities of teachers as the main consideration, but also very beneficial for teachers to control classroom , easy to grasp the progress and the situation in the classroom, but because of the volume and surface interactions are limited, can not fully interact with students, many students can not get to meet the needs of communication, some students and teachers are not good at communication may be due to loss of learning due opportunities. Some teachers will think: the students between classes

    playing chase with each other to do the game, played with enjoying themselves, but one to the school, teachers invite students to join the game, why only two of 33 were both involved? In teaching, teachers and students together immersed in the sea of music, to arouse emotional resonance, each student will be able to appreciate the captivating music, can express the feelings. In such an atmosphere, teachers, and then in due course to guide, to mobilize students to emotions, active communication

    with students, to share feelings in mind, the classroom atmosphere, naturally mobilized, the students are no longer passively accept the teacher to impart knowledge, but to participate fully in the teaching activities to go easy active interaction between students and teachers and students can also obtain more favorable interaction of the harvest, the teaching is self-evident a significant effect.

     4, mistaking the means is the complete audio-visual interaction

     Popular in e-education today, many teachers also "fashionable", often through computers, multi-media teaching to interact with students. The use of human-computer interactive learning approach to help students to answer various questions to determine the status of student learning levels, so

    that teaching and counseling targeted to achieve individualized. Computer-

    aided teaching interactive learning method is ever the traditional mode of

    teaching can not be achieved, it can enable students according to their ability to control the learning progress and needs, but also a certain content will not be missed did not understand, or at had to give up, enough to have an inferiority complex, affecting learning and overall quality of mental health development. But the audio-visual equipment, re-

    complete, such as music fairy tale "Peter and the Wolf" before, I put pictures and multimedia open, requiring students to use "musical ear" listening "to see who's eyes could speak, your eyes Qingtongxuemen in mind, you can see to tell you ... .... " At this time, "happy",

    "dangerous", "tense", "joy" ... ... all the kids in good faith in Jin Xian Yan Mou into, then to invest, then the way real, as if really pleased to see the ducks, happy bird, cunning big black cat, fierce wolf, clever and brave Peter ... ... If the class session, the conduct of classroom teaching can not be a good part of the organization, is another nice multi-media images are futile, and can not be really become a good tool for teacher-student interaction.

     Third, the factors that affect the teacher-student interaction and

    effective analysis of

     Effective cooperative learning is the teachers and students, Chow Sang Sang interaction, from interpersonal emotional impact, resulting blend of music class attracted a number of lively children's exactly the form of a